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part 7 : Lamhe (AR ff)

All looked at her and was quite shocked to see her here...
Please have a seat interns...Said Dr shubhanker

They sat looking quite nervous

Well as you know me but still want to give the intro for myself so that you could know me better i am Aryana Malik the MD MARVEL'S said angel

All were shocked and bowed at the intro as the know the marvel company is very known to the world and one of the top most company that world has ever seen (arey jitna marji rich banooo mera konsa paisa jar aha funny I know okay back)

Well i also own the charity called faith that help's the poor people who are suffering from disease or health problem...and it is also a good opportunity for interns to raise their marks to became good doctors like Dr Armaan aryana said with the little wink which everybody saw and kritti cleared her throat and aryana made a puppy face and then looked toward interns... i would like Dr Armaan to continue... from on ...then she went and sat beside shubankar ..

Then all the interns would be leaving tomorrow for the camp and it will be for 3 days and we will be visiting everyone of the houses because some people don't bother to come ... and don't forget to bring warm clothes and who doesn't want to come we will reduce their points..I hope i made myself clear Is there any Question said armaan in assuring tone

M ' where are we going

A ' hill station

M ' no sir i mean jaghe ka kya naam hai

A '(armaan who was having hard time to pronounce the na,e of the town looked at kritti and pleaded through his eyes and rahul giggles as he totally understand that bhai was having hard time saying it  and armaan shot him dirty look and he stopped giggles )

Kritti came infront of armaan

Kr ' interns  Kodaikana  hai jaghe ka naam

They all knew it was beautiful hill station all were excited to go

Dr A - interns you can leave early today as you might want to take time for packing and one more thing that i and Aryana will be joining you on the trip (everybody got more excited as they thought that Dr kritti will not be joining them and rahul's happiness knew no bound as he thought there will be no more orders from mom ab mazza aeyga he thought  )

But to his bad luck kritti saw him and she very well knew that what was he thinking

Dr K - i want everyone one to behave properly and give aal the details to me when you will return and if you need any help and qoeatios ask Dr armaan and Dr rahul (rahul looked up at Kritti and gulped as he saw she looked at him sternly)i want you to behave properly with everyone and cooperate with your senior .

Rahul nodded and armaan and angel smiled at each other.

Here interns were confuse as per them rahul had never misbehaved with anyone (remember they don't know anything about their relationship they share) but shrugged their shoulder .

Dr shut '-well good luck doctors for tomorrow i hope you'll learn new stuff .and make yourself and us proud that you are part of sanjeevani...

All nodded and left as it was the time for them to leave.

Locker room

All were putting their stuff in the lockers

And vivek was stairing at ridhima when she felt that she was being watched she looked behing and saw that vivek was staring at her she felt uneasy ... she didn't liked the way he was staring at her she moved toward muskaan who was busy fighting with rahul

R - muski chale

M - hai tu chal main abi aayi

ridhima left and vivek left too after her as he thought it was good time to be with ridhima and Atul had left already and now it was only rahul and muskaan

muskaan was about to leave when rahul grabbed her hand

m '- ( irritatetly) kya hai

rahul came in front of her and gazed at her face with passion and muskaan looked up and saw him staring at her with piercing gaze and looked down and fumble

M - Rahul .wo...h rid..dzi ..wait  kaa...r ra.. hi hai

Rahul put his finger on her lips

Ra ' -(almost whispering ) shhh

Muskaan looked up and saw him leaning on her and she closed her eyes rahul looked at her and smiled at her innocence and kissed her cheek and left saying bye when muskaan opened her eyes she saw him leaving and she blushed suddenly  she remembered ridhima and left .

Ridhima was standing near the main gate of sanjeevani were waiting for muskaan but vivek suddenly she felt pair of hand on her eyes and felt person moved toward her ear she tumbeled with fear

V - whisper in her ear ) waiting for me

But before she could do anything she heard muskaan's voice and quickly pushed vivek and walked toward where muskaan was waiting for her and vivek left in huff but thought of tomorrow and smirked

M -chal ridzi kafi late ho gaye hai aur ghar jaake packing bi toh karni hai muskaan dragged her toward the taxi stand but then she remembered that they had to buy some house stuff

M '- ridzi hmhe to hajj kuch sman khradeena than a

R '-  hai chal jaldi chalet hai.

M - nahi tu ghar ja aur pacing shru kar de main sman leke jaldi aa jayoon gi

R ' - par

M '- par kuch nahi ja na hamere pass time nahi hai

R - okay

Ridhima left for the taxi stand where muski got in taxi anf left to mall...

