Tuesday, 10 April 2018

ARSH os : Find Your Love

"What's wrong, why is your face so puffy and red' you look like a strawberry" he chuckled watching her puff up more.

"Not funny Armaan' what were you doing with that girl' and how do you even know that girl, you don't even go to this school'" she asked frowning her eyebrows.

"I was just flirting with her' God, why are you such a flirt spoiler'" he rolled his eyes at her.

"HAW! Flirting with her' and going to the prom with me'" she opened her mouth, watching him raise his eyes brows.

"Yeah I'm going to your prom' but why are you so mad' wait a second, you're jealous?" he smirked at her.

"Excuse you'. Me and jealous'. Pleaseeeee' and plus why would I be jealous, we are JUST FRIENDS" she emphasized the "just friends" portion.

"Yeah Just friends'" Armaan repeated back.

"Yeah, now I don't think you should come to the prom with me' we are just friends' I'll go with some one else'" she saw this other guy passing them'

"Hey Vicky remember you asked me to the prom' I made my decision' I'll go with you" she looked back at Armaan, who was looking at her in shock.

"Sweet' I'll pick you up then' stay ready, and don't make me wait" he winked at her and left.

"Bye Armaan" she waved at him, looking at him turn mad.

"Shilpa" he held her hand trying to refrain her from leaving.

She turned back to look at him, "yes" she looked into his eyes.

"Don't go' please" he showed her his puppy dog eyes.

"I can't' we are just friends" he let go of her hand, watching her leave in disappointment.

"Now that Shilpa abandoned you for Vicky, would you like to go with me?" Terry asked Armaan.

"I would love to" he kept his eyes on Shilpa leaving.

"Dude I got the girl'" he high-fived his friend.

"No way, Shilpa said yes to an idiot like you' how can that be?"

"I don't know, but all I know is after prom it's just me and her, inside a hotel room I booked"

"Do you think she's gonna hook up with you?"

"Why wouldn't she, I mean who can resist me" he winked at his friend and walked away.


"OMG! OMG! I'm going to the prom with a college guy' He's super sexy and hot'" she squealed.

"Who are you going with Terry?" Muskaan asked.

"Armaan MALIK" she squealed with joy.

"Shilpa's Armaan Malik?" Muskaan asked confused and shocked.

"Shilpa doesn't own Armaan you know' and yeah him' Shilpa ditched Armaan for Vicky' she's so stupid.."

"Yeah she is'" Muskaan thought hard about what went on between Armaan and Shilpa.


"Wow! You look stunning' thanks for coming with me to prom.." she smiled at his as he complemented her.

"You look good also' by the way did you see Armaan anywhere?"

"Yeah probably making out with Terry somewhere in the corner' you know Terry asked him to the prom and he said yes."

"WHAT!" she said angrily shocking Vicky.

"Are you okay?" he got scared by her anger.

"I'm fine" trying to calm herself down.

"Shilpa would you like to go to the after party with me?" he saw Shilpa's eyes not looking at him rather searching around for someone.


she spoke loudly as she found out where Armaan was.

She smirked as she saw Armaan stop dancing and look at her as she said yes to Vivky's offer.

"Wow' she looks beautiful" he whispered inside him, not being able to turn his eyes away from her for a second. She smiled and looked down knowing the he would be staring at her.

Suddenly a thought came into Armaan's mind' 'prom night' after party' hotel booking' oh dear lord please don't tell me he's taking Shilpa to a hotel' his face turned pale thinking of whether or not Shilpa was aware of what people do after the prom. Shilpa was just to innocent to even think about how some men can become monsters when they see a sexy lady.


"Shilpa we need to talk" he pulled her to a corner.

"Armaan save it for later' me and Vicky are going to a party'" she tried to leave, only to be pulled back by him.

"Listen to me' tonight he's gonna take you to a hotel, not to any party, a room, with only you and him' and I'm assuming you get the rest'"

"Armaan stop your dirty talks' Sid's not like that' and we are going to a hotel, but that's cause the party will be in a hotel room' happy, now let me go'" she walked away from Armaan.

"Terry, lets go to a hotel.." Armaan said, looking at Shilpa and Vicky leave.

