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Part 11 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Next Morning Muskaan get up only to find herself somewhere else, she wonder where she was and shrug Riddhima to get up.

“Ridzi uth na? Ham kaha hain yaar, na tere room me hain na mere room me” Muskaan try to wake up Riddhima in sleepy voice.

“Muskaan sone de na?”

“Arey but ham hain kaha?” she asked coz her mind was not stable yet to register that.

“Arey ham Armaanji k ghar pe hain” she said in sleepy voice coz she came down very late.

“Okay” Muskaan said slowly and tried to remember how they stay there then she look towards Riddhima being shocked and said “Armaan Ji?” that was a little loud due to which Nikki move in her sleep.

“Arey yaar, kitna jaldi uth jate ho aap log, so jao abhi” Nikki said and cover her face.

Riddhima look towards Muskaan's shocked face and smile slightly coming out of her sleep and Muskaan was fully awake till then but since Nikki was sleeping she again lie down and turn towards Riddhima.

“Tune Armaan ko Armaan ji bolna kab se shuru kar diya?” she was still shocked.

“Shushhh,,, Nikki so rahi hai” Riddhima said slowly “Actually kal raat me mai Armaanji se mili thi thodi der k liye” 

“That’s quite normal Riddhima but why to add ji yaar you can call him Armaan na” she was getting hyper.

Nikki’s sleep break till then but she stayed mum, since she also don’t want Riddhima to call his brother Armaanji but want to know Riddhima’s point.

“Muski, yaha pe sab ek dusre ko itna respect dete hain, I know it’s not normal to call ji in this time but mai kya karu maine Ananya Mom ko v Dad ko aise hi bulate dekha hai aur Chachi v to agar mai Armaan bolu to unhe bura na lage, I don’t know what else to do” she whisper slowly and Nikki smile how she want to adjust herself in their family.

Just because of her family she decided to adopt that tone but Nikki knows that her both Moms use ji and that’s because their in-laws were much more strict but not in this time, she decided to talk with Ananya and gets up saying good morning to both of them.

They get fresh and came down, it was Riddhima’s habbit to do puja but she was feeling hesitated to ask anyone thus excusing herself she went on terrace to do surya namaskar. Billy notice her there and smile how traditional this girl is. He came towards her when she was about to turn around, she become shocked to see him there.

“W,,,,Wo Dad mai,,, puja,,” she stammers.

“Khush raho beta, hamare ghar me tumhari hi kami thi” he blessed her and she bend down to touch his feet.

He smile proudly and came down with Riddhima, talking with her and family adore their bonding as Billy hardly smile with others. 

“kya baat hai, badi baatein ho rahi hain aaj?” Ananya said while putting dishes on dining table.

“Ha ab hamari hone wali bahu hai to use yaha k bare me janne ka haq hai” he said and she smile.

Nikki sit on dining table alongwith others and start having their breakfast. Armaan stares Riddhima while eating and she was deviating her mind and eyes from him as his eyes where making her blush.

Riddhima was in kitchen pouring out water in glass when Armaan came in, she look here and there while he was coming close to her but he took a glass from tray keeping his phone on slab, drink water and turn around moving away from there.

Riddhima look towards him and her eyes fall on his cellphone.

“Armaanji” she called at the same time Ananya enter in kitchen heard her and smile while Riddhima didn’t noticed her and took Armaan’s phone.

“Apka phone” she said slowly and gave his phone.

He mumble a thanku and left as he saw Ananya at the door.

She came inside as Nikki told her whatever she heard. She want to explain her few things.

Ananya came towards her and took her to her room while others were busy, Muskaan get her favorite task to prank on Rahul alongwith Nikki and Vansh.

“Yaha baitho” she made her sit on bed and herself sit infront of her.

