Friday, 20 April 2018

Part 10 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan and Riddhima was sitting on terrace infront of shade during night, both were looking towards other side don’t know what they were getting in night, sky air and cold breeze. Like really instead of talking to each other they were looking here and there.

“Umm,,,,, apko kuch bolna tha” Riddhima said rubbing her hand smiling shyly.

“Unnn,,, ha , I mean nhi anhh,,,, yess actually mujhe need nhi aa rahi thi aur apko v to socha thodi der yaha baithte hain” Armaan said not getting what to say at that time.

Riddhima bend her head down smiling to him.

“Ye ghar bahut achha hai” she said looking towards the fountain.

“Thanku, actually is ghar ko banane k liye maine har tarah se sabke pasand ki cheeje select ki hain isliye kafi time lag gaya ise banana me” Armaan said looking towards the house.

“Hmmm, sabne apki bahut tareef ki, Muskaan ko to bahar garden wala swing bahut pasand aaya” She said while smiling and Armaan watch her eyes intently.

“Aur apko?” he look towards her and she smile as she was not able to look into his speaking eyes.

“I mean Muskaan ko swing pasand aaya aur apko yaha pe kya pasand aaya?” he tried to make words so that Riddhima won’t feel uncomfortable.

“Mujhe to pura ghar bahut pasand aaya kyunki aisa ghar jo sabko pasand aaye wo bahut rare hota hai” she said and he smile how she escape his question.

“Riddhima, I was asking apko is ghar ka kaun sa portion achha laga” he said looking towards her.

She look towards him then smile lightly knowing he won’t back off thus she get up slowly but her feet was about to twist when Armaan hold her hand and she too hold his hand tightly in fear of falling down.

Armaan look towards her closed eyes and smile how beautiful she was looking in that moon light and slow breeze which was moving her hairs away, some fringes fall over her face. Armaan tried to move away her fringes but stop feeling whether she would like it or not. He make her stand properly and left her hand maintaining a distance.

“Umm, sorry wo aap achanak se uthi isliye,,,,,,,,,” he was not getting what to say.

“Thanku” she said slowly looking towards him.

Armaan smile when he heard thanku from Riddhima coz he was feeling awkward what Riddhima would think about him, like he hold her without her permission. Riddhima understand very well that he was feeling awkward about their moment but she don’t feel bad by his touch thus she decided to thank him so that he would come out of that awkwardness.

“Mai batau apna favorite spot apke ghar me” she said and he came out of his thoughts and smile.

“Yeah” he said and move alongwith her.

“Umm,Armaanji, actually mujhe apke ghar me do jagah pasand aai” she said hesitating to call his name.

Armaan feel surprised and super happy when she called him by his name, it was the first time she was calling his name infront of him, he smile broadly.

“Do?” he asked deviating his mind away from how happy he was when she called his name.

“I mean waise to pura ghar bahut achha hai but mujhe specially do jagah bahut pasand aaye” she said looking down.

“Achhaji, may I know wo kaun si special places hain” he asked looking towards her being lost.

Riddhima feel shy as she was talking with him this much for the first time and sharing her feelings but don’t know why she feel comfortable around him which she never felt before.

She turn around being shy as Armaan was staring her continuously and there Armaan don’t know why his eyes were focused on her, he tried hard to deviate his eyes here and there but again they make him look towards her, but at the same time he don’t want her to feel uncomfortable thus look around so that she can share whatever she feel like.

“Wo, first place apke ghar ka mandir hai” she said looking down playing with her ring which Armaan make her wear today.

“Mandir? Wow,,, may I know the reason, I mean mandir pasand aana is quite natural but wo apka favorite place kaise ban gaya?” Armaan asked being surprised.

“Kyunki waha pe hamare rishte ki shuruwat hui hai” she said looking towards him.

Armaan look towards her being surprised by her thought, how could anyone be so simple and innocent. He look towards her eyes and they get lost into each other for few minutes. Riddhima move her eyes away as she was getting lost into his oceanic blue eyes everytime she look towards him. Armaan was happy by her words as she told him everything in just one sentence, all her answers were hidden in that particular sentence still he want to hear more from her.

