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Part 1 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Billy Mallik, one of the most famous Lawyer of India, he was known for his friendly and helpful nature and successfully earned name and fame. He always support truth and haven’t faced any failure in his life. Rahul Mallik and Armaan Mallik unidentical twins of Billy and Ananya Mallik, Rahul being impressed by his father joined law Armaan also studied law but his mind was deviated towards business thus he went to London for further business studies.

Both brothers were very attached and can do anything for each other, Rahul was somehow mischievous but Armaan was way to simple and shy, he is well built, muscular, charming and dashing but only focused towards his business. His calm and sweet behavior impress everyone including critics also. He was gaining heights in his business after returning from London. He got number 1 Businessman Award and dedicated that award to his employees and workers and celebrate his success with his every single employee.

Ananya and Billy were happily enjoying the success of their childrens. Billy’s smaller brother Anurag and his wife Prerna also live with them and their daughter Nikki and son Vansh who was 12 years old and apple of everyone’s eye, Nikki was bubbly and loving girl and love her brothers more than anything else.

Mallik’s were known for their reputation, tradition and simplicity, being such a big background they were one of the richest family of Delhi. They enjoy every festival together and stand with each other in every happy and sad moment.

On the other side of country, in natural beauty of Uttarakhand a beautiful city of Mussoorie , the fascinating hill covered with beautiful flora and fauna a beautiful girl live with her family. Riddhima Gupta daughter of Shashank and Padma Gupta, she is sweet and innocent girl, she completed her studies and trying to apply for job as she did her studies in business but she had enough knowledge of medical coz she was grown watching her father. Her father Shashank Gupta was chairman of Sanjeevani hospital, one of the most reputated and best hospital of Mussoorie.

Shashank wanted Riddhima to join medical but her interest was towards business thus he gave full freedom to do whatever she want and Riddhima being a obedient and simple girl always take her parents consent in every decision she also help her father sometimes in hospital coz she did diploma course for medical and instrumentation handling. Her one and only friend was Muskaan Chadhha living beside her house, they were best friend from childhood. Muskaan was mischievous and used to play pranks every now and then but Riddhima was totally opposite inspite of that they love each other dearly.

Delhi ,

Billy and Anurag was having tea time with newspaper while Ananya and Prerna were in kitchen preparing breakfast with the help of cook. Prerna scold Vansh for getting late for school coz he overslept that day. He was studious kid but he was watching movie with Nikki previous night and now sulking making faces coz he had to get up early for school while Nikki will go late as she was studying in college.

“Anurag, ab to sab kuch bahut achhe se chal raha hai, Armaan aur Rahul v set ho chuke hain properly” Billy said sipping his tea and look towards his big bungalow coz they were sitting in garden.

“Ha bhaisahab, ab lagta hai Armaan ki shadi ki baat shuru karni chahiye, waise log to pahle se hi peeche pade hain but hame business nhi shadi karni hai” Anurag said Billy smile.

“Ha aur hame ek simple sweet bahu chahiye, apke business family me se mujhe koi nhi pasand” Ananya said sitting with them.

“Ji ha, aur bhaisahab hame rishto ko nibhane wali ladki chahiye, jo hamare parivar ko jod k rakhe, aur pure dil se use apnaye” Prerna too joined them.

“Theek hai bhai, fir mai baat karta hu panditji se aaj” Anurag said.

“Kisliye Dad? Good Morning everyone” Armaan asked coming towards them and pick up business newspaper.

“Teri shadi k liye Armaan” Anurag said looking towards Armaan.

Before Armaan could react Rahul shouted happily “Wowwww,,,,, Ammy ki shadi”

“Rahul control yourself” Billy said and he smile moving towards Anurag.

“Chachu, ladki kaun hai, bolo na” Rahul whisper.

“Abhi koi nhi hai, we will ask pandtji for best match” he said.

“Lo abhi koi ladki hi nhi hai” Rahul said and sit having his tea.

“Armaan, tum kya kahte ho?” Billy look towards him and everyone follow his gaze.

