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part 9 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Arman grabbed some biscuits after searching his refrigerator for half an hour for something to eat after his evening shower. He remembered Ridhima as she usually came up with snacks at this time. 'Aaj Ridhima ko kya hua abhi tak nazar nahin aayi. Kahin subah ka gussa utri nahin?' He thought about her while munching on biscuits.

Ridhima silently walked into his room with a plate of snacks. He was relieved to see her 'Kahan thi abb tak? I was starving this evening.'  He leniently grabbed the plate into his room. Ridhima's lips twitched with happiness to know about his waiting for her.

He nibbled a morsel of his snack and turned to Ridhima who leaned back on his table and was excitingly watched him, 'ek baat kahoon? Tum cooking mein onion thoda kum use kiya karo. I can't relish that taste. And I prefer coffee to tea. Abb mere liye ek cup coffee banadogi, please?'

Ridhima happily nodded her head 'sure!' and walked into kitchen to brew coffee for him.

Arman walked behind her with his plate of snacks. He stood at the door silently observing her as nibbling his snack. Ridhima stole his eyes intermittently while boiling milk for coffee. 'I thought you were still angry on me for morning's issue.' She adorably smiled at him and lowered her eyes remembering his flying kiss. Arman also recollected the same scene in his mind and adorably watched her pink cheeks.

'Tum medicine padhney mein time kyon waste karliya tha? Koyi choti moti graduation karke shadi karleta. Aaj tak do teen bachey bhi hojata tha.' He teased her interest in household work. Ridhima sharply looked at him for his sarcasm and turned her face with a pout. He laughed at her angry looks as his heart leaped at the adorable scene in front of him.

'I'm not interested in marriage.' Ridhima busted out her anger with a statement while trying to reach a sugar jar from top rack.  Arman walked to her to help to get the sugar jar. 'Oh, really!! Phir mera peecha kyon padha tha?' he whispered when both came close in the process. She turned at him at his whisper and stuck her eyes at his intense looks. Both startled when his fingers touched hers at the jar. She tried to pull her hand back immediately but he locked her fingers in his fist. 'Batao, kyon itna deewani ho mera?' Ridhima was silent with trembling inside as the sweet current passed through her spine with his touch. He moved closer 'agar shadi mein interest nahin hai toh mera dil kyon churaliya tha?' he brought her hand down to her waist and locked her in his arms from behind. 'Batao, Ridhima!' he demanded her in soft whisper as his breath became heavier with the close encounter. Ridhima looked into his eyes to reply but lost words as her throat dried at his intense looks. He touched her forehead with his as both inhaling each other breath 'aaj tum ek ghanta late ayi thi. I couldn't bear that delay.' He confessed his feelings as stared deep into her eyes. His eyes moved down to her nose, to her trembling lips. A sweet temptation moved him down to reach her lips. She unintentionally swallowed as wet her lips with her tongue. He touched her lips as tightened his arms around her. She shivered at the touch as whole body became numb with new experience.

Arman was about to make a way into her mouth but Ridhima startled at the sound of milk spilling into the fire. She moved forcedly away from him. He had no option to leave her and inhaled heavily to compose his temptation. Ridhima lowered the flame and mixed the brew into the milk. She slowly looked at him from corner of eyes and shyly lowered her eyes. He smiled as understood her status was similar to him. He sniffed with satisfaction in process of composing his breath and took the jar down for her.

He sipped his coffee and groaned with satisfaction 'tasty!' She smiled as accepted his satisfaction and stepped towards door in pretext of getting something. He grabbed her hand 'kahan bhaag rahi hai? Stay here, with me.' She shyly stepped back to him as he slowly pulled her towards him with his one hand around her waist as held coffee cup in other hand. 'mujhey yakein nahin horaha hai ki tumhey sharmana bhi aati hai.' He giggled softly.

She frowned and angrily stared at him. 'You look so beautiful in blushing.' He pulled her closer as whispered in her ears. She blushed and hid her face in his shoulder. 'yeh coffee pilaogi, mera donon haat engaged hai.' She chuckled at his request and immediately blushed at noticing his one hand around her waist. She slowly helped him gulp his coffee. He enjoyed his coffee with her affectionative care.

 He cuddled her with two hands when she put the cup aside after he finished having his coffee. Both faces came closer again.  He touched both noses, 'Tumhara yeh khamosi acha nahin lag raha hai. I like your usual blabbering way.'  She continued blushing and tried to hide her face. He lifted her chin to look into her eyes and mischievously smiled, 'agar sharam door karna hai toh batao, main kuch karloonga.' She bit her lips and tried to release her 'Arman! Chodo. Misthy aati hogi.'

Arman shook his head sideways 'aaney do. tum kab se Misthy se darr rahi hai?'

She blushed, 'darr nahin.'

'Phir?' he demanded her reply as brought her face close by pushing her head towards him by his hand behind her head.