“Matlab?” he act innocent.

Riddhima look towards him and smile coz she knew why he was asking this, she look towards sky and said “ Wo isliye mera favorite spot hai kyunki hamara rishta waha se shuru hua hai, pahli baar apne mujhe waha apne naam ki ring pehnai mandir me, waha hame apne pure parivar ki blessings mili kyunki sab khush the aur jab koi rishta sabki marzi aur sabki khushi se shuru hota hai to wo apne aap hi special ban jata hai, mere liye wo sabse special place hai jaha mere ghar walo ne mujhe apse joda aur apke gharwalo ne mujhe khushi se accept kiya” she said revolving her ring in finger looking towards moon.

Armaan was lost in her words looking towards her angelic face which was so pure like her heart, he feel so emotional by her feeling that his eyes become moist how much she respect everyone and her emotions were connected with each and every person. He wanted to hug her at that moment being happy but control himself somehow. He feel blessed that she was entering into his life and his feeling was quite strong that they will share a special bonding.

“Aur dusra?” he asked controlling his emotions.

She look towards him and smile as he tried to control his feeling, she knew that Armaan like the reason why this Mandir is special for her.

Instead of telling about second place she move towards another side of terrace and Armaan follow her maintaining a little distance. She reach near fountain and stop, Armaan look towards her being curious.

“Ye jagah” she stood in between fountain and railing.

“Kyu?” he look towards her.

“Wo,,,,, actually mujhe aisa lagta hai ki yaha pe aake koi v apni har problem bhool k thodi der k liye hi sahi but natural beauty me khone se khud ko nhi rok sakta. Yaha pe aake apko ye pani(looking towards fountain) ye hawa (feeling breeze) ye mountains aur neeche ye Mussoorie (looking down from the terrace as that bungalow was enough to get best view of Mussoorie) ka aisa view milta hai ki apko khud b khud feel hoga that HEAVEN FALLS HERE aur heaven to kisi v insaan ki favorite jagah ho sakti hai, mujhe yaha aake bahut sukoon mila aur us moment aisi feeling aai mere andar jo pahle kabhi nhi mehsus hui aur usi waqt meri nazar waha pe gai isliye ye jagah meri favorite ho gai” she showed him something to a direction.

Armaan look towards the direction she was indicating and become surprised how could she notice that infact no one from his family have noticed it yet. He look towards her being surprised and Riddhima wonders what happened.

“Kya hua Armaanji? Maine kuch galat bola kya?” she felt that may be whatever she want to say was not liked by Armaan.

“N,,,,,NHI, wo actually” Armaan was not getting words to say anything but he had to say “Riddhima, you know what your feelings and your thinking is very pious infact I really feel happy and blessed that you are coming in my life as my life partner” he said and Riddhima bend her eyes down with a blushing smile.

“You know what Riddhima, jab ye ghar ban raha tha us time I used to stay here for one to two days aur usi waqt I was sitting here drinking coffee and I saw these alphabets here may be kisi worker k bachho ne khelte hue chhod diya hoga yaha but I become happy atonce and start putting these small alphabets on wall as my name and got a phonecall. I get busy in call and don’t know when I wrote my name then place another alphabet of R while talking with the person on call. After that call I look towards it become surprised why I put R after my name, then I tried to remove it but since it was stick with wall thus I was not able to remove it. Then I think ye itne corner me hai kaun notice karega ise aur wo v itne chhote words isliye maine fir dubara dhyan hi nhi diya ispe” he said looking towards Riddhima and then bend down to touch those words on corner of wall.

He look towards her and murmured “May be it was meant to be together” he smile and she bend her eyes down trying to look away from his speaking eyes.

“Riddhima, ek minute ruko” he said and went down.

Riddhima wonders what happened but she smile looking towards the name, she sit down and touch Armaan’s name, she was happy feeling how easily he share this with her. She knew that Armaan is way to different from those who just pretend to be good infront of others. He is really good as he respect his values and maintain distance with her also, anyone else at his place could have done whatever they want as now she was connected with him but Armaan always seek her permission even to hold her hand. She feel blessed to get ARmaan into her life.

