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Part 12 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Rahul admire Armaan’s face, his brother was laughing freely after a long time, he made himself busy in business and work becoming cut-off from enjoyment. Although he don’t like becoming free with everyone or partying hard like Rahul but something was missing from his life to live it happily.

Thanks to Riddhima he was coming towards life.

“Haste raha kar, achha lagta hai dil ko” Rahul hugged him and Armaan smile.

Riddhima joined family members and Nikki smile looking towards her as she was smiling happily on Vansh’s joke.

“Oye Ridzi, tu to mujhe bhool hi gai hai” Muskaan came towards her pouting.

“Nhi Muskaan, aisa kuch nhi hai” she smile looking towards her.

“Aur agar aisa hai v, to tumhe kyu mirchi lag rahi hai, afterall wo meri hone wali bhabhi hai to hame to jyada time dengi hi” Rahul left no chance to tease her.

“Dekho Mr.Rahul Mallik, I’m not talking to you aur Riddhima meri best friend hai ok to aap beech me na aaye” she said controlling her anger infront of others.

Riddhima knew how much Muskaan was attached with her that’s why she don’t want to extend this topic.

“Muski, aisa kabhi hua hai kya ki mai tumhe bhool jaungi, tumhari jagah meri life me bahut important hai” she smiled while Armaan look towards her how she tried to handle Muskaan.

“Ha lekin fir v shadi k baad to bhabhi hamare sath hi jayengi tab kya karogi tum?” Rahul still continued while Armaan glared him not to do so but he ignored it enjoying Muskaan’s anger.

“Nikki tu apne bhai ko chup kara le, mera dimaag kharab ho raha hai” Muskaan said passing deadly glare to Rahul.

“Koi baat nhi Muskaan apko Riddhima bhabhi ki jyada yaad aayegi to apko v le chalenge Delhi” Nikki said.

“Ha aap Rahul bhaiya se shadi kar lena” Vansh said while Rahul chuckle alongwith Nikki.

“Mai aur is langur se shadi karungi, itne v bure din nhi aaye hain mere” she retort and Rahul look towards her being surprised.

“Mujhe kya pagal kutte ne kata hai jo mai tumse shadi karunga” Rahul said and she move towards him to hit him while he rush behind Armaan.

“Bachho aa jao, yaha pe aaplog”Anurag called them.

“Chalo ab”Muskaan hold Nikki and Riddhima’s hand then look towards Armaan and left Riddhima’s hand and hold Vansh’s hand dragging them towards others leaving Armaan and Riddhima alone so that they can come together, Rahul went towards his family before them.

“Chale” Armaan asked looking towards Riddhima.

“Hmm” she nodded smilingly.

They move forward and Armaan was looking towards the natural beauty while Riddhima smile looking towards the peace on Armaan’s face.

“Apko ye jagah achhi lagi?” she asked slowly.

“Mujhe bahut achhi lagi ye jagah, I mean being in Delhi working all the time we hardly get time to be in touch with natural beauty. Thanks to Mom and Chachi we have our own beautiful lawn cum garden where we spend our evenings but yaha kuch alag hi hai” he said looking around and smile.

“Armaan aa jao, baki baatein baad me kar lena” Rahul called them.

Riddhima bend her head down blushing on his comment and Armaan shake his head knowing Rahul won’t become serious.

Ananya and Padma smile as both their children were becoming free with each other slowly.

They settle down near waterfall, so many peoples were enjoying the waterfall view alongwith friends, family etc.

Family members were busy in talking and walking near water asking kids to enjoy themselves.

Armaan and Rahul were center of attraction as girls drools over them Rahul being flirty talk with few girls and Nikki alongwith Muskaan smirk.

They sign each other and went towards Rahul. 

Nikki winked Muskaan and she suudenly hold Rahul’s hand when he was trying to flirt with a girl.

“Rahul, it’s very bad dekho na kitni pyari jagah hai aur tum apni girlfriend ko chhod kaha ghum rahe ho” Muskaan said pouting.

Rahul look towards her being shocked.
That girl’s reaction change from the moment Muskaan came.

