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Part 15: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan reached Mallik House and stop his car, he was feeling sad, he love his work but don’t know why for the first time he was feeling bad to go back to his work. He sighed and closed his eyes keeping his head back on car seat, he was not able to understand the turmoil of his heart.

He get out of the car after few minutes and look towards his house, he smile lightly coz this house make him smile in every condition. He get back to his wrking mode remembering how Riddhima tried to make him understand that we can’t ignore our work.

He went inside asking about Anurag, Prerna and Ananya get surprised to get him back pretty soon.

He went towards Anurag and discuss something with him.

“Ammy, ye postpone nhi ho sakta?”Anurag and Billy asked at the same time.

“Nhi Chachu, infact hame jaldi hi nikalna hoga, it’s really big project and they need just our approval for this. And we will have to be present there during meeting.”Armaan explained.

“Hmm” Anurag think for few minutes.

“Koi nhi lets prepare for that meeting then and Bhaisahab if you wish aap log baad me aaiye mai aur Armaan chale jate hain” Anurag said looking towards Billy.

“Nhi it’s fine we’ll go together”Billy said and called Ananya and Prerna to inform them.

They become sad by the news but knew that it was important to go back.

“Kab nikalna hai hame?” she asked looking towards Armaan.

“May be kal coz meeting will be held on day after tomorrow” Armaan replied.

“Ek kaam karte hain, Shashank aur puri family ko bula lete hain dinner pe fir bata v denge aur mil v lenge”Billy said and they agreed.

“Armaan tum jana sham me aur le aana sabko” Anurag said and he agreed.

They had their lunch and rest for sometime. Rahul called Armaan to ask why he left early but he didn’t reply to his question, he just told him that he will come at evening and ask them to be ready till then.

“Riddhima bhabhi aap Delhi chaloge na?” Vansh asked looking towards her.

She smile and look towards him “Ha Vansh mai chalungi Delhi but kuch time baad hmm” 

“Lekin kyu hamare sath kyu nhi , apki shadi kab hogi Armaan bhaiya se?” Vansh asked and Riddhima was not able to reply as red color start creeping on her face.

“Ab Vansh ye to tum apne Armaan bhaiya se hi puchna” Muskaan said giving him fruits to eat and he took the plate smiling happily.

“Waise hamara bass chale to ham abhi utha le jaye apni bhabhi ko but wo kya hai na fir tum apni best friend k liye rone lagogi aur wo dangerous ghost wali shakal hame nhi dekhni abhi” Rahul said teasing Muskaan.

“Be careful kya pata tumhare gale koi bhoot hi pad gaya na fir bolti band ho jayegi”Muskaan said passing a deadly glare to him and he chuckle.

“Bhoot ko mai kyu lau apne ghar, wo apne bhootmahal me hi khush rahe” he said.

“Hehe, bad joke” She replied making faces.

“I know”Rahul smirk.

“Arey yaar aplog kya shuru ho jate ho har time”Nikki said coming in between and they become silent passing deadly glare to each other.

Armaan came in evening to take them back, he was all quite not knowing how to react. He calmy asked Shashank and Padma to come alongwith Daljeet and Shweta, since Billy called them earlier they were ready for that.

Armaan took his car and Nikki Rahul and Muskaan sit backside taking Vansh also hurriedly before Riddhima could come. 

Shashank took his car in which they four sit and left, Armaan came back to his car found Riddhima standing outside.

He look towards her and sign to sit but she stood there rubbing her hand slowly she knew they will tease her if she sit on front sit but now she don’t have any option.

Armaan smile knowing what’s going on in her mind thus he came forward and open the front door of car signing her to sit.

“Arey bhabhi baithiye na apki hi seat hai wo”Nikki said.

“Ha ab Armaan k sath tumhe hi baithna hai ham to nhi baith sakte na”Muskaan said laughing and Armaan smile outside the car as they leave no chance to tease them.

“Ha wo,,,,” she tried to say something.

“Ab ye wo chhodiye aur baithiye, warna ham late ho jayenge”Rahul said and they laugh.

Riddhima sit shyly and Armaan put her duppatta on her which was slightly lying down and she smile.

