Tuesday, 20 March 2018

part 8 A : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

"Priya you are not going to meet him. Have I made myself clear. That guy insulted you and you still want to give him a chance what's wrong with you women. Maybe he is just going to insult in front of those gazillions of people who are going to be there in that party and here I am planning to teach him a lesson for misbehaving with you like that" Riddhima was really mad at Priya who was planning to accept Armaan's invitation to a party……..

"Riddhimaaaa…..common please let me go……maybe he really wants to say sorry and maybe he realized just how much I love him…." Priya replied in a dreamy tone.

Riddhima sighed in frustration when she realized that it was absolutely no use arguing with her so she spoke with a tone mixed with concern and irritation "Fine…….but I am not letting you go alone. I'll come along but whose your date for the party?"

Priya blushed and looking down she replied "Armaan" Riddhima's eyes popped out when she heard that and now she was even more worried as to what Armaan was planning……….

"Are you sure you want to go?" Riddhima asked Priya who nodded her head vigorously her excitement spilling out. Riddhima's brows furrowed in thought and then her face lit up and she spoke "Fine since you are so eager to go….lets make this event special and make sure that that extremely mean and stupid Armaan realizes just how wrong he was when he called you ugly." Riddhima grabbed Priya's hand and dragged her to her car and drove towards one of the best beauty parlors in the town.

After 2 long hours Priya stood in front of a full length mirror gaping at her own reflection…….She couldn't believe the change that Riddhima had brought in her….her specs were gone replaced by lenses, her eyes underlined with kohl…..and the mascara along with the eye make-up gave her eyes a pretty look…..her lips were covered with a pale pinkish shiny lip gloss and her hands and legs were waxed………they were manicured and pedicure and the navy blue halter neck gown gave her a really sexy look emphasizing her curves in just the right way. She had worn the gown with great reluctance since she was not used to wearing clothes like that but now she was glad she wore it………she wanted Armaan to like her though she didn't look anything extraordinary but at least she looked decent.

She turned around when she heard the clatter of heels and smiled indulgently when she saw Riddhima emerge out of the changing room of the parlor looking stunningly gorgeous and out of the world wearing a very daring and revealing red halter neck mini dress with deep plunging cowl neckline and open strapped with strings giving her a very seductive look.

She suddenly frowned at Riddhima and spoke "Are you planning to seduce someone at the party?" Riddhima chuckled and spoke "Ya I am. I am going to be seducing your precious Armaan tonight." Riddhima laughed harder saying that but stopped when she saw Priya's suddenly upset face. She kicked herself mentally and spoke "Oh Priya I was just kidding. He's all yours babe and Riddhima Carter never eyes what belongs to her friends. This is how I always dress up when going to a party although dad hates it but thats how I am……Remember I am a model." Priya smiled relieved. She had actually started wondering what would happen if Armaan lost his heart to Riddhima who was way better then her and always had men eating out of her hands but she knew that Riddhima would never do such a thing with her because she was a wonderful human being and the world's best friend.

Riddhima snapped her fingers in front of Priya's face and spoke "Stop dreaming about that d*** Armaan and pick up your stuff. Samay will be here any moment."

Priya frowned at Riddhima "Whose Samay?"

Riddhima looked at Priya irately and spoke "Gosh why do you ask so many questions anyways Samay Kapoor is my date." Riddhima gave Priya 'you are so dumb' look and with that she walked out of the door of the parlor after making her payment at the reception desk. Priya who was frozen on her spot quickly ran after Riddhima and then grabbing her elbow she turned her around and spoke rapidly "Samay Kapoor as in the superbly sexy model Samay Kapoor?" Riddhima rolled her eyes and at the moment she really wanted to strangle Priya but she replied in a calm voice "Yes Samay Kapoor and before you ask me anything else let me give you the details…….Samay and I have done modeling together and that's how we know each other besides he is the only guy I know here who has the face and personality to stand next to me though he too is not my equal in anyway but I guess I'll do with him for this event at least. He is a nice guy."

Priya was awestruck. She suddenly realized just how lucky Riddhima was with the perfect looks, connection and a really sharp brain and though she acted arrogant at times Priya knew she had a heart of gold. She was proud to be Riddhima's friend.

Priya snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a car horn and turning around she saw a smashingly handsome Samay Kapoor sitting behind the wheel in his Mercedes with Riddhima already in the passenger seat. Priya too quickly sat down in the back seat after saying a hi to the handsome guy.

Samay drove them to the event and handed the car keys to the guard and opened the car doors for the elegant ladies. He stood between them and stopped outside the hall where Armaan was supposed to receive his date.

Armaan stepped out of the hall and stopped in his tracks with his mouth hanging open when he saw Riddhima in that beautiful and bold red dress and he instantly knew that she'll steal the show the moment she'll step inside.

Gosh man this woman is a killer……….the way she looks can drive anyone totally crazy and now how am a supposed to focus on that girl…..whats her name……..ya Riya no dude it was Siya……..nah it just doesn't click oh just forget it she'll be way too happy to notice anything else……dumb girl…..I wonder how she is friends with this extremely smart beauty with brains Riddhima Carter……but hey whose that guy with her…….dude its Samay Kapoor…….guess he is her date……man Samay your Samay will surely come to an end if you don't get your damn hand off her shoulder……..good you did or else I would have spoiled your oh-so-perfect face…….

Armaan composed himself and walked towards them……


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