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part 15 B : Lamhe (AR ff)

Armaan ran toward the hospital he felt his life going away he didn't knew what ...who ...where ..this happened his mind went blank and his heart is to busy weeping to look around the world that he couldn't feel anything ..he knew ..he is running but where ...he looked around to registered what ...he was stopped by the doctor(guys the hospital is not sanjeevani)

who just came from ICU ..

Doctor - i am sorry to say sir but one patient had the bullet in her barin ..but the other's just touched her...that one patient is dead and the other has hard effect on her brain ..we don't know weather she will be survive or go into coma ..or get paralized ..sorry about that

The doctor left And Armaan was freezzed on the spot

Karan who was standing behind Armaan was also tearful lestening to the Doctor but he knew ..Armaan needs him ...the most but he has to inform the family


Here rahul and Muskaan was sitting in the resturent when rahul recived a call from karan after lesing to this he was shocked...

Rahul - Muskaan i need to be somewhere as soon as i  an please come i'll drop u and don't ask questions...i will tell u later ..

Rahul dropped curious Muskaan home ...

And he himself went to the Hospital


 rahul reached hospital and was shocked to see Armaan in this sitution ..his eyes were red and was looking in bad shape ...

Rahul - Bhai

Armaan turned toward him Rahul was shockedto see Armaan in so bad shape ...

Rahul  bhai ..bhai kya huaa hai .aur mujhe hospital kyon bulaya yaha kya kar rahe hai ...BOLO BAHI...rahul shaked him by holding his shoulder but armaan was standing their expressionless

Rahul - (moved toward the doctors who came out ) Doctor sab theek toh hai na

Doctor told him the same thing which he did ...

And Rahul was also shaken...he was about to fall down ..when Armaan hold him ..he was also shaken..but when he heard the the doctor repeat the same thing he knew he had to take control over him to support his family ...

Armaan Supported him and made him sit on the bench

Rahul - Bhai (saying that Rahul hugged Armaan)

Both Cried their heart out ...

Armaan - Rahul ..rona nahi ...please

Rahul - app bhi to ro rahe ho na bhai ...

Armaan - kaha (wipping his tears)

Rahul - mom dad ko

Armaan- (cuts him by shaking his head in no)

Rahul - kaise bateyege Bhai

Armaan - pata nahi rahul

Armaan - doctor ne kaha ki Angel nahi ..(Hearing that Rahul couldn't control his emotions they both know they were trying hard to act in front of each other but ..they both know how much broken they felt )

Karan - (who had inform at Malik residence that Angel is n more and Don't even know that if Ridhima would be fine or not)  Kirtti aunty ne kaha ki Ghar le ayo

Armaan and Rahul was terrified how would mom react and DAD what will he say ...they both knew that their Dad loved Angel like anything ...They both were scared for their reaction they didn't wanted to face the situation but they knew they have no choice

Armaan got up to talk to Doctor but Rahul stopped

Rahul ' Muskaan

Armaan ' call her to our home Rahul i am sorry to say this but i have no choice

Armaan left to talk to Doctor about Angel and Ridhima

A shattered Armaan came out of the doctor's cabin and looked at rahul who moved forword

Rahul- kya baath hai

Armaan - Angel is no more and Ridhima

Rahul - Ridhima kya huaa hai Ridhima ko

Armaan - ussey Alzheimer huaya hai

Rahul - WHAT!!!!!!! but

Armaan - she lost her memory and The doctor said she will come around anytime or might take time
Rahul - Bhai yeh sab

Armaan - (who figured out that he loved her now couldn't control his tears and hugged him )...(but when he heard rahul sniff he composed himself for sake of his family ) we have to leave i told doctor to inform me if they need me

Rahul - hmmm

they both left with heavy heart and the ambulance following and they enter thir house and saw Muskaan standing their shocked ...(Rahul only gave her adreess and told her reach their)

Muskaan - yeh sab (looking more shocked seeing Angel on the strecher and she figured out that she was dead )

Muskaan - Rahul ...(looking at Rahul and Saw armaan behind him ..they both were  looking flabby (bad conditionOuch) armaan sir

Muskaan was shocked to see them like that and together and before Muskaan could ask them

Rahul - lets go in Muskaan

And they all three went inside and all were shocked seeing kirrtti crying over Angel and Shubhankar trying to pacify her but he also couldn't stop his emotions and Muskaan was shocked seeing everything

Looking at their parents both of them ran toward them
Armaan/rahul - Mom

Kirtti looked at them and opened her arms and both armaan  and rahul hugged her ...all cried and shubhankar seeing them cried more and Muskaan also cried but she donen't know what to do and even she was shocked knowing Kirrti was their mom and they are brother and shubhakar

Sub - Kirtti rotte nahi

Kirtti - kaise na roohu main apni bachi ko kho diya hai

Muskaan came forword and kneeled down

Mukaan - maam...

they all still remebered how muskaan sported them and she was shocked to know the truth and even about Ridhima and wanted to crush Vivek but controled and she was angry late for not telling them but they some how made her understand ...she and armaan was pillar of the strenght of the Mallik house that time after they put the astiyaa in the ganga river and took ridhima home Muskaan was taking care of ridhima but when kirtti found out how all this happened she wanted to bring Ridhima in malik house ...but Muskaan said they don't have to worry about but Kirrtti said

Kirtti - maine apni bacchi ko kho diya hai aur abb tum logo kho khona nahi chahti

Muskaan huged cried in kirtti's arms and then Muskaan and Ridhima shifted in the Malik house and all resumed their duties in Hospital they showed vivek being suspended and had taken his degree and license After which like 20 day;s later (accident) Kirtti asked rahul and Muskaan if they love each other and they hesitatly said yes on being kirtti strict on them and Kirtti asked if they wanted to get married they refused but later when kirrti started requesting them they agreed on if they will just get married in court first Kirtti hesitate to agree but later armaan and shub made her understand rahul and Muskaan got married they told Atul and Anjali ...they were okay with it as they weren't close that much but still they didn't told them about the family and slowlly malik house was coming to normally and after 40 days which seemed like year Ridhima came on her heals all took care of her everyone was just waiting for her to come around (normal tum logo ko kya lagaLOLLOL..sorry yada hi senti kar diya na ..but the next part will not be senti Wink) she was behaving like 7 years old and she was loved by all now all of them figured out that Armaan loved her now she became the life of the malik house in just the spam of the time ...and they all adore her and armaan was so happy to see her running around the house he remmebered how she was stubborn and wanted to go back to the orphange they had made her understand that she had accident thats why she didn't grow up like muskaan and if she would take medicine and injection then she will also became like muskaan

Muskaan talked to Armaan about if ridhima never came normal would Armaan able to forget her love
And Armaan said
Khushboo ki tarah bikhar jayenge,
 Sukoon bankar dil mein samayenge,
Zara mahsoos karne ki koshish to kijiye,
Door hote hue pass mil paye ge
And muskaan didn't knew how to react and then Armaan started to serch for the best treatment for her and after armaan found out about this london apportunity ..but seems like it didn't help so they are coming back but Armaan had the feeling she would be fine or else he would've never agreed to come back leaving her treatment in middle and second Muskaan said the mom really misses them at last Armaan decided that they would go back and even ridhima seems like excited ...




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