Saturday, 21 April 2018


Tinka Tinka jara jara
hai roshni se jaise bhara

Har dil main armaan hote to hai

bas koi samjhe jara

Dil pe ek naya sa nasha cha gaya

kho raha tha jo khwaab vo laut aa gaya

Yeh jo ehsaas hai jo karaar hai

kya issi ka hi naam pyaar hai

pootche dil thumke jara

Tinka Tinka jara jara

hai roshni se jaise bhara

Har dil main armaan hote to hai

bas koi samjhe jara

Tinka Tinka Tinka Tinka

When she ended the song the hall thundered with applause''..Sheena Smith was an absolute favorite in Royal club where she worked as a singer. People always asked her as to why she did not try
singing for movies or releasing her own album but she always told them that singing on stage was what she enjoyed doing and will continue with it till her papa's property and money didn't get exhausted which she knew would never happen. Her father had died a year back suffering a severe heart attach when her sister had died. Sheena's father owned the Royal club as well and after his death it belonged to her along with other business of his but nobody at the club knew about it and she liked it that way. Hardly anybody knew that she was a rich man's daughter and sang only because she enjoyed doing it. Her father was anyways forgotten now as already a year had passed since his death.

Sheena took off her navy blue gown and changed into her black t-shirt and blue jeans and stepped out of the club and felt the rain drops on her head. She walked into the parking lot and sat down on her bike after wearing her helmet and drove off to the place that gave her a lot of peace.

She stepped inside the cemetery and walked up to her father and sister's grave which were built adjacent to each other. A cemetery might not be the best place to spend time but for Sheena it was the best place to be. She placed the white roses on her sister's grave and the red ones on her father's grave and smiled touching them.

'Hmmm''I came here to tell you guys that I am going on a cruise tomorrow. it's a 15 days trip and you know where I am going? My favorite Malaysia and I promise you guys that this time I am going to actually enjoy myself okay so now I hope you guys are happy. Well I am leaving tomorrow so now we'll meet exactly after 15 days though I'll be in touch with you guys.' She winked at the graves and left the cemetery.


Armaan stared at his reflection in the mirror for a long time and was satisfied with the way he looked now. Nobody would ever suspect that this tall, macho and handsome man had been struggling with life and death in a rehabilitation centre 2 years back. Armaan Malik, once a druggie, was now a completely different person not just in looks but his personality too had changed drastically''..his life had changed drastically.

Armaan heard his cell ringing and he knew who it was. He sighed and opened the flap of his cell placing it next to his ear and heard the shrill voice of his girl friend 'Armaan why didn't you tell me anything about this cruise you are going on? You should have told me and I would have come along but see now that's not possible because all the tickets are sold''.honey why didn't you tell me?'

'Look Sim I told you that everything we had is finished. I don't know what have you been planning for us but for me it was just for fun and I never committed anything to you so for heavens sake get a life.'

Armaan threw his cell into another corner of his room and after finishing his packing he went to sleep. Sim had been a pain'.initially he had enjoyed the attention she gave him but eventually he came to know just why she was fawning all over him'.it was because of his money and good looks and she had a bet with her friends that she would make Armaan Malik stick to her and then eventually fall head over heels for her but the only thing that she didn't know was that Armaan Malik was a master at all such games and no one could ever win over him.

The lights went off and Armaan was soon fast asleep.

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