Friday, 6 April 2018

part 12 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

"Armaannn!!" Riddhima took a few steps backwards as she saw Armaan advancing towards her…….Armaan placed his arm around Riddhima's waist and pulled her closer to himself and even before Riddhima could register anything he slammed his lips on hers……Riddhima looped her arms around Armaan's neck making the kiss deeper….she opened her eyes a little and closed them again but then she opened them with a jerk and was shocked to see a disheveled Priya standing behind them with her eye liner smeared, her hair a mess and her hands holding a……knife….A KNIFE….

Riddhima quickly pushed Armaan away from herself and heard Priya speak

"I am going to kill you Riddhima…….you stole Armaan from me… are a cheat, a liar and the world's worst friend…."

"Guys I am outta here." Saying that Armaan left the room leaving Riddhima alone with a furious Priya….

Riddhima began "No Priya you getting it all wrong…." But before Riddhima could complete her sentence Priya pushed the knife inside Riddhima's stomach……….Riddhima fell on the floor with blood all around her while Priya was laughing like an evil maniac……She kicked Riddhima's body on the floor


The glass fell from Riddhima's side table as she was banging her hand everywhere restlessly due to the nightmare she was having…..she quickly sat up and wiped the sweat from her forehead….and she started muttering to herself…

"Man what was that all about???? You are dreaming of kissing that idiot Armaan and be another notch in his endless list of conquests…..get a grip girl….there are loads of better looking and better kissing guys out there am sure…..and OH MY GOD Priya looked scary….and she killed me….and that slime ball just left me with her to get killed…..why didn't she kill Armaan….why me??" Riddhima sat with her head bent low totally confused and a little scared with the feelings she was getting…..her eyes fell on the clock and she quickly jumped out of the bed and rushed into the bathroom hoping that Priya would not actually kill her for coming late…..

She took her bath quickly and stood in front of the bathroom mirror…….smiling she told herself

"Riddhima……you are Riddhima Carter the super model….guys are totally crazy about you and please let it remain that way and don't go all bonkers over this Armaan guy…..coz he is mean, rude and a playboy…..yes and he is so not worth your time….so now its fixed that you are not going to think about him again and have fun with Priya…"

Riddhima smiled at her reflection and stood with a determination to not think about the devil Armaan for the rest of the day…..



"Oh I am really sorry…..damn you…… now what are YOU doing here?" Riddhima looked irritated at Armaan……..just when she was sure she had forgotten him….BANG he is there again to haunt her and what was she supposed to do now……there was no getting away from this guy…..he is such a pain…

Armaan looked at Riddhima totally confused and slightly hurt as to why she was so frustrated at seeing him here……wasn't he allowed at the mall….

"What happened? Miss. High and Mighty seems to be in a bad mood today and not that there is anything new about it……coz I don't know about others but with me you are always either sulking or yelling….and why are you so surprised? You don't think that the extremely dashing Armaan Malik is forbidden from coming at public place in fear that the girls might loose their senses gawking at my handsome face?" Armaan gave a cheesy smile to Riddhima getting back a dirty look and then she retorted "You are seriously delusional….and thats the worst cheesy line I ever heard of."

Armaan chuckled and picked up the handbag that Riddhima had dropped when he heard her cell ringing inside it…..Riddhima quickly took the call

"babe where are you? I have been waiting for you from an hour……………WHAT….you can't come and you couldn't inform me on time………fine go to hell." Riddhima threw the cell back in her hand back and taking a sigh decided to be polite and answer Armaan's questioning look directed at her….

"It was Priya. I had to do some shopping so I had asked her to be here since I hate shopping alone but guess what she has some important work to do and so she can't come and she informs me after making me wait for an hour."

Armaan smiled at her kiddish behavior and spoke "If you don't mind I would like to stay with you since my friends are not going to show up for quite some time."

Riddhima looked at Armaan and did not notice anything suspicious about the proposal he made so she agreed.