He took his seat and start the car, soon they reach Mallik House and meet everyone. 

Riddhima notice Armaan’s silent behavior which was not normal she become worried.

“Aaj achanak kyu bula liya apne?”Shashank asked when they sit for dinner.

“Kyu ab ham apko bula nhi sakte milne k liye” Billy asked.

“Arey nhi mera matlab wo nhi tha, mujhe laga bachhe aaj wahi ruke the to ham aaplog ko bulane wale the”Shashank said and they smile.

Riddhima was looking towards Armaan, he was not having his food properly just plastering a fake smile on his face and listening to others. He was not present there mentally, she don’t know how to ask him but Nikki ask instead of her.

“Bhaiya aap khana kyu nhi kha rahe hain theek se?”Nikki asked and Riddhima look towards her and smile.

“Kha raha hu” he replied.

“C’mon bhai theek se khao” she said putting more food in his plate and he eat being helpless.

“Wo asal me baat ye hai ki inki koi jaruri meeting aa gai hai beech me aur hame us wajah se shayad kal hi nikalna pade isliye hamne socha aaplog ko dinner pe bula le fir mil v lenge” Prerna said and they look towards her being surprised.

Riddhima stop eating and look towards Armaan, he also look towards her then bend his eyes down moving spoon in his plate. Riddhima understand why he was silent all around, she sigh sadly and look towards others.

“Lekin itni jaldi kyu?” Muskaan asked and they have no answer.

“Bas beta, business ka kaam aur ye log jayenge to ghar me kisi ko rahna v to jaruri hai isliye hamlog v nikal jate hain sath me” Ananya said.

“Abhi hame kitne spots cover karne the” Nikki said pouting.

“Koi nhi, fir kabhi aa jana” Anurag said and she become sad.

“Arey kaun sa ham log hamesha k liye ja rahe hain, ek din ka raasta hai jab mann kiya chale aayenge Riddhima se milne” Billy said to lighten the environment and they smile Riddhima too smile alongwith Armaan.

They had there food and sit there talking with each other.

“Armaan bhaiya apki shadi kab hogi Riddhima bhabhi se?” Vansh aksed and Armaan look towards him being surprised.

“Ye tu Armaan se nhi hamse puch Vansh” Anurag said and Armaan smile looking towards Anurag thanking him silently as he can’t answer Vansh being around everyone.

“Ha to batao na?” Vansh said coming towards them.

“Ha bhaisahab ab to Armaan ki shadi ki baat karni hogi jald se jald” Ananya said looking towards Riddhima.

“Ha we can’t wait longer to be with Riddhima” Prerna said and they smile while Riddhima blush looking down towards her hand.

Armaan gets a call and move outside to talk as he had to inform them about meeting.

Nikki and Muskaan were making planning to do something.

“Yaar hamari sari palning fail hoti ja rahi hai, kitni mushkil se Vansh ko pataya tha apke ghar jane k liye to Armaan bhaiya hi wapas chale aaye aur ab ye wapas jane wala jhanjhat, kya kare kaise baat karwayeinge dono ki” Nikki whisper in Muskaan’s ear.

“Koi baat nhi Nikki, don’t worry Muskaan Chadhha kuch na kuch to karegi” Muskaan said which was heard by Rahul.

“Kya karne wali ho tum?” he asked looking towards her.

“Tumhe kya hai us se?” she asked looking towards him.

“Arey bata do kya pata tumahri help hi kar du mai” Rahul said.

“Tum aur meri help, rahne do I’m enough for myself” he said and Rahul chukled.

Armaan was talking outside, Riddhima look towards him and think how to meet him, Rahul notice this and went towards her “Riddhima bhabhi apse ek jaruri baat discuss karni hai, please” Rahul said and Riddhima look towards him.

“Ha bolo Rahul” she asked.

“Arey pahle chaliye to, ye log ko baat karne dijiye mai dikhata hu apko” he said and ask her to come with him.

“Jao beta warna ye yahi bolta rahega” Prerna said and she left with Rahul.