 'Arman!' she whispered with heavy shy tone and closed her eyes as hid her face in his neck fold. He kissed her hair and pressed his cheek with hers. He removed the strands covered on her face and tugged behind her ears. She was shivered at the touch of his figure tips on her neck. He lifted her chin to look into her eyes. She lowered her eyes to escape intense in his looks. He bent to kiss her pink cheeks. She bit her lips and waited for his kiss.

Both startled when they heard someone opened the front door. Ridhima immediately ran out as quickly composed herself. Arman touched his lips to sooth his palpitating heart and affectionately stared at the way Ridhima left.

Misthy greeted Ridhima and was surprised to see pink Ridhima. She guessed what would have happened as Ridhima lowered her face with embarrassment.  She played her brows at Ridhima who shyly smiled as played with her strands. Misthy silently walked into her room to freshen up and Ridhima followed her. Ridhima informed her about the snack and bade bye to Misthy.

Misthy stopped Ridhima, 'I got job, Ridz! Kal se tumhey hi ghar sambhalna hai.'

Ridhima blushed 'I'll be honored.'

Misthy teased her shyness 'oye, hoye! Kya baat hai, Ridz! Kuch baat bani??'

Ridhima blushed, 'he likes me!'

Misthy widened her eyes at Ridhima's shy reply 'bus, only likes you? Aur kuch nahin? Anyway, yehi bahut hai humara kadoos bhai ke mooh se. Chalo, jaldi se wo three magical words bhi kehlvado.'

Ridhima shyly chuckled and bade bye to Misthy.

Arman was seriously working when Misthy came into his room with excitement. Misthy played her brows mischievously at Arman 'congrats bhai! Shadi ki baat chalaoon?'

Arman blushed as he understood that Misthy noticed them 'baat toh wahan se aana chahiye. Not from us. Let Gupta ask my hand for his daughter.'

Misthy frowned and looked suspiciously into his eyes 'hope you are not using Ridhima against Gupta.'

Arman sighed 'nope! I like her very much.'

But Misthy suspected his intentions of using Ridhima between him and Gupta. 'Just liking? Bhai? Don't use Ridhima. She is genuinely in love with you. Agar wo hurt huyi toh main tumhey kabhi maaf nahin karpaaoongi.:'

Arman patted Misthy's cheeks 'don't worry. I like her very much.' He corrected his statement when Misthy angrily looked at him, 'I love Ridhima. Khush? I don't hurt her, Promise.'

Misthy nodded her head though not completely convinced by his promise. 'Bhai! I got a job in Khanna Performing Arts. Kal se hi kaam shuru karna hai.' She gave details of her job responsibilities and duties and emoluments.

'Tujhey job karney ki kya jaroorat hai, Misthy! Main hoon na tumhari dekhbaal karney ke liye? Achasa ladka ko dhoondkar laoonga aur tumhari shadi karoonga. Till then have nice time at home.'

Misthy pouted at his words 'nahi Bhai! I'm really getting bored at home. Let me justify my studies. Tum ladka dhoondney tak toh karne do.' She requested for an agreement. Arman laughed at her bargaining and agreed.


'Agar hua kya hai? Kripa! You are sulking inside and not telling me anything. Kissi se mili ki nahin? Kya kahan unhoney?' Sapna nagged behind Kripa several times since she returned from Khannas House. Kripa was silent and moody till she finished her dinner with Shah Family. Sapna was busy with all her relatives and couldn't grab any reply from Kripa until they settled in the bed. Kripa sighed 'Kya kahoon tumsey? Wahan toh koyi tha hi nahin mujh se milney. It's my fault I went there without prior appointment. Ghar mein koyi nahin tha. Wahan Teddy tha, ek chef. Uss ka haat ka kahana khakar sham tak ruki kissi ki raah dekh kar. Magar koyi ghar pahooncha hi nahin. Wapas aagayi meri contacts wahan chodkar. Hope, someone would call me tomorrow.' She lied under teeth without telling about Naina and Anittah. She decided to forget about Khannas now. She had decided in mind to return home immediately after Sapna's wedding too.

Sapna didn't believe her as noticed her moistened eyes and promised in her mind, 'tum kitna bhi jhoot bolo, Kripa! Mein toh tumhey tumhari bava se milwakar hi tumhey wapas bhej doongi. Agar mere liya kaam nahin ho sakey toh bhai ko yeh jimmedari sompdoongi.'


Angad was eager to meet Kripa. He was already late for their usual meet for the day coz of his tour to Mangalore. He planned earlier to travel to Hyderabad directly from Mangalore for his mission but changed his mind as he missed Kripa very badly.

'Angad! Have breakfast and go. Abhi abhi aaya hai aur bina khaye bahar mut jao. You can have rest for today,' Naina affectionately scolded him before she left with Dilip. Neither she had talked with Dilip about Kripa's visit nor announced in the house with anyone else. She already instructed Anittah not to utter a word about Kripa too.

Angad nodded his head at his mother's orders but decided to leave before wasting time for breakfast.  Aaliyah noticed Angad's eagerness and suspiciously walked behind him. 'Bhai! Why are you in so hurry? Apni naya elevator friend ke liye?' Angad paused kicking his bike accelerator when heard Aaliyah's enquiry. He embarrassingly smiled but didn't reply her.

