Monday, 26 March 2018

part 6 : Lamhe (AR ff)

new intern  - i am vivek

just then he was about to walk toward ridhima the anouncement were made (note guys anji had left 4 week to visit her best friend out of country so she took the week off as an promise she will extra work so she is not here for 2 parts but when she will back then...)


m - chall ridzi . ( ... ridzii interesting thought vivek )

they all went to nurse station

all were talking when Armaan came

All except Vivek - Good morning

A - good morning

All were standing there and armaan came and stood infornt of vivek

a - you must be vivek shah

vivek looked up and saw aman

V - yes

A - well welcome to sanjeevani dr vivek shah

v  thanku de err...

A(with a serious face )Dr Armaan

A- okay resume ur same duties and everyone reach the conferrence room at 3pm

All nodded and left to their  duties but armaan led vivek to come with him as he has to talk something important

In Armaan's Cabin

A ' Dr shah why don't u had an pictures ID with Your Certificates

V ' (panicked from inside but from outside acted like normal person )i don't know Dr Armaan ... do we need any (acted innocent)

A '(still supicious but didn't show it )no well join Dr Rahul in the ICU there he willl help you to get started" and Armaan decided to do background check on him soon

 Armaan gave vivek duties with rahul so he could get fimiliar with place

After coming out of armaan's cabin took a deep sign

Vivek ... almost caught...dude stay on track said to himself

Armaan was in deep thoughts about vivek but came out of the thoughts when Kritti came in

A ' (Looked at the door and found Kritti )

Armaan smiled and Kritti asked him about that did he informed the interns about the conferences the held. Armaan smiled at his mom's concern and told her that he did and he is grown up

K - But still beta

A - (whined) mooommm

Kritti chuckled and left

Armaan checked his pager

A - Rounds... and left for rounds

Vivek left and met rahul in ICU

Rahul and Vivek didn't get along that much as their was compition even though rahul tried to friendly but vivek gave him attitude but rahul cared the less as he doesn't give damn to these kind of  people and vivek preferred to stay away from him as he thought that rahul could be pain or did he really thought ...something else...

And just did their duties

At the same time in Genral ward

Atul and ridhima had duty at general ward

At - ridzi tumhe kyon lagta hai ki hume conference rooom main kyon bulaya hai

R - pata nahi atul

At - main bi yehi soch raha hoon

R - koi meeting ho sakti hai (ridhima turned around and looked at the patient)

R - ab app bilkul teekh hai mainee app ke discharge paper tyaar kar deti hoon

the patient thanked and left

At - ridzi chal lunch break hogaya hai

r -hmmm

the left to cafe and here rahul and vivek was walking toward the cafe rahul doesn't seems to like him much but he thought he was okay as a employee rahul suddenly bumped into muskaan who was also walking toward the cafe ...for lunch break

she closed he eyes due to fear of falling but as she didn't felt any pain she opened her eyes to know what happen but drowned herself in light blondish eyes and here rahul was feeling really different as it completes' him and both came out of the trance when vivek passed  as he thought how stupid but rahul and muskaan stayed in same position as they were still staring at each other

At the outside of the hospital  Aryana came out of the car

and headed toward the nurse station but something caught her attention she turned and looked and saw her brother having an EYELOCK with curly hair girl Ary ' interesting...

She just went from their as she had an evil grin and captured a photo of them and left to the conference room as it was 2:36PM

And here rahul made her stand

Ra - your eyes are beautiful just like u and left from there

As when the word sink in muskaan's brain she blushed hard and also left from there to cafe ... When vivek reached the cafe saw Atul sitting with Ridhima

V ' hellloo

Atul replied happily but ridhima didn't bother as she was reading the file and the more she ignored him the more he wanted her .. well but never the less he joined them and rahul came and sat beside between ridzi and vivek as he doesn't liked the way he saw vivek staring at ridhima when he entered in the cafe so he sat beside him and vivek cursed him and rahul heard him but acted as he didn't,,

At - ajj itni shantii kyon hai

R - kyon ki muskaan or rahul lad nahi rehe hai

M - oye hum kab ladte hai

Ra ' haan hum toh kabhi nahi ladte

Ridhima felt she was being watched and looked up and saw vivek staring at her ,... she didn't liked the way he wa staring at her when she tried to move back rahul saw that she was being uncomfortable in the chair

Ra - u okay (slowly so only she could hear)

She nodded but rahul wasn't convinced and looked up and saw vivek starting at her he didn't liked it and he moved forward so ridhima was behind him and ridhima liked his gusters and appreciate him through her eyes just then vivek was about to say something Aryana came and said hello to all interns

All looked up and made confused face but rahul narrowed his eyes but didn't said anything

Ary - hey i am aryana

All - hello (confused)

Well i know that u are confused as some of u don't know me but i know all of u well let's say i am also one of u said Aryana

M - So u are also an intern

Ary - could be

Rahul was shocked that what the hell is angel doing and why on the earth does everyone believe her ohh... wait a min doesn't anybody know her from magzines

At - maine appko kahi dekha hai

Ary - could be (rahul thought wah mere sher aabey yaar koi toh pechan loo)

V - well nobody could forget after meeting you (as he checked her from bottom to head everybody saw that and rahul made a fist but before he could do anything Angel grab his  hand under the tables and assured him that she could handle him and all were disgusted by him but Angel

Ary - hmmm well i don't know if u are flirting with me or trying to please me said Aryana (with an wicked smile)

V - (pretty confident) i know how to please a women

Ary - (passed a smile as she thought she had the upper hand )well then please leave me alone

Vivek turned red due to embarrassment and left in hull while others had a great laugh

M - wah  kya jawab diys serves him right

Ary - thanks well i have to go it was good meeting u guys she left... some min later the announcement were made for the interns to  reach conference room

All left and saw Armaan . Dr kritti and Dr Shubankar was sitting wait somebody else was sitting tooo a girl she turned around none other that Aryana
they were shocked to see her here and too sitting on deans chair...

she saw them and passed a warm smile


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