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part 8 : Lamhe (AR ff)

Next day

At 6:00 AM

Armaan reached hospital early to see if they have all the equipments ready now it was 7:00 the time for the interns to arrive and Dr Kirtti also reached to see the interns off  ...Now all the interns were standing at the nurse station with Dr Kirtti

Dr k ' I hope you all have taken the warm clothes and take care of yourself and also enjoy your trip With that she walked to the OPD...

M ' kitna mazza aaye ga na camp par main toh bohat maze karoo gi( said while clapping like girl  rahul was staring at her dreamy oh god i so wanted to kiss her right now ... And Ridhima totally saw that SHE ARCHED HER BROW   wow what cooking here she thought but her thought were interrupted by the cough...

Armaan was coming toward the nurse station and saw the same thing which Ridhima happened to saw ...So my little baby brother is in love hmmm thought Armaan...

Armaan went to them and stood behind them and coughed to get their attention All turned around and what they saw they were all shocked except Rahul

They saw Armaan wearing this As you all know that Armaan wear two shirt in the Hospital like dressed up doctor but today they saw the different Armaan with visible .Tatoo..

Armaan felt why everyone was staring at her but brushed the thoughts as Umar bhai came and told everything was ready

They All went ou

t A ' so excited about the camp

All nodded.

A ' okay let put the luggage in the bus

Armaan told the driver to put their luggage in the bus ..

Everyone was standing near the bus

A ' Okay but where is Aryana
Aryana came in the Armaan's new car which he got when he came back from Singapore and he had only test drive and here she pulled in the hospitals parking

As they all saw the car except the two one was furious because she took his new car and THAT WITHOUT PERMISSION and here rahul was thinking she screwed it big time

Ra ' (squealed) NO SHE DIDN'T

All looked at him confused but shrugged their shoulder in front of the car

 Angel came out of the car wearing pajami suit with white and black contrast

Now Vivek looked at her and found lost in her but brushed the thoughts

Here Angel came and greeted everyone but Armaan just left and went in the bus now everyone was sitting in the bus well the bus from inside had the
like that and all were in aww as rahul too saw it the first time
At ' wow  it is sooo  cool

A ' we only made for interns so it could be more relaxing and fun for their journey.

Now all sat on one seat Vivek, rahul ,Muskaan and Atul and opposite Angel , Armaan in the middle and Ridhima at the end Now the Bus started to move all were still looking at bus in awe...

After half an hour late probably reached out of Mumbai city now on highway

Ary ' well ...(all looked at her as everyone was quite and suddenly)  hope u guys don't mind but i am really bored...

M ' actually main b yehi kehne wali thi mam

Ary ' tch tck well call me Angel i would love it that way and i am not your boss just an organizer

Vivek was lost in thoughts and angel saw it and snapped it

Angel ' care to share

V ' (for the first time smiled warmly)naaa

Angel ' waise app sab ki internhip kaise ja rahi ha

All ' nodded but Atul

At ' bardiya khak bardiya itna kaam karvate hai ki poochoo na bi itna to janvar bi nahi karte jitni seva hams karvai jatti hai

All looked at him as if he is gone mad except Armaan who was trying to suppress his giggles

And Ridhima pinched him

At ' kya hooa ridzi tu mujhe pinch kyu kar rahi hai

M ' woh isliye (smaking on Atul's head ) khote kit u Dr Armaan ke samnehi  oh...

At ' Dr Armaan ke sammne hi he realized he let out a nervous laugh) actually woh... sir ... i mean

Finally after couldn't take it Armaan burst out laughing

Angel too start laughing but other were confused..

V ' ahem excuse me are we missing something

Angel ' actually i mean look at Atul no need to be embarrassed (he has turned red) After seeing atul's state everybody laughed

A ' well as now we are not on duty please call me Armaan and don't be afraid I don't bite  so chill champ (Armaan patted Atul and smiled at him  atul also smiled at him)

Suddenly Armaan's phone rang he picked it up as he saw MOM written on it

A ' Hey Mom

(All looked at him as he was busy in the call because nobody has ever asked him about his family. ...

He hangs up ...All were looking at him...

A ' Okay Guys

M - (Whisper to rahul but everyone could hear) aree why only guys so does that mean girl can't hear i mean do have shut our ears so...

Before she could continue

A ' well sorry Muskaan Now listen Guys and GIRLs (all giggles as muskaan turned red due to embarrassment )  Dr Anjali would be joining us tomorrow at the town itself

All Groaned

A ' WHAT!!! Did i say something wrong..

M ' abb usey b jelana parega kitne excited thi main is camp ke liya aura bb vo waha kuch na kuch toh karegi hamara mood kharab karne ke liye...