Rahul text something to Nikki and she smile looking towards him and Muskaan also look towards him giving a “Not bad” look and he smile.

“Kya baat hai Rahul?” she asked.

“Arey aaiye to batata hu” he said moving towards poolside.

“Armaan bhaiya apne promise kiya tha aap meri watch search karoge na” Nikki said coming towards ARmaan.

“Niks not now” he said.

“Aise hi karte ho aap hamesha, kabhi meri baat nhi sunte, hamesha bolte kuch ho aur karte kuch ho, apko pata hai ki wo meri favorite watch hai kyunki apne di thi mujhe fir v” she said pouting making sad face.

“Ok fine, chalo dhoondhta hu” he said getting up “Kaha rakha tha tumne?” he asked.

“Itna yaad hota to khud nhi dhoondh leti” she murmured and Armaan glared her “I mean properly yaad nhi hai ya to terrace pe ya poolside k paas hoga” she said.

“Okay, ek kaam karte hain Armaan aap poolside k paas khojo aur ham terrace pe dekhte hain” Muskaan said and Armaan shook his head in agreement.

“Aur mai?”Vansh asked.

“Tum v hamare sath cahlo” they left to different direction.

Nikki called Rahul and he receive the call “Yes Mr.Bhatiya, ha achha wo case k bare me” he put down the phone and look towards Riddhima “Mai ek minute me aata hu” Rahul said and she nodded.

Rahul left the room while talking and hide before Armaan could come there, Armaan enter inside and he rushed towards terrace.

“Kya baat hai Rahul bhaiya too good” Nikki said while hi-5ing with Rahul and same did the Muskaan.

Rahul smile being happy then they look towards each other and ignored that sudden happiness and came back to themselves.

“Tumhe badi khsuhi ho rahi hai apni friend k liye” he said.

“Ha to ho rahi hai , usme kya?” she look towards him and they start again.

“Yaar can’t you guys shut up for a moment” Nikki said and Vansh drag Muskaan to one side and Nikki drag Rahul to other side.

“Kya aap log v” Vansh said and they laugh.

Armaan enter inside searching Nikki’s watch and murmur to himself “Ek to kal jana hai uspe mood off hai, fir Riddhima se koi baat v nhi ho pai aur upar se iski watch dhoondhni hai, kya kya karu mai” 

Riddhima heard voice and turn around thinking Rahul might be back but become surprised to see Armaan.

Armaan also feel her presence and look towards her and a smile form on her face.

“Tum yaha?” he asked being surprised.

“Ha wo Rahul,,,,,” she stop in middle.

“Mujhe Nikki and Muskaan,,,,,,” he said and stop in middle thinking what exactly happened.

“Matlab ye fir se inka plan tha” Riddhima said slowly.

“Hmmm,,, hamare liye” Armaan said looking towards Riddhima and she smile bending her head down.

“Armaan, aap theek hain?” Riddhima asked looking towards Armaan.

“Riddhima mai,,,,,,” Armaan look towards her but his words struck in his throat and both can notice twinkling tears in each other eyes, Armaan turn around to hide his tears thought of leaving her was wrenching his heart.

“Armaan” she keep her hand on his shoulder.

He stop on his spot and look upwards to absorb his tears in his eyes only then plastering a smile he turn around keeping his hand over her hand.

He hold her hand and smile slowly “Don’t worry Riddhima I’m fine” he said.

“Apko jhoot bolna nhi aata” she said looking into his eyes.

He look upwards being surprised how easily she understand, indeed she is Riddhima who understand his condition very well and caught his lie.

“Chuck, I don’t know yaar, I just really don’t know” he said and hugged her tightly this time with full right, Riddhima surprised at first on his step but his embrace was making her feel safe and complete, she keep her hand on his back soothing him “I just don’t wanna leave you” he said and she smile in her tears.

For the first time in her life, someone become so important that she can’t even think of leaving him not even in her worst dream.

She rub her hands slowly on his back to make him normal, feeling her touch Armaan open his eyes, he don’t know how he become so much emotional and hugged her without asking. he wonders what Riddhima will think about him and leave her slowly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t meant, wo,,,,,” Armaan tried to say something feeling may be she won’t like to be hugged by him suddenly and he also don’t want to pressurize any relationship on her.

