Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Part 14 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan was lying on bed in his room flipping around Riddhima’s pic remembering their moments with each other. A beautiful smile lighten his face when he remember how he realized that he loves Riddhima. It was quite natural to fall for her as she has every quality which was needed in any girl.

Riddhima reached her home and went inside her room, she changed her dress and came back after changing her dress. Her mind was occupied by Mallik House, family members and Armaan. An innocent blushing smile form on her lips remembering Armaan. She don’t know why she feel shy infront of him coz she was not this much shy. Indeed her family called her innocent and shy but infront of Armaan her voice get struck somewhere in her throat and that blush creep over her face making everyone tease them.

She was busy in her thought and sleep remembering Armaan.

It was morning and everyone was busy in enjoying their morning tea in natural environment looking around the weather. 

Armaan gets up and came near window wearing his t-shirt as it was little cold holding his coffee mug. He stood near window and look towards the sky with a cute smile, his eyes fall over the fountain on terrace and Riddhima came into his mind.

He get out of his room quickly and went towards the terrace only to find Billy Ananya,Anurag and Prerna were sitting there enjoying their morning tea. He smile looking towards them coz they also get to spend some moments together after their busy schedule.

“Good Morning Armaan” Billy look towards him and said.

“Good Morning Dad, Mom, Chachu Chachi” he look towards them and smile.

“Aaja Armaan baith yaha” Prerna said.

“Umm,,chachi mai abhi aata hu” he said and move towards fountain.

“Is ladke ko to bas fountain hi pasand hai” Ananya said and they smile.

Armaan went towards fountain standing between railing and fountain he remember Riddhima’s words, he look down in Mussoorie and smile. Turning around his eyes fall on their name which make him smile once again.

He sit down over railings keeping his legs down and enjoy his coffee looking towards the beautiful weather while his face was covered with his cute dimpled smile.

“Oye hoye mere bhai, kya baat hai, subah subah coffee aur wo v fountain k paas and that too siting on railing with your awesome smile” Rahul came from behind and sit beside him saying these words making him came back to reality.

“Yeah, kitna achha hai na yaha” he said.

“Ha, lekin ek baat batao kahi Riddhima Bhabhi k khayalo me to nhi achha lag raha hai ye sab” Rahul said looking towards his smile.

“Rahul, don’t you get any other topic” he said looking towards him.

“Don’t you get anything else to remember leaving Riddhima bhabhi's thought aside” Rahul ask in the same way.

“Matlab?” he asked looking confused.

“God yaar Armaan, tumhari ye smile ye lost expression dekh k koi v samajh jayega ki tum usi k khayalo me khoye ho” Rahul said and Armaan look towards him being surprised.

“Really aisa hai kya?” he asked.

“Ha mere bhai aisa hi hai to a reality me aao sapano ki duniya se bahar” he said taking coffee mug from him and sipped coffee.

“Oye ye mera tha” Armaan said.

“I know but mera mann kar raha tha peene ka” he said looking towards the mountains and Armaan smile on him.

They came back after few minutes and Vansh came towards him asking “Armaan bhaiya Riddhima bhabhi kab aayengi”

“Umm,,,,” Armaan was confused what to say and Rahul giggle looking towards Armaan’s face.

“Oye Vansh, Riddhima bhabhi shadi k baad aayengi apne ghar Delhi me abhi nhi” Rahul replied.

Vansh went towards Billy and said “Tauji Riddhima bhabhi abhi kyu nhi aayengi?unki shadi kab hogi Armaan bhaiya se?” he asked looking towards him innocently and Rahul smirk looking towards Armaan.

While Armaan tried to go towards his room but Rahul was holding his hand “Ek minute ruk ja, Dad ka answer to sun le” he murmured.

“Rahul” Armaan greeted his teeth.

“Vansh Armaan bhaiya ki shadi jaldi hi hogi don’t worry aur agar apko Riddhima bhabhi se milna hai to aap mil sakte ho, chale jao tum log kahi ghum aao” Billy said.

“Armaan tum Vansh aur in log ko leke jao, mai Shashank ko bol deta hu ki tum log ja rahe ho” Billy said and he shook his head in agreement.