"How about this?" Riddhima turned towards Armaan only to see him not paying any attention to her at all……..she looked at the mother son pair he was so intently looking at…..

"What are you looking at Armaan?"

"I miss my mom." Armaan stated simply and Riddhima was touched by his simple admission and she thought that he looked cute when he said that….she cupped his face and spoke "Armaan what do you miss your mom for……don't you know that when people die they get more close to us and are always watching us so for your mom's sake smile and keep smiling….ya like that." Riddhima pulled Armaan's cheeks into a smile but after a couple of seconds she removed her hands realizing what she was doing. She turned around quickly and started looking through the dresses while Armaan's smile just got deeper and deeper.

After 20 minutes Riddhima was done with her shopping surprising Armaan as according to him girls took an eternity to complete their shopping but as usual Riddhima proved to be different.

They went and sat in a restaurant across each other.

"Can I ask you something?" Riddhima asked Armaan hesitating a little coz now that they were sitting across each other and not FIGHTING…..she was reminded of the last conversation they had and she felt a little awkward.

"Sure. Go ahead." She snapped out of her thoughts and continued

"Armaan. Why were you ignoring me on the party that day?" Armaan looked at her slightly taken aback. He decided to tell her the truth and looked straight into her eyes and spoke "I was hurt Riddhima because of the accusations that you made at me that day….I mean yes you were right that I behaved in the wrong way with Priya but I did not really believe that she loved me…..I thought that she was trying to trap me for my money like all other….how was I supposed to know that her feelings for me were genuine. You did not even hear my side of the story and declared me as a low life scum…."

Riddhima looked apologetically at him and placing her hand over his she spoke

"I am sorry Armaan…..I guess my better judgment was clouded by my love for Priya…Won't you forgive me Armaan?"

Armaan looked at Riddhima and smiling mischievously he spoke "Only on one condition."

Riddhima narrowed her eyes at him and raising her eyebrow she probed him to go on

"You will have to be the main model for our upcoming fashion show and also for the catalogue that we'll be making for our new set of garment that we are going to launch…and yes you'll have to do some photo shoots as well."

Riddhima looked at Armaan amused at his comdition and then she spoke "Do you even know what you are asking for? Directors, ad agencies, photographers, companies all crave to work with me…..sending me offers everyday…trying their best to convince me but I work with only the best….

"And I am offering you the best Riddhima. Enigma is one of the best fashion houses and trust me when I say that working with us will simply add to your reputation…..and don't make it sound as if you are doing me a favour by agreeing to it because this is just a prize that you have to pay to get Armaan Malik to forgive you." Armaan lifted his head proudly while Riddhima chuckled and spoke

"Fine Mr. Malik I am ready to work with you…..though I should be grateful because I get your forgiveness but still I just want to tell you that once the news is out about me working for your fashion house…..your fashion house will touch a new league and will be in news all the time." Armaan considered what she was saying and nodded his head at her realizing that she was right…..he had made the offer because he wanted to spend some more time with her and have her close to him all the time but now that he thought about it… seemed to be a really profitable venture and Armaan knew his dad would be delighted to hear the news.

They both walked out of the restaurant and went to the parking lot but suddenly Riddhima stopped and turning towards Armaan she asked him "Hey weren't you supposed your friends?"

Armaan smiled cheekily and spoke "I said that so you'll let me stay with you. I mean I didn't really want to go home and so……"

He trailed off while Riddhima gave him a comforting a smile and bidding a cheerful goodbye at him she moved towards her car while Armaan stared at her back delighted by the progress he has made with her.

And now he was desperately waiting to start this new assignment while Riddhima too was very excited about it but what she didn't know was that she was not the only one working on the modeling assignment……Claire Colin too was a part of it.

Armaan went home and gave his dad the news about Riddhima working with them on their new assignment and as expected Abhimanyu Malik was delighted not just for their financial profits but also about the fact that now Riddhima and Armaan would spend a lot more time together……


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