Riddhima was touching his name being lost in her own world when Armaan came back and smile as she was sitting down touching his name. He know that Riddhima also feel some special connection with him as he feel about her. 

He also sit down near her and she came back to reality feeling his presence. She looks down as his smile was making her shy.

“Riddhima, shall we complete this name?” he said and she look towards him being confused.

Armaan forward his hand and Riddhima was surprised to see alphabets in his hand and gum, she smile looking towards his attachment with her and nodded in agreement.

Armaan placed those alphabets on ground and pick up “I” from them Riddhima smile and apply glue to that word. Then they complete Riddhima’s name while she smile how much he feel happy with small adorable things. He was like her only.

They complete her name and Armaan smile looking towards that small Armaan Riddhima written together. 

“Now that’s perfect” He said and Riddhima smile.

“I was really amazed when you show me this kyunki mai khud ye bhool gaya tha but thanku for making me feel complete with you” Armaan look towards her and she shyly bend her head down on his direct praisement

“Riddhima thanku so much for coming in my life” He look towards her and she smile.

She get up feeling shy and her duppatta was struck in ground, Riddhima feel a tug and become shocked thinking Armaan have hold her duppatta. Armaan was sitting down unaware of what Riddhima was feeling he was looking towards their name being lost.

Riddhima turn around saying “Armaanji” slowly holding her duppatta near her neck.

At the same time Armaan look towards her hearing his name and found her shocked. He follow her gaze and smile as her duppatta was struck somewhere in ground Riddhima lower her gaze as she become embarrassed what Armaan will be thinking at that time.

Armaan make her duppatta free from ground and gets up holding it, moving it from her back he put it over her head. Riddhima who was looking down being shy feel something over her head and look towards Armaan and hold duppatta as Armaan put it over her as veil.

She hold it shyly and Armaan observe her shy smile, he move few steps towards her and whisper in her ears “Don’t worry Riddhima I won’t do anything with which you feel uncomfortable” he said and she smile looking towards him.

“And I know no one feel comfortable being around anyone whom she/he don’t trust aur ham to abhi mile hain” Armaan said while moving away from her.

“I trust you” she don’t know when she whisper these words but that was enough to hold Armaan’s steps.

He turn around and tried to look into her eyes which was glued to her ring.

“Really?” he asked looking towards her.

“Hmm” she nodded her head.

“To can I do whatever I want?” he tried to tease her.

She look towards him being confused, he smirk lightly then make straight face.

“I mean you trust me to I can atleast,,,,,,,,” he left his sentence in middle and came towards her.

She bend her eyes not understanding what he was trying to say, she don’t feel uncomfortable but yess she was feeling something strange.

Armaan came to one side of her and bend upto the level of her ears “ Atleast mai apko thanku to bol hi sakta hu for being a best partner and best girl who is going to make my life much more happier than I think off” 

She look towards him and slapped herself mentally for thinking about random stuffs came into her mind when he said can I do whatever I want. She bend her eyes nodding her head in a yess and Armaan smile.

He move slight away from her and she look towards him, he smile cutely and take out a rose from his pocket and forward towards her “Thanku Riddhima for coming into my life and making me happiest person of the earth” 

She smile shyly looking downwards and he adore her innocence, she slowly forward her hand and hold rose from his hand. He came close to her and she become nervous suddenly her dream flash came infront of her, she look here and there.

“Good Night Riddhima” he whisper and move towards the exit.

She smile shyly looking towards him as he was going. Armaan stop near stairs slightly move towards her and said “Jyada der tak mat rukiyega yaha, thand badh rahi hai” with his cute dimpled smile and Riddhima nodded.

Armaan closed his eyes lift his head up then shaking his head again he smile and went down.

Riddhima stood there being surprised on his cute antics which make her fall for him, she hold rose close to her heart and utter “Thanku for coming into my life” and controlling her blush she move towards Nikki’s room to get some sleep for the night.


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