Ary ' why do you think like that

Ra ' well you don't know Angel But heck she is one of the spoilt brat... i mean she always talk about how rich she think she is Savitri Jindal (All giggled) ... to much arrogance

M ' aur kya namoona hai bilkul

Angel ' well abb toh milnaha hi parega usese

M ' mujhe bahot buura lagta hai jab woh Ridhima se kuch kaheti ha ii mean Ridhima use kuch kahti nahi hai aur voh phir jaan buuz ke iske sath

Ridhima looks daggers at muskaan but she ignored it and now all were looking at her and she looked down due to nervousness armaan found her really adorable like that..

A ' (chuckles) now don't tell me ki tumhe kissi ko jawamb nahi dena aatta...

R '(rids looks at him daggers first thought to ignore as everyone was there but looking at him laughing at her she forget) toh appko koi problem hai

All were surprised that why the hell was she answering except Angel and rahul who found it really amusing..

A ' koun keh sakta hai ki tum kisi ko jawab nahi deti...

R ' maine kab kaha ki main kissi ko jawab nahi deti

A ' tck tck ... dekha kaise gusse se laal ho rahi ho..

R ' nahi main gussa nahi hoon (but all of them knew that she was angry and looking really cute and found their banter really cute..

A ' tum gussa ho

R ' nahi houn

A ' hoo

R ' nahi

A ' haa

R- nahi.

M ' yelled ) busss!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now both looked at the other and turned red due to their laughing..

Angel '- what was that

Ra ' ha... yeh tohh muskaan ka kaam hai

M ' kya kaha khote main larti hoon

Ra ' aur nahi toh kay .. main larta hoo.

M ' haa

Ra ' nahi

Angel ' thats it ...

All went quite

V ' isee phele ki app sab phir larde change the topic..

Angel ' well said mujhe toh bahot book lagi hai..

Armaan asked the drive to stop the bus if he sees any restaurant or daba on the road...

After 15 minutes the bus stopped at the small restaurant like daba...

All went and sat across each other had fun eating the Punjabi food... All start having food

Armaan can't eat spicy but he didn't knew that it was spicy and When Angel had a bite she turned to armaan who was ready to bite but before Angel could yell or tell him he put it in his mouth...

Angel-' Bhayia!!!(All were looking at her but she was looking at Armaan who eyes had gone red and she jumped from her seat and made armaan drink who calmed down now but all were in shock as the heard angel said bhai now all were looking at her with confused face and rahul looked at them as angel will be busted...

Angel looked around and saw everyone was looking at ..her

R ' appne Armaan sir ko Bhayia...

Angel who looked as if she had down blunder but quickly changed her expression before anyone could see it

Angel - matlab

M ' matlab yeh ki appne Armaan ko Bhai kaha..

Angel ' (trying to think hard to make an excuse and rahul and armaan were looking at her they both knew she will handle it but what will she do to not let anyone know but looking at her face rahul snigger and Angel looked at him daggers but suddenly idea struck in head) actually jab maine dekha ki armaan ki ahke laal ho gayi ha toh mujhe pata chal gaya tha ki mirch ki vaje se hoya hoga kyuki mujhe b mirch lagi thi par itni thori jinti armaan ko lage thi tab manne bhayia ko bullaya arey restaurant wala ...aur waiter thori na kehti ... par jab mujhe koi aye dikhi nahi diya toh main khud hi pain dene ke liye utth gayi...(she patted herself for making everyone agree at what she said and they all were conviced and rahul was looking at her in shock ...kitna jooth bolti hai...thought rahul.)

Now after armaan finished the less mirch wala food and paid and went in the bus...

M ' chalo kuch khelte hai.

Ra ' count me in

Angel ' me too

V and At ' same

AR ' nodded..

M ' hmmm  ... chalo shero-sheryi sunte hai sbki...(no i did not write Took it from internet guys )

M ' sabse phele mai

M - Khushboo teri yaari di saanu mehka jaandi hai,
teri har ik kitti hoyi gal saanu behka jaandi hai,
saah taan bahut der lagaande ne aun -jaan vich,
har saah ton pehle teri yaad aa jaandi hai

Ra ' wah muskaan mujhe nahi pata tha kit um itni romantic ho ..(muskaan blushes and all looked at them )

A ' (cleared his throat) Ahhemm

Ra - (quickly changes the topic) abb meri barri..

Ra - Sookh Jaate Hain Lub, Lufz Milte Nahi
Hota Nahi Humse Ishq Bayaan
Unhe Kaise Bataoon Dil Ki Lagi
Kaise Sikhaoon Aankhon Ki Zubaan unhe'.

Angel '-- kise se karna hai izhaar tumhe rahul(trying to control her chuckle looking at rahul's face which was red due to blushed and also muskaan was avoiding looking at everyone..

Angel ' ab atul ki baari..

At ' meri lekin mujhe nahi aata..

Angel ' arey aise- kaise kuch toh sunaay

Atul- ..lekin app sab promise karo hasso ge nahi..

