Thursday, 5 April 2018

part 11 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Flashback continues

Armaan's eyes widened seeing the approaching truck…his hands were paralysed on the steering wheel but within no time Armaan steered the car to the right hand side and stopped it there….he didn't know how that had happened but some force had made him do it……Armaan again felt his mom's presence around him but slowly the fact that his mom was dead was sinking in…..

Armaan leaned his head on the steering wheel of his car and broke down in incessant sobs but stopped when he felt a hand moving on his hand and he lifted his head and saw his mom sitting in the passenger seat of his car……..Armaan suddenly broke into a huge genuine smile….something that hadn't touched his face from the last 8 years….he felt happiness rush through his body….he moved forward to hug his mom but instead she spoke "Armaan son…….you will have to live your life without me from now on but you should not forget that you have to take care of your dad….he too is suffering Armaan….he let you believe that I existed for so long and it tormented his very soul so now you have to make sure that he is happy and is able to come out of his grief….like today you will never run away from your responsibilities son. And never think that I am not with you…….I am always going to be there for you in fact when earlier I was with you only when you called me to you but from now on I'll be watching you all the time and every passing second I'll be there with you….all that you have to do is remember me whenever you need me and you'll find me right next to you…..standing by you through thick and thin. That's my promise Armaan but you too have to promise that you will always take care of your dad…." Armaan nodded his head unable to speak anything…..

"And thanks a lot for fulfilling my dream of seeing you a graduate from the best university and that too as a topper. Take care Armaan and remember I am always there with you." With that Armaan saw his mom disappear into thin air and a tear trickled down his face but he wiped it immediately and smiled realizing the fact that from now on he'll be more close to his mom then ever and now he understood that it was his mom who had saved him from the accident. He also realized that he had always known that his mom was dead but was never ready to accept it… important was his mom to him that he was ready to live in a make-believe world where his mom was still very much a part of his life and he had tortured his father for it and had also made out of himself…..Armaan smiled and then with a new determination he decided that he will take care of his father and will prove him that he is the best son……

Armaan went back home and told his father about all that happened….Abhimanyu felt really worried when Armaan told him about the accident that was about to happen but the concern just grew even more when Armaan told him about seeing his mom in the car and Abhimanyu was scared about Armaan's mental condition and Armaan could see that so he simply hugged his father and assured him that he was fine and will take care of himself and would take of him as well. When Abhimanyu was finally relieved Armaan went to his room to where Sameera was waiting for him and he assured her as well that he was fine and there was nothing to worry about..

Since Armaan's studies were over he joined his father's business and started taking the major responsibilities upon himself…..he also made sure that his father should never be lonely or depressed due to his wife's death. So Armaan would take his dad to dinner, they would play golf together, go to temples and conduct the poojas just the way Armaan's mom used to……..the house was once again filled with laughter and life. Armaan whenever alone would stand in front of his mom's portrait and would talk to her and he would always find his mom responding to her…….his father heard him doing that but he would simply smile thinking that that was Armaan's way of keeping his mom alive in his life……..

A year later it was Armaan's mom's birthday and Armaan was feeling very down and depressed so he decided to go to Sameera's place…..

"Mayank what's wrong with you? Of course I don't love Armaan…….you are the only one I love Mayank but we can't live on love for our whole life and Armaan is the only one who can help make our lives better. That guy is head over heels in love with me and I am sure he will marry me soon…………I know because he is grateful to me for being there with him when he was totally broken by the news of his mom's demise and so I am sure he will never leave me……..ya Mayank he is such a fool…thinking that his mom is alive…..I find the whole thing so funny……and don't worry once we get married I'll get enough money transferred in my name and will leave him…..we can get married and I……

But before Sameera could say anything further she was turned around and slapped so hard on her face that she fell on the chair on the right side of her and turning around she was shocked to see Armaan standing there with eyes that were burning with fire….Sameera stood up and was about to say something when Armaan slapped her again and she fell on the floor

"HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME??? I thought you loved me….you were my support and everything I ever wanted in my life…….you… were playing around with my feelings…..calling me a fool when I thought that you were the only one who understood my feelings…… think I was a fool… you even know how it feels to loose somebody you love so dearly? Do you have any idea what I felt when my mom died….a part of me died with her……a part of me still cries every time I get up in the morning and don't hear my mom singing her bhajan's….I hate my birthdays because they were one such days when I and mom would be together the whole day….I cry every night just so that god might take pity on me and send my mom back but I know that's not possible so I consoled myself with the love I was getting from you and dad but no you had to do this to me……..why Sameera?"

Armaan was not angry anymore….he was just so shocked and shaken up that he felt he would collapse anytime…..he waited for Sameera to reply and heard her say..

"Look Armaan I am really sorry but I……." she trailed off not knowing what to say or do…..

Armaan felt his anger returning…….he gripped her shoulders and slammed her against the wall and bringing his face closer to hers he spoke "A fine game you played with me Sameera and how about I tell you just how much you have hurt me……" With that Armaan tore off her right sleeve….while Sameera looked at him shocked, scared of what he was going to do…….she struggled against Armaan's grip and just she felt it loosen she was shocked even more as he threw her on the bed and covered her body with his….he tore of her shirt in the front and was pressing his body against hers with great force……he brought his face closer to hers and bit the side of her neck making her wince in pain….Sameera was begging Armaan to leave her but he was so hurt and angry that it felt like some beast had taken him over and he wouldn't stop without taking revenge….Armaan pulled Sameera's hair and was about to hurt her further when his mom's face flashed in front of his eyes and he immediately got off Sameera and stood up…..he took out his wallet and threw all the money it contained on Sameera's face and spoke "this is all you are worth…..and now don't ever show me your face again…" With that he left her house.

Sameera slid down to the floor and leaning onto her bed she cried for a long time feeling the pain of the bruises on her body……now she felt just how badly she had broken Armaan and felt guilty.

Armaan went back to his house and standing in front of his mom's portrait he cried for a long time not just for Sameera betraying him but also about him loosing control like that and doing something as bad as that and he knew that it was his mom who had stopped him……he kept apologizing to his mom through his sobs and eventually fell asleep…….when his dad saw him the next morning he was instantly worried and armaan told him that Sameera was no longer in his life and how she had been fooling his for so long….Armaan soothed down his father's anger and assured him that he was fine..

From that day onwards Armaan hardened his feelings towards everyone except his father and Atul…..he knew he was never in love with Sameera but was so used to having her around him that he thought of it as love but after her betrayal Armaan would sleep around with women but never felt any connection with them he always thought that women could go to any extent for money and so he would keep buying them expensive gifts….slowly Armaan transformed into a complete Casanova but still there were times when he felt really lonely craving for some real love in his life but he prevented himself from falling for any girl and would live happily with whatever love he got from his dad and Atul….

But Riddhima's very charm and persona was driving him insane and he knew it wasn't plain physical attraction but a lot more then that……..He respected Riddhima for the kind of woman, friend, daughter and a human being she was……no matter how hard she tried to appear she was a total softie from inside……..a really sensitive, caring and a sweet person…..

Armaan walked up to the open window in his room and feeling the fresh air on his face he spoke "Mom your son's finally in love." Armaan smiled and felt at peace after a long time……

While Armaan was smiling standing in his room Riddhima was banging her head against the wall trying to get the feel of Armaan's lips out of her head but in vain….

"Riddhima Carter you have to forget that guy because he belongs to Priya and anyways he is so not worth you…..lets thinks about Samay……ya he is a nice guy….Samay is really hot…Samay has a really unique sense of style……Samay talks well……Samay is a total gentleman…….Armaan has got beautiful eyes….

Riddhima suddenly stopped and looked into thin air and then banged her head against the wall one more time feeling really stupid for not being able to forget Armaan.


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