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part 15: Defeated in Love (AR ff),

Riddhima walked inside Armaan's cabin only to see him sleeping on the couch inside his cabin'. It was 7:45 and so the office building was empty'. There was no one there except for the cleaning staff.

Riddhima walked closer to the couch and saw Armaan looking angelic in his sleep'.there was this really sweet smile playing on his lips'Riddhima's heart filled with sudden warmth' she knelt on his side and lifting her hand she moved it in his hair and on his forehead and saw Armaan's smile deepen and she too felt good doing that. Armaan opened his eyes slowly and their eyes met' Riddhima felt this sudden rush of warmth through her'. The moment felt so right'.and her mind and heart were at peace.

Armaan lifted his hand and placed it on Riddhima's cheek and caressing it for just a moment he moved it on the back of her head bringing her face closer to his'he moved a little and very gently he placed the lightest kiss on her lips'.it was such a gentle touch and nothing intense or passionate about it but Armaan knew at that moment that he'll remember the kiss forever.

Riddhima's eyes filled up and she stood up with a jerk' her body was shaking'Armaan also stood up next to her and took her in his arms and Riddhima surrendered willingly and broke down completely' Armaan could feel her tears soaking his shirt while he patted her back and tried soothing her''he moved her away from himself and made her sit on the couch'.

'Riddhima what is the matter?' Armaan asked her in a motherly tone.

Riddhima shook her head and spoke 'I don't know. I was just feeling kind of blue today''..' She quickly wiped her tears' she herself didn't know why she was crying. Maybe it was just the moment' she hadn't had anybody treating her so delicately from a very long time and with Kevin back in her life things were just getting even worst'. She was constantly reminded of how he had cheated on her while she had almost taken him as her hero when he had saved her dress from Claire'.he had come across as her savior but he had also broken her heart by cheating on her''.she just wanted to run away to some fantasy land where everything was happy and good.

'Riddhima you wanted to talk about something right?' Riddhima looked at Armaan. She nodded her head and spoke 'Armaan I wasnted to ask you something and also tell you something. Will you be honest with me?' Armaan nodded and spoke 'I promise I'll be honest with you.' Riddhima smiled at him and walked towards the window at the other end of his office.

'Armaan why are you the way you are?''..okay I know that it sounds really stupid but Armaan you are a really nice person than why do you go about hurting women'do you have no respect for them or their feelings? Why did you hurt Priya?' Armaan was shocked at her outburst'.he walked closer and began

'Riddhima I was in love with this girl Sameera' at least I thought I was in love with her' we had a very long relationship. I was really dedicated and sincere towards this relationship of ours but suddenly one day I came to know that the girl never really loved me and was always after my money' while I was madly in love with her and was planning our future together. After mom left me she was the only one I was close to'. Would share my feelings with but turns out that she took advantage of my mom's death' knowing that I was emotionally weak at that moment and used it to come closer to me. I never really accepted my mom's death and lived in this illusion that she will come back to me someday and tortured my dad forcing him to keep up the drama for my sake but one day the whole dream broke and I was forced to confront the harsh reality'. I was broken and just when I managed to get back to normal I was faced with yet another harsh reality which was about Sameera. And from that day onwards I never allowed myself to fall in love and the women I met too never wanted anything else but money from me and so I never realized what I was missing'.. I took priya to be the same. I am sorry Riddhima for all the hurt I caused.'

Riddhima was shocked with what she heard '. All this time she had assumed him to be a heartless brute'an insensitive playboy while he had been carrying a whole ocean of wounded feelings inside him.

Armaan Malik had turned into a cynic'.he was heartbroken and had tried to vent out his frustration and anger on the world outside'Riddhima knew how it felt to be cheated in love'. She looked at Armaan's hardened expression' he was trying to be angry but she knew that he was hurt and was on the verge of a break down.

Riddhima placed her hand on Armaan's shoulder and turned him around. 'Armaan you don't have to be sorry' its me who should be sorry for being so harsh with you' I was wrong but you tolerated everything and still treated me so nicely''

Riddhima saw a tear trickle down his face and without thinking twice she gathered him in her arms and this time it was he who broke down in sobs.

She moved her hand up and down on his back.

Armaan slid down to the floor and covered his face with his hands'. He had never shared all this with anyone and today when he had let everything out he felt surprisingly light and peaceful but those old wounds still hurt'.

Riddhima knelt down next to him and just looked at him'.she remembered how she had treated him when Priya had told her the truth about her and Armaan's relatiosnhip and for the first time she realized that it was Priya who was at fault and not Armaan'..she too like this Sameera chic had taken advantage of his weak condition only their intentions were different. She blamed Priya for making her hurt Armaan so much and at that moment she decided that she'll make it upto him. She smiled at her new resolve and gripping Armaan's shoulder she made him stand up and wiping his tears she placed a kiss on his forehead and spoke 'Armaan forget your past and start a new life'..I am sure you'll be able to find someone who will love you with all her heart and would never leave you alone or hurt you. And always remember Armaan that I am always there for you.' She smiled while Armaan simply stared at her'

If only you knew Riddhima that you are the only one I love'. I want you to know this but I am not sure how you will react. I want to prove my love to you and win you over and take away all the sorrow from your life. I will make you fall in love with me but till than I have to control myself.

With that new resolve Armaan stood up and left his cabin leaving Riddhima still kneeling on the floor'. She was confused at Armaan's reaction and though she didn't want to admit but she was hurt as well'.everything Armaan said or did had suddenly started to matter to her and she was happy with the fact that he had shared his feelings with her but than his sudden rejection of the comfort that she was offering had really hurt her'.

'So you finally realized your real place.' Riddhima's thoughts were interrupted by a sharp female voice and even before she lifted her face she knew who it was.

'What do you want Claire?' Riddhima stood up and faced Claire.

'What are you doing in Armaan's cabin?' she asked Riddhima with a tinge of menace in her voice'. Riddhima replied very coolly to her 'I was here to talk to him.'

'Talk to him or make moves on him just the way you did with Kevin.' She hissed while Riddhima narrowed her eyes at her and spoke 'I and Armaan share a bond that you would never understand and as for Kevin'. Well he is my ex-boyfriend and I know that you had so badly wanted him that you were ready to sleep with him a few days back knowing fully well that he was seeing me but you know what'. I am done with him and you are most welcome to have him in your life because I am no longer interested in him and you are always very interested in having my left over.'
Riddhima had barely ended when Claire raised her hand to slap her but before she could do that her hand was caught mid-air by a firm masculine hand and Riddhima looked up to see who her savior was'.


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