Friday, 23 March 2018

part 9 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima saw the beer bottle in his hand and decided to not leave him alone in that condition.. She saw him walking back into the party hall. He walked towards the bar and was drinking shot after shot of Vodka……..Riddhima was really worried but before she could do anything she saw him walk on the stage and taking a mike from the DJ he spoke into it….

"Ladies and gentlemen………this day means a lot to me…….its my dead mom's birthday today. She is dead but very much alive in my heart while I am alive but as good as dead without her." he stopped and chuckled while Riddhima knew that he was about to do something terrible and she looked around for Priya to stop him but she wasn't there…..Riddhima knew Priya didn't like parties much and so she might have left. Riddhima looked back at Armaan as she heard him speak…

"Exactly 5 years back on this day something happened in my life which I never shared with anyone but I am going to tell………hey who switched off the lights??"

Armaan stopped when the room suddenly went dark and there was no light anywhere. Suddenly somebody grabbed his shirt collar and he felt himself being dragged and was shocked and so he didn't protest nor was he in a condition to…..

After 5 minutes the lights were back in the hall but there was no Armaan and so the DJ shrugged and switched on the music again…bringing the party back to life while Riddhima was still dragging Armaan in the corridor when he suddenly grabbed her elbow and turned her around bringing her close to himself. He looked into her eyes and Riddhima noticed his eyes flickering…..he was probably trying to make out something and suddenly he cupped Riddhima's face and slurred "Why did you leave me Sameera?" Riddhima's head jerked up and she looked at Armaan surprised and all of a sudden she heard some voices from the other corner of the corridor and she instantly recognized them to be of Samay and Claire's and she smirked knowing fully well what they were up to…..but then she realized that she was standing with a drunk Armaan who was still mumbling something. She dragged him with great effort into a darkened passage and was relieved when Samay and Claire walked through the corridor without noticing them.

Riddhima froze suddenly when Armaan's body collapsed onto hers. She pushed him away and placed his body onto a chair and rushed out of the passage and ran to the reception and taking a room key she went back to where Armaan was and placing his arm around her shoulder she took him to the room she had booked.

She went inside the room and closed the door with her leg and staggered with Armaan to the bed who collapsed on the bed immediately dragging Riddhima down with himself. Riddhima was lying beneath him when he opened his eyes and smiled slightly and moved Riddhima's hair behind her ear and again she heard him repeat the same name 'Sameera' Riddhima was really puzzled and intrigued as to who this Sameera chic was? Armaan's voice got lower and lower and his head fell onto Riddhima's shoulder and before Riddhima knew anything he was fast asleep. Riddhima was crushed under his heavy frame…with great effort she pushed him onto the bed and was about to get up from the bed when she felt being pulled back and turning around she saw Armaan holding her wrist tightly. She sighed and dragging a chair she sat down on it next to the bed with Armaan holding her wrist.

She called up her dad informing him that she was staying with Priya and then she just hoped that Armaan's father wouldn't panic about not finding him at home the whole night. She cursed Priya for leaving just like that and that too without informing her and then she claims to be in love with this guy.

Why am I surrounded with weirdos…..Priya says she loves this guy but where is she now when he need her so much….and what's with this guy? One moment he is the sweetest guy and the very next moment he turns into a disgusting playboy……..anyways why do I care….he was so rude to me? And treating me like I was some uninvited and unwanted guest there. But the next moment I see him all broken missing his mom…..gosh its so hard to understand this guy……….and now who is this Sameera? Probably another one of those girls he goes around with…..another entertainment…..and I was actually thinking of him as a sweet and a sensitive guy when I had met him…….humph well this is what he is whether I like it or not….

Riddhima smiled sarcastically and tried her best to get comfortable in the chair and after 30 minutes she fell asleep with her legs on the bed and wrist still in Armaan's grip.

Armaan moaned with pain and tried opening his eyes……he had a pounding headache and was finding it really hard to even open his eyes but somehow he managed to open them and his eyes fell on the girl in front of him sleeping in a chair…..frowning due to the uncomfortable position she was in with her hair covering her face partially. Armaan's eyes widened when he realized that the girl was actually Riddhima and he sat up trying to remember exactly what had happened last night. He felt his hand still gripping her wrist and he immediately let go of it and saw the marks that his tight grip had left. He took her hand into his and rubbed his thumb over the marks and she moved a little in her sleep……he looked at her face and his hand moved on its own accord and removed the hair covering her face feeling her soft skin under his fingers…..he smiled and seeing how uncomfortable she was he stood up and picked her up in his arms and was placing her on the bed when his foot banged into the chair and he fell on the bed with his arms still around her but luckily she just moaned a little and shifted….he slowly freed his arms and covered her with a sheet and again looked at her beautiful face….but then he frowned…. again trying to remember what had happened last night…he just hoped that he had not done something wrong or worse spilled his feelings for her….

Armaan had admitted to himself that he was smitten by her big time but he still could not bring himself to believe that he was in love with her…. He had planned to give her some attitude and stay away from her but he didn't like that one bit….he didn't like seeing her with another guy nor was he very comfortable with mistreating her….the way he pushed her on the dance floor and that too for her arch rival was way too rude…..he always gave a party on his mom's birthday….so that he would not break down but last night he had felt even more lonely…..seeing Riddhima there he had wanted to be with her….talk to her and tell her just what exactly the day meant to him but he decided he would stick to his plan…..he had always mocked the whole concept of love but when he thought of being in love with Riddhima the very thought gave him satisfaction and filled him with happiness but he wanted to be sure of his feelings…..

And even if I am in love with her I don't think she is even attracted to me….she hates me for what I did with her friend but can't she see that it wasn't completely my fault……oh god what am I supposed to do and what if she is already seeing someone????? If only mom was here….she would have given all the answers *sigh* I will have to do something but before anything else I have to find out where exactly I stand in her life and till then I will continue to treat her the same way…..

Armaan got up from the bed and ordered coffee for himself and Riddhima. He took off his shirt and went into the washroom to take a shower.

Riddhima rubbed her eyes and got up only to see herself comfortably on bed and Armaan nowhere in sight…. She heard a knock on the door and getting up she saw a waiter with two cups of coffee…she took them from him and placed them on the table when she saw Armaan come out of the washroom looking all fresh and alert…..

"Good morning" Armaan greeted Riddhima nonchalantly and picking up his coffee he sat down on the chair across her….Riddhima raised her eyebrows at his behavior and when she felt she couldn't take it she erupted "Who the bloody hell do you think you are?"


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