“Riddhima, beta I know tum ham sabki bahut respect karti ho but jaruri nhi ki jo ham kar rahe hain wo cheej tum v karo. Beta jab hamari shadi hui thi aur ham is ghar me aaye the to rasm-o-rivaaz dusre the, hamare upar bahut se log the jinki baatein hame manni padti thi, fir dheere dheere waqt badla aur logo ki soch v aur ham sab Delhi shift ho gaye. Educated and broad thinking is must for every family. Ab to sab kuch normal hai Riddhima, aur mai chahti hu ki tum v hamare ghar me waise hi raho jaise Nikki rahti hai, hamare liye tum dono ek jaise ho. Tum hamare liye bahu nhi beti ho jise ham palko pe bitha k rakhenge kyunki hamare liye har rishta important hai.” Riddhima look towards her and smile bending her head down, somehow she knew why she was saying all these but still she want her to say what she was feeling.

“Riddhima, kisi k liye izzat apki aankhon me apke dil me honi chahiye jaruri nhi hai ki aap insaan k naam k sath ji jodiye tabhi wo samjhega ki apko uski value hai, hamne jo v kiya uski hame aadat pad gai but beta tum dono new generation k bachhe ho, tumhe ghar me aur bahar dono jagah rahna hai aur tumhe ye tag lagane ki jarurat nhi hai kyunki hame pta hai ki tumhare dil me sabke liye respect hai. Sirf isliye ki ham bolte hain to tumhe v bolna hai ye jaruri nhi, tum Armaan ko sirf uske naam se bulaogi to use aur v achha lagega.” Ananya said and Riddhima look towards her being surprised.

It’s not that she mind calling him Armaanji but it’s how easily she understand and explain her that point. Infact Riddhima herself haven’t thought about it this much deep, she smile and hugs her feeling happy to get her as mother-in-law who was so much supportive and helpful.

“Khush rah bachha” she said getting up and surprised to see Armaan over there.
“Armaan beta tum?” 

“Ha Mom, wo apko Dad bula rahe hain, shayad outing arrangements dekhne k liye” he said and Ananya left.

Armaan heard whatever Ananya said to Riddhima, he didn’t mind Riddhima calling him Armaanji but she called him because her Mom and Chachi use to call their husbands using ji, it was like doing something which she don’t like. And Armaan feel bad that Riddhima don’t even share this point with him and decided to call him accordingly.

“Mujhe nhi pata tha Riddima ki aap sabki wajah se aise boli, apne ek baar mujhse kaha hota, apke liye respect meri aankho me mere dil me hai but apko use baton me taulne ki jarurat padi” Armaan said with sad smile and Riddhima feel bad.

She don’t mean that but what else she would do at that time, Armaan saw her being lost in her own thoughts thus decide to leave.

He was about to turn towards exit when Riddhima called him “ARMAAN” he stop and look towards her in disbelief.

She saw that look in his eyes and smile “I won’t mind calling you Armaanji but if everyone wants me to call you Armaan then I would be happy with that because I want to be free around you so that I don’t have to think twice before sharing anything with you, I’m sorry if I hurt you” she said looking towards him slowly and explaining her point.

He smile happily showing his dimples and said “You know what Riddhima, the moment you feel free to share anything with me will make me believe that you trust me, and I know you will do that soon” he said and left while she smile knowing what he wanted to say.

She move towards the downstairs when Armaan’s gaze follow her and she look towards him only to be welcomed by a cute dimple smile. She look towards the entrance from where her family was coming, they met everyone and Padma hugged Riddhima and Muskaan.

“Sach ek din tum log nhi the to lag raha tha jaise koi hai hi nhi ghar me” she said and they smile.

Riddhima knew that they will miss them a lot but become sad feeling that she will have to leave them after her marriage that thought was enough to moisten her eyes, she somehow control her tears which was noticed by Armaan.

They left Mallik House after sometime and move towards the waterfall since they were in their luxury vanity van so it was easy for them to sit freely. 

Gents were sitting near driving cabin talking with each other enjoying snacks and Ladies were sitting talking with each other and smile how easily they were becoming free.

“Riddhima bhabhi ham waterfall ja rahe hain na?” Vansh said coming towards Riddhima.

“Ha Vansh” Riddhima said looking towards Vansh and hold his hand.

“Apko agar waha pe pani se darr lage to mujhe bol dena, mai apki help karunga” Vansh said cutely and they laugh.

Armaan look towards him and smile how much he care for her.