'Bhai! Kya aap Dadi ko diya hua vachan ko bhulgaya hai? Why are you changed for this girl? Yeh kya obsession hai? Kyon apne appko museebut mein daal raha hai? Did you forget your dreams about maama's daughter? Iss ladki mein itna khaas baat Kya hai ki aap apna sapnon ko bhi bhula diya? I'm scared if you get hurt in this matter. Abhi andar chaliye aur nasta karlejiye.' Angad stared at Aaliyah for a moment and agreed with her thoughts. He parked his bike and followed Aaliyah to have breakfast. But he couldn't divert his thoughts from Kripa. He unknowingly checked his watch every other second before he nibbled his first half of sandwich. Aaliyah observed him from corner of her eyes and pulled plate from Angad's place. Angad was confused 'what are you doing, Aaliyah?' She raised her brows at him 'main bhi wahi pooch rahi hoon, Bhai! Ho Kya raha hai aap ke saat? Aap physically toh yahi hai magar aapka mann kahin aur bhatak raha hai. What's wrong with you? Tumhara dhyaan yahan nahin hai. Jao, jaakar uss ladki se mil lo.'

He thanked her shamelessly and walked out leaving Aaliyah in shock. 'Dadi! Abb aapki family se aapko bhagwan hi milpayengey. I hope Surya mama doesn't have any girl. Bhai toh kissi aur ladki ki chakkar mein padhgaya hai. Pata nahin yeh ladki hai kaisi. Humara bhai ka dil toh churaliya hai!! Bhai ko bachpan se kitna tamanna tha Surya mama ki beti se! Aaj pata nahin wo sab bhul gaya hai, bechara!'

Aaliyah sighed aloud after heard the aggressive sound of bike exit.


Angad reached the elevator just in time as per their usual schedule of meeting as hoped Kripa reach at the same time. His face lit when Kripa approached the building at the same time. He walked faster to hold the elevator for her as if it was his duty. Kripa was not in mood to notice all this as she silently stood at her usual place in the elevator. He shrugged his shoulder with surprise at her frowned expression. 'Aaj kya hua hai issey? Why is she looked so worried? Kya hua hai? Ghar ka problem ya work ka? Prithvi is not a strict boss.' He guessed many possibilities for her sorrowful face until they reached 8th floor.

Kripa was constantly in her own thoughts recollecting her experience in Khanna House. She was terribly disappointed when she couldn't meet Devyani or other family members except Naina and Anittah who were not at all interested in her. 'Naina Aunty said everyone would be back by 10 today. Abb toh 10:30 hogaya hai. Abb phone karkey poochoon naani ki barein mein? Kya sab log achuke hongey? Aur Angad bhi?' she startled inside at the thought of Angad and looked at Angad in front of her who was seriously playing with his mobile.  She turned her looks 'I should have asked Teddy about 'him' and Kartik. Kuch toh information milgaya hota. I should have asked for Naani if not for everyone else. Why should I bother about them when they were not worried about us? Nahin, Naani ki barein mein poochna tha. I should call her today. Humara rista toh Naani se hai. I should care about her. Baaki log kya sochtey hai humey kya? I will try for her later in the evening.'

Both Angad and Kripa walked out while Kripa was busy in her thoughts. 'Kripa!' Angad softly called her as followed her for few steps. Kripa turned back at sudden spell of her name. Angad stood in front of her looking straight into her eyes. 'Kya hua aaj? Na 'Hi' na 'Bye'. Are you doing okay?'

Kripa faintly smiled at him as nodded her head 'I'm fine, An....Angad!' she felt awkward for first time to spell the name that related to Khannas.

Angad shook his sideways 'I don't see that. Is there anything that I can help you? You look worried.' Kripa was surprised at his concern, 'Yeh kya rista hai hum donon ke beech mein? Ek taraf wo log hai jissey thoda bhi mera parwa nahin hai. Kal sham se abb tak ek phone karke haalchaal bhi nahin poocha tha. But this man!! He is worried about me. Do din ki dosti mein yeh mera itna khayal karta hai.'

Angad snapped his fingers in front of her to bring her out of her thoughts, 'kahan kho gayi hai, Kripa? Can I help you in any way?'

Kripa smiled as came out of her thoughts 'nahin. I mean aisi kuch baat nahin hai. I'm fine. Absolutely fine. Thanks for your concern. Cya!' she didn't stop for him and walked away to escape his enquiries.

Angad stopped her by grabbing her hand. She was shocked at his lenience and pulled her hand back. He noticed his mistake and apologised, 'Sorry Kripa! Just to stop you..'

She twitched her lips as forgave him at his genuine apologies. He continued 'Do you mind if I ask you to join me for lunch?'

She shook her head sideways 'I won't be here for lunch, Angad! Kal meri saheli ki mehendi hai. Kuch taiyyariyan karni hai. I will be off to work for four days.'

Angad was disappointed but couldn't force Kripa to stay back. Both bade bye to each other before left for their own suits.

 Next Part: AK learnt about each other as cousins ....... AR some more romance


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