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part 13 : Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima knocked onto Armaan's cabin and walked in when he allowed……

She was impressed by his cabin. It was very neat and clean with all the files in their places and the furniture stylish and sophisticated…..

"Have a seat Riddhima." Armaan smiled at Riddhima and sat down next to her in front of his table……

"So are you excited about the new assignment."

"Excited…….am desperate to start Armaan…. Modeling is my passion which I have not done for quiet some time so am really eager to get started but ya I had to tell you that I have called up Andy and he'll be here within 4 hours….I had called him tomorrow itself."

Armaan frowned and asked Riddhima "Whose Andy?"

"Andy is my photographer Armaan, in fact he is a superb photographer…the most sought after and its not easy to get him so thank me for that….." Riddhima smiled at Armaan who was still frowning "But Riddhima we have good photographers here."

"Oh Armaan chillax….Andy is special. When you'll see the photographs you'll know what I mean……his photography is magical and you are going to love it."

Armaan sighed and did not argue any further. He was explaining the whole assignment to Riddhima when they heard a female voice yell "ARMAAN!!!"

They both turned towards the door only to see Claire standing there……Riddhima's jaw dropped to the ground while Armaan stood up with a smile on his face. Claire ran to Armaan excitedly and hugged him tightly…..Riddhima got up and pulled Armaan away from Claire and stepped between the two and spoke "What are you doing here?"

Armaan looked at Riddhima trying to figure out what was wrong with her while Claire gave a dirty look to her and spoke "Don't you have any manners Carter? And who are you to ask me what I am doing here?"

Riddhima regretted getting so impulsive but luckily for her Armaan intervened at that very moment and spoke to Riddhima "Riddhima, Claire is also working on the same assignment…. Claire why don't you go and check out the dresses and I and Riddhima will join you within five minutes…." Claire smiled and moved out of the cabin…..

Armaan looked at Riddhima and quickly took a few steps backwards as he saw her enraged expression…….and NOW he remembered what he had done…….gotten the biggest of enemies to work together……

Riddhima was breathing heavily while looking at Armaan with daggers in her eyes……

Gathering a lot of courage Armaan spoke "Riddhima I am….."


Armaan too was angry now…….first she gets her own photographer without his permission and now she is commanding him to throw another model out……she had no right to decide that……..fine she was THE best model but if she wants to work with him she'll have to work on his terms…..

"Riddhima I can't do that and you'll have to keep your personal problems aside for this….."

He was once again cut off by Riddhima "PERSONAL PROBLEMS…..there are no personal problems here……she hates me Armaan and if she works with me she will make sure she makes this my worst modeling experience ever….. She has tried doing that before and she'll try again…….."

Armaan stopped Riddhima by placing a finger on her lips and then gripping her shoulder he spoke "Relax!! I won' let her do any harm to your work I promise…..besides you are going to be the lead model and won't you enjoy being superior to Claire in this assignment."

Riddhima thought for a while and looking at Armaan's pleading eyes she agreed…..

They both exchanged a smile and Armaan took her to the costume place….

As soon as Claire saw Armaan and Riddhima entering she walked towards Armaan and linking her arm with his she spoke "I love your collection Armaan….its amazing. I am impressed."

Riddhima walked towards the collection leaving the two behind and checked out the designs and the fabric….. Armaan walked up to her with Claire still clinging to his arm "Do you like the collection Riddhima?"

"Hmmm…..Wow Armaan. Its really nice…."

Just then Armaan's assistant walked inside with some documents in her hand……Armaan gave one file to Riddhima and the other to Claire….. They both were reading the file when Armaan heard Claire almost yell

"WHAT THE F*** IS THIS???? RIDDHIMA IS THE MAIN MODEL???? WHAT IS THIS ARMAAN???" Riddhima smirked while Armaan rolled his eyes wondering what mess he had gotten himself into…..and now he had no idea what he was supposed to say…

"Look Claire….. I know you two don't get along very well but please I request you guys to behave maturely. And Claire you have to agree that Riddhima is leading the success charts currently and is in great demand….. The public world over is crazy about her and so her being the lead model will help a lot… have your own qualities Claire… you are a senior in the field and we definitely need your experience here and you are also an established name so having you is a bonus here….." He looked at Claire's not so pleased face but he'll be damned if he took any nonsense from the two models here….. He was the boss and he'll decide how things are going to work. They might be the best but they are not the only ones.

Claire finally agreed….she couldn't afford to displease Armaan and no matter what she pretended to the world…. The fact was that she was out of work and somewhere inside she knew that Armaan too has given the assignment for friendship sake. She had no choice but to put up with Riddhima.

He got the papers signed and sitting in his cabin he explained them the whole assignment. They were about to complete the discussion when Riddhima suddenly stood up and spoke "I am sorry guys but I have to go. I have to pick somebody from the airport." Armaan knew Riddhima was talking about Andy her photographer so he decided he'll accompany her and this way he'll get to know what kind of a guy they were hiring….

"Riddhima wait a moment…..Claire I have told you pretty much everything. We have read the documents as well and rest I'll tell you at the location tomorrow." Claire smiled at him and standing up, much to Riddhima's disgust, she placed a kiss against Armaan's cheek and left the cabin but not before giving Riddhima a cold stare….

Riddhima quickly turned towards Armaan and spoke "Did you see that?? Did you just see that???"

Armaan raised his eyebrow at Riddhima and spoke "Saw what Riddhima?"

"Claire's face when she left…. Didn't you see she gave me the coldest look ever??"

Armaan rolled his eyes and spoke "Stop it Riddhima. She didn't do any such thing. Stop being paranoid."

Riddhima banged her foot on the floor like a little kid and left the cabin….Armaan smiled at her kiddish behavior and then ran after her to catch up with her.

She was about to get into her car when he yelled "Wait I am also coming with you."

Riddhima did not say anything and simply got into the car and opened the passenger door for him….. Armaan grinned and got into the car but before Riddhima could start the car he held her hands and turning her to himself he held his ears and spoke "I am sorry."

Riddhima pouted at him but looking at his puppy dog face she caved in and gave him a sweet smile. She started the car and drove to the airport.


Armaan and Riddhima got out of the car and Riddhima looked her door and was about to turn around when a hand went around her waist and she was lifted in the air…… Riddhima was spinning around giggling when Armaan saw her and also saw the tall, broad guy holding her…….he gritted his teeth and wanted to punch the guy black and blue but some how he held himself back…..

"OH MY GOD!!! PLEASE STOP IT ANDY. my head hurts." Andy placed her down and turning around she hugged him tightly.

"Oh man I missed you.." Andy told her holding her shoulders.

"I missed you too Andy…. I saw you at the award function on T.V. So you won the award again huh?"

Andy flashed his dashing smiled at her and placing a kiss against her cheek he spoke "All thanks to you missy. They selected me for your photographs…. I think we make a deadly combination together."

"Of course we do. And now we are going to show that very magical combination to people in India. And here meet Mr. Armaan Malik, owner of the fashion house Enigma and our boss….. And Armaan this is the magician photographer Andy."

Riddhima introduced the two and they both shook hands….

"There is another person with me Riddhima." Andy told Riddhima in reply to which she simply raised an eye brow but before Andy could say anything Riddhima felt someone hug her from behind "Hey its me…"

Riddhima's eyes widened when she realized who the voice belonged to….it was none other than her boyfriend Kevin….

After giving Riddhima a bear hug and a light kiss on her lips he moved towards a very angry Armaan who felt like he could do a murder or two at the moment…..

He extended his hand in front of Armaan and spoke "Hi! I am Kevin…. Riddhima's boyfriend."


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