Sunday, 22 April 2018


Sheena stood leaning on the railings in her balcony thinking of the 15 days ahead.

She was going to live in the cruise as Riddhima Gupta…….she did it just for the fun of it…..having a different name and nobody around her knowing who she really is will be fun…….Sheena smiled and looked up towards the sky enjoying the clear blue sky and the huge see around her. She went inside her suite and started humming a song to herself.

Armaan who was taking his luggage to his suite suddenly stopped in the corridor when he heard a really sweet and melodious voice…….

'gazab ka hai din socho zaara…….ye deewanapan dekho zaara……..hum bhi akele tum bhi akele mazaa aa raha hai …..kasam se'

Armaan heard the girl singing and unknowingly his face was lit up with a smile. Armaan loved music and this girl was an unusually good singer……..he had a sudden urge to see the girl but he resisted the urge and went inside his room which was luckily right next to that girl's room. He couldn't hear her singing anymore but he decided he'll see her the moment she'll step out of her room. He waited for her to come out but then he decided he'll have to wait till dinner time and then she'll definitely come out. He looked at himself in the mirror and decided to shave and take a shower……..

He went inside the washroom and stripped and wrapped a towel around himself….he covered his face with the shaving foam and he looked at the sink for his shaving blade but didn't find it there so he went inside his room and rummaged his shaving kit to find it and when he did he was about to go back into the washroom when he heard the door to the room next to his opening and without thinking anything he rushed outside and looked at the girl locking the door of her suite. He stood right behind her still not realizing that he was in a towel with shaving cream smeared all over his face. Sheena turned around and her eyes widened and she backed into the door scared by the weirdo standing in front of her………..she was disgusted and horrified and she gripped the knob of the door while Armaan extended his hand towards her and spoke "Hi I am Armaan Malik"

Sheena looked at him as if he was crazy and that is when Armaan noticed the expressions on Sheena's face and then realization struck him and he quickly gripped his towel and widening his eyes he took a few step backwards and ran into his room leaving a puzzled and amused Sheena standing alone in the corridor.

Then suddenly she burst out laughing realizing what had just happened though she was still confused as to why the guy was so desperate to meet her. She shook her head and thought seems like finally the fun has begun


A buffet lunch was arranged on the ship's deck and all the passengers were there to meet each other and have dinner.

Armaan stepped on the deck wearing a black jacket with his upper chest bare and blue jeans with it. His hair were wet from the shower and he looked smashingly handsome….the moment he had stepped onto the deck several faces had turned to look at him and some teenage girls were whispering amongst themselves and giggling looking at Armaan in a dreamy way.

He smirked when he noticed the attention he was getting. It was nothing new for him. He was used to women swooning over him but suddenly he noticed a lone figure standing in a far corner. He took his dinner and walked towards her and realized that she was the same singer girl in front of whom he had conveniently embarrassed himself…….he cursed himself mentally but stopped when he saw her hair flying around her face and then he noticed that she wasn't just a brilliant singer but an amazingly beautiful women as well. He ran his eyes up and down on her from head to toe and noticed her wearing a pretty and simple white strap dress with a deep neckline and her creamy shoulders left bare.

Hardly any make-up was visible on her face. To Armaan she looked like a pure and beautiful angel in that white dress……her innocence touched him and he walked towards her in a daze.

He walked towards her and stood beside her. Sheena sensing someone's presence behind her quickly turned around and saw a broad shouldered and tall guy standing in front of her. She narrowed her eyes at his handsome face and her lips curved into a smile as she now identified that it was no one but the weird towel guy.

Krati mehra

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