Monday, 23 April 2018

Part 13 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Whole family enjoy with each other playing and laughing. Armaan watch Riddhima she was smiling remembering her moments with Armaan and a blush cover –up her face which make Armaan smile.

He was walking talking on phone regarding his work but his mind was covered by Riddhima, he don’t know how his every thought was moving towards Riddhima, why he used to think about her every moment. He was smiling in his own ignoring the person on another side of phone.

“SIRRRR” someone called him loudly on phone making him keep his phone away from his ears.

“C’mon Akhil can’t you be a little slow” he said.

“Sorry Sir, mai kab se apse puch raha hu hame mail karna Switzerland wale client ko apna agreement ya nhi but aap kuch bol hi nhi rahe hain” Akhil (Armaan’s Assistant) said and he smile.

“Ha wo actually mai,,,,an, leave it mai tumhe aaj raat tak batata hu Chachu se discuss kar k” Armaan replied and cut the call.

Armaan turn to go towards family members but he found Nikki and Rahul standing behind him, he become scared as they were just behind him when he turn around.

“God you guys make me scared” Armaan said calming his expression and keep his phone in pocket.

Rahul and Nikki revolve around him three four times keeping finger on their cheeks.

Armaan raised his brows up asking why they were acting like this. But they didn’t say anything just staring him top to down.

“Rahul, Nikks, what happen guys?” he asked getting irritated.

“Ek minute” Rahul hold Armaan’s face and move both side.

“Yaar Nikki shakal to iski hamare Armaan jaisi hi hai” Rahul said in a serious tone looking towards Nikki while Armaan frown not getting why they were doing so.

“Ha Rahul bhaiya but he is not our Armaan Mallik, wo kaha kisi k sath jaldi mingle hote the aur wo to kisi ladki k bare me sochte v nhi the” Nikki said.

“Ha exactly aur wo kisi v ladki ko smile tak nhi pass karta tha, he was our Armaan Mallik ye koi aur hi hai” Rahul said and Armaan smile cutely suppressing his shy smile getting why they were acting.

“Dekho abhi isko, abhi ye blush wali smile kar raha hai, naam se hi” Rhaul said and they laugh making Armaan silent.

“Kya hua hai tum dono ko?” Armaan asked.

“Wahi to ham puch rahe hain bhaiya kya hua hai apko?” Niki asked.

“Kahi pyaar to nhi ho gaya apko Riddhima bhabhi se?” Rahul asked and Armaan look towards him being confused.

“Pyaar? Really?” itni jaldi kaise pyaar ho sakta hai, we hardly met two – three times”Armaan said.

Nikki kept her hand on her forehead and look towards Rahul who smile and said “Bhai mere, pyaar hone k liye baar baar milna jaruri nhi, wo to bas ho jata hai, jaise tujhe ho gaya hai” 

“Aur tujhe kyu lag raha hai ki mujhe pyaar hua hai” Armaan look towards him coz he was actually not getting a grip over his emotions.

“Bhaiya, apko Riddhima bhabhi achhi lagti hain na? not just coz our family selected her but agar normally apko Riddhima bhabhi dikhti to kya achhi lagti” Nikki asked.

“Ha, but kisi ko like karna is different thing na” he asked.

“Armaan tu bahut innocent hai aur Riddhima v isliye ham sab khsh hain ki tumhari shadi usi se ho rahi hai” Rahul hugged him and Armaan smile.

“Rahul bhaiya don’t disturb” Nikki said and look towards Armaan “Ha to Armaan bhaiya getting back to point, apko Riddhima bhabhi achhi lagti hain?” she asked and Armaan nodded.

“Apka dil karta hai unse baatein karne ka? Unse milne ka? Ya fir wo apke aas paas hoti hain to kuch alag feel hota hai?” Nikki asked and Armaan nodded in yess.

