Monday, 23 April 2018

AR os : Dream Date

"What about Danny?" Muskaan asked her friend, as she nodded her head negatively, with a disgusted face.

"EWWW! No way, he's too touchy, and I heard he's a jerk" she said nodding her head.

Muskaan sighed deeply at her friend, "Come on Ridhz, you gotta pick some one for the dance… okay tell me, what's your ideal man… what type of man does Ridhima Gupta prefer?"

Ridhima looked up dreamily, picturing her idealistic man, "I don't really care about looks Muskaan, but I want my dream guy to take me to a place, filled with candle lights, and then the rain droplets start to fall, he goes on his knees, and just asks me for a dance, and then, he says those three fabulous words to me" she opened her eyes as if she just saw a dream.

"WOW Ridhima, I never knew you can be such a romantic… at first I thought maybe you were gonna become gay" Muskaan said, with her loud laugh.

Ridhima gave her a deadly glare, "seriously Muskaan, that's what I want, and that's when I'm positive I found the right guy" she said, going back to dream mode.

"Okay, you keep dreaming, meanwhile I'm going out with Rahul" she said, looking at her dream struck friend.


"Armaan she wants a total dream boy, a fairy tale story" Armaan looked at Muskaan weirdly. "Fairytale dream… hmmm… I'll do it, just for her"

Muskaan looked at him fascinated, "Wow! Mr. Armaan Malik, running after love, never thought I would live for this day"

"Well love had to come around, and bite me on my ass, now I'm a total love struck lover boy, who's chasing after his love… WHY CAN"T SHE LOVE ME!" he accentuated the last part.

"Chill Armaan, you'll get her, just do what I told you to do, and within 10 minutes she'll be in your arms" she said winking at him, as Armaan slightly blushed.

"OMG! Did Armaan Malik just blush" she gasped, as Armaan glared at her.

"Okay so just get me about 500 hundred candles, and when I wink turn the hoses on for rain" he said, while Muskaan nodded.


"Armaan… Armaan" she called out, as she walked inside an enormous stadium. She gasped and stopped on her track as she saw the many candled lid up on the floor.

"Oh my god!" was all she can whisper, as she looked at Armaan all dressed up in a tuxedo, and approached her with flowers.

"Ridhima" he whispered, as he pulled her close to him. Armaan looked deep inside her eyes, as she started back with the same passion.

"You look beautiful as usual" he complemented her, as she blushed looking away.

He pulled her into an embrace, and winked at Muskaan who was standing near the hoses. With his gesture, Muskaan turned on the hose, and water started splashing as rain.

"It's raining" she said smiling, as Armaan just started at her love for the rain.

She let go of Armaan, and twirled around in the rain, with her face facing to the sky.

Armaan looked dreamily at her, Oh I love her so much, he thought as he got on his knees. "Dance" he extended a hand for her, as she looked at him surprised.

She smiled through her eyes at this perfect moment, as she felt this as a dream. Putting a hand on his, he looked at her gleefully, and pulled her closer to him. Placing his arms around her waist, she placed her hands on his shoulder, as they swayed to the soft music.

Staring into her captivating green eyes, he pulled her closer, until their bodies were totally pressed against each other. His face moved closer to hers, and captured her soft luscious lips. He caressed the gently, as he was totally lost into her beauty, "I love you Ridhima" he finally spoke, as she looked at him in a daze.

"I love you a lot Ridhima" he spoke louder, as she broke out of her dream. After a long pause, he became inpatient "Ridhima… Ridhima please say something" he said holding her shoulders.

She looked around the stadium still in shock, "Armaan this is all so beautiful… you know this is exactly how I dreamed my dream lover to propose to me, and I can't believe it's you… This is so shocking" she said, pouring out her hearts feelings.

Suddenly guilt built within Armaan's heart. Before Muskaan told him how Ridhima dreamt of being proposed, Armaan would have had no idea.

"Armaan I can't…" she was cut off by Armaan. "No Ridhima I understand, you can't be with me, as I'm not your true love… All this isn't just by coincidence, I made Muskaan tell me.. but I just realized you deserve way better than me… Good bye Ridhima" he said, as he kissed her cheek one last time.

She looked at his retreating back, as he left the stadium, still confused as to what happened. "Ridhima, what the hall was that?" Muskaan asked from coming behind. "How can you just break his heat like that, look at what the boy did for you" Muskaan looked at her pathetically.

"Then why did he leave for? I didn't even give him an answer" she said, still staring at the exit in which left through. "WHAT! That idiot, he probably felt guilty that I told him" she cursed at how retarded Armaan was.

"Muskaan I was gonna say yes to him… I always dreamt of him as my dream guy" she said, as silent tears fell down her face. "WHAT! You love that idiot, why didn't you say it before… I mean he was going crazy trying to tell you, and now you tell me you love him!" Muskaan said, hitting Ridhima's head.

"Ouch… I was gonna say yes, but then he starts thinking I rejected him or something… your right, he is an idiot" she pouted.


"Okay you didn't get Ridhima, but there are others in this world Armaan… tell me, how would you want the girl of your dreams to propose to you" Muskaan asked cheekily.

Armaan closed his eyes and went straight to dream mode, "well she will be wearing a red dress, with her hair out so I can smell her spell bounding fragrance… She will call me to a spot where no one is present, except for her, and then, she'll tell me her true feelings for me, we go in an embrace, and flower pedals fall on us"

Muskaan smiled at his desires and got up, "I gotta go meet up with Rahul, so I'll talk to you later" she said, but Armaan totally ignored her, and just dreamt of Ridhima.


"Awww look at him standing there, so alone and upset" she pouted her lips, as she spotted Armaan looking sad. "You think I should call him up now" Muskaan asked, as Ridhima nodded her head..


"Muskaan… Muskaan, you needed something?" he asked, as he stepped on the terrace of the building.

Suddenly a bright light stroke his face, as he closed his eyes compulsively. Opening them slowly, he spotted an angel standing in front of him, wearing red and her hair out, as the light wind kissed her face. He inhaled her soothing fragrance, as she approached him.

"You asked me a question that day, but left with out an answer" she said, as she went face to face with him. "Ridhima, you don't have to…" she placed her finger on his lips, to prevent him from speaking.

"Let me talk, you did everything I imagined my dream man to do… but Armaan, it wasn't necessary" she said, as he looked at her confused.

"It wasn't necessary because… you are my dream man Armaan" she said, as she removed her finger from his lip.

Still shock, and in his daze, "did you just say what I think you said?" he asked again, shaking himself, just to make sure this wasn't a dream.

"Armaan, I just said I love you" she said again, only to be picked up and twirled around. "RIDHIMA! I can't believe you just said this… and all this… what I mean is, I love you Ridhima" he immediately captured her lips.

Ridhima put up a thumbs up to Muskaan, as Muskaan started throwing flower petals on the couple. Armaan broke from the kiss as the flowers landed on his hair, "flowers" he whispered while she nodded. "Well I had to complete your dreams, since you completed mine" she said innocently, while he just kissed her cheek.

"By coming into my life, you already completed my dreams baby" he hugged her tightly.

Suddenly a drop of rain fell on his face, as he broke out from her embrace. Eventually billions of droplets started falling, as she looked at him surprised. "It's really raining Ridhima" he said as he got on his knees.

"Dance" he forwarded his hand, as she gladly accepting, at put her hands around his neck. Both danced to their own melody, as the rain poured the lovers.

Luv SAZ!

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