“Pakka Vansh, ab aap meri help nhi karoge to kaun karega” she replied and Vansh hugged her.

“Vansh, tu ittu sa hai kaise help karega Riddhima bhabhi ki aur tu help karega to Armaan bhaiya kya karenge” Nikki said teasing Armaan.

Riddhima shyly look towards him and he smile.

“Nhi mai karunga Riddhima bhabhi aap bolo” he said.

“Ha Vansh, you are my superhero” she said looking towards Armaan while holding Vansh’s hand cutely.

Armaan got surprised on her antics, she smile cutely knowing very well that Armaan’s eyes were focused on her.

“Ahm ahm” Rahul fakely cough.

“Kya hua tujhe?” Muskaan look towards Rahul.

“Kya baat hai Vansh tu to superhero ban gaya” Rahul said ignoring Muskaan and Vansh smile broadly “Armaan tumhara patta to cut gaya” Rahul murmured and Armaan glared him.

They reached at the waterfall and everyone move down holding bags only Armaan and Riddhima were left there. Armaan notice her sad smile from the moment her family came at Mallik House.

“Riddhima, tum theek ho” Armaan asked and Riddhima look towards him being surprised.

She thought that she had hidden her feelings under her smile but this guy can notice everything, like each and everything related to her, she know that now it’s her responsibility to share her views coz Armaan always stand by her side whenever she feel like.

“Wo,,,,,Armaan actually jab Mom Dad se mili to bahut emotional ho gai, they missed me in just one day but I’l have to leave them after marriage, they will feel alone” she sit down saying that controlling her tears but she wasn’t able to do this.

Armaan feel bad on her condition but he knew that it was a bitter truth and it’s his responsibility to make her feel comfortable and happy.

He sit infront of her and look towards her “Riddhima, see shadi k baad to har ladki ko jana padta hai, tum v jaogi I mean mere sath aaogi,meri family me, ek naya parivar naye log but iska matlab ye to nhi ki purane rishte peeche choot jayenge, ham dono families k sath apni khushiya gam sab share karenge, don’t worry you won’t feel alone and unhe mai kabhi akela feel hone nhi dunga” he said looking towards her while she bend her head up looking towards him with confusing eyes.

“Wo kya hai na Riddhima, Armaan Mallik ek new generation ka jamai ban ne wala hai to unki khushiya v mere liye important hai, ab kisi ko kuch v lage mai to kaam se chhutti milte hi tumhe leke yaha in khoobsurat waadiyo me aa jaunga, what say?” he look towards him with a genuine smile and she laugh slowly.

She knew that Armaan was just trying to make her feel light and he successfully did it, she adore his caring nature how easily he understand everyone and stand by her side for everything. Armaan look towards her cute smile and tear in her eyes he take out his hanky and look towards her.

“May I?” he asked and she nodded he slightly wipe off tears from her eyes when he feel someone is coming.

Riddhima immediately hold his hanky from his hand to wipe her tears getting up so that the person who was coming don’t notice it. 

Armaan too gets up looking towards the door.

“Oyee hoyeee hoyeee hoyeee, kya ho raha hai Armaan” Rahul eneter inside teasing them.

Riddhima smile slightly blushing on his comment and Armaan tried to ignore it.

“Kuch nhi, chal bahar chalte hain, khoobsurat waadiya hamara intezaar kar rahi hain” Armaan hold his hand and move forward.

“Kya baat hai Ammy, good ascent kiska asar hai waise ye” he look towards him and then turn towards Riddhima “Bhabhi kahi apka to nhi?” he look towards her being confused.

She stood there being shy bending her head down.

Armaan drag rahul down from bus and Riddhima too tried to escape from their teasing session and thankfully Vansh came to her rescue..

“Bhabhi bahut beautiful place hai, aap late kyu kar rahe ho chalo na mai apko dikhata hu” Vansh hold Riddhima’s hand and run towards the side family members were present.

“Armaan ye Vansh pakka tera patta katega, Bhabhi ka chamcha” Rahul said while Armaan glared him for that. Both look towards each other then burst out laughing.

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