“Unki koi baat jis se wo pareshan hoti hai us se aap v pareshan hote ho ya fir apka dil karta hai ki aap unki problem ko solve kare” Nikki look towards him coz they saw him helping Riddhima in water.

“Ha” Armaan said remembering the same moment and their meetings.

“To mere sweet innocent brother you are in love with Riddhima Bhabhi, totally” Nikki said hugging him from one side and Rahul from other side.

“Really” Armaan was equally surprised as he haven’t thought anything like this.

“Yes, brother and the point is she is also the same” Rahul said and Armaan smile.

“Tujhe kaise pata?” Armaan look towards him.

“Hamare source hain pata lagane k” and show him Muskaan, she was also present there but Armaan didn’t noticed coz she was behind him.

“Ha Armaan, ye sach hai wo v tumhari tarah pagal hai, use v ehsaas dilana baki hai ki wo tumse kitna pyaar karti hai” Muskaan said and hugged him sidewise “But I’m really happy that tum uski life me aa rahe ho” and Armaan smile.

“Thanks Muskaan” Armaan said and she give her best smile.

Rahul look towards her coz she was different from what she behave but don’t know why she used to fight with him. Rahul was busy in his own thought when Muskaan find him looking towards her.

“Kyu ghoor rahe ho?”Muskaan asked him and he said nothing.

“Kuch nhi” and left from there.

“Ek to ye apke bhai ko pata nhi kya problem hai” Muskaan said and Nikki laugh.

“Nhi Nikki mera bhai bahut achha hai, wo bas apni seriousness ko chhupata hai masti k beech me, ek baar jake court me dekho wo kitne confidently apna case represent karta hai”Armaan smile praising Rahul and Muskaan smile as they both care for each other.

They left waterfall during evening and reached Mallik House, Riddhima had to go that day thus Ananya and Prerna were packing gifts for her while she was refusing to accept. They had their dinner then sit alongwith others talking about some random stuffs.

Suddenly Nikki came and took Riddhima with her.

“Bhabhi chalo to” Nikki said.

“But Nikki kaha le ja rahi ho mujhe” she asked.

“Nikki Di, aap Bhabhi ko kaha le ja rahe ho?”Vansh said coming from a side and asked.

“Ek to is jasuus ko pata nhi kitna shauk chadha hai har baat me ghusne ka” Nikki murmured and smile cheekily towards Vansh.

“Vansh, tujhe Muskaan bula rahi hai garden me dekh to kuch lai hai tere liye” Nikki said looking towards Vansh.

“Really” he become happy then murmured “Ye achanak se Nikki Di ko kya ho gaya, mujhse itna sweetly boli, anyways mujhe kya mai to Muskaan Di se milta hu” Vansh left from there and Riddhima look towards Nikki raising her brows up.

“Arey aap chhodo na use, aap chalo warna sab apko bulane lagenge” Nikki drag her towards terrace.

“Bhabhi, mai abhi aati hu” Nikki said and left from there and Riddhima turn around only to get surprised coz Armaan was present there.

“Armaan” she whisper his name slowly.

Armaan smile and came towards her, her face start changing color as soon as she saw him.

“Hi” he said looking towards her blushing face.

“Hi, wo Nikki mujhe yaha pe,,,,,,” Riddhima said when he cut her in middle.

“Maine bola tha Nikki ko” Armaan said gazing her continuously.

She look towards him being surprised but bend her head down as his eyes were fixed on her face.

“Kuch kaam tha?” she asked slowly.

“Hmm,,, kuch bahut jaruri” he said gazing her.

“KYA?” she look towards him and they get lost in each other eyes.

“Riddhima, wo can I have your number if you don’t mind” he asked and Riddhima look towards him.

He can get it from anyone without asking but she really liked it when Armaan ask it from her only taking her consent. She smile shyly and gave her phone to him. Armaan take it happily, dialed his number from her phone and return her.

“Mai jau?” she asked not looking towards him.

