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part 15 A : Lamhe (AR ff)

In Malik mansion in the morning (india)
Rahul and Muskaan were running here and there and kirtti is looking at them wondering why are the always late

Rahul - chal Muskaan jaldi kar nahi toh band baj jaye gi

Muskaan - Rahul tum bool gaye ho ki ab hum senior doctors hai

Rahul - Muskaan bashan math de can you paas me the tost

Kirtti handed him and Muskaan also came quickly and started eating

Muskaan - good morning Mom kah hai

Kirtti - morning beta unki meeting thi toh vo chale gaye

Rahul - Mom app hamere satth chal rahi hai

Kirtti - nahi rahul main late aogi driver mujhe chod dega

Rahul - Okay bye chal Muskaan nahi toh Anji hamara bartha bana degi

Muskaan - toh mane kaha tha ki mujhe pakad ke rakh .(she blushed and ran to the car as she noticed she bluted in front of Kirti )they both left ...

Well guys for Anji and Atul and RM ...they had become friend underr Dr kirtti's strictness and slowly as anji started talking to them for the first time in her life she thought she had friends and she felt truly about them but Atul as he started talking to her he started felling toward her which now turned into love and everybody knows and anji keep telling him to shut up ..which he doesn't listen and Muskaan and rahul after AR went to paris they also getting more into their love and also strted felling AR space with getting close to Atul - Anjali
NOW THEY TURNED INTO REALLY GOOD FRIENDS but Atuul and Anjali still doesn't know about AR and Rahul's family's truth

Anji met them at the nurse station

Anji - phir se late pata nahi kya karte rehte ho

Rahul - sorry anji

Anji - whatever chalo rahul tum jao Muskaan chalo mere saath humhe interns ko duties deni hai

Anji took Muskaan with her and Rahul cruse anji for taking Muskaan with her but Atul heard it

Atul - salle meri anjali ko galli de raha itni himat teri

Rahul - sorry chal mujhe sergury pe jana hai ja childern ward tujhe udeek raha hai

Atul - ja raha hoon par iska matlab yeh nahi maine tumhe maaf kiya

Rahul - tang maath kar atul

And the both left to work



As they reached home Armaan opened the door and started to get in but only to held back by ridhima

Armaan - Ridhima ...Kya kar rahio ho challo andar challe phir tumhe time se dinner bhi to karna hai

Ridhima (kidishly pouted) nahi Please mujhe aur nahi chalna

Armaan - Theek hai par aab toh hum andhar hi jaa rahe hai na

Ridhima- (stomped her foot )mujhe Piggy -ride chayiea

Armaan - KYAAA par nahi (armaan didn't wanted her innocent mind to have effect any other way ...and he didn't wanted her to get close to him which would make him think of himself of a prevert)

Ridhima - Armaan Mujhe abbi piggy ride chayie bas aur  kuch nahi

Armaan - (but armaan didn't wanted to ake her advantage and also was thinking how to convince her) par mujhe to laga ki tumhe race lagani thi mere saath

Ridhima (first got excited  but rememberd piggy-ride)nahi

Armaan - waise main piggy- ride detta par mujhe laga tumhe packing karni hai chalo main tumhe help karta hoon

Listening to this Ridhima forgot that she ever wanted the Pigy-Ride and ran to her room ...Armaan laughed at her and went behind her as he knew she will need his help ..

Ridhima's room

Ridhima - Armaan kya kar rahe hoo help karo na yeh bag bandh kyon nahi ho raha hai

Armaan - kyuki Ridhima tumne bag me over loaded kapre daal diye hai...

Ridhima - oH (made an adroable face like thinking )

Armaan - (wanted to kiss her so bad ...but he shaked his head to get this thought out of his mind ) chalo main help karti hoon

Ridhima - Armaan ...Hum india se jaha kyon ayye hai (she asked him very childish -ly but her question made armaan frezzed and made him to think about that execrable (dreadful)day...

he went into flashback


 how he went after Vivek and saw him entering that small hut type house and when he saw vivek entering that room he knew he couldn't follow him behind him so he went arround the house but he couldn't find any window so he again went to the same door where from Vivek went and he was shocked to see ridhima behoosh on the tied chair and Vivek was walking toward her ...armaan his himself as he saw the man come out of that room and now only Vivek was in that room with unconincious ridhima ..Armaan decided to go and beat the hell out of vivek and take Ridhima with him

but stoped as he saw vivek removing something from his pokect and was shocked to see the drug's packets which they were missing from hospital's medication store from days he knew it was vivek who were stealing the drugs and he was selling them for money ...Armaan ran toward vivek as he saw Vivek was about to   inject the Durg to ridhima...
Armaan Kicked Vivek on his leg to make him fall as vivek fell down he was shocked top see Armaan ..

Vivek - ah..
but before Vivek could say or do anything
Armaan started to beat him up

Here karan has reached but he was shocked to see arayana  their

karan - ary tum yaha kya kar rahi ho

Arayana - woh main hospital bhai ko milne ayi thi but i had to follow him as he was acting very wired and now i saw him following around the house like theif and by the way what are u doing here

Karan - woh mujhe ..woh

Aryana - bhai ne bulaaya hai

Karan - ha ..nahi nahi toh ..aryana (but before karan could stop her she ran into the room and was shocked to see whats happening


here Armaan was almost overpowering Vivek really bad as...vivek saw that he couldn't match up with Armaan he ran where Ridhima was ..and took the gun from the bag which was kept near Ridhima's foot turning toward Armaan to shoot he accidently knowned on Ridhima's foot which made him fell down and ridhima conucious ...and she stried ..anf saw blurry
but seeing the gun in vivek's hand armaan moved toward Ridhima oin hurry to untied her ..and made her stand as ridhima got full consious she looked around to see armaan ...Without thinking she hugged him and started crying but Arayana came runing and stood infront of them as she saw Vivek pionting the gun toward them ..and as she stood infront of them she got shoot in her brain ..i mean on her head yaar she died on the spot looking at safe AR who .turned around on the shot noise and was shocked to see Aryana sliding down the floor they both ran away ...but Ridhima as she turned ..the bullet which Vivek Again shot just lightly hit the head from back side near the neck bounced by the chain ..but it hited their the went in sleep ...right after the shooting Karan and his team caught Vivek ...who was trying to run ..but Armaan didn't moved he was freezzed  to see angel and Ridhima lying on the floor with pool of blood around them ..he came to the reality when karan shaked him ..
Armaan - yeeh

Karan didn't say anything because he was busy telling his team to get Ridhima and Aryana ...


Armaan screamed - AHHH

when he stopped screaming only to met him under Ridhima who was sitting on his stomach her legs on both side on his belly and hitting his chest ..Armaan got up slowly and made her sit beside him ..
Armaan - (politly ) Ridhima ..bacha yeh app kya kar rahi thi

Ridhima - yeh (giggles) main  kya karti kab se tumhe boola rahi hoon par tum pata nahi kya dekh rahe the ..aur uss wall par kya dekh rahe ho jo meri baath nahi sun rahe the

Armaan - kuch nahi ..Chalo dinner ka time ho gaye he ..they  both ate and Ridhima went sleep at the dinner table itself ..
Armaan smiled at her and picked her up and tucked her in her bed ..he was about to kiss her foreehead ..but resisted himself take advantage of her innocence ..


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