“Ji” Armaan replied and Rahul poked him.

They left from there and Billy called Shashank to inform. 

“Oye Nikki chal ready ho ja ham ja rahe hain teri Jhagdalu Chadhha k paas” Rahul said stretching Nikki’s hairs and she look towards him being confused then get up being happy saying “Really?”

“Ha go get ready” Armaan said and they left.

They left for Gupta Mansion happily, Vansh was excited to meet Riddhima and Muskaan, they were like family for them.

“Aa jao bachho, achha hua ap log aa gaye yaha” Shashank said welcoming them.

“Uncle hame to Riddhima bhabhi aur Muskaan se milne ka excuse chahiye bas” Nikki said hugging Muskaan while Armaan and Rahul smile.

“Hello Muskaan Di, meri chocolates” Vansh said pinching Muskaan.

“Oye Vansh, shushh it’s our secret” Muskaan said and they become confuse.

“Shushhh” Vansh said signing zipped up.

“Riddhima bhabhi kaha hain?” Vansh asked and Armaan was looking here and there to get her glimpse.

“Wo upar hai, jao mil lo”Padma said coming from kitchen.

“Okay”Vansh rushed towards Riddhima’s room.

Armaan touch Padma’s feet and she blessed him.

“Arey beta baitho na aap log, feel free here” she said.

“Ha aunty ham theek hain”Rahul said.

“Tumhe kaun bol raha hai ye special treatment Armaan k liye hai”Muskaan said.

“Tumhe kyu problem hoti hai”Rahul said.

“Muskaan, no fighting”Padma said.

“Mia kaha karti hu, yahi mujhse ladta hai” Muskaan said.

“Waise Muskaan jis se ladte hain pyar v unhi se karte hain” Padma said chukling and she look towards her as if she said something horror.

“Pyar aur is langoor se, please ha” Muskaan said and Nikki laugh while Rahul look towards her being amused.

“Kya pata kab kaha pyar ho jaye”Rahul said and Muskaan look towards him being confused.

“Ignore karo aap inhe, ye aise hi flirt karte rahte hain”Nikki said and Muskaan laugh.

Armaan gets a call and excused himself, he went outward to receive the call. He was talking in garden while Riddhima was putting wet clothes on string after bathing and didn’t noticed Armaan standing down. Few water drops fall on Armaan when she shrugged off the clothes before putting them on string. 

“What the,,,,,,,” Armaan look upwards and get lost in her beauty.

Armaan rushed towards the terrace when he notice Riddhima was deliberately dropping water on him and she hide herself behind clothes, they play hide and seek in between clothes and Armaan caught her after few minutes, he hold her around her waist and revolve her round wrapping themselves among clothes which make them fall down. He slowly move clothes away from them and now they were covered with a red net duppatta, Armaan move her hairs away from her face and cares her face with his fingers, she shiver under his hold and he smile. He slowly look into her eyes and both get lost in each other orbs forgetting the world. Armaan cares her face with his nose tip and her breath got stuck somewhere in her throat. He slowly lean down to kiss her.

Riddhima notice Armaan from terrace and smile, he was lost somewhere looking towards the terrace, she knew mentally he was not present there. She get mischievious and throw some water droplets over him from the terrace making him came out of his day dreaming session.

Armaan feel water on his face and came back to reality, he look towards terrace and found Riddhima looking towards her with a beautiful mischievious smile on her face, he loved that smile and scratch his head cutely remembering he was literally day dreaming about Riddhima.

“What happen?”Riddhima asked raising her brows up and Armaan shook his head in no with his dimple smile.

Armaan was about to say something in sign language when Vansh came to Riddhima from behind.

“Riddhima bhabhi aap kitna time laga rahe ho chalo na neeche ham sab apka wait kar rahe hain” Vansh said coming towards her.

“Hmm, chalo” she replied and again look towards Armaan he move towards the entrance fixing his gaze on Riddhima while she left with a smile.

Armaan came back in hall and Riddhima came down she meet with Nikki and Rahul, Padma was in kitchen and Shashank was in study room reading some patient’s file.

