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part 14: Lamhe (AR ff)

It has been three years from that cruel incident happened and all malik's and Muskaan remembered each detail very clearly today too...Nobody had forgotten what had happened that day...and how they have lost some one dear to them


A gorgeous house/bungalow made of white marble...With exclusive painting with huge gate of white and transparent glass...A car came to a halt at the front of the gate and the driver opened the door of the back seat and handsome man came out wearing a tuxedo  suit i black but with white strips hardly can be seen ...he was talking on the phone ...as he turned around to enter  in the house we get to see his face he is none other than Armaan Malik

Armaan came into the house and went inside his room ...and kept his briefcase and moved to ward the other room where he saw ridhima sleeping peacefully like a baby..the saw the innocense on her face from where to armaan has lost his heart ...he start stroking her hair slowly and a tear escape from his eye as he remebered that day still fresh in his mind ..
As vivek turned around and he was shocked to see th bosss who he sold the strong medication which he stole from the hospital ..
Vivek - App yaha kya kar rahe hai
Man - arey payment dene ayeoo hoon ..jo maal tumne ajj bejha tha ...
Vivek - liyee dejiye...
The man gave him the package and left ...Vivek opened the package and start counting the money ..and here Armaan saw the whole scene and he was confused about what maal are the talking about he need to figure about that too ..so he thought to change the plan ..and tell Karan about ..so now they will only expose him when they will get all the proof against him...
so he called and they talked about ..he moved toward the car as he saw Vivek sitting in the car and driving ..so he started to followe him...
here Rahul and Muskaan was driving in the car ...rahul holds her hand and kiss's it and muskaan blushed ..
Muskaan - hum kaha jaa rahe hai...
Rahul - suprise...
Muskaan - par ...he put his finger on her lipps ...
Rahul - agar batadiye toh suprise ka kya faideya...
Muskaan - yeh bhi hai ...
.Rahul- now thats good ...
So they drove in silince
 FLASHBACK PAUSED (it will continue in parts guys ...could be in next part not complete but half of it)
Armaan came around as he heared his name being called he turned around and saw Ridhima looking at him  in concern expressions ..
Ridhima - armaan tum ro tahe ho ..pata hai meri orpange wali aunty kehti hai ki ache bache rotte nahi hai
Armaan - arey main kab ro raha ..voh to aak main kuch chala gaye hai
Ridhima - acha loo main dekho.
Armaan - nahi abbi tum fresh ho jayoo fir hum bahar chele ge
Ridhima - acha main koonsa dress pehno
Armaan - koi bhi
Ridhima - nahi tum batoo aur agar tumne nahi bateaye to main baat nahi karoo gi
Armaan - okay baba ...bahot zid karti ho ...
Ridhima - Main zid karti hoon tum bahot gande ho armaan ek to meri dress nahi nikal ke dete aor opar se mujhe zid keh rahe ho ..
Armaan - nahi mera bacha to bikul bhi ziddi nahi hai na ...tum toh sabse achi ho (cupping her face in his hands) hai na ..meri har baat manti ho
Ridhima - acha (smile) tum sahi keh rahe ho na ...main achi hoon na..
Armaan - hmmm bahot achi hoon ..chalo tumahri liye dress nikal te hai fir tum jaldi se tayyar ho jayo
Ridhiam - chalo 
Ridhima grabbed his arm and dragged him to her closet
Ridhima - kya pehnoo
Armaan - chalo dikao
Ridhima - yeh pink wali kaise hai .
Armaan - achi hai par tum red wali pehen lo ...iss me mera bacha sabse acha lagta hai
Ridhima - theek hai ..
Ridhima stated to take her robe off...which made armaan alarmed ...
Armaan - Ridhima maine tumko hamesha samjeya hai na ki hamesha kaprde washroom hai change karte hai phie tum yaha kyu change kar rahi hoon
Ridhima - to yaha kya problem hai ...huh ...then started to take her robe off ..
Armaan - Okay tum change karo. ... mujhe abbi ek phone karna hai..
Armaan went outside the room and sighed ...Yeh bi na kab samjhe gi he thought
Armaan called India on Rahul's phone
Rahul - hello bahi kaiso ho app aur Ridhima
Armaan - theek hoon main and ridhima is also fine
