Thursday, 1 March 2018

part 6 : Santaan

They parted and settled themselves on the swing in balcony hugging each other as rids head rested over his while his arms wrapped her in his hold.Armaan kissed her hair and spoke"ridhima?" Still in same position she answered"hmm"
Playing with flicks of her hair he said"Mujhe tumhe kch btana ha.."
"Han Armaan bolo"she looked at his face with worry visible.

"Actually ridhima sach ye ha k angel meri beti nai ha mtlb wo meri hi beti ha but u know biologically she is not mine ...
..." and he told her the rest story.As he looked up at ridhimas face she cupped his face and left a soft kiss on his forehead "Armaan ab bas angel hmari hi beti ha r ye bt kbhi kisi ko nai pta chalegi hmari angel hi sab kch ha ab hmm?" He nodded his head smilling hugging her hiding his face in her.

It was now 5 years to that day everything has changed for the better ridhima and Armaan were proud parents of a daughter who is 5 and a half years.their lives were perfect they celeberated every event.Their life was perfect ridhima was expecting and those were last days of her pregnancy and Armaan and angel always stay by her side.They took care of her very nicely.Angel come after every hour to check on rids if she is fine or not.
And now the scene is Ridhima is sitting watching TV while Armaan is persuading her to have something.And angel is looking at her parents and quickly came there "Mama"
They both looked at her smiling.
"G mama ki jaan" Ridhima said seeing her.
"Mama Dadda be quick i need to take u guys somewhere mama eat it fastly finish food"
"No bacha first we would go with u"ridhima said being concerened.
As armaan was about to agree angel said winking at him"no mama have food haina dada?"
"Yes ridhima u r not allowed until u finish it me angel k saath jata hun na"
"No par war mama apko sharm nai ayegy mere chotu ko bhookha rakh k uff kya waqt agya ha maa ko tou bachon ki parwah hi nai" she said putting her one hand on head.
Ridhima and Armaan laughed at her nautanki."nautanki ho tum puri acha ab jao me idr hi hun"
"Eat it bhetna mt srf"
"Acha baba"
She left with armaan kissing rids cheek.
Ridhima smiled at how their life has shaped up that too for the better.
Suddenly she felt wet and before she could comprehend a deep pain erupted in her belly.and the plate fell from her hand and its breaking sound took armaan's attention who quickly rushed inside while angel followed he entered he saw rids he went to her speaking ."angel beta i would take ur mom to hospital u dont come here glass might hit u and call marry from kitchen."angel  called marry who gave armaan all the necessary things while took angel with her in house.
Armaan and ridhima were blessed with twins a girl and a boy.They were very happy and angels was very much excited.she herself named her brother.She used to say from start that she was going to get a brother and named him Arim Malik.While baby girl was named by Armaan as Rhea.
Ridhima grew silent soo after delivery she just did everything robotically.
Armaan kept noticing he asked her but she didnt respond.
Soon they went home they celeberated the entry of a new people in their family on a large scale.Every single person was very excited.
Angel took great care of her little brother never ever feeling jealous from him.
Many days past but ridhimas behaviour was same when one night Armaan woke up not feeling the warmth of ridhima beside him. He heard slow voices from balcony and saw her crying.seeing her like that armaan's heart skipped a beat.he moved closer to her."ridhima" he said as he put hand on her shoulder.
"Armaan" she said and hugged him crying her heart out."Hey baby hua kya ha kch btao tou sahi ???"he said comforting her with his words."Armaan I was in college when a group of people tried to molest me i was very scared It was evening time i was walking to home when they came to me in drunken state i was very scared ... then ...i saw some movement behind trees but due to their drunken state they didnt noticed then i saw it was a kid of 7,8 years my hope which rose a minute ago were ready to shatter when a stone hit the guy in his head i looked up to see the kid who again hid himself as they also looked there.He then one by one tried hitting all of them and when they acknowledged him he quickly ran in other direction they all followed him and i ran in other direction calling the police.Soon they were arrested and i got the chance to say thanks to him.His name was Kabir when all appreciated him of his work he said that he had done nothing but saved the name of his country if this didnt happen tommorrow there would be news in paper next day."Ridhima said looking at armaan."ridhima so he did very right are u crying cz u remembered that incident?"he asked polietly "No armaan because i lost him" she said as tears fall off her eyes."matlab "armaan asked confused."Kabir Armaan that kid  when i found about him he was orphan i thought about adopting him mom dad were also very happy and due to that many of my proposal rejected me. he used to get upset everytime they rejected me because he blamed himself for that."she said going into the memory lane as armaan let her vent out."One night his friends came over as mom and dad were not there i was in my room to give them privacy when i heard a shreik i rushed to his room to see nobody i got in and looked in balcony his friends were there but he was not i asked them they didnt answer as my eyes fell down he was laying down in pool of blood rushing down i patted him very much took him to hospital but he was no more he left me. by mistake he fell off from there as he was drunk hearing this my world shatered he never told me he used to drink i cant believe that he could do that but that was proved.He left me i still cant forget him Armaan now seeing my own flesh all i can think about is him"She told him each detail sobbing with every word.he toook her in his arms and let her be for sometime before they heard the baby crying she went to him and started feeding him.
This was her life her babies and her family.Angel was always the first priority for them.As time kept passing AR didnt plan any kids because they thought that three were enough for them.
From a few neighbours some ladies were talking angel was playing with her siblings in garden seeing them she greeted them and asked her siblings to do the same.Blessing them one of the lady said to other"ridhima ne bachon ko kitne ache sanskar diye"
"Han han bilkul sahi kaha angel ko b tou kitna pyar krty ha wo halan k aaj k zamana me log apne bachon ko bhool jate hain r in dono ne tou us bachi ki parwarish ki jiski ma ne armaan k saath dhokha kiya"the other lady said agreeing with first.
Angel heard this and felt her world has shattered.This cant be true she kept on consoling herself but deep down these things nagged her.tears fell off her eyes.somedays angel kept on just noticing the things so she might feel something about it but later she didnt find any thing her behaviour was very silent.and to see if Armaan or Ridhima will scold her she tried to do things which were wrong one day she delibrately hit Arim on which ridhima scolded both for making noise.angel's behaviour looked odd to ridhima she disscussef it with Armaan but he said "She is just growing up so she might not want her siblings to interfere"
But ridhima knew something was fishy and her doubts cleared when she saw angel tip toeing in their room.she was getting bad feelings from many days that something would change.And the time came angel got to see the wedding documents which stated year 9th april 2012 and angel was born in 29th october 2011.and then what those ladies of neighbours said fixed in.She was not their kid she was not and such thoughts kept roaming in her mind.She went into  her room and cried hard whole night.ridhima early in the morning  came to her and woke up for school when she noticed tear stains on her baby's beautiful face.her heart ached she rubbed her face kissing her lids she pulled her in her arms.


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