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part 10 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Armaan raised his eye brows at her probing her to continue and so she did…….

"When we had met for the first time you treated me like I was somebody really special to you and we actually became good friends then I come to know that you have been playing around with my best friend…humiliated her like she is some call girl meant for use and throw purposes……..and then when I confront you about it you act as if it was all Priya's fault and then you throw a party, invite her and when I come along you treat me like filth and make me feel like am some intruder and just when I am happy that you are actually realizing your mistake and treating Priya in the right way….the way she deserves to be treated…..then you leave her in the middle of the dance floor for some clingy
s***……then you get my RIVAL in the party. I mean seriously how can you do that to me? You finished our friendship in no time and then you are all over that b**** Claire who is here just to piss me off……you know what I don't care if you are friends with her or you love her….the only one thing I care about is my self-respect and dignity…. And you have been ignoring and insulting me all this time and I was so not in a mood to even talk to you ever but when I saw you on the terrace I felt bad for you and do you have any idea what you did last night at the party? You were so d*** drunk that you went on the stage blabbering about some nonsense and just to save you from all the embarrassment I switched off the power supply and dragged you out of the party before anybody noticed and brought you here when you were murmuring some Sameera chic's name….and then now that you are completely sober and in your senses you don't even have the courtesy to thank me or if not that then at least behave decently to me but no what do you do……again ignore me like I am a big 'nobody'." Riddhima finally paused trying to gauge Armaan's expression but his face was completely expressionless. She sure did see some flicker of emotions but before she could read them they were gone.

While Armaan was shocked when she told him what he was about to do last night at the party and was really grateful to Riddhima for saving him from the disgrace or else all the hard work of showing off as a playboy would have come crumbling down. He then wiped off his face of all the emotions that might have come on his face and heard Riddhima still lecturing him.

Riddhima wiggled her finger at him and spoke angrily standing close to his chair…..

"Mr.Armaan Malik if there is something that I don't appreciate are people who always play around with other's feelings just so that they can have some fun….and…

Riddhima was about to continue when Armaan stood up suddenly standing face to face with Riddhima with her finger touching his chest…..she quickly removed her finger and took a few step backwards in order to create some more space between them but Armaan walked towards her and kept doing it till she hit the wall……he went closer to her and there was barely any space between them while Riddhima was pushing herself into the wall hoping that it would slide back and she would have a chance to escape from all the weird feelings taking over due to the sudden nearness she was sharing with this devil called Armaan…She tried moving out but Armaan placed his hands on both her sides and blocked all her escape routes and for the first time he saw the invincible Riddhima Carter getting NERVOUS and he sure was enjoying this…

Armaan moved his face closer to hers and his nose was touching hers and then he spoke "I am sorry Riddhima…"

Riddhima's head jerked up and due to the sudden movement their lips brushed and Riddhima gasped while Armaan's muscles tightened…..he could not afford to loose himself and so he spoke "That's exactly what you want me to say….sorry…..right but that's something you are so not getting and you know why because its you who should be apologizing to me for being rude to me and shouting on me like that and as for what I did to Priya….well I am making up for that and I did invite her to the party and just because I left her alone for a moment on the dance floor doesn't give you the right to yell at me like that….and ya Clair Colin. Well she is my upcoming model and also a great friend so she is bound to be present at my celebrations……and what else did you blame me of………….ah! Yes ignoring you….." Armaan moved his finger on Riddhima's face and came down to her chin and lifting her face he looked into her eyes and spoke in a deep voice looking into her eyes "Did my ignoring you hurt you so much Riddhima? Did you want me to come and talk to you and be with you the whole time knowing fully about the accusations that you had whirled at me in my own house and the slap that you gave me…….it wasn't just a physical injury but a blow to my ego as well but I had no idea that you'll be so hurt because I thought that you didn't care and the only thing that you care about is your friend's happiness and that's exactly what I was working on. And you brought me here…..well thanks a lot for that but why did you do that you should have just left me like others did….the way your friend did…..she should have been here but she is not….tell me Riddhima why do you care?" Riddhima was frozen at her spot not knowing what to do.

Armaan released Riddhima's chin and starting moving his lips closer to hers…..Riddhima closed her eyes in anticipation but after a couple of seconds had lapsed she opened her eyes to see no one in sight. She looked around for Armaan but did not find him and then her eyes fell on the open door and she realized that he has left…….leaving her there knowing fully well what Riddhima was expecting him… wanting him to do……..

Riddhima covered her face with her hands….she felt mortified and more than that she felt guilty about betraying Priya's trust in her…..she remembered Priya's tense face when she had jokingly told her that she was planning to seduce Armaan and then her words to assure Priya 'Riddhima Carter never eyes what belongs to her friends'…..

Then how could she have behaved like that….she had wanted Armaan to kiss her….Armaan who Priya was in love with….she felt like a traitor and a scum. She closed her eyes and ran her hands through her hair trying her best to overcome the feeling of loss and guilt inside her. She gathered her stuff and left the room.


Armaan entered his room and closed the door behind himself and leaned against it and slid down to the floor. He could still feel Riddhima's soft skin under his fingers and the feel of her lips against his…..only he knew how he had controlled himself from not succumbing to his desires……then he remembered what she had told him about him blabbering at the party and she dragging him out the party…..he knew what he would have spoken about if she wouldn't have stopped him but she was the one responsible for it….if she wouldn't have made him feel all these things all over again then he wouldn't have remembered Sameera….he was never in love with Sameera he knew that but just the fact that he allowed somebody to hurt him like that just made him shrivel up even more and that is why he had been wearing this mask of a Casanova to hide his vulnerable side but with Riddhima he always felt secure and content but he couldn't stop the memories from overpowering him. He still remembered everything vividly…..



