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"What do you think I should get her for her birthday' oooo ' how about makeup from MAC.? I heard girls love that brand" he said while running to the makeup section.

"See, she'll look beautiful wearing these' WHAT! The total comes out to be 255 dollars, how on earth, no wonder girls love this brand, they get to clear out a man's wallet" he said sighing, while walking to the register area.

"The things I do for love" he said nodding his head, while getting out his credit card.

"Will that me all sir?" the employee asked politely.

Armaan looked at him with a paranoid expression, "Why, should I buy her more makeup, or should I buy her a perfume' why aren't you answering me' My relationship is at risk here, and you're just standing there" he said panicking.

"Armaan, chill man, just relax' Ridhima isn't going to dump you, you bought her a wonderful present, and she'll love you for it" Rahul said calming his friend's nerves.

"OMG! Did I just buy her makeup'? Shit' shit' shit, now she's going to think that I think she's ugly' but seriously, I don't think she's ugly, she's the best thing that has ever happened to me, I'm such an idiot" Armaan said while banging his head against the wall.

"Armaan! Just get a grip of yourself; you and Ridhima have been dating your whole life' Ever since the 1st grade you had a crush on her' and then you finally asked her out IN HIGHSCHOOL after gaining courage' and then you told her I love you 3RD YEAR OF COLLEGE and now she's turning 24, don't you think you can give her something else that is even more special then makeup" Rahul said raising his eyebrow, and looking at Armaan panicking even more.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Rahul, why can't you be like those friends who are straight up?" Armaan asked, getting even more confused by Rahul.

"I'm trying to say is that; you're a slow person man' I mean for her 24th birthday I think you should ask her to marry you' you too have known each other for 20 years, so I think it's time" Rahul said slowly, trying to make Armaan understand.

"You mean propose to her' you must be out of your mind, I mean when I told her I loved her, she started crying so badly' and imagine what she would do if I proposed, she might commit suicide' so bad idea man" Armaan said, still baffled about hearing marriage proposal.

"Armaan those were tears of joy you idiot' anyways it's all up to you, otherwise makeup sounds great" Rahul sighed at how stupid his friend was.


"Hey Muski, what are you doing here all alone?" she asked Muskaan, as she spotted her friend sitting alone in a caf.

"Nothing Ridhz, just talking to Rahul on the phone blabbing about how crazy Armaan is going to buy you the right gift" Muskaan said while shaking her head.

"This guy I swear, he is so slow, even a turtle can beat him mentally" she sighed, and sat next to Muskaan.

"I know Ridhz, you know Rahul actually suggested to him to propose to you, and Armaan said how you'll start crying" she said weirdly, as Ridhima gave a blank expression.

"I swear, this guy is gonna kill me one day with his cuteness' I mean he's such an adorable idiot, he can't see my tears, but doesn't understand that they are due from happiness, such an idiot" she said, smiling and shaking her head, while Muskaan smiled at her friend.

"Still doesn't mean I don't want him to propose, but I guess proposal is out of the list of presents' I swear if he doesn't propose tonight I'm breaking up with him, and running away with another guy" Ridhima slammed her coffee cup on the table with anger.

"Anyways I'm leaving, see you tonight at the party" she said getting up from the chair, while Muskaan nodded.


"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY" the crowd screamed, as she looked around surprised. Her eyes only wandered for one person, which obviously was Armaan Malik.

"Happy birthday baby" he said hugging her from behind, as kissed her cheek. Ridhima looked at him in disappointment, and ignored his hug by showing him attitude.

She pushed him away, and approached Rahul and Muskaan, as they pulled her into a hug. "Thank you guys" she said while accepting her gifts.

Armaan smiled at her disregarding him, and approached the three. Ridhima felt his present behind her, and just left him there standing, with his cute smirk.

"She hates you Armaan, she told me if you don't propose, she'll dump you" Muskaan said nodding her head.