“Hmm” he said watching her every expression closely.

She look towards him once and turn to go, Armaan came back to reality when he feels that she was leaving.

“Riddhima ek minute” he called her and she stop.

“Meri kisi baat se tumhe bura to nhi lagta? I mean agar mai tumse kuch maangu to?” he asked and Riddhima shook her head in no and look towards him.

“To can I have your pic in my phone” he asked and she look towards him being surprised.

“may I?” he open camera in his phone and look towards her Riddhima smile slightly as her natural blush was making her more beautiful.

Armaan took her pic and a selfie with him then look towards her, he was feeling happy to get her in his life.

“Riddhima, tum kabhi v koi v baat mujhse share kar sakti hain and I promise I’ll always be there for you. Tumhe kabhi hesitate karne ki jarurat nhi hai, tum meri responsibility ho aur meri sabse badi khushi v” Armaan said holding her hand.

Riddhima smile looking towards him “Thank You Armaan, for understanding me aur aap jante hain apka haq hai mere upar to apko har baat ki permission lene ki jarurat nhi hai I know aap kabhi v aisa kuch nhi karenge jis se kisi ko hurt ho” she smile looking towards him and he get surprised how easily she start trusting him.

He mumble a thanku and came towards her “I wish tumhe is se koi problem nhi hogi” Armaan hold her hand come close to her and lean towards her.

Riddhima get nervous as he was coming close to her but a beautiful smile form on her face when he find his lips over her forhead, she feel blessed. Armaan stood like this for few seconds then look towards her, her beautiful smile make him smile too.

“Tumhari smile bahut khoobsurat hai” he whisper slowly while she was not able to open her eyes as her cheeks were becoming red “Good Night, I’ll miss you” he said leaving her and stepping back.

“I’ll miss you too” she replied and ran away from there hiding her blush from him.

Armaan look towards her retreating figure and smile keeping his hands in his pockets and looking towards sky “God! I think I really love her” and his smile become broad making his dimples more deeper.

Riddhima rushed down and Muskaan caught her, “Kaha se aa rahi hai tu?” she asked.

“Kahi nhi chal” she said controlling her blush.

“Achha ji ab hamse v jhoot, ye kyu nhi bolti ki Armaan se mil k aa rahi hai” Muskaan said.

“Muski, shushh” she make her silent and look here and there.

Muskaan smile looking towards her face she smile inwardly feeling happy for her, “Chal ab sab bula rahe hain tujhe” she said and drag her.

“Riddhima beta mann to nhi kar raha tumhe bhejne but kya kare tumhare Mom Dad v to rahna chahte hain tumhare sath but ham jaldi hi leke aayenge tumhe apne paas” Ananya said hugging her and she smile. 

Riddhima touch everyone’s feet and took blessings, Armaan was coming down from stairs looking towards her, she smile and turn her gaze away. Armaan came and took blessings.

“Achha ab ham chalte hain” Shashank fold his hand and they left.

Riddhima was about to sit in car when Vansh came running.

“Bhabhi aap mujhse to mili hi nhi” 

“Aww, sorry baby mujhe laga aap so gaye” Riddhima said hugging him and he smile.

Vansh kissed Riddhima’s cheek and said Good Night, Riddhima eyes fall on Armaan when Vansh kissed her cheeks Armaan was standing being surprised while Riddhima smile shyly on his reaction.

“Good Night Vansh” Riddhima said and they left.

“Ye Vansh to kuch jyada hi masti kar raha hai” Nikki said coming towards Vansh as others went inside.

Armaan was also standing there looking towards Vansh.

“Arey maine kya kia, maine to bas Good Night bola jaise mai Mom ko Apko bolta hu aur ab wo meri bhabhi ban ne wali hain to unko v to bol sakta hu na, kaise log hain bachhe ko pareshan karte hain” Vansh said and leave to sleep while Nikki Rahul and Armaan laugh on his antics.

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