Angel ' promise koi nahi hasega..(Atul looked at everyone who nodded_

At - E-Dost tu bhi likha kar shayari meri tarah
tera bhi naam ho jayega
log phekenge tujhpe ande aur tamatar
subah k nashte ka kaam ho jayega..

All looked at him and burst out laughing...

Ra ' yeh ... (clutching his stomach) sab kaha se seekh

M ' wahuyaar kya sher hai...

At ' manie kaha tha hasna nahi .

All stooped but then again burst out laughing...and atul pouted..

A ' fine .. abb koi nahi hase ga... aur vivek ab tum gayoo..

V - Mujhe Takat Di jinda rehna ki
Mujhe hoansla diya chalte jane ka
mai sochta hoon kuda mujh per kyon itna meharbaan hai
ya shayad aage isse bhi bada registan hai

A ' Impressive...

V ' thank you

Angel ' abb ridhima ki barii..

R ' main par mujhe

Angel ' Arey ab blol

Ridhima looked around and saw all looking at her and bowed her head down due to nervousness

R ' (still looking down)

ishq ek taraf ho tho saza deta hai
ishq dono taraf ho tho maza deta hai
farak sirf ithna hai...
koi khamosh rehetha hai tho koi bata deta hai

All were looking at her in awe

Angel ' that was so cute ridhima..(ridzi blushes as everyone was looking at her but she caught armaan's eye there was something that held her back to look in his eyes)Aur blush karte hoye kitni cute lagti ho..(she blushes hard and bowed her head down..

M ' aur abb kiski barri..

Angel ' main sunati hoon...

Angel- Agar manzil ko pana hai to himat saath rakhna,

 Agar pyar ko pana hai to aitbar saath rakhna,

 Agar hamesha muskurana ho to BRUSH AUR PASTE SAATH RAKHNA.

First all were looking at her as if don't know what she will say like very interested but now

A ' kyaaa!!!!!!

Angel ' arey sher hai kitna bardiya than a..

Ra ' bahot bardiya(said scarcitally)

Angel  - liken armaan tum ganna sunoo geye please

M ' app ganna gate hai..

A ' jada nahi

Angel ' ha bahot acha..

Ra ' sunaayeye na please..

Armaan looked at Atul who was also looking as if he also want to listen and when he gazed at ridhima he saw her looking really cute as the child is getting a chocolate ..

A ' fine..

(close his eyes and ridhima's face flashes front of when she was fighting with him in car and then when she was about to slip and he catches her in time and how he was mesmerized and lost in her eyes ... he was also shocked own his thought but when he remembered her pout and suddenly he started singing and M, At , and ridhima was so shocked listening to his voice and vivek wasn't interested he was checking Angel out )

asmani rang ho,
pyaar ki boond ho,
roshni ho,
dhoop ho,
chahaton ki goonj ho

aanchal mein hain dhanak chandni,
haaton mein woh chaand hai,
gairon se bhi hai wasta
apno mein pehchan hai,

ta ra ra rat ta ri ra[3], tu zindagi
mera izhaar hai..

pyaar hi pyar hai,
yaaron ki yaar hai,
tu zindagi ...

ta ra ra rat ta ri ra[3], tu zindagi

tujhse main kya kahoon
tu hi mera sukoon,
sang tere rahoon,
tu zindagi!!!!!

He stopped and open his eyes and saw everyone was looking at him.

A ' guys..

All trance broke

M ' ganna khatam

A ' haan

At ' par itni jaldi..

A ' haan.

RA ' bus i mean

A ' haan

Angel ' pata hai ki app bahot achha gate hai

A ' haan

R ' abb yeeh haan kya laga rakhi hae

A ' tumse matlab

R ' kyon nahi mtlab

A ' excuse me

R ' what  excuse huh!!

A ' tum jealous hoo

R ' main kyon houngi jealous ha

A ' mera gaan sunkar

R ' app na

A ' main Kya

R ' app

Now all were looking at them as they were watching the tennis match from ridhima to armaan and armaan to ridhima...

Angel ' buss abbb mera sir dard horeha hai ab sab shant

Now all were quite...

It was late evening when they reached the town after getting out of the bus...

Angel ' --okay everyone about that camp we go every year in towns or villages for treatment ... and according to me you can also earn allot of things from these camps and As dr kirtti said behave and show respect to all the people here any Questions (she waited when they shake their heads ) okay but if you have any of the question please ask me or armaan ..

All nodded

S ' (just only Sarpanch was there in the village )  namsete doctor sahib..

All ' namsete

S ' ji app log thaak gaye hogge ab app sab araam kar lije

Angel ' theek hai

Sarpanch showed them room and these rooms were in old bungalow type house and they were three rooms so all three girls decided to stay in same room and Armaan told to Vivek and atul to share room and he can share room with Rahul..

Now all were in their own rooms...and had dinner in their room as they were tired from the morning

Morning next day...

Now all were up and ridhima reached to the window and screamed as what she saw outside...


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