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part 14 : Defeated in Love (AR ff),

Armaan paced his room angrily remembering how that monkey faced Kevin had kissed Riddhima….

I don't believe this……… she has a boyfriend. Now what am I supposed to do??? I can't believe Riddhima has such bad taste…. Kevin Cruise is THE ugliest guy I have ever seen…. Okay fine maybe he is not ugly but then at the same time he isn't as good looking as I am…..

Armaan smiled at this and standing in front of the mirror he told himself "Armaan Malik you are way more handsome then that Kevin and whats even more important is that you love Riddhima more then any guy ever can…. So its you who deserve her and not that weirdo Kevin….."

"Exactly.." Armaan stopped talking and turned around only to see his dad standing at the entrance of his room grinning…..

"Dad!!….uh I was just…."

"You love her Armaan. Don't you?" Abhimanyu asked his son knowing fully well what the answer is going to be…. Armaan had been a different person all together ever since Riddhima had come in his life…

"Ya dad I love her but she already has a boyfriend."

"Big deal Armaan. she is a supermodel and its pretty normal in there profession and you too have dated a lot of girls… being somebody's boyfriend and being actually in love are two very different things. So it doesn't mean that she loves this guy. Fight for your love Armaan….. Don't let her go like this. Tell her that there is only one man who can keep her truly happy and that's you."

Abhimanyu patted his son's back and left the room. Armaan smiled to himself and went inside to change. Riddhima had dropped him home from airport and had invited him and his dad on dinner…… initially he didn't want to go but now he was ready to face that jerk guy Kevin and courtesy demanded that they went since Shashank too had invited them.


Armaan entered Gupta mansion and saw Shashank standing right in front of him….. They greeted Shashank and Armaan looked around to see where Riddhima and the monkey and that photographer guy was and that's when he heard Shashank say….

"Armaan they are all in Riddhima's room…. Upstairs… 1st door to left." Armaan nodded his head and ascended the stairs and was about to enter when he heard Riddhima shouting

"Oh ! Shut up Kevin and don't act all innocent with me. I saw you with Claire… what do you have to say about that?"

"Riddz I agree that I was with Claire but she was the one who had called me to the terrace and the moment I was there, she was all over me and before I could even react you saw us."

"Oh please Kevin ! Stop lying. You had your hands around her and you were kissing her… I am not some little kid whom you can fool with your sweet talk.."

"No sweetheart….."

"Don't sweetheart me…. Kevin please… save your breath because nothing you say can make me change my decision." Riddhima was about to walk out of the room when Kevin gripped her wrist and whirled her around harshly….she banged into his chest and he spoke angrily "Its Andy right? You have been going around with him and I…"

He was cut off by Riddhima who looked angrily at him and raising her hand she slapped him hard across his face… "I don't believe I ever thought that you could be the one for me… nor can I believe that you can stoop so low…. Blaming me for something as disgusting as that while its you who has been cheating behind my back. Look i don't want to create a scene in my father's house and that is why i am tolerating you so don't try my patience."

With that Riddhima walked out of the room while Armaan quickly ran down the stairs back to the dining hall… He seated himself on the table… he saw Shashank's confused expression and quickly gestured him to not say anything…

Shashank was confused to see Armaan running downstairs and then he saw Riddhima who did not seem very happy….

"Riddhima beta where is Kevin?"

"Dad he is coming." Riddhima told her father and she sat next to Armaan after greeting his father…. She smiled at Armaan and they both saw Kevin enter the dining hall. He came and sat next to Riddhima after greeting everyone and soon Andy, who had just come back from some shopping too joined them.

Abhimanyu looked at Armaan who seemed a little tense… in fact everyone on the table looked tense…. Shashank was constantly looking at Riddhima who was focusing on her food and didn't look up even once while Kevin too was constantly looking at her… Abhimanyu was about to start some conversation to lighten the atmosphere when he heard Andy say to Armaan…

"Armaan…..I hope I can call you that??" Armaan smiled at Andy and so he continued

"I just wanted to warn you…. You are going to be working with Riddhima and Claire together. It ain't easy to work when they both are together. Riddhima is a professional and I am sure she won't create any problems but Claire can be a handful…. She hates Riddhima from the very core of her heart and will go to any extent to cause trouble for her which will indirectly effect your work… last time she had tried to ruin the dress Riddhima was supposed to wear on the ramp but luckily Kevin came before any damage was done…. Right dude??"

Andy smiled at Kevin who spoke in return "Of course Andy anything for Riddhima." Saying that he placed his hand over Riddhima's hand tightly so that she won't be able to remove it and seeing that Armaan felt disgusted and wanted to punch the guy right there but instead he spoke calmly "Don't worry Andy I'll make sure that Claire does not do anything this time and Kevin you can relax… I am there to take care of Riddhima." Armaan knew that wasn't the right thing to say but he liked the look on Kevin's face…. Riddhima looked up from her plate and smiled at Armaan gratefully.

Shashank saw the exchange between the two and so he passed a smile to Abhimanyu who looked pleased.

After that Andy and Armaan kept talking about work with Shashank and Abhimanyu giving there suggestions in between.

After the dinner was over they all sat in the living room while Shashank took Abhimanyu to his study.

Riddhima sat across Armaan while Kevin, who was just not ready to leave her alone, sat next to her with Andy sitting next to Armaan.