Armaan was looking towards the newspaper but his mind was somewhere else.

“Dad, jaisa apko sahi lage, mujhe koi problem nhi hai but whosever will be coming she should accept my family wholeheartedly. Jo respect mere dil me hai sabke liye uske andar v aisa hi hona chahiye, my family will be my first priority” Armaan said with a smile “And that doesn’t mean I will not give value to her family, I mean I’ll also accept her whole family.”

The family felt proud on his thought, he was truly a gem.

“Wah! Ammy kya baat boli hai tumne, too good bro” Rahul side hugged him and he gave him a glare.

“Ha, Armaan tu sach me bahut achha hai aur tera dil bahut saaf hai, Bhagwaan kare tu har buri nazar se bacha rahe” Prerna kissed his forehead and he smile.

“Achha bahut tareef ho gai meri, I’m getting late meri meeting hai, Chachu meet you at office” Armaan said and left waving them.

“Rahul, tum v jao ready ho jao, ham ek client se milna hai” Billy said.

“Ok Dad” he said and left.

“Good Morning everyone, sorry I’m late” Nikki came running towards them and took a sandwich as she was getting late for college.

“Nikki, you should know how to manage your time” Billy said and she bend her head down.

“Arey, jane dijiye ab, late ho gaya aaj” Ananya said.

“Ha to mai kya bol raha hu, next time movie thoda pahle shuru kar dena aur kya” Billy said while laughing and Nikki hugged him.

“Sorry tauji, aaj late ho gaya, next time nhi hoga, pakka” she said and he patted his hand over her head.

“ok bachha now go, driver is waiting” Anurag said.

“Ok Dad, bye everyone, see you” Nikki left in hurry.


“Good Morning Dad” Riddhima came and hugged Shashank from behind.

“Good morning bachha” he smile and look towards her.

She was looking fresh in morning and simple yet adorable, she prefer simple dresses but always manage to look attractive. The natural beauty of environment increases her beauty to many folds.

“So, aaj ka kya plan hai? Would you mind joining me at hospital?” Shashank asked her.

“Nhi Dad, mujhe koi problem nhi hai but Mom” She always think for everyone.

“Mom ko koi problem nhi hai, waise v tumhe to shopping se matlab hai nhi, isliye aaj mera aur Muskaan ka plan hai shopping ka, tum apne Dad k sath jao” Padma said coming towards them.

“Muskaan?” Riddhima asked.

“Yess,,,, me, waise ye meri aur aunty ki planning hai, tu ja hospital” Muskaan suddenly said startling Riddhima.

“Muskaan, kuch v karti hai” Riddhima stood being shocked by her sudden appearance.

“Hehe,,, uncle aap v kisko hospital le ja rahe hain, ye to khud hi darr jati hai” Muskaan teased her.

“Aisa kuch nhi hai, Dad aap ready ho jaiye” Riddhima said and left.

Riddhima left with Shashank and Muskaan and Padma left to market, they were planning a surprise for her student’s birthday coz she use to give tution free of cost to some small kids.

They spend their whole day in their respective works and gather during night. Padma invited Muskaan’s Mom Dad for dinner, and they were sipping coffee after having food sitting in lounge.

Riddhima was sitting making a card for her student’s birthday, she prefer hand made things instead of market based gifts.

“Bhaisahab, ab Riddhima k liye koi ladka dekhiye shadi k liye” Shweta said (Muskaan’s Mom).

Riddhima and Muskaan look towards them, Riddhima shyly bend her eyes down but Muskaan smirk looking towards her.

“Ha yaar Shashank, agar mera koi beta hota to mai Riddhima ko kahi nhi jane deta” Daljeet said (Muskaan’s Dad)

“Haha, ha Daljeet baat to tumhari sahi hai, ab Riddhima aur Muskaan bade ho gaye hain, inki shadi k liye sochne ka waqt aa gaya hai, lekin yaar waqt kitna jaldi nikal gaya na, jaise lagta hai abhi kuch time pahle hi to dono khelti rahti thi hamare samne bachho ki tarah” Shashank become emotional.

