Wednesday, 18 April 2018


"Ridhima" I gasped as I felt a proverbial touch on my shoulder. Turning around, I got a glimpse of an angel, with skin like milk, hair as soft as silk, and smile as breath taking as life.

"Ridhima, what are you doing here and'." He scrutinized her from head to toe. She wore a while saree, the moonlight stroke her face, giving her a certain glow in the starry night.

I watched her sparkle, as he eyes showed all her glint. Her lips looked tender and soft, as they stood curved up.

I saw the tresses of her hair gently fondle her face, with the help of the wind.

The curtains behind me flew gently, making the panorama look all the more beautiful.

I stood up compulsively, and stood in front of her, gently caressing her cheeks, only to see them flushed.

Those green magnets captivated my blue ones. At that moment all I can do was go closer and closer.

Our lips just inches away, which were tempted to touch each other, danced in joy as the moment has finally arrived. I held her waist firmly and pulled her into me. I moved my face closer to her face, with her eyes shut, yet showing milestones of passion.

As I leaned my lips closer to capture hers, she suddenly turned her face, as I barely kissed her cheek.

She got out of my arms and started running away, making me look like an idiot.

"Ridhima, that's not fair" I wined, only to see her running further. I sighed and ran after her as fast as possible.

"Ridhima hold on" I ran faster, trying to catch the end of her sari. "Have you been practicing how to run, I mean your so fast" I said, finally getting a hold of her sari's end.

"Nah ahhh, where do you think your going Ms. Running champion" I said grabbing a hold of her end.

I knew she felt the budge, and stop. I looked at how she was breathing, as her chest pounded up and down.

"You can't run away now baby" I said while bending her arms backward. "I finally got you" my grip around her tightened, and with the speed of like I broke into her spell.

The night was truly magical, as rain started pouring down. I looked deep into her eyes, as I saw the love present in there.

"Ouch' Armaan, your hurting me" I saw her winning, so I let go of her.

"Got you again" she laughed happily, as I fell into her trick once again.

With the blink of an eye she vanished, "RIDHIMA" I screamed, as I ran down her pathway.

I saw her sari's end, as she hid behind the trees. "You can run, but you can never hide" I said running behind her white sari.

It's been about two minutes since I haven't seen her, or her white sari. "ARMAAN" suddenly I heard.

The voice was Ridhima's, I ran to the prey of the voice as fast as possible, only to see my face turn pale.

There lay the dead body of Ridhima Gupta. Her sari was no longer white, actually it turned red. Her beautiful eyes, no longer could be seen, as they were covered under her eyelids.



"RIDHIMA" he woke up with a jerk, as beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He turned to see his love staring back at him.

"Why do you always do this to me' I just had such a bad dream' if something is wrong I would know before you missy" he said as he caressed her cheek.

"WHAHHHH" he heard a noise of a baby. "So that's what the bad dream was for, so that I can wake up and look at why your son is crying' lazy woman" he chuckled at her, while getting up from the bed.

"Okay, okay' daddy's here now'" he said as he picked up his 2 year old son in his arm. "Sorry buddy, but mommy's a bit tired now, so daddy came instead," he said as he kissed his son.

"Ouch" he cried as his son just bit his nose. "Danny you became really naughty' like father like son rite buddy" he said, as his son chuckled a yes.

"Dada want momma puezz" Danny said stretching his hands out for his mommy to hold him.

"Sorry buddy, but mommy is really tired at the moment now, so you have to manage with dada" Armaan smiled at his son, as his son made a sad face.

After 10 minutes Danny went back to sleep, while Armaan again went back to bed.

"Sorry baby, but your son was crying" he said as he faced to Ridhima.

"You know, he really wants you' I really want you" tears started running down his face, as he took a hold of her.

"I miss you so much baby" he said hugging her through the night, as he felt contended having her next to him.

All night she just stared at him and smiled warmly.


"Good morning angel" he said, and he kissed her again. He got off his bed, and gently placed her on the dresser. He looked back at her once again, and there she stood, smiling and staring at him.


Armaan got of his car, which was parked in front of a cemetery. He stood in front of her tomb, "Happy 3 years anniversary baby" he said as he placed a white daisy on the ground. Kissing the ground, he smiled at it walked back.

Okay guys, here's another One Shot i wrote. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Luv SAZ! 

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