“What you are his girlfriend? And you were saying that you don’t know any girl” that girl scold Rahul and left.

“Kya problem hai tumhari?” Rahul ask holding muskaan’s hand.

“Maine kya kiya? Try to act little decent” she said shrugging of his hand.

“Kya Rahul bhaiya, kaha se aap us ladki k peeche pade the? Wo to chali gai” Nikki joined them and laugh.

“Bade maje aa rahe hain tujhe is chipkali k sath aur aaye v kyu na teri hi tarah hai na ye v” Rahul said greeting his teeth as that girl went away from him.

“Nikki kuch jal raha hai, lets go warna ham v jal jayenge” Muskaan said and they ran away from there.

Armaan and Riddhima were walking nearby waterfall, Riddhima being water lover enjoy the beauty and Armaan observe her smile and become happy.

“Bhabhi, aap aise kyu chal rahe ho waha chalo na” Vansh came towards them and pointed towards water.

“Nhi Vansh, aap ghumo na waha pe, mai theek hu yaha” she replied holding his hand.

“Nhi chalo na pleashhhhhh” Vansh said cutely.

“Vansh, baby try to understand” she become tensed.

“Agar apko darr lagta hai to mai aur Armaan bhaiya dono apko pakad k cahelnge” Vansh said.

Riddhima look towards Armaan and he was enjoying their talk.

“Vansh, aap chalo ball leke aao mai apki bhabhi ko leke aata hu” Armaan said looking towards Vansh.

“Promise?” he asked.

“Promise” Riddhima look towards Armaan being shocked when he promised Vansh.

“Yayyeeee, mai ball leke aata hu” he ran away from there.

“Riddhima” he called her while she was looking towards water being horrified.

“Armaan, nhi mai pani me nhi jaungi plz aur yaha pe to bilkul nhi” she look towards Armaan and he understand something is bothering her.

“Riddhima kya hua?” he asked.

“Kuch nhi” she become silent.

“Okay if you don’t want to tell then it’s okay” he said and turn away to go when Riddhima hold his hand instantly not knowing what else to do.

Armaan look towards his hand which was held by Riddhima, he suppress his smile knowing now she will share her worries.

“Armaan” she called him in trembling voice.

Armaan instantly move towards her and become worried looking towards the tears forming in her eyes. He immediately hold her hands tightly.

“Riddhima kya hua? Are you fine?” he asked her.

He didn’t replied, Armaan make her sit properly on a rock and hold her hand tightly.

“Riddhima you can share you happiness with me but at the same time you will have to share your fear also, hame ek dusre ka sath dena hai Riddhima” she look towards him and honesty in his eyes make her smile inbetween tears “Hamesha, hai na?” he look into her eyes.

She nodded her head in response and hold his hand more tightly gather courage to spill the beans, she look into his eyes and he looked back soothing her by his gesture.

“Armaan, wo,, bahut time pahle mai yaha pe aai thi kyunki mujhe pani bahut pasand hai and at that time a kid was playing near this waterfall, he was drowning and I rush towards him to save him, he was saved but while coming out I slipped down coz of sleepery surface and become unconscious” she told him holding his hand tightly as if her life depends on that touch.

“Tab se mujhe pani k andar jane se darr lagta hai” she said looking towards Armaan.

Armaan look towards her watery eyes and wipe her tears away “Riddhima, that was an accident, use leke itna stressed hone ki jarurat nhi hai, try to see positive part tumne us baby ko bachaya and you just slipped down” he said looking towards her and she look towards water.

“Riddhima, agar ek cheej galat ho jaye to us k darr se ham aage koshish karna hi chhod de ye to sabse galat hai na” Armaan said looking towards her.

She look towards Armaan and shook her head in yess, Armaan smile getting up and forward his hand towards her.

“To ek baar fir se koshish kar k dekho, mere sath” Armaan said and both look towards each other “And I promise mai tumhe kuch nhi hone dunga” he whisper slowly and Riddhima’s cheek start changing color.

