Saturday, 3 March 2018

part 8 : Santaan

Rhea's and Arim's behaviour changed and They used to spend most of their time with their parents not sparing a single chance to be together.Armaan and Ridhima were a bit suspicious but later thought of it as a good step by their kids.Armaan came back from the office witnessing his both twins sitting their one was engrossed in phone while one in his play station.Armaan just shook his head at their habits as he moved ahead he spoke."Hello everyone"

"Hi dad" Arim spoke smiling showing dimples just like his father.Armaan smiled at him while looking at Rhea who was still engrossed in her phone he shook his head and hearing a commotion Ridhima came out to see Armaan staring at Rhea."Rhea !!!!!"Ridhima almost yelled seeing her behaviour.As soon she looked up"Why are you screaming? I am here only mama!" Rhea spoke in annoyance."Is this a way to talk with your mom Rhea?" Armaan said being astounded."Forget it Dad I am a big girl now Don't need your guidance anymore.why you guys keep on nagging me ??"Ridhima's bloody boiled  hearing her daughter."Oh Rhea..."she trailed off as Armaan shushed her.and both left to their room.

As soon they entered "what's this Armaan why you stopped me??aesa behaviour have I taught this to her she thinks herself to be something very special "Ridhima spoke in anger."Relax its her age she will understand once she grows up but if we keep on nagging she will be annoyed"Armaan said trying to lessen her worries."Age like really Armaan.??angel bhi aek waqt usi age se guzri hai par uska behaviour hum se aesa tou kbhi nai huA wo bhi tou hmari beti hai."Ridhima said angrily.

"Ok now leave it. I will freshen up you go ready the dinner"Ridhima nodded while placing his clothes on bed.

All were now sitting having dinner while Rhea was still busy on the phone.Getting enough of her disrespectful behaviour and habits ridhima spoke trying to maintain her cool and composure."Rhea If you are done with your phone start eating because I won't be waiting for you to finish this "Ridhima spoke exasperated.

"Mom what's your problem???why can't you let me be in peace??"Rhea spoke.

"Rhea"Arim tried to stop her.

"No Arim let her say so Rhea carry on beta"Ridhima said.

"Oh mom forget it apko tou surf angel se pyaar hai"Rhea said bitterly.

"So you are jealous of her?"Ridhima said challenging her.

"Oh mom Why'd I be jealous of that girl who's living on the mercy of my parents? "Rhea spoke harshly.

"RHEA!!!"Armaan shouted which scared Rhea a bit.

"Don't you dare to say anything about my angel.she is my daughter and even if she's not that's none of your business.Now  get out of my sight before I will do something that will be regretful"Armaan said.

Rhea rushed to her room in tears while Ridhima sat down on the chair as tears were sparkling in her eyes and she held her head in her palms.Armaan put hand on her shoulder and Arim tried to say something "mom dad Arim just leave I don't want any discussion over this topic."Ridhima said standing up as she called the servant to clear the table and left for her room while Armaan tried to confront her as he could see her disturbed self.but she just shut herself in a cage she was not opening herself up and the moment she opened her mouth the sentence shook Armaan badly.

"I am not a good mother.I failed my upbringing failed she thinks so much bad about people who don't have parents"

"Ridhima its nothing like that dear.she is a kid and knowing the truth she is upset because it wasn't us who disclosed it to her"Armaan said comforting her.

After saying soothing words in ridhima' s ear he felt she drifted to a deep slumber.he moved out of the room and moved to Rhea's room.he knocked and entered to see Arim trying to make Rhea understand but she just wanted to leave the house."Rhea"Armaan spoke."Dad mom always favoured her leaving her own blood you both never told us the truth." Rhea said as if it was a most easiest thing to say.

"Rhea angel came into my life before either of you your mama was also not with me at that time I would have easily left her on the random road as she is not my blood but my heart didn't allow me for you both may be I will be a culprit for hiding something but for both us Angel is more special she might not be a symbol of our love as you both but she is the pillar on which our relation is built and If your behaviour will be same with both of us you are free to leave the house." Armaan said with finality dripping in his tone.


Meanwhile in the other room hearing commotion Ridhima woke up she heard Rhea's room hearing her yelling and moved forward and slapped Rhea hard on face.Arim and Armaan were too shocked to stop Ridhima."Ms.Rhea Armaan Malik if you're so big to yell on your father and ask him questions you can do anything leaving This house"Ridhima spoke.


That was the last Day Ridhima talked with her and 5 years have passed since that day Rhea was now studying in Sydney.Armaan still talked with her and tried to ask ridhima to talk to her too but Ridhima said that the day Rhea will understand her mistake she will forgive her and start talking to her.Angel also was manipulated by Rhea to leave any contacts with her family and Armaan tried to locate her whereabouts but she never showed her face to them.Arim was also in Sydney and Rhea had occupied his mind too against when he tried to make her understand she answered "when that girl's behaviour will change and she will be gone out of their lives Mama will automatically come to me realising that I am her daughter only and you too stop thinking too much we can not let our property go into the hands of some random woman's kid"

Armaan and Ridhima after loosing connection with Angel were so much disturbed that they wanted to be with their kids as that's what was left only  their routine turned a bit boring so for the sake of a vacation tour they went to Sydney too and somewhere that tour was making them happy.

But what we say happiness doesn't last longer.

So was the case with Armaan and Ridhima???

the silence that was Prevailing in their lives was a silence before a storm ???

Stay tuned to know more!!!!


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