“Dad, mai kitni v badi ho jau but apke liye to mai apki choti si Riddhima hi hu na” Riddhima hugged him sidewise and control her tears.

“Aur mai v” Muskaan too joined them.

“Hmm,,, tum dono mere best bachhe ho, isliye mai chahta hu ki tumhare liye bahut achha parivar mile, jaha tum achhe se raho, pure parivar k sath, kai sare rishto me” Padma said.

“Riddhima beta, tum batao?” Daljeet asked.

“Ji, jaisa aaplog ko sahi lage” she said and bend her head down.

Smile appear on Padma and Shweta’s face, they knew Riddhima will accept everything happily but from their side they have to search for a best family.

“Theek hai fir mai panditji se baat karta hu” Shashank said and soon they retire for the night.


Armaan came back with Anurag quite late and everyone were waiting for them, they hurriedly get fresh and join others for dinner.

“Sorry Dad, thoda late ho gaya” Armaan said while sitting on chair.

“Koi baat nhi beta, but dhyan dena aage se” Billy said.

“Yes Bhaiya, and you know we should have our meal properly at right time” Vansh said.

“Ok Sir, kal se late nhi hoga” Armaan said with a smile.

“So Dad, apne baat ki panditji se?” Rahul asked while Armaan glared him coz he raise his marriage chapter again into discussion.

“Nhi, kal subah baat karunga” Billy said.

“Ha wo sahi rahega, abhi to kafi raat ho gai hai” Anurag said.

“Baat kya karna hai, Panditji ko yahi bula lete hain, I think that will be best fir ham sab baat kar lenge” Ananya said and Prerna too agreed.

“But panditji ko kyu bulana hai?” Nikki was still confused.

“Wo Armaan ki shadi ki baat karni hai” Prerna said.

“Whatttt!!!!!!!! Ammy bhai, apki shadi ki baat chal rahi hai aur mujhe pata v nhi” Nikki said being shocked.

“Chill Nikki, baat Armaan ki shadi ki ho rahi hai tumhari nhi” Rahul said and Armaan smile.

“Ha to maine kab kaha ki meri shadi, waise v mai abhi padh rahi hu. But Tauji bhai ki shadi kaha ho rahi hai, ksi se?” Nikki start with her question while Armaan feel quite uncomfortable coz today only this topic of marriage rise now they were again discussing it.

He don’t know what he was feeling, although its quite new feeling of being happy and nervous together, thought of sharing his life with someone else make him think about the girl which will be chosen for him, he just want to be happy with his family and the one who will enter in his life should also show the same respect to his family.

“Arey abhi ladki dekhni hai, ham panditji se baat karenge kal” Ananya said breaking Armaan’s thought.

He smile on himself how easily he was drowned into the thought of a girl who was not even present in his life.

“Fir sahi hai, mai pasand karungi apni bahbhi ko” Nikki said but stop looking towards Billy’s stern face “I mean tauji, wo meri bhabhi banengi to mujhe to ok karna hoga na”

“Hmm” Billy said.

They finish their dinner and were about to leave for their rooms when Billy said “Nikki shadi itni chhoti baat nhi hoti beta, bahut sari cheeje dekhni padti hai, ek ladki ko dusre ghar me jake bahut kuch adopt karna padta hai bahut sare adjustment karni padti hai, isliye ladki ka us parivar se dil se judna jaruri hai, ye mai isliye nhi kah raha hu kynki hame ek ladki ko apne ghar pe laana hai bahu bana k balki isliye v ye samjhna jaruri hai kyunki hamari beti ko v kisi ki bahu ban k jana hai, aur ham yahi ummed rakhte hain ki wo hamesha hamari izzat ko bna k rakhegi kyunki ham hamesha use khush dekhna chahte hain” Billy said in heavy voice making everyone emotional.

“I promise tauji, mai kabhi apki respect kam nhi hone dungi” Nikki hugged him and he smile.

“I know bachha” he said and left.

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