Armaan's school bag fell on the floor…..his senses went numb and everything grew blurry and the only thing he could feel was his head spinning and his mom's body lying on the floor covered with a white cloth…..he felt somebody hug him and he heard his dad's voice "Armaan son your mom left us….she left both of us alone…she broke all her promises….she is not going to be there with you now when you won't be able to sleep at night… won't find her cradling your head in her lap helping you go to sleep or making coffee for you so that you can stay awake and prepare for your

exams…..she wouldn't wipe your tears everytime you'll cry for a lost competition…..she would just never be there no matter how much you much need her…..we are all alone son…."

Armaan walked closer to his mother and sat down next to her body and he then shook her lightly hoping she would get up and say that she was playing a prank but she didn't…..he cupped her face and spoke "Mom get up please……I flunked my exam again and my teacher wants to see you tomorrow." He stopped waiting for his mother to continue but when she didn't he spoke again "Mom aren't you angry? Please get up mom……you are scaring me now…..fine I accept that you are way better at pranks then I am now please get up or I swear I am going to flunk the next exam as well…" when his mother didn't get up Armaan got furious he pushed his mother's body with force hoping that she would get up but he was horrified and filled with dread when her body just rolled off the stretcher and fell on the other side and he saw the bruises on her neck and her hands burnt completely….Armaan's father rushed to his wife's body and placed it back on the stretcher and gathered his son in his arms who still hadn't registered that his mom was dead….

Armaan was 15 at that time…..his father dressed him up in a white kurta pajyama but Armaan stopped him and spoke "Dad one of the buttons is missing….we'll have to ask mom to stitch it back." Abhinmanyu couldn't stop his tears but he gripped Armaan's hand and took him along with his wife's body to the crematory ground….after 20 minutes Armaan was taken towards the dead body and he held a log in his hand…its one end was on fire. Armaan, on commands of the priest did every ritual mechanically and left the ground and went back home. He went straight to his mother's room but when he didn't find her there he took off his kurta and placed it on her dresser hoping she would see the button missing and would stitch it back. He left his home for his basket ball practice. Abhimanyu saw the Kurta on the dressing table and cried harder… was Armaan's habit to place his top on the dresser if the button was broken so that his mom would stitch it back when she would see it….

Armaan came back and saw his kurta button in place and smiling he placed it in his cupboard and taking his dinner he went to sleep unknown to the fact that it was his father who had stitched the button. This went on for days……somewhere inside Armaan knew that his mother was dead but at the same time he kept hoping that she would come back when she would see just how much Armaan needs her and so he decided he would keep landing in troubles so that his mom would give up and come to his rescue… the same time he started working really hard in his studies hoping that his mom would be really happy when he would get good marks and would forgive him for troubling her and would come and pat him and hug him and then would never leave him. On his birthday Armaan would get the same cake that he always got which was partially his favorite and partially his mom's favorite and he would wait for his mom but when she wouldn't come he would simply eat his share and place the rest of it in the fridge thinking his mom would eat it later and next morning he'll smile when the cake wouldn't be there thinking that his mom ate it and not knowing that his father distributed it amongst the maids….

This continued for a long time….Abhimanyu Malik knew that he should not do this. He should tell Armaan that his mom is never coming back but he did not have the courage to break his son's heart. So he continued with the drama for years…

It was time for Armaan's graduation…..he had completed his 12th and 10th board with flying colors but he was disappointed when his mom never came…..his friends too supported him and told him that his mom would come back though they all knew that she won't but Armaan was everyone's best buddy and they would not hurt him for the world…..they knew that Armaan was being like a kid….being so old he was still not able to accept that his mom was dead….

Finally Armaan was happy when he had topped the Harvard University and he knew that he had completed his mom's dream and now she will HAVE to come to him…..she'll be too happy to keep up the drama…

Armaan came back to India and went into his mom's room and shouted

"MOM…….look am home and see I have completed all your dreams…see mom I topped my university…..

"ARMAAN!!" Armaan turned around and saw Sameera, his girlfriend standing there…. He walked upto her and spoke "Sameera you are going to meet mom today. She'll be really happy to see you." Sameera was Armaan's girl friend for last 3 years…She had supported Armaan whenever he had broken down missing him mom and she would constantly tell him that his mom was coming back very soon….She was the only one who was so confident but others always said as if they were saying it to simply console Armaaan and that fact about Sameera made him fall in love with her.

Armaan kept waiting for his mom along with Sameera and then the door opened and he saw his father step in. Armaan ran to his father and spoke "Dad where is mom? Please tell her to…


Abhimanyu slapped his son for the first time and gripping his shoulder he dragged him to the puja room where his wife's photo was placed with a garland around it…He barked at Armaan

"Your mom you idiot is dead. She had been dead for 8 years. She never stitched the buttons on your shirts….I did. She never ate her part of cake…..the maids did. She never placed the coffee on your bed side in morning…..I did. I allowed you to live in that fake world you created so that you'll be happy but it tortured me every moment and now you have to stop it…….stop it Armaan for god sake…..she is dead. You were the one who had set fire to her body why the hell don't you accept it. You know it as well as I do. You are 23 years old Armaan…..I don't think you are little boy who doesn't understand what death means." Abhimanya Malik walked out of the room leaving a stunned Armaan…..he turned around towards Sameera and gripped her shoulder tightly "Sameera you know that mom is alive… know she is alive right? Tell me" She shook her head and Armaan pushed her away from himself and ran out of his house. He started his car and left for the beach….he was driving very rashly and then his eyes widened when he saw a truck approaching him on the one-way narrow road….


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