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part 8 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"ARMAN!! ARMAN!!!!" Ridhima pounced into the room when Arman was checking some files of his patients.

Arman relaxed back on his chair as placed his right leg on left knee, left palm in chin with support for his elbow on the table "kya hua??Itna shore kyon macha rahi ho?"

His cool attitude irritated Ridhima more. She threw a paper on table "tum kaise mujhey nikaal sakta hai? How could you do this to me?" She was anger as just heard about her duty under Rahul Garewal with immediate effect. She forgot that she was liberating with him though her friendship with Arman was only for a day.

Arman calmly stared at her and took the paper from the table to check it formally. Ridhima was fuming and was waiting for his explanation.

He looked at him with naughty expressions "this is the ever first time that your dad agreed with me. "YOU ARE NOT RIGHT PERSON TO WORK UNDER ME." He spelled firmly word by word of last statement on purpose.

Ridhima's nostrils flared with anger and insult. She was in good mood till morning and thought of coming with Arman. But Arman was already left for hospital before she got ready. She was disappointed but reached hospital with excitement to work under Arman. She couldn't sleep whole night with sweet dreams with Arman. But the situation that she was faced now was completely against her dreams. Why Arman had changed? She was confused at his behavior now. She walked to him to confront directly.

"Why did you do this to me? Akhir tumhara problem kya hai mujhse?" Ridhima bent on him and screamed at him as dramatically pointing figure against both. He moved his jaw and tried to stop his smile. His cool attitude aggravated Ridhima's anger.

"Main bhi dekhloongi tum mujhey kaise yahan se nikaal sakta hai. I'll come back." She folded her arms at elbows and pouted her lips as leaned back again. He nodded his head mischievously and teasingly challenged her "try karlo." She fumed with tears welled up in her eyes. She turned around and walked away not to show him her helplessness. She knew her father never take back his decision come what may. Now her efforts to stay in front of Arman were futile.

"Sir!" peon came to remind Arman about his appointment with another senior doctor regarding some case. "Tum chalo, main aata hoon" Arman told the peon and walked towards the door. Ridhima was silently wiping tears from corners of eyes. He felt bad and looked at her affectionately. She looked at him and angrily turned away her face.

He understood her anguish and smiled himself, "Tum jaan-na chahti hai na mainey yeh kyon kiya? Tumhara presence mujhey disturb karta hai, Ridhima!" he uttered his heart in soft voice and left without waiting for her response.

Ridhima who was sulking on other side widened her eyes with disbelief. She turned to see empty door. She ran out to see Arman leaving the premises. "Arman!" She mumbled inside disbelievingly with excitement. Arman turned before stepping into elevator. She glared at him with a hope. He smiled with eyes and flew a kiss by two fingers on his lips.

Ridhima's eyes popped out with surprise and parted lips disbelievingly. He waved bye with a smile and disappeared into the elevator. Ridhima closed her face with excitement and swirled in the room.


"Kahiye, kya chahiye? Aapki tahreef?" a young hefty person in his black chef attire, softly enquired about Kripa who hesitantly entered the three storied Khanna House.

Kripa smiled embarrassingly, "Devyani Khanna".

The person was confused "Main aapka naam pooch raha hoon."

Kripa giggled "main Devyani Khanna ki barein mein bata rahi hoon. I want to meet her. Can I?"

The young person nodded his head with suspicious looks "Ji! Aap bhait jayiye main abhi madam ko batata hoon. Aur aapka shubh naam?" he reminded about Kripa's introduction.

Kripa adorably smiled, "Kripa" … "Kripa Sarma"…"Suryaban Sarma ki beti" … hmm that's all." She gave a little more introduction than he asked for, expecting Devyani Khanna to run to her with curiosity-affection-excitement.

The young chef walked upstairs seating Kripa in the center hall. Kripa stared at his way till he was disappeared and checked the surroundings.

There was a huge photo frame with Ram Narayan Sarma's portrait hung on the wall just a few inches above traditional mantel. A medium size puja mandir built under the mantel. "Shayad Naani yahan puja karti hai," Kripa noticed two big bronze lamps on either side of wooden doors engraved with temple bells. Ten seat big dining table arranged on left side of the mantel neatly decorated with platinum dinner set for ten "dus log kaun rehte hai iss ghar mein? Maama, maami aur dadi ke alawa aur saat bachein hai iss ghar mein? Nahin itna bada family toh aaj kal kahan rehta hai? Shayad sab bachein ke shadi hogayi hogi?" a wave of disappointment passed through her eyes at this thought. She sighed and gone through other arrangements in the hall.

"Kaun?" Kripa turned her head when Naina's voice broke the silence. Kripa's eyes glittered and folded her hands "Namaste! Main Kripa! Kripa Sarma! Devyani Khanna ji ki bhai ki poti." She introduced herself with palpitating heart.

Naina's face lit and a cheer came through her lips "Surya aur Gayatri ki beti hai? Jab hum gaon aaye they tumhari  paidaishi nahin hua tha. Kaisa aana hua? Akeli aaya hai? How are Gayatri and Surya?" She showered questions on Kripa.

Kripa was overwhelmed at her inquisition and laughed with joy "main theek hoon. Main yahan aakar char din hogaya tha. Meri saheli Sapna ka shadi hai yahan. Aur mama papa bilkul theek hai. Wo humesha aapko yaad karte hai."

Naina faintly smiled "kitna azeeb rista hai humara. Itne saal hogaye hai ek baar bhi milney ki koshish nahin kiya magar yaad toh bahut karte hai." a wave of sarcasm run through her voice.

Kripa faintly smiled as confused to respond back.

Naina composed herself immediately, "Toh tum Sapna Shah ki shadi mein aayi ho?" Naina silently  recollected the conversation on other day about Shah in search of Sarma family. "Kab tak rahogi?"