"OMG! Are you serious' I been waiting for you to ask me" she said clicking onto Armaan.

"Be quiet and lets just go'" both walked out of the hall.

"Shilpa can you get me a cup of coffee please, while I ask the receptionist which floor the part is in?"

"Sure" she smiled at him, while e smirked at her.

'Thank God' man this is easier than I thought'

"Excuse me' can I get a suite for 2... 1 room, 1 bed'" he winked at
the receptionist.

He turned around to see Shilpa behind him'

"Shilpa' you're here' I thought'" he slightly hesitated.

"Actually I came back to ask how much cream and sugar you would like'" she smiled at him..

"Ohhh' ummm forget about the coffee, I found out where the party is at' lets go'"

"You carry on' I have to go to the bathroom.. Really badly' I'll meet you up there okay.."

"Sure' waiting for you'"

As she saw Vicky leave'. 'That asshole' that means Armaan was right' hmmm what should I do now?' she started pacing blindly.

"Watch it'" she looked up to see Terry.

"Terry? What are you doing here?"

"I am here with Armaan duh' we are planning to take the next step of our relationship'" she smiled.

Shilpa boiled with anger' 'hmm lets see you enjoy your night'' just then an idea struck her mind.

"Yeah I know' Armaan seemed really excited' he told me to tell you to meet him in suite 35B"

"OMG! Shilpa' I am sooo excited' I feel like a virgin all over again.." Terry ran into the elevator.

Meanwhile Shilpa couldn't stop laughing, when suddenly she bumped into a person.

"OUCH" her head bumped into his.

As she opened her eyes she saw Armaan staring back at her.

"Shilpa thank god you're here' have you seen Terry? She should be around here'"

Shilpa looked at him sneakily, she knew she didn't want Armaan and Terry to take their relationship to the next step' "Uh no I'm sorry I didn't see her' but if I do would you like me to tell her which room you're in?"

Armaan knew she was up to something, Shilpa seemed a little to sweet to him now. "Uh' yeah tell her I'm in room 36A' and I'll be waiting for her'"


"You're finally here baby" he said as he heard the door close. Come inside and relax.

The room was dark, with white candle lit everywhere. She saw him standing there with his tux on, and suddenly felt a stink in her heart. He's expecting Terry here not me, she thought.

Although the room was lit up with candles, it was still too dark to see their faces.

"Armaan'" "Shhhhh'" he shushed her up and moved closer to her. Armaan placed his hands around her waist and brought her closer. The soft music went on as he hugged her and started slow dancing with her. Shilpa started tearing up, she felt her heart break instantly. She always dreamt of slow dancing with Armaan, instead of slow dancing with Armaan while he thought she was someone else.

She put her arms his neck, while he brought his face near her ears. "There's so many things I want to say to you'. I just don't know where to begin. Your probably the best thing that happened in my life' Meeting you was absolutely no regret for me' You brought smiles to my face, and I just can't get over you' What I'm really trying to say is that, I love you'" Shilpa felt weak as she heard this. She closed her eyes, little the tears escape.

"I love you a lot Shilpa" the name Shilpa echoed in her ears, as she widened her eyes. She released him immediately. "What?"

"I knew it was you the whole time' and I was happy you did this' I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you how I felt about you'"

"What about Terry?"

"Terry? Who's that?" he chuckled making her laugh.

"Can you please stop crying baby, I love seeing you laugh' Shilpa I was a fool not to tell you about my feelings' and watching you with Sid just boiled my head even' I can't see you with anyone else but me' I love you a lot.."

"I was waiting for you to say that' You're lucky I sent Terry to Vicky's room and found out how nasty Vicky was before'" she smiled yet cried with joy'

"I love you Shilpa" he hugged her tightly, while she hugged him back'

"I love you Armaan'" she looked up, while he looked down at her. Both their faces started coming closer and closer, until their lips finally touched. They kissed lightly yet passionately, filled with love.

"Why didn't you tell me you loved me before?" she asked him pouting, with swollen lips.

"Because I was a confused egotistic moron' happy" Shilpa nodded and hugged him tightly.

They both shared there slow prom dance together, and enjoyed their prom night, with innocent love.


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