"So Kevin tell me something about yourself. I would like to know you better." Armaan said in a sarcastic tone which went unnoticed by everyone but Riddhima. She looked at his face but found it blank and she heard Kevin speak, "Well as you know I am an actor…. I have done modeling before and thank god for that because that is how I had met Riddhima. It was one of the fashion shows where I and Riddhima had to walk the ramp together…. I saw Riddhima for the first time then and was smitten in no time. Well who wouldn't be." Kevin chuckled and picking up Riddhima's hand kissed her knuckles but Riddhima snatched her hand away and spoke "Guys I am really sorry but I am feeling a little tired and would like to retire to my room." Kevin and Armaan both stood up and spoke together "Are you okay Riddhima?" Riddhima ignored Kevin and just looked at Armaan and smiling she told him "Ya Armaan I am fine…. Just a little tired. Goodnight and thanks a lot for coming today. I'll see you tomorrow at work." She walked towards the stairs and was about to step on them when she felt a hand on hers and turning around she saw Armaan standing there…..

Seeing Riddhima's face wrought with tension he leaned forward and kissed Riddhima's forehead and whispered "Riddhima if you ever want to share something… just remember I am always there for you. Goodnight." He smiled at her and went back. Riddhima looked puzzled but then she thought that maybe he had noticed how tense she was…. She smiled and went to her room.

Kevin had seen all that had happened between Armaan and Riddhima and wasn't happy with it….. He could clearly see how smitten Armaan Malik was with HIS girl friend but he will see to it that he doesn't make another move towards her….


"Shashank I would love to see you daughter as my bahu as I can see she will play the role perfectly. She might be a model but I know that she has everything that I want my bahu to have and to add to it Armaan loves her a lot. Armaan has changed thanks to her…. He is a lot more cheerful and positive towards his life. After his mother's death… there was this hollowness inside him, a void that I think only Riddhima can fill. And I know my son enough to tell you that his love for Riddhima is very true."

Shashank smiled at Abhimanyu and told him "I know and I also noticed his body language, his expressions every time he spoke to Riddhima but Abhimanyu the problem here is not Armaan but Riddhima. She is a very principled girl and since you had heard hers and Armaan's conversation about Priya in your house….you must know that Riddhima will not accept Armaan fearing that she will hurt her friend doing so…. I can see that she too likes him but she will keep avoiding her feelings for Priya's sake."

Abhimanyu nodded his head at him and Shashank continued "Don't worry I'll talk to Riddhima tomorrow."

Abhimanyu did not mention Kevin in front of Shashank because he somehow felt that there wasn't much to him anyways…. Riddhima did not seem to be in love with the guy, and being a broad minded father he knew dating is probably normal. He wanted Armaan to be completely happy now and he will do everything he possibly can to make that happen.


"Goodnight uncle." Armaan touched Shashank's feet and bid him goodnight. He was walking towards his car when suddenly his way was blocked by Kevin.

Kevin came and stood in front of Armaan. He was slightly taller than Armaan while Armaan was broader…..

"Kevin placed his hand on Armaan's shoulder roughly and spoke in a firm voice "So you are Riddhima's friend huh? Well its good but it would be even better if you stay just that…. Riddhima belongs to me and if you make a single move towards her you'll have to pay heavily for it."

Armaan smirked and removed Kevin's hand from his shoulder and took a step forward…. He looked Kevin straight in the eye and spoke "Look Kevin, we'll let Riddhima decide who she wants and doesn't want around her… and I might be just a friend but I can assure you that if a single tear falls from her eyes or if you ever hurt her in any way you will be the one paying damn heavy consequences for that. So it would be better if you watch yourself around her." He pushed Kevin away and sat down in his car and drove away to his home.


"Good morning beta" Riddhima opened her eyes and saw her dad sitting next to her. She smiled at her dad taking the coffee mug from his hand and placed it against her lips.

"Is there something you want to talk about dad?" Riddhima noticed her dad's nervous expression.

"Riddhima I wanted to ask you about Armaan. Riddhima I am really fond of that guy and would love to have him married to you… I am sure they'll keep you happy beta. He is handsome, charming, smart, intelligent, rich and so he'll suit your personality perfectly and whats even more important…. He is a very nice guy and would never hurt you and his father too would take good care of you." Riddhima listened to her dad patiently…. But when she heard him say about how nice he was and would never hurt her she couldn't help it and spoke out immediately

"Dad I don't know on what basis you think he is a nice guy… I mean he IS very sweet and caring towards me but what about the Casanova image he has? You can't deny that he has been sleeping around and dumping women…. We all know about that dad."

Shashank sighed and spoke "I know what you are talking about Riddhima and I want you to do me a favour ask Armaan himself about it. After you talk to him… give me at least some answer about the proposal I have made."

With that Shashank quickly left the room… Abhimanyu had told him everything about Armaan's past but he wanted Riddhima to hear it from Armaan himself so that she would feel the pain he has been through and that would help her get out of the whole Casanova concept that she has built around Armaan.

Riddhima got out from her bed and called up Armaan… she told him that she wanted to talk to him about something important. Armaan thought that maybe she wanted to share her problem regarding Kevin with him while Riddhima was really hoping that Armaan would give her a reason good enough to forgive his casonova image though she had no idea how that would help… she still won't make any move towards him knowing that he belonged to Priya.


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