Wednesday, 21 March 2018

part 8 B: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

"Hey babe" Armaan hugged Priya making sure that he did not say the wrong name and then he turned towards Riddhima and acted surprised "Hey Riddhima I didn't expect you to be here but good that you came. You look neat and babe you look gorgeous." he gave the last compliment to Priya noticing Riddhima's shocked expression. "Come on in guys." Armaan walked inside with his arm loosely around Priya's waist who was delighted with Armaan's compliment while Riddhima was too shocked to react.

'NEAT' huh what's that supposed to mean? Riddhima Carter always looks the best and he called me just plain NEAT but I am glad he noticed how pretty Priya is looking and he was actually really sweet with her or is it just a faade… he playing some sort of game with her. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

Riddhima walked inside the hall along with Samay only to see Armaan introducing Priya to his friends as if she was his most important guest there. He summoned them to where he was standing and when they were there he spoke "I would like you guys to meet my friends here. This is Atul……….his girlfriend Anjali and this is one of my best buddies Amar…………….and guys this is Samay kapoor- and I know you all know him already and this is Riddhima Carter my dad's business partner's daughter."

Riddhima was surprised at the way Armaan introduced her- he could have called her his friend and anyways people knew who she was pretty well and just then Anjali spoke up "Riddhima you have to know just how great fan I am of yours. I have seen all your works and have even attended a couple of fashion show of yours and I have to say that you always do a commendable job………."

"okay that's it Anjie we are here to enjoy alright so how about if we do just that. You can talk to Riddhima later." With that Armaan walked to the bar with Priya along with him and his other friends following him. Riddhima was mighty pissed at Armaan's rude behavior towards her and she unknowingly missed the cute and caring Armaan she had spent a whole day with…….Riddhima suddenly got alarmed at the direction her thoughts were taking and so in order to escape them she quickly reached the bar and saw that Priya was about to take a drink……..Riddhima quickly stopped her and spoke "Priya I don't think your drinking here is a very good idea coz you know you don't handle drinks very well."

"Oh common Riddhima……I am here to take care of her and you don't have to babysit her. Why don't you just relax and enjoy the party." Armaan spoke with an amused and sarcastic look on his face and Priya just in order to please Armaan drank the contents of the glass in her hand and then they heard the music change and on came a blasting party number. Samay grabbed Riddhima's hand seeing which Armaan did the same with Priya and soon they all were on the dance floor………….

Priya and Armaan were dancing right behind Samay and Riddhima when suddenly a girl came on the dance floor and stood between Priya and Armaan and spoke with her finger outlining Armaan's jaw "Hey handsome………glad u came. Last night was a treat so lets make tonight special as well." Saying that she stepped closer to Armaan and placing her arms around his neck she swayed to the music and took Armaan a little away from Priya who was shocked with what just happened. She saw Armaan dancing with that girl with his arms tightly around her waist….Priya felt her tears threatening to spill out. She looked around for Riddhima but she was talking to somebody on her cell in a corner. Priya was about to get off the dance floor when a hand gripped her elbow and before she could register anything she was spinned around and was in the arms of a tall and handsome guy. She looked up and saw Amar smiling at her upturned face………he bent down near her ear and whispered "I know how you feel. Armaan is in great demand around here and he is just being polite….. I am sure he'll be back soon and till then you can enjoy my company. So I have heard you are working in Armaan's company what post…………….

Soon Amar was busy chatting with Priya who was now comfortable with him but still hoping that Armaan would come back. She didn't like the fact that he just left her like that but soon her attention was on Amar and she was thoroughly enjoying his dumb but funny jokes.

Riddhima saw Armaan dancing with another girl and was really pissed at him….but then she saw Priya dancing with Amar.

I am pretty sure that this jerk must have sent that Amar guy to keep Priya company while he had fun with these dumb girls here………….I don't get why Priya likes him so much………I liked him way better when we had met for the first time……he was so sweet and nice and look at him now behaving like a total playboy with no respect for women……I hate guys like him.

Samay pulled Riddhima on the dance floor and started spinning her around when her hand suddenly slipped out of his and she tripped and banged right into Armaan's chest who quickly moved his arms around her to balance her……She looked up at him looking intensely at her with slight irritation in his eyes…….Riddhima was caught unaware and didn't realize when she started staring at him. She was standing straight but he still had his arms around her and Riddhima could smell the intoxicating cologne of his…….she saw his lips curve into a sardonic grin and heard him say "So Ms.Carter are you going to move back to your partner or you plan to stay here in my arms looking into my eyes for the rest of the night? I know you must want the latter actually every girl does and you are no exception." Armaan chuckled at his own joke while Riddhima looked angrily at him comparing her with other girls and was about to answer back when she was suddenly pushed by a dancing couple back into Armaan's arms……….she was pushed with such force that she banged into him and her lips brushed his bare chest and she gasped…….Armaan too had felt her lips against his chest and had a sharp intake of breath but luckily Riddhima did not notice that. She raised her face and saw Armaan looking behind her and before she even knew it she was pushed away with a slight force and she saw Armaan walking towards a tall brunette ignoring her completely as if nothing had happened between them a moment back…….Riddhima suddenly narrowed her eyes when she saw Armaan hugging the brunette tightly and all of a sudden Riddhima gasped and her hand went straight to her open mouth when she realized that the brunnete was none other then her arch rival Claire Colin.

Claire and Riddhima didn't get along very well - to say the least. Their rivalry had started when Claire was thrown out of an ad campaign and Riddhima was taken instead and after the launch of that very ad Riddhima became the best new face of all brands and was flooded with offers while Claire was out of work for a long time. She held Riddhima responsible for all that and hated her.

She saw Claire walking towards her along with Armaan.

"Riddhima carter am I right?" Claire spoke in a mocking voice and extended her hand towards Riddhima who gave her a cold smile but accepted her extended hand with grace and retorted back "Nice to see you Claire. I see you are friends with Armaan?"

Claire looped her arm around Armaan's arm and spoke in a cheerful voice "Oh I and Armaan are really close friends. I did some modeling for his cosmetic company and we became really good friends at that time and Armaan was THE perfect host."

Riddhima understood that Claire was clearly smitten by Armaan who was enjoying the attention totally. Riddhima was totally disgusted with him and wanted to excuse herself when Samay walked towards them and placing his arm around Riddhima's shoulder spoke "Where have you been? I have been waiti…….." He trailed off when he saw Claire standing in front of them and he quickly stepped towards her and spoke "Claire how are you?" Claire and Samay knew each other and were soon engrossed into a chat session when Riddhima noticed that Armaan was nowhere in sight. She slipped out quietly and walked out and saw Armaan standing on the terrace leaning against the railing. His head was bent…Riddhima had come there to warn him regarding Priya but she noticed that he looked really upset…..She walked towards him and involuntarily placed her hand on his shoulder and was shocked when she noticed him wiping a lone tear from hic cheek. She quickly grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. "Armaan is everything okay?" Riddhima didn't know why she was suddenly so concerned but she just felt the need to know the reason for this sudden change in him and then she heard him say "Its my mom's birthday today." Riddhima's breath stopped for a moment and she quickly looked at Armaan who had tears rolling down his eyes. Riddhima knew that Armaan really loved his mom and was really close to her and before she could even move she saw Armaan walking out of the terrace wiping his tears and she noticed he was holding a beer bottle in his hand.


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