“It’s okay Armaan, aap theek hain ab?” she look towards him.

“Yeah, shall we?” he look towards her asking to leave.

“Hmm” she nodded and clearly see the guilt in his eyes but she don’t know what to do.

Riddhima left at first and Armaan smile how she care for him remembering their first hug, he get composed and went downstairs.

“Chaliye fir aap log packing kar lijiye, kab niklenge aap log?”Shashank asked.

“Kal subah” Ananya replied holding Riddhima’s hand.

“Theek hai fir jana to aaplog ko hamre taraf se hi hai, to kal milte hain” Shashank said.

“Theek hai, bachho ko bulao Armaan” Anurag said.

“Ji Chachu” Armaan get up but before that they came down.

Rahul Nikki and Muskaan look towards them with mischievious eyes and Armaan Riddhima smile lightly.

Riddhima look towards Armaan remembering his words, she can feel the same pain but Armaan open up infront of her while she was still struggling with her feelings.

Riddhima’s gaze were fixed on Armaan , noticing his every action, his beautiful eyes which convey his feelings to her, she wonder what to do to make him feel happy.

They left Mallik House biding bye and Armaan look towards Riddhima for the last time when she was leaving while her eyes were fixed on Armaan, thankfully no one notice this.

Riddhima was moving here and there in her room, remembering Armaan, his smile, his care, his touch everything makes her feel special but she was not able to give any name to this feeling.

Armaan was lying on bed remembering her and feel silly to hug her instantly without giving her any chance but they really don’t regret.

“Oye kyu bhaag rahi hai idhar udhar”Muskaan jumped inside Riddhima’s room and find her moving.

“Muskaan, you just scared me” she said keeping her hand on her heart.

“Ha I know” she chuckle and Riddhima smile.

“Armaan ko yaad kar rahi hai?” she asked.

“Nhi to “ she said instantly and Muskaan raised her brows up looking towards her “I mean Ha” .

“To call kar le, uska number nhi hai?” she asked.

“Hai” she replied.

“To call kar” she said.

“nhi” Riddhima turn around.

“Kyu?” Muskaan asked.

“Pata nhi, kya baat karungi mai” she said looking towards her.

“Ohoo, mujhe ek baat bolni thi aunty se, mai abhi aati hu fir batati hu kya karna hai” Muskaan said leaving her.

Muskaan took Riddhima’s phone and she was completely unaware busy in Armaan’s thought.

Muskaan came outside and called Armaan while he become surprised as he was looking at her number but was confused whether to call her or not, a broad smile form on his face and he pick up the call.

“Hello” Armaan receive her call.

“Hello Armaan” she said.

“Muskaan?” Armaan asked being surprised.

“Ha, kya kar rahe the aap? I know Riddhima ko yaad kar rahe the wo v yahi kar rahi hai, anyways mere paas ek special surprise hai apke liye aap kuch bolna nhi just listen ok” Muskaan said and went inside without giving him chance to reply.

Armaan was amused to listen what’s going on at the same time Muskaan gets Nikki’s call and receive it without saying anything as it was their plan.

Armaan was lying in his room and Rahul Nikki were sitting in Nikki’s room to listen what Muskaan was going to do.

“Riddhima, tu Armaan se pyar karne lagi hai kya?” she asked entering inside.

“kya bol rahi hai Muskaan, kuch v” she said looking towards her with shock.

Muskaan kept both phones to a side and talk to her “Theek hai, mana ki tum Armaan se kuch nhi bol sakti abhi coz I know you are shy but yaar atleast mujhse to bol hi sakti hai, I know you so I can understand changes ok” Muskaan said and Armaan smile how Muskaan was talking to her, he also wants to know her views.Rahul and Nikki suppress their smile on Muskaan cleverness.

“Aisa kuch nhi hai Muskaan” she replied.

“Achha theek hai, tu mujhe ye bata Armaan tujhe kaisa insaan lagta hai?” Muskaan asked.

