Sunday, 1 April 2018


 "Rahul bro and Muskaan really like you, you really impressed them" she said smiling, with her back against the pole, and her fingers intertwined with his.

"I also enjoyed having dinner with them" he said kissing her forehead, and she hugged him tightly.

"I love you" she said, making herself comfortable in his arms. "I love you too" he hugged her tighter, as the moment was getting to them.

They broke out hearing the school's bell ring, "I guess we have to go our separate ways," she pouted in front of him. He smiled at her, and giving her a small peck on the lips, he left winking at her, while she blushed.


She stared at him, as he chatted happily with his popular posy, while she sat with her average friends.

Ridhima has just joined this school about 6 months ago, therefore she wasn't much popular. Armaan on the other hand was the school's lover boy. Everybody fell in love with him, his style, looks, charms, all were killer.

They fell in love immediately; it was more of a love at first sight thing. Their love was unknown to the rest of the world, Armaan feared about his reputation was in stake. Ridhima understood his position, he feared that the world might eat her alive. Falling in love with the most popular guy in the school wasn't the easiest thing, people always expect the prom king and queen to end up, but that's not the story here.

He was a loud, out spoken boy, with everything in the palms of his hand. She was a shy, soft spoken girl, but those were the little aspects that drove him crazy for her.

She sighed looking at him laughing, mainly because he wasn't next to her. Although she accepted the fact that they have to hide their relationship, she still wishes to be near him.

Suddenly her facial expression changed to a grumpy/hurt look. A girl wearing a short skimpy outfit approached him, and sat on top of the table next to him. She winked at him, making Ridhima gasp, she felt hurt.

She trusted him with all her heart, she knew he would never flirt back, but it's the tramps she didn't trust. A slight tear fell down her eyes, as she got up and walked out of the cafeteria.

Armaan felt a strong gaze at him, that gaze always attracted him like a magnet. He looked back to se Ridhima sitting quietly. Suddenly he noticed pools water forming in her eyes, and her walking out of the room.


"Ahhh" she screamed as she felt two strong arms pull her inside a closet. Suddenly she felt a person's lips right below her eyes, sucking on the tears that were running down her face.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered, right next her face.

"It's not you're fault' go back to your friends" she said, as she pushed him out the closet.

"Thanks, I knew you would understand," he said as he kissed her cheek quickly and ran off.

He turned back to see her coming out of the closet, she looked so gloomy. Her eyes looked unhappy, as she was still shedding slight unnoticeable tears. He knew he has caused these tears, and it pained him to see her that way. Looking around the school, his eyes fell on a Christmas dance banner. Everybody was welcomed, couples and singles included. Finally and idea stroke his mind, he was going to escort her to the dance.


"Hello" he closed his eyes hearing her sweet voice. Not getting a response, she smiled a bit knowing who that can be, "Armaan' how are you?" she knew he would be surprised at that moment. "How can you always tell it's me?" he smiled deeply, while she blushed trying to get words out of her mouth. "Because I cam sense you" his heart melted listening to her love.

"Okay do me a favor and get ready, and come to the Christmas dance, I wanna see you" she made an uncertain face. Not hearing a voice from the other side of the phone, he knew she felt uncertain. "Armaan, I don't think I can come' and please don't ask me why" she was about to put the phone down. "I love you' I wont force but please trust me and come" she put the phone down after hearing this.


"Armaan how come you don't have a date? If you want I'll ditch Jesse for you?" she asked hoping he would say yes. "No, that will be alright' and I do have a date, I'm just waiting for her" he smirked watching her smile turn into a frown.

Its 11:59 pm, 1 minute before Christmas, still no Ridhima. He felt restless talking to all his friends; it is not the same as talking to her.

Suddenly the doors open, comes in a girl wearing a beautiful white dress. Her hair curled, and her eyes green as ever. His blue eyes lost in her green ones, and he approached her.

The crowd looked at them stunned, stunned as to why he was going to her.

"I knew you would come," he whispered next to her" as he held her hands in his. "You know I can never say no to you".

"Hey look up" both looked up and saw mistletoe above them. She looked at his shyly, as he approached her face. "Merry Christmas baby" he whispered near her lips, and he captured them.

"I love you," she told him, as they slow danced in each others arms, not caring about the rest of the world.


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