At the same time in Hospital armaan and angel was planning to leave where as kritti was to stay little longer until other senior doctor's shift

Armaan and Angel(ary which i will use ) were talking while they were walking toward the parking

Ary -' waise interns ache hai iss saal

A '- hmmm well you haven;t seen one she is hell irritating

Ary -' chuckled ) rahul told me she loves you

A - ( pouted ) love my foot

Ary -' no seriously bhai all are nice except that Vivek in think that his name

A '- hmmm why is that so

Ary ' nothing just his attitude

A ' well

Ary ' you know that two girls huh what was there name huh ... Ridhima and Muskaan i really liked them they are sweet

A-(smiled hearing ridhima )hmmm yeah i agree

Aryana remembered something stoped and looked for her phone and armaan looked at her questionably and she tooked the phone out and start looking the picture of rahul and muskaan that she captured in her phone

Ary ' (turning toward armaan ) bhai look at this

Armaan looked at the picture and was amazed as he swathe way rahul was looking at her was as he was totally smitten by her

A ' what do you think and when did you took it  ( asked in surprised tone)

Ary ' well i took when i came i just happen to pass by when rahul was holding her so took the photo to tease him with proofs so he doesn't slip away

A ' (chuckles imagine rahul;s face ) your too good baby

Ary ' (whined) bhaaiii

They have reached the parking and both left toward their and left to home when armaan was passing his eyes fell on ridhima who was standing on the taxi stand and here ridhima was standing on the taxi stand from past 15 min suddenly a bike came in front of her and stopped  one guys jumped from the bike and came toward her she was disgusted hearing their comments and felt helpless and her eyes started to get wet

Guy - chal na rani mera sath tuje ghar tak chord du

When armaan saw that he took u-turn and came toward them which caused ridhima to close her eyes from the car light opened her eyes when the figure appeared front of the car's flash light. As the figure moved toward her she panicked but took relief when she saw it was only Armaan.


As he took U ' turn he looked at ridhima who looked very helpless at the time he felt pain in his heart looking at her in this condition and also saw her eyes getting wet when he got from car and moved toward hr he saw her panicked but as he moved closer he saw the relief on her face

A ' (Moved toward her now stood front of her and they both were at the back of armaan )  Ridhima

Before armaan can say anything the guy from behind said ..

G ' oye yeh hamari hai hune isse phela dekha hai toh isiye yeh hamare sath chal rahi hai..

Armaan turned around toward facing the guys and ridhima stood behind armaan...

Other Guy - oye challa ja agar ani kher chahta hai.

Armaan moved toward them and they were backing u tooking at his eyes who were red due to anger Armaan put his arms around both of their shoulder from middle

A ' dekho agar tum log yeha se nahi gaye toh marrr peet hogi , aour agar maar peet hoyi toh kisi ko chot b lag gi..aur agar chot ayi toh hospital bi jana pareyga aur mujhe  hospital ka bill bi nahi barna paryega kukiyki main kudh doctor hoon and explain that you both have to suffer more than me so it is better to take my advice and leave her alone(Armaan was removing his arm when other guy tried to punch armaan but armaan was quick enough to duck and guy punched his own friend and before the both can do anything armaan punched one of them really hard he fell back and saw his face was bleeding and groaned and before he can punch other he took his bike and ran from there leaving his friend on the ground

Armaan called sanjeevani and told them there was a guy on the taxi stand that needs stitches and hang up and saw ridhima shivering bad he felt tug on his heart but shrugged his thoughts for now he need to calm heer down A ' chalo main tumhe drop kar do

R - (Hesitate) lekin...

A ' No let's go...

Armaan hold her hand and took her in his car and made her sit on the passenger seat and he himself sat on the driver and started drive

It has been three min and ridhima was lost in her thoughts that what would have been happened if armaan didn't came to save her

Armaan took glance at her while driving and  saw fear own her face and knew exactly what she was thinking so decided to cheer her up

A ' Ridhima

No response

A ' (shaked hr abit ) Ridhima

R ' HUH!!!!!!!

A ' Aren't you suppose to say something to me

Ridhima was again lost

A ' Yelled ) HELLOOO

R ' Annoyed a littlle as he wasn't letting her think) kyon chilla rahe ho

A ' kya main chilaa raha hoon toh aur kya karo as you see your not letting me know that where do you live and I also don't have satellite radiates on my head so they can tell me where o u live

R - )what is he talking about - huh

A ' yeh huh huh kya laga rakhi hai mujhe bato ki tumahra address kya hai

R ' agar app chup ho jatte aur mujhe bolne dette toh batati

A ' kya main  chhup nahi ho raha MADAM you are the who is lost in thoughts

R ' (Annoyed) ' Ha toh appko kya problem hai (making a cute face)

Looking at her cute face he melted how cute he thought

A ' well would you kindly please tell me the address

She told him and he dropeed her

A -  (as she was getting out of the car he stopped her ) Goddnight Ridhima

R ' embarrassed as she was fighting with her senior)  goodnight sir

A ' sir main tumara sirf hospital main hoo and chill see you tommorow and they both left home


Armaan came home and saw Aryana and Rahul was fighting and both stipped as they heard yelled
Armaan covered his ears and Yelled at top if his lungs ' STOPPP

Aryana came  - Bhai app kaha rahe gaye the

A - angel kuch kaam a gaye that toh vohi kar raha that acha sab packing hogayi

Ra & Ary '-yep

A ' cool lets go to sleep as we have to wake up early

They all went to sleep waiting for next day to come ...

Heaven/ Jannat

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