Rahul -  kuch rrecovery hoyi
Armaan - nahi
Rahul - Bhai don't  worry ...ek min muskaan ...lo bhai Muskaan se baat kar
Muskaan - Armaan tum kaise hoo
Armaan - Muskaan main theek hoon aur rahul kaisa hai mom dad vo theek toh hai na ...
Muskaan - ha hum sab change hai ...aur roidhima kaise hai abb
armaan - Phele jaise
Muskaan - Oh
Armaan - hmmm
Muskaan - oye khote tu chinta math kar
Armaan - Muskaan main tumhse bada hoon (Armaan Chuckled )
Muskaan - to par rishtey main meri shaadi hogi hai aur teri nahi ...samjha kuch abb mera dimag math rahul ko deti hoon uska kha...
Armaan shaked his head in these last year Muskaan has come close to him on phone after he moved here She always made him feel relaxed
Armaan - acha meri maa aur hospital kaise hai
Muskaan - abbi toh kaha hai ki sab changa hai aur to phir ek hi rath lake batha hai ...oye rahul kyaq kar raha hai chod phone ko ...
Rahul - Muskaan ab bas meri barri hai baath karne ki ab tera khotta pura hoya ,
Muskaan kya kaha gadhe ...tu kon hota hai teh karne wala ..
Rahul - MUSKAAN tuhe sharam nahi atti hai apne patti se aise batth karte
Muskaan - shakal dekhi hai .(Armaan snikiered)...aur tu armaan khi khi arna bad kar te bye ..
Muskaan hung the phone and Armaan shaked her it was the daily moment they will always fight on every issue ...i don't how love each other  he wondered ...shadyad isi main hi inka pyaar chupa hai he tuned as he heared the door moved and made a crack noise...he froze looking at ridhima who wore simple blue jeans (fitting) and red polka  top which showed her curves ... Armaan iverted his gaze and moved toward her
Armaan - badi achi lag rahi hoo
Ridhima - Thank you and she moved forward toward his cheek to kiss him but he didn't wanted to...
Armaan - Ridhima challo jaldi challo
Ridhima - ha chalo jaldi and they both leave
They both left in the car as u remeber Armaan's craze on car ...and he still does but
when Armaan and Ridhima moved toward the car a tear escaped from Armaan's eye looking at the car ...but he composed himself ...he will not cry at ...not for a second ...not until...
Voice - abb main fir se tum loggo ke parivaar ko hilaa dunga ek baar phir ...mera kaam na phele adhura raha tha na abb ...a man said who's faced back  toward us and waering black  ...(same guys who i have mentioned before..in my FF ... during the camp ...will find about him out later in parts)
Armaan and Ridhima was walking in the park while ridhima was faving Ice-Cream
Armaan - Ridhima abb main sooch raha hoon ki abb hum India wapas chale jaye .
Ridhima - Armaan main bi jaoogi na tumhare saath muhje nahi rehna hai jaha aur mujhe ke vo gandi teacher bi nahi pasand hai ..
Armaan - nahi main bto tumhe jahi chod ke chala jaoo ga
Ridhima - (stopped and looked at Armaan in tears )nahi please mujhe bi tumhare sath jana hai...
Armaan - (was shocked to see the tears and how could he forgot that she was way to sensitive) ary dekho roote nahi main to mazak kar raha tha (kept his hand on her shoulder)
Ridhima - (jerked his hand)mujhe nahi baath karni tumse
Armaan - kyon
Ridhima - kyuki tumne mujhe ruleya ...
Armaan - (felt pain as he know that he was controling his emotion from last 3 years so she won't feel uncomfortable with him ...but he felt pain to see even a single tear in her it periced his heart to see his love crying and especially because of him...how he still remeber that day really fresh when he saw how mesimreable she looked tied in that chair and how his heart went out how he had confessed to himself that he was attracted to her at the first time ..and he didn't knew how his attraction turned into 'love' but he knew looking at his condition that he will keep her and love her forever...)Armaan pulled her in his arms .) i am really sorry Ridhima tum tu janti hona bas aise hi kar raha tha ...please toyye math karo mujhe bahot takleef hoti hai tumhare in asoo se ..please shh ..see we will leave next leave jab main hopital se free ho jaoo ga .
Ridhima - wipes her tear with the help of Armaan who was also wiping with his one hand) pakka
Armaan - of course ..


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