Wednesday, 14 March 2018

part 7 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

She moved past Vivek who was dancing with his arm around some girl. Riddhima brushed past him and knew Vivek had noticed her but she pretended to not notice that he was there. Riddhima knew that a lot of eyes were on her…….some because she was Riddima Carter while most because she was obviously the sexiest girl in the disco at the moment.

Vivek looked at Riddhima sitting on the bar with a vodka in her hand. He looked at her and was bowled over by her beauty. He was hit sharply by a sense of arousal looking at her bare back…..Vivek's throat went dry. He went to the bar and sat a little away from Riddhima making sure that she doesn't see him. He ordered a shot of Vodka for himself and was drinking it when he saw that Riddhima had already finished 6 shots of Vodka and was now really tipsy. She staggered to the dance floor and started dancing with some random guy who was excited at having her in his arms. Vivek narrowed his eyes at them and thought that it wasn't so bad an idea to try his luck with Riddhima knowing that she wasn't completely in her senses.

He moved towards her and shoved the guy away and spinning Riddhima around he brought her into his arms and started swaying to the music. Riddhima suddenly stopped making Vivek nervous and fearful……….she narrowed her eyes at him and slurred "Hey you are??? Oh I know you are Sam right?" Vivek heaved a sigh of relief delighted that the vodkas were having quite an effect on Riddhima's senses. He quickly nodded his head in agreement and spinned her around……Riddhima gabbed another shot of the vodka and she gulped that down too…..

After some time when Vivek was sure that Riddhima was not in her senses he placed his arm slightly over her hips and brought her close to himself and he drawled "Hey Riddhima you seem to be a little tired…. how about if we go somewhere more peaceful and less crowded?" Riddhima looked at Vivek and grinned wickedly at him and then she spoke seductively "I know what you mean…….take this. This is the key to room no. 111." She leaned closer to Vivek and whispered in a very secretive tone "Its booked in my name……we can do it there." Vivek couldn't believe his luck and the bad luck of whoever that Sam guy was………..he was thrilled that he was going to f*** RIDDHIMA CARTER. He'll flaunt this achievement to all his friends.

They reached the hotel room and Vivek locked the door behind him. The room was spacious and was nicely decorated. There was a bottle of champagne and ice-bucket placed on a table next to the bed. Vivek was delighted and now he realized that Riddhima was not as innocent as she looked.

He saw Riddhima standing next to the music system…….he heard a light sensuous music coming out of the system and then he saw Riddhima dancing lightly to the music……swaying her hips seductively. Vivek was aroused completely and his mouth was watering looking at the sexy figure in front of him. He stopped breathing when Riddhima moved her body closer to his and her hand started unbuttoning his shirt. He was totally paralyzed and couldn't dare to move. He kept staring at Riddhima's luscious lips and waited for her next move.

He was standing bare chested when she pushed him onto the bed with force. She herself moved onto him and heard Vivek gasp as her hands reached to his pant button…….she slid his pant off and then his inner wear and there was Vivek lying totally naked on the bed.

Vivek was now waiting for Riddhima to strip but she just jumped over him with her face near his. She moved her hand from his chest to his shoulder and before Vivek could register anything she moved away like a bolt of lightening and Vivek felt a sharp pain in between his legs. He looked at his crotch and saw the sharp ice lying there and Riddhima grinning wickedly at him. He was writhing in pain and was totally confused when he saw Riddhima open the door of the room……he saw two men entering inside the room. One of the men stripped and was naked the very next moment. That guy walked up to Vivek and laid down over Vivek while the other man started clicking photographs……….

The pain was too much to bear but Vivek was just looking at the man on top of him……….. confused and didn't know what was happening and then it all started registering when he felt the man on him kissing him.

The next moment Riddhima and the other man left the room leaving Vivek with the other guy who was obviously enjoying himself………and then Vivek realized that the guy was a big time gay and with shock and pain Vivek collapsed on the bed.


"Thanks a lot Raj. You guys did me a great favor." Riddhima was standing with that guy outside the hotel room in the corridor while the other guy was with Vivek. Raj was the one who had been serving her plain soda and making it look like Vodka at the bar.

"You don't have to thank me because we didn't do any favor to you. Sam is enjoying himself in there and I have an extremely juicy story for my newspaper." They both hi-fived and left the hotel.


Armaan walked out of his gym room and walked into his bedroom and saw the juice and newspaper lying on the table like everyday. He took the glass of juice in his hand and read the newspaper but the very next moment the glass of juice fell from his hand and crashed onto the floor soiling the expensive rug. Armaan was stunned……he read the headlines again and again in the page3 part


Armaan read the whole article about how Vivek was found in a hotel naked with his gay friend and the two were having a ball when a reporter caught their live performance in his camera as well as recorded a video.

Armaan was number with shock but the next moment he burst out laughing as he remembered Riddhima saying "Its not over Mr.Malik"

She had played a nasty trick but it was a good one. Armaan looked at the photographs in the newspaper and imagined Vivek's reaction and he burst out laughing again. Though Vivek was his friend but the punishment was well deserved.

Riddhima Gupta was not just beautiful and sexy but an unusually smart woman as well and Armaan was in awe of her…….he saluted her courage to do something like this for her friend…..his respect for her grew manifold.



Riddhima came out of her room and saw Rahul and Priya running towards her with the newspaper in their hands and Riddhima instantly knew what the matter was but before she could say anything Riddhima was on the floor with priya over her hugging her tightly.

Rahul pulled Riddhima up, shaking his head at a crazily laughing Priya.

"Oh Riddhima you are too good. The guy is totally finished…..his maid told me that he has been getting calls from so many people and a lot of them well were……ahem….u know gay." with that Priya burst out laughing while Rahul too couldn't help himself and laughed along with priya but they both stopped when they heard a different yet familiar sound of laughter and in no time they knew that the weird laughter belonged to Muskaan and there she was laughing her head off.

Riddhima walked up to her and spoke in a concerned tone "You fine with what I did?"

To which Muskaan replied "Fine…………abey mujhe to mazaa aagaya………kya chalta hai tera dimag. Vivek a gay and may be that's why he turned me down varnaa Muskaan chadha ko to koi reject kar he nahee sakta." Riddhima and Muskaan hi-fived and once again everyone was laughing heartily.

They all went inside Riddhima's room and plopped down on her bed. Riddhima left to freshen up and went inside her dressing room where she stood in front of the mirror…..looking at her reflection. She had a habit of taking all her major decisions standing in front of the mirror and was she was going to take another one today.

"Hmmm…….Vivek is totally gone but what about Armaan Malik? I don't understand what should I do with him and how am I supposed to take Priya's revenge……..and I am not even sure if its completely his fault. Muskaan's case was entirely different but Priya she was…….."

Riddhima suddenly stopped when she heard Priya shouting "What Armaan sent it and he invited me there?"


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