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Last part : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

"Mac where is Riddhima?"

"Oh so the lover boy is finally here huh? Where the hell were you all this time and wait a minute are you coming from some sort of wedding and that too…

"Oh shut up and just tell me where Riddhima is."

"She's in there. The doctors are trying to stop the bleeding. I just don't understand why she did all this."

Armaan walked to a bench and slid down to it. He placed his hand on his head trying to remember all that had happened.

The moment the wedding got over he had called Riddhima and her assistant had picked the cell and had told him that she was in a hospital and on reaching here the doctor told him that it was just a case of weakness but than Riddhima had cut her wrist and a lot of blood is lost. Now he knew why he was feeling so terrible in the church…the premonition of something terrible was indeed right…it was Riddhima who needed him at the moment but he wasn't there with her…he had been so liberated when the wedding was completed but now everything felt so wrong.

Armaan saw the doctor step out…he quickly rushed to him.

"doctor how is she?"

"We have stopped all the bleeding but she seems really depressed and doesn't want to see anyone. Please take care that nothing like this happens again or else you won't be able to keep the media away and I don't want any unwanted publicity for my hospital."

Armaan pushed the doctor aside and rushed inside and saw Riddhima conscious, staring at the ceiling. He ran to her side and clutching her hand he knelt down next to her. "Why did you do this?"

Riddhima looked at Armaan but before she could say anything the door opened and she saw Sameera step inside, clad in a bridal gown.

"Armaan…Riddhima…oh my god..we were so worried about you. How are you now?"

Riddhima looked at Sameera, her eyes narrowing. She felt like she knew this girl. She had not seen her face when she had seen her and Armaan hugging but now that she looked at her face she felt like she knew her but than her eyes slid to her attire and Riddhima's heartbeat stopped….she turned to Armaan and pointing at Sameera she asked him in a broken voice , "Got married?"

Armaan smiled at her and nodded his head. She felt like slapping Armaan but instead she just clutched her head and closed her eyes.

"You should be happy Riddhima that she…

"I should be happy? Are you crazy or you have totally forgotten everything….this woman has done some sort of magic on you that you want me to be happy seeing that the guy I love is married to someone else." The shock was clear on her face and in her voice. She wanted to shake Armaan and remind him exactly what they were for each other but the energy in her body was draining by the second. She looked at Armaan and to her surprise he suddenly looked as if he had seen a ghost…he was walking backward and when he hit the wall she heard him say in a very low voice… "You love Andy?"

Riddhima looked startled for a moment wondering what he was driving at…

"What are you talking about?"

"You just said that Sameera is married to the guy you love."

"Ya but what about andy….oh my god!!!….she got married to Andy….oh no!!….now I know I had seen her at Andy's birthday party last month….this means you didn't marry her but Andy did. Oh gosh!! I don't believe this….what the hell is happening here?"

"You only told me that marriage is the only solution so I went to her place thinking that I'll take her to India and than we'll think of something…..if nothing than I guess I would have married her but than of course you were there and I couldn't imagine hurting you so obviously me marrying her was something close to impossible but the moment I reached her place I saw Andy there and he told me that he had been pursuing her but Sameera kept a distance because of her past and her child but he and I together persuaded her to marry him and though he wanted to invite you but I wanted to get over with the whole thing as soon as possible and I didn't let him wait and when I tried calling you…you didn't answer your cell because you were here….now everything is so clear…you thought I was going to marry her and so you tried to kill yourself… tried TO KILL YOURSELF… I DON'T BELIEVE THIS"

Armaan's voice got higher and higher and he was almost yelling at her ..

"How can you be so stupid? Why didn't you ask me?"

"I know….I am so stupid…why the hell didn't I talk to you…gosh…I cut my wrist…I try to kill myself…I cried so much…I almost died…can you believe that and all went to a waste…goodness…I am so darn stupid…of course you didn't marry her…why would you when you love me? Oh!! You love me…and I love you and everything is good again."

"It was always good till your ridiculous imagination ruined everything and you tried killing yourself for a misunderstanding."

"I know what a waste." Riddhima shook her head with a disappointed expression…suddenly all cheerful and happy…Armaan's narration made all the doubts go away…her world which had crashed in a moment was happy and complete again…in a moment and now she was feeling incredibly stupid.


She saw Andy running towards her.

"Relax Andy I am fine. "

"But what happened?" A very furious Armaan walked towards him and turning him around roughly he barked at him… "I'll tell you what happened. She tried to kill herself thinking that I married Sameera."

Andy looked at Riddhima and than back at Armaan and than smacking his head he spoke "Oh!! So this is what its all about. You have always been impulsive Riddz. Why didn't you talk to him?"

"Well everything happened so quickly that I just couldn't think properly and I was so depressed and than I saw the knife and it suddenly looked like an escape…fine I was wrong but I wasn't thinking properly…forget it. I am extremely sorry everyone and congratulations to you both and Sameera you look pretty. Even I want a white wedding."

" I don't know about a white wedding but I sure want a quick wedding before your weird mind cooks up a new story and you again try killing yourself."

Riddhima looked at Armaan and smiled at him seeing which he too gave her a small smile but the creases on his forehead didn't disappear and he was still worried about her condition. Andy and Sameera left the ward and he sat down next to her on her bed and caressing her injured hand he spoke "Riddhima I almost died when the doc told me what you did to yourself. How could you? I guess its my fault as well…I should have been here with you. I am so sorry."

"Its okay Armaan. I think Andy is right..I am too impulsive and you just got the taste of my impulsive side. I am sorry but I kinda like the thought of the quick wedding."

They both smiled at each other but suddenly Armaan's expression turned ghastly.

"What is it Armaan?"

"I'll be damned. Your father, my father, Mollie and not to forget Muskaan…they all are going to kill me when they come to know about all this."

"Relax. We won't tell them anything."

"Thank god."

Riddhima placed her head on his lap and snuggling closer she smiled and murmured "Love you Armaan."

"Love you too."


The cameras clicked violently, the crowd went wild and the anchors rushed the moment the newly married couple stepped out of their car. It was their first public appearance after their wedding and Armaan and Riddhima looked divine together. They both stepped onto the red carpet with Riddhima wearing a red sari with the red wedding bangles and the red color in her maang and the holy black thread around her neck…she wanted the world to know that she was married. Armaan, wearing a black tuxedo was holding Riddhima around her waist matching her happiness on being seen with her.

Riddhima waved to her fans who were going wild to see her after such a long time…after her secret wedding which had only her family and relatives only and than her honeymoon which nobody knew where took place, proper secrecy was maintained. And it was almost 3 months that they had been absent from the public eye but were now back to attend the award function.

Riddhima looked towards Armaan who was smiling down at her promising that everyday would be like this..full of happiness and love.

The End

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