Friday, 2 March 2018

part 7 : Santaan

As she felt her hot body she realised that she had swear fever.she immediately panicked and shouted "Armaan"
Hearing Ridhima's voice  armaan quickly came and saw tears in her eyes  "what happened?"
"Armaan angel has fever armaan jaldi kro"
"What? Ok m moving with her to hospital u come seeing the other two"

Armaan said taking  angel from her.
"Armaan no i will come along" she said as armaan moved down stairs they both hsd panicked so much that marry got startled seeing this situation."Marry angel  has fever.we are going to hospital"ridhima told moving hurriedly with  Armaan.
"Ok ok  go beta aram se i will look after house and kids"marry said quickly.
They moved to hospital after attending her doctor came to them as armaan was just comforting ridhima all the time.
"Mr.Malik"doctor said gaining their attention.
"Yes doctor"armaan said moving up.
"Actually theres nothing to get stressed she is fine but due to alot of crying she have so much fever and she seems upset about smth alot."
"She"ll be fine doctor??" Ridhima asked tearfully.
"She will be Mrs Malik but u need to take care of her mental condition she seems very much disturbed i have prescribed medicine she will be alright ok?"the doctor replied her.they both nodded in agreement.

They took angel home and both were with her  in her room all the time.after angel woke up ridhima asked her immediately."my baby are u feeling ok now??"
"Mama"angel spoke very weakly.
"Yes baby mama is right here"Ridhima answered.
"Oh dada is also right here. Armaan angel is calling you"ridhima immediately called armaan.
"Aww my baby come to me "Armaan said coming in room and moving to angel.
"Mama Dada m not your daughter??"angel said timidly.
Shocking armaan and ridhima"baby who said this to you?? You are our daughter only!!"Ridhima said panicking.
"Mama please dont hide things from me i know m not your daughter.i was born before your marriage i saw ur marriage certificate.and that day aunty mehra also said that m not your daughter."angel said sniffing in between her was too much for a kid of her age to bear."thats not true beta you are our daughter only"Ridhima kept saying this crying with every single word.
"Yes angel u r right!"Armaan spoke for the first time in whole conversation."Armaan"ridhima shouted."no its a high time we cant hide more ridhima we have to tell her truth"Armaan said and moved to  angel.pulling angel in his lap from ridhima's arms."angel i used to have a girlfriend before my marriage with your mama her name was shaina she was your mother.she made a fool of me angel.(falshback )we are not your biological parents but we loved you as our daughter.If for you ur biological parents have more place you can go to them but angel she didnt accepted you then nor will she do now.We love you so much to let you suffer so much in such a age."
Armaan finished dreading the fact of their baby leaving them. While ridhima kept on crying all the time.
"No Dada m sorry. I wont leave you people ever."Angel said making ridhima and armaan let their breaths out.They hugged her tight believing that she belonged to them only.

Days passed and angel penned it down in her diary as she used to write details and she was satisfied and happy after whole event she wrote all the details in one go and feeling tired because of whole day she slept.

Now angel was a big girl of 18 while both the twins were 13 .they both were much close to each other than Armaan ridhima or angel.Armaan ridhima often tried to get in between them but going away from each other they used to fell ill.So they let them together all the time.Angel was to move away from them for higher studies after three months. She was packing her things and was very much excited to go to her actual dream.she took admission in Malaysia and was highly interested to do law.She always felt that people in there country didnt get their rights so she want to remove those things by law.She wanted to study law from very start.
She was packing her stuff all of her belongings were scattered in the room when she got a call from her friends to join them for a last get together.she left the room.Arim and Rhea got into an arguement and came over to  angel regarding it to see her room empty.They were about to move back when Rhea noticed a diary laying their open and the words caught her attention."M not their daughter biologicaly but this relation will always be a special one."
Rhea read it loud enough that it alerted arim too.
They both sat and read whole diary at the night and left it on the very place and moved to Rhea's room disscussing the matter with each other."yaar it means di is not actual our sister?"Arim said being not able to let the reality seek inside them.
"Yeah and mom dad always prioritized her more but not their actual kids."Rhea said meaningfully."but rhea she loves us like we are hers"Arim said a bit confused."oh please Arim dont u dare side her.she is not our sister and we cant let her own our parents just like that.we have to think up of a perfect way out."Rhea said looking down from the window to see  angel hugging Armaan Ridhima as she entered in the house as they were with each other in the garden."they always sided her leaving us and now when the truth is infront we cant do anything of it.U know mom dad loves her so much that If we ever say anything bad about her they will definetely discard us.its good that she is leaving after she leaves we would confront her and will tell her to stay away from us." Rhea said bitterly.arim just nodded unsatisfied.
They both just wanted her out of their lives as they felt that she have snatched their parents from her.and their hatred for her reached to new peak.
This was how life ahead was going to be for Armaan Ridhima.


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