Tuesday, 10 April 2018

part 16: Defeated in Love (AR ff),

Riddhima looked up at Andy holding Claire's wrist firmly in his hand looking daggers at her'.Claire twisted her wrist to get it out of his grip but he was way more strong than her.

'Let go you fool.' Claire yelled at Andy'.loudly enough to shake the building. Riddhima moved closer to Andy and placing her hand on his arm she signaled him to let go and so he did'.but the moment he freed her wrist'.he pointed his finger at her and spoke 'Listen and listen good Claire''.you are here to work not bug Riddhima'why can't you get a life?'

'Look Andy this doesn't concern you and so you stay away from this alright?' Claire hissed back.

'As long as it concerns Riddz'it concerns me as well. She is my friend and there is no way I will let you get'.'

But before Andy could complete his sentence she spoke up with a sly and dirty smile on her face'. 'What's going on between you two? I mean seriously'.am genuinely interested to know'.affair between the famous supermodel and her photographer'.is that why your pictures are always so so good? Huh Andy'.is that why you so protective but what about Kevin and '

'CLAIRE!!!' Armaan yelled at Claire'. He was there to get them to the studio and had heard her passing that snide remark to Riddhima'

'I don't believe I am working with somebody like you'.you are a senior in this industry but you are so caught up in your jealousy that you have forgotten the basic ethics of the industry'.you have no professionalism in you and I am sorry to say but I cannot work with somebody like you'..and you know what, I hate to say this but I gave you this assignment because I know exactly what kind of crisis you are going through which is why I decided to help you but your behavior is making me regret my decision. I think I will have to break the contract.'

Armaan finally stopped and felt Riddhima's gaze on him'..he looked at her only to see her shaking her head at him lightly and signaling him not to fire Claire while Claire too shocked to say anything but finally she mustered the courage and spoke 'Armaan I am really sorry'. I won't repeat this mistake in future' I am sorry.'

Armaan looked at her and shaking his head he spoke 'If you want to apologies'than apologize to Riddhima and not to me.' Claire's eyes widened while Andy tried his best to hide his smile'.and Riddhima on the other hand looked like she was trying to pop her eyes out of her sockets'.

Claire knew she cannot afford to loose the assignment'.she needed it and she also needed to stay close to Armaan who looked mighty pissed at her now so without thinking twice she swallowed her pride and turning towards Riddhima she spoke in a low voice 'I am sorry Riddhima.' With that she turned around and left the cabin while Andy burst out laughing'. 'Oh! Man I wish I could have captured the expression on her face in my camera'.it was a kodac moment'. I would never forget the way she looked while apologizing to Riddhima.'

Armaan glared at Andy to make him stop but slowly even his lips started twitching and he burst out laughing along with Andy while Riddhima just stood there shaking her head at the two of them'.


'RIDDHIMA!!! how long are you going to take?' Armaan stood outside the changing room waiting for Riddhima to come out'..they were getting late'Claire had already done her part of the shoot but Riddhima was just not ready to come out and Armaan was now loosing his patience'

'Riddhima!!! What the he'..'

Armaan could not complete his sentence as he saw Riddhima emerge out of the changing room looking breathtaking in her blue white evening dress'.it was a very simple dress but to Armaan Riddhima looked angelic in it'. He had stopped breathing as he saw her standing in front of him with her head lowered and her hand behind her back while her hair were all over her face'..finally she spoke breaking the silence between them' 'Armaan'.Armaan'.ARMAAN!!!' Riddhima tried getting the once again dazed Armaan's attention and when she did'.she again lowered her voice and spoke 'Armaan I am sorry I took so long but I can't reach the zipper and sorry to say but you don't even have assistants to help me with my dress'.a model is supposed to have someone to help her around'.anyways now what am I supposed to do? Will you'.uh I mean'.can you'.close the zip?' She hesitated but Armaan gave her a comforting and warm smile and walked closer.

He did not make her turn around instead his hands went around her perfectly slender body and he moved her hands away from the zipper making the dress come loose in the front and her left shoulder bared a little'.Armaan had a sharp intake of breath which went unnoticed by Riddhima since she too was getting nervous about their proximity.

He reached for her zipper and slowly pulled it up but in the process his fingers brushed against her skin and Riddhima gasped at the sensational contact' Armaan closed the zip but did not move away instead he moved her hair away from her face'deliberately moving his fingers on the edges of her face'.Riddhima closed her eyes but just when she did that Armaan spoke 'Look into my eyes Riddhima.' Riddhima quietly obeyed'she opened her eyes and looked into his eyes and was captivated by their intensity, she lifter her hand and placed her palm on his cheek'. He moved his face and kissed her palm while Riddhima just kept looking into her eyes'.He very slowly leaned forward and was about to kiss her when they heard someone's voice 'Riddhima sweetheart where are you?' Riddhima quickly got out of the circle of Armaan's arms and saw Kevin walking towards her'She frowned at him and spoke 'What are you doing here?'

'I came here to watch your shoot. You know I have always been at all your shoots sweety'.and so am here again to support you.' Kevin smiled at her and than turning towards Armaan he acted surprised and spoke 'Oh! Hey Mr.Malik' didn't notice you'anyways do you mind giving us a moment? I need to talk to Riddhima and if'.

But before he could say anything further he was cut off by Riddhima's sharp voice..

'I am sorry Kevin but we are already getting late and whatever you have to tell me can definitely wait but I don't want to delay Armaan anymore. Lets go Armaan.' She walked out. Armaan smirked at Kevin and giving him 'you are such a looser' look he too left the place leaving a fuming Kevin behind'

He had seen them getting closer but he didn't want them to know this so he had very carefully retraced his steps back and had walked back to the changing room deliberately making the sound of his footsteps so that they would break apart'..

There was no way that Kevin would loose Riddhima to this Armaan guy'. No matter what extent he has to go to'. But he will be the winner at the end.


'Riddhima moved a little towards your right.' Andy was trying to get the right posture for his camera to capture while Armaan stood to Andy's left watching Riddhima's beautiful body change postures every now and then'.his intense focus on Riddhima was making it hard for her to focus and for the first time she was feeling nervous'

Just when Riddhima decided that she will have to tell Armaan to leave in someway'. She saw Abhimanyu Malik enter the studio.

'Hey kids how is it all going?' Abhimanyu addressed all of them while they all smiled and nodded their heads.

He walked closer to where Riddhima, Andy and Armaan were working and spoke to Riddhima 'Riddhima you look beautiful'. I wish you were born 20 years before'.

But before Abhimanyu could continue he was cut off by an aghast Armaan 'DAD!!!' he left it at that hoping his dad would get the message'.and Abhimanyu did'he chuckled and patting Armaan's back spoke 'Chill!! Anyways I need you to go over some files with me so lets go.' they turned around and were about to leave when Abhimanyu suddenly stopped and spoke 'And ya kids you all are invited to tonight's party' 8:30...Hotel Sigma'.it's the launch party.'


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