“Hi”she whisper slowly to Armaan.

“Hayeee” Rahul, Nikki and Muskaan said together stretching the word.

Armaan and Riddhima look towards them then Riddhima smile shyly and Armaan glared them.

“Aise kaun Hi bolta hai”Vansh asked turning towards Nikki,Muskaan and Rahul keeping his hand on his hips.

“Arey tu baith na chup chap” Nikki make him sit.

“Hi”Armaan replied with a smile on his face “Are you fine?” 

“Hmm”she replied.

“Bhaiya hamse kabhi nhi pucha” Nikki said.

Meanwhile padma came smiling on how they tease Armaan and Riddhima.

“Lo bachho aap log nashta karo” she kept plates over there and left.

“Woww,,,, you know what Nikki aunty samose bahut achha banati hain” Muskaan said picking up one.

“Really”Nikki also took one and Vansh too.

“Tum v le sakte ho, unhe ghoorna band kar k”Muskaan said looking towards Rahul who was busy ogling Armaan and Riddhima.

“Ha theek hai na, mai kaha ghoor hu mai to wo,,,,,wo flower vase dekh raha tha” Rahul said not getting words and Riddhima smile on him.

“Chal oye rahne de” Muskaan said while Riddhima glared her.

“Rahul jara tu Vansh k sath bahar ghum k aa to” Armaan said looking towards Rahul.

“Kya yaar mai hi kyu fasta hu”Rahul murmured and Armaan glared him “Fine ja raha hu”he said “Bahar kyu jau, terrace pe chalte hain” Rahul said and took Vansh there.

Muskaan and Nikki get busy in themselves, Armaan look towards Riddhima and smile, she look towards Muskaan and Nikki, Armaan knew she was not feeling comfortable to talk infront of them coz they will tease her like always.

Thus Armaan get up and move towards garden, Riddhima look towards Padma who signed her to take tea for Armaan. Riddhima smile rubbing her hand then took Armaan’s cup and went towards garden. Muskaan and Nikki were lost in themselves and didn’t noticed them.

Armaan was standing looking towards the scene and his back was towards Riddhima, she came and stood behind him Armaan feels her presence and closed his eyes, he don’t know why he feel calm and composed being around her.

“Armaan”she called him slowly and Armaan smile on her voice.

He turn around and look towards her keeping his hand on his chest resting his body on swing stand with a perfect smile on his face.

“Chai” she said forwarding her hand towards him.

He smile holding the cup taking sip and they sit on swing, Armaan look towards her he was about to say something when he gets a call from office.

“Sorry, mujhe receive karna hoga” he said and Riddhima smile looking towards him.

“Ha Akhil bolo” Armaan receiving the call “Ha, What?” he said getting up keeping cup on table beside swing. “Matlab how could?”Armaan said getting sad “Ok,I’ll inform you” he said and cut the call.

He look towards Riddhima and sighed sitting on swing.

“Kya hua Armaan?” she asked him.

“Wo, actually” Armaan become sad “Akhil ka call aaya tha and Switzerland clients fixed meeting for a deal and we’ll have to leave early for that don’t know when I’ll have to talk to Chachu” he said becoming sad.

Riddhima become sad and hold his hand, he look towards him “Armaan don’t worry aap Chachu se baat kar lijiye, ye jyada important hai na” she said looking towards him.

Armaan was sad “But Riddhima ma,,,,,,”Armaan tried to say something.

“Armaan see, apka kaam apke liye utna hi important hota hai jitna dusre important works to ye apki responsibility hai ki aap use handle karo. I know apka mann nhi hai jane ka but it’s okay, ham to fir milenge na but abhi k liye apka work jyada important hona chahiye” Riddhima said slowly and Armaan look towards him being surprised how calmly she was saying just to make him calm.

“Hmm” he get up and said “Ok abhi mai ja raha hu, please unlog se bolna mai baad me aaunga lene k liye unko abhi mujhe Chachu se discuss karna hoga” Armaan said and left.

Riddhima stood there being sad, she was also feeling bad that Armaan was leaving so soon but she knew it was important for him.

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