Kripa shook her head,  "haan, Sapna meri bahut achi dost hai. Ussi ki wajah se papa yahan aaney ki anumati diya tha."

Naina nodded her head as she knew how conservative and protective Sarma family was. "Tum humara yahan reh sakta hai. Yahan se bhi shadi attend kar sakte hai." Naina formally invited her.

Kripa's eyes lit "Thanks m..a.." she paused with confusion of addressing Naina. Naina noticed and smiled "you can call me 'aunty'. Iss mein thanks kehne ki koyi jaroorat nahin hai. Agar hum donon pariwaron  ke beech rista-naata theek rahti toh tum seeda yahin theihregi na?"

Kripa nodded her head as agreed with her. Naina continued "humara chef Tejeswaran brahman hai. Tum abhi mili thi na? wohi. Wo tumhari liye khaana banayega. Aaj tum bin batai agaya hai. Issi liye ghar mein kissi se nahin milpaogi. Mama, tumhari naani, ek sangeet sammelan per Delhi gayi hai. Kal tak ajayengey. Sab bachein apne apne kaam pur gaye hai. Raat ko Anitah ke siva kissi se nahin milpaogi."

Kripa twitched her lips with disappointment "yeh Anittah kaun hai?"

Naina noticed Kripa's disappointment and dropped hand around her, "itna udhaas mut hojao. Tum aaj yahin dinner karkey raat yahin ruk jao.  Kal subah dus bhajey tak sab log wapas ajayengey." Kripa's eyes sparkled and shook her head as understood.

"Chalo, abb humara ghar dekhtey hai. Tab tak khana ready hojayega."Naina took her for tour her house.

As soon as they climbed the stairs they stopped at Angad's room. Naina showed the closed doors "yeh mera chota beta Angad ka kumra hai. He never allowed anyone to step into his room. Mere ko  bhi nahin. Bahut indisciplined boy hai. Room mein paon rakhney ka bhi jaga nahin rahin rehta hai. He puts his stuff all around the room. Kripa was disappointed for not having atleast a glimpse of his 'bava' but adorably looked at the door and mumbled his name in mind.

Naina showed another room with opened doors but curtained, "yeh mera bada beta Kartik ka kumra hai." The room reflected Kartik's personality. Well organized and kept each item right in its place.

 "Yeh Aaliyah, meri choti beti ki kumra hai. She wasn't home. Wo apni honeywali sasural gayi hai. Engagement abhi tak hua nahin magar Damini usse bahu maanti hai." Naina explained and Kripa showed her happiness to know about Aaliyah.

"Tum ghar pur hi hai?" Naina surprised to see Anittah in the room facing up and down on her bed with a book in the hand.

"Haan mom! Headache tha. Issiliye wapas agayi hoon." She replied the reason for her stay home and got down of the bed to check Kripa from head to toe. Naina introduced them to each other. Anittah widened her eyes "Surya mama ki beti? Itne salon ke baad hum aakhir yaad aahi gaya hai! Akeli aayi hai?"

Naina warned her with eyes "wo apna Shah ka shadi mein aayi hai. Sapna is her friend." She explained the reason behind Kripa's visit to Mumbai.

"Dadi bahut kushi hogi tumse milkar. She misses you all a lot." Anittah commented with a cheer as recollected their conversation about Sarma on other day. "So, humara andaaz sahi tha. Shah pariwar se Sarma pariwar ka relation hai!" She wondered about their anticipation.

Naina walked Kripa downstairs, "Anittah! Kripa raat yahin rukegi. Uski rehney ki arrangements mein Teddy ka madat karo." She walked Kripa to other parts of the house. "Mama se milney ke baad unke  kumre dekh paogi."

Anittah walked to Teddy aka Tejeswaran to help in arrangements for Kripa's stay.

Kripa had delicious with Naina and Anittah. Naina left for some Ladies Club meeting, "Tum aram karo mein do ghante mein wapas aoongi."

Kripa was left alone as Anittah locked herself in her room in pretext of headache. Teddy showed her outhouse for her stay. Kripa was surprised for the separate arrangements "Shayad ghar mein aur koyi kumara nahin hai guests ke liye!" she tried to recollect the rooms she was shown. Her thoughts went around her lift friend "ek hi naam hai. Bava kaisa dikhta hai? Yeh Angad toh bahut sunder hai. Mera bava bhi sunder hoga. Yeh Anittah bhi azeebsi ladki hai. Ussey humara pariwar mein koyi dilchaspi nahin hai. Baaki log kaise hongey? I should have taken Naani's phone number and visited them. Dekho, abb ghar mein koyi nahin hai. Kissi se bhi nahin milpayi. Angad se bhi nahin." Kripa softly scolded herself.

She tried to call Sapna but her mobile was switched off "nanand ki sasural walon se busy hogi. Let me talk to her later. She dozed off in few minutes while thinking about Devyani's family..

It was dark when Kripa woke up and walked into the main building. She walked into kitchen to Teddy "Naina ma'am Dilip Sir ke saat party per gaya hai. Aap ko khana khakar sojaney ko kahan tha."

Kripa was disappointed for not meeting Dilip. "He is also not interested to know about us!!" a wave of disappointment covered her heart.

"Anittah baby bhi apni friends se milney gayi hai.  Dinner apni friends ke saat karengey" Teddy replied when Kripa enquired about Anittah.

Kripa was disappointed and decided to go back to Sapna's house, "yeh kya main yahan khana khaney aayi thi? Koyi humse milney mein interested nahin hai." Tears filled in her eyes and bade bye to Teddy. Teddy pleaded her to have dinner before leave but Kripa excused herself promising to visit again.

 Next Part: Do AR confess to each other now?; AK will they learn about each other??


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