Riddhima smile on his name and said “Achhe hain” Armaan too cutely smile on another side.

“Oye hoyee, chehre pe ye blushing smile, aankhon me sharam aur hotho pe sirf achhe hain, kuch match nhi ho raha hai” Muskaan teased her.

“Muskaan,aisa kuch nhi hai. Ha I know Armaan bahut achhe hain, infact the best guy any girl could dream of” Riddhima smile saying being lost in Armaan and that was the moment when she can share her feeling with Muskaan maybe she can help her and Armaan was all lost in her words “But Muskaan mujhe ye feeling samajh me nhi aa rahi hai”

“Kaisi feeling?” she asked.

“Yahi Armaan ko leke, mujhe achha lagta hai jab v wo mere aas paas hote hain, I feel blessed when he cares for me and I feel equally bad when he become sad, shayad mai kabhi dekh hi na pau unki aankho me aansu tabhi to aaj mai,,,” she stop in middle.

“Yaar tu to puri tarah se doob chuki hai Armaan k pyaar me” Muskaan said and Riddhima look towards her being confused “Aur ye aaj ki baat kya hai?” she asked.

“Mujhe nhi pta Muskaan ye pyaar hai ki kya but aaj jab ham mile to maine unki aankhon me aansu dekhe aur us waqt meri aankhon me v aansu the, mujhse bare nhi ho raha tha, mai soch v nhi sakti ki Armaan ko kabhi koi takleef ho, aur jab unhone mujhe bola tha that he don’t want to leave me, I just felt like breaking down in his arms, koi kaise itna achha ho sakta hai Muskaan, I want to see him happy always aur agar ye khushi mere sath hai to I’m luckiest person on the earth.” She said and Armaan smile remembering their moment, he feel blessed to have her in his life.

“Jab unhone mujhe achanak se hug kiya to mai kuch v nhi bol pai, infact unhe guilty v feel hua ki unhone mujhse bina puche mujhe hug kiya but that moment was beautiful and blessed mai unhe bata v nhi pai how safe and complete I felt in his arms, I just,,,,,,,” she stop as she was not getting words to describe her feeling.

“Riddhima you are deeply in love with Armaan, trust me” Muskaan said hugging her.

Rahul and Nikki smile coz Riddhima loves Armaan truly whole heartedly while Armaan closed his eyes listening her feelings towards him and have a beautiful smile on his face.

“Is this love?” she asked and Armaan open his eyes.

“This is the perfect love Riddhima jo tumhare aur Armaan k beech me hai” Muskaan said and she smile getting answer of her question.

“Thanku Muskaan thanku so much for making me realize that” she hugged and Muskaan smile.

Padma called Riddhima and she asked Muskaan to wait there.

“To Armaan ji,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ju, kaisa laga apko mera surprise” Muskaan asked “I mean hamara actually Rahul and Nikki are also involved in this plan” 

“Thanku so much Muskaan, thanku guys, thanks for making me hear her confession warna wo mujhse to kabhi itna kuch nhi kahti but you know what I’ll surely wait for the moment when she will accept her feeling.” Armaan smiled and said.

“You are always welcome, chaliye ab mai phone rakhti hu ok bye” she said.

“Bye” Armaan said and cut the call.

“How’s it guys?” Muskaan asked taking her own call.

“Superb Awsome Excellent Muskaan” Nikki shouted.

“Thanku thanku” she smiled.

“Thanku Muskaan, thanks for giving my brother a reason to smile broadly” Rahul said with all his happiness.

“Yaar ye to senti ho gaya, anyways You are most welcome Rahul” she smile and they said good night.

Muskaan smile how Rahul thanked her, she delete Armaan’s number from call log and left Riddhima's phone.

“Muski, mujhe kya karna chahiye” she asked sitting infront of her.

“Riddhima tujhe apni feelings share krni chahiye Armaan se” she said.

“But aise kaise? I mean wo log to kal ja rahe hain” she said.

“hmm, but kuch to tujhe karna hoga, sab kuch na sahi but kuch baatein to kar Armaan se ki use v lage ki tu us se pyaar karti hai” Muskaan said and left to think her about it.

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