"She doesn't really mean that, I know she would wait for me for eternity, she loves me so much" he said checking her out dreamily.

"But your hurting her man, I mean she waited for you for 17 years to be asked out by you, and then 5 years to say I love you, and how long do you want her to wait for you to marry her' aren't you the one who said you can't see her cry, but imagine the pain she will go through if you don't marry her" Armaan looked at Rahul and smiled, as Rahul looked at him suspiciously.

Armaan walked up to the stage, and held onto the microphone as he gained the crowds attention.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, well as you know this party is held for Ms. Ridhima Gupta's 24th birthday and this song I'm about to sing goes out especially for her' Hope you like it Ridhima" he said with twinkling eyes, as she smiled at him unknowingly.

Here's the link for the song guys:

They got a lotta girls
Who know they got it going on
But nothing's ever a comparison to you
Now can't you see that your the only one I really want
And everything I need
Is everything you do?

Any girl walk by, don't matter
'Cause your looking so much better
Don't ever need to get
Caught up in jealousy
She could be a super-model
Every magazine... the cover
She'll never, ever mean a thing to me...

She's no you... oh, no
You give me more than I could ever want
She's no you... oh, no
I'm satisfied with the one I've got
'cause your all the girl
That I've ever dreamed
She's only a picture on a magazine
She's no you... she's no you

They got a lot of girls
Who dance in all the videos
But I prefer the way you do,
The way you move
You're more than beautiful
And I just wanna let you know
That all I ever need
Is what I've got with you

Any girl walk by, don't matter
Every time your looking better
I think your perfect
There ain't nothing I would change
She could be a super-model
Every magazine... the cover
She'll never, ever take my heart away

[Repeat chorus]

No one's ever gonna get to me
Oh, the way you do
Now baby can't you see
That you're the one... the only one
Who's ever made me feel this way?

Nothings ever coming even close
No one's ever been comparable to you

I don't want nothing I don't got
I don't need nothing but you
I can't get more than you give me
Don't stop anything you do.
Your all that... all that, and then some
You know what... just what I need
And no girl, no place and no where
Could mean a thing to me.

As the song ended, he was shocked when he realized he was in a person's embrace. As he looked at the person, he saw the love and passion she held inside her eyes, as tear drops rolled down her eyes.

As the spotlight fell on both, he knew it was time to ask her. "Ms. Ridhima Gupta, you are the most controversial girl I have seen, I mean you cry during happy times, you get angry easily, and your temper believe me is out of the world'" he looked up to see her looking at him angrily. "Those are the little things I love about you, and make you unique, your smile holds my day; your tears shatter my heart, I promise everything will go your way, with our life having a new start. I guess what I'm trying to say is that'"

He bent down on his knees, as she looked at him with teary eyes, with a smile on her face, "Ms. Ridhima Gupta, are you willing to marry an idiot like me, and give me private tutoring to make me smarter" he said, as his eyes glistened in  the light.

"Yes" Ridhima mumbled, as he placed the beautiful diamond ring on her ring finger.

"You're so slow" she said, as he got up, and hugged her. "After getting married I swear I'll be fast, especially the process of having kids" he winked at her, as she hit his chest.

"I hate you so much" she whined, while he kissed her lips. She kissed him back, as the crowd cheered at them.

"GUYS! FINALLY AFTER DATING FOR 20 YEARS, ARMAAN PROPOSED TO RIDHIMA" Rahul shouted, only to get slapped on the head by Armaan.

"Ouch, what was that for" he said, only to be slapped by Ridhima on the head again. "Ridhimaaaaaaaa" he whined.

"Stop it, I love my slow Armaan, even though I waited so long, he finally did proposed" Ridhima said kissing his cheek.

"I love you so much Ridhima, thanks for being all mine" he hugged her, while she hugged him back.

As a finally touch, sparkles fell on the couple as they remained in each others embrace.


Luv SAZ!

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