She bend her head down shyly and give her hand in Armaan’s hand, they slowly enter in water when Riddhima closed her eyes feeling water over her feet. She slightly imbalance but Armaan hold her carefully she look towards him being surprised as his one hand was holding her one hand tightly and other was over her waist as he was standing behind her. 

That was the closest proximity they share till now and Riddhima shudder under his hold, she feel some different sensation arising under her body, she bend down her eyes. Armaan didn’t noticed first coz his focus was to hold Riddhima securely so that she don’t fall. But when she shiver Armaan feel something different, he look towards her and found her close to his heart, she shyly look to other side. Reality struck his mind and he left her waist immediately.

“I’m really sorry actually to hold you securely I just,,,,,” he don’t know what to say.

“It’s okay Armaan I trust you” she said holding his hand and bend her eyes down “I know aap mujhe girne nhi denge” she said and he look towards her with a smile on his face.

Muskaan saw her entering in water and ran towards them she knew her fear of water.

“Muskaan kya hua?” Nikki asked and Rahul also joined them.

“Nikki, Riddhima ko pani se bahut darr lagta hai wo andar nhi jati but,,,,,” she stop when she found Armaan alongwith her.

She stood on her spot and watch them, how Armaan carefully make her come forward step by step.

They adore their bonding and Muskaan stood there smiling on them, she feel happy as Armaan was becoming Riddhima’s life partner as both were perfect for each other.

“Mera bhai apni responsibility bahut achhe se puri karta hai aur Riddhima bhabhi to uski hone wali wife hain unhe wo kaise ignore kar sakta hai”Rahul said and for the first time Muskaan agree with him.

“Mai bolna to nhi chahti but pahli baar tum sahi bol rahe ho” Muskaan said looking towards Rahul and they smile.

“Yayyeeee, bhabhi hold this” Vansh throw his ball towards her and she tried to hold ball and at the same time Armaan also hold the ball.

They look towards each other and Armaan smile looking towards her while she smile bending her head down.

“Arey yaar ball use deke sharmao na” Muskaan came from behind holding Riddhima and she startle looking towards her.

“Wo kya hai na bhabhi, aap yaha aake bhool hi gai hain ki Armaan bhaiya k sath ham v apke sath aaye hain” Nikki also join them.

“Armaan mere bhai, tune hame bhula diya to hamne socha ki ham khud hi tujhe yaad dila de apni”Rahul came from behind and Armaan smile cutely on their teasing.

“Arey koi meri ball to pass karo” Vansh said as Armaan and Riddhima were holding his ball.

“Ha ye le” Rahul throw his ball coming inbetween Armaan and Riddhima.

Water splash on Muskaan when Rahul throw ball towards Vansh, he look towards her angry face.

“Sorry Muskaan wo mai,,,,,,,” Rahul was about to say something when Muskaan throw water over him.

He look towards Muskaan being shocked, Nikki too joined them and while throwing water over Rahul it falls on Armaan and Riddhima. Then they began their water fight Vansh too joined them, they enjoyed a lot and Armaan smile looking towards Riddhima playing happily in water leaving her fear away.

They came out all wet and went towards their family, Ananya and Padma stood up being shocked on their condition. Billy get up being shocked, they become horrified that they will get scolding from Billy now as he don’t like too much masti and specially Armaan stay out of all these but today he was also involved with them. 

Riddhima look towards Armaan making sad face and he blink his eyes assuring her.

“Ye kya kiya tum logo ne?” Billy asked in stern voice.

They look towards each other thinking what to say but become shocked when they heard Billy laughing loudly on their condition. Every elder person present there laugh on them and they smile that he was not angry now.

“Tum log v na pure bachhe ho, jao jake change karo” Prerna said and gave Riddhima vanity van’s keys. They left to change their dress, Riddhima, Nikki and Muskaan came out after changing their dress and drying their hairs. Armaan and others also came out after sometime changing into some comfortable clothes. 

Armaan’s eyes were fixed on Riddhima when she was talking with Nikki and Muskaan while drying her hairs, he observe her smile how innocent she looks without any make-up indeed she was a natural beauty who took his heart away. Riddhima feel his gaze and her cheek color start changing without looking towards him.


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