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Part 16: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan wake up early that morning, freshen up and start packing his luggage coz he didn’t get time yesterday. After packing his stuffs he get his coffee and went upwards on terrace, smiling happily inhailing the morning breeze, he closed his eyes feeling happy and his smile become broad when he remember Riddhima’s words which she was sharing with Muskaan. He look towards their name and think when they will become like that name together.

“To tumhe v pyaar ho hi gaya” his dimples were getting deeper reflecting his happiness.

After sometime Armaan went inside, everyone was awake till then and gather their luggage in hall, although they don’t want to leave earlier but work make them to do that.

“Ham itni jaldi kyu ja rahe hain” Vansh was still sad.

“Vansh, come here” Armaan said and he ran upto him.

He sit down upto his level and said “Vansh, hamare liye hamara work v to important hota hai na jaise apka school, you can’t take long leave na?”

“Hmm” he nodded innocently and Armaan smile.

“Armaan bhaiya, I promise I’ll study well and Mamma I’l do my works also but please aap log Riddhima bhabhi ko jaldi le aaiyega Delhi, I’ll miss her” he said in innocent voice making Armaan sad as he was also feeling bad to leave Riddhima and Prerna feel how much Vansh get attached with Riddhima even they all.

“Vansh, not only you but we all want Riddhima at our home soon hmm, and we’ll do that” Anurag said making him smile.

“Really” he asked being happy.

“Yes bachha” Billy said and he hugged him.

“Chalo ab jaldi nikalte hain, apki bhabhi se milna v to hai” Ananya said and he smile.

Luggage was kept in vanity van and they left after meeting every other person whom they appoint as care taker of house.

Riddhima was preparing dishes alongwith Muskaan, Shweta and Padma happily.

“Aunty, apko nhi lagta apki beti Mallik’s ki jyada hi khatirdari k chakkar me padi hai” Muskaan said hugging Padma from behind.

“Ha to kyu na kare wo, aakhir uska hone wala ghar hai wo” Shweta said holding Riddhima and she smile looking towards her.

“Arey lagta hai aa gaye wo log” Muskaan said and Riddhima look towards the gate immediately while she laughed loudly making Padma and Shweta shake their head.

“Muskaan” Riddhima rush towards her and she ran outside.

Riddhima was running behind her and she rushed back side of ground.

“Ruk ja Muskaan, tujhe jyada masti aati hai sabke samne” Riddhima said running towards her.

“Arey maine kya kiya, waise v pahle pakad to sahi” she laugh and run.

Before they came towards front portion of house Mallik’s reached there and enter inside while Armaan was locking the vanity van, Riddhima was running behind Muskaan and didn’t noticed Armaan as her hairs were keep filipping around her face. 

Muskaan turn around when she reached near gate and Riddhima didn’t notice while Armaan was looking in his phone and unaware of what’s going on. Riddhima came running and bumped into Armaan while he was not able to register the sudden push on him thus inspite of trying he was not able to hold himself and fell down Riddhima on the top of him.

Muskaan ran inside so that they can get sometime with each other.

Riddhima closed her eyes when she fall and her hairs totally fell over Armaan’s face while her face touch his shoulder and she was holding his shirt tightly.

They felt each other heartbeat and for a moment time stops, just their fast heart beat and closed eyes in each other embrace.

Armaan smile feeling Riddhima and slowly open his eyes and move her hairs away from his face, Riddhima was not able to open her eyes she was feeling hell shy infront of him now.

He shift his head towards her and smile feeling her so close to him, he whisper slowly “Mujhe nhi pata tha tum mera itni besabri se intezar kar rahi ho aur itna special welcome karogi warna mai aur pahle hi aa jata”.

Riddhima blush being shy on his comment and tried to get up, she slowly lift her face up with closed eyes and Armaan observe her face closely, he just want to see her face all the time. He smile cutely looking towards her closed eyes and blow some air on her face.

She open her eyes and they get lost in each other, Armaan was drowning into her hazel green eyes which was making him fall for them everytime he look towards her while Riddhima was looking into his oceanic blue orbs which contain her reflection in them.

She realize her position and tried to get up but her dupatta was beneath Armaan thus she again fell over him and Armaan said “I think tumhara dupatta tumhe yahi rokna chahta hai” 

Riddhima smile shyly and slowly remove her dupatta from his side and gets up controlling red color of her face.

“Aisa nhi hai, wo,,, wo mai” she stammers and look here and there playing with her dupatta.

Armaan gets up looking towards her nervous face and smile keeping his hand in his pocket.

“Fir kaisa hai?” he raised his brows up.

Riddhima in blue color suit was looking so gorgeous that he was attracted towards her again and again. Riddhima look towards him when he asked this question and bend her head down as she was not able to look towards Armaan. He was looking dashing in that white shirt and blue denim jeans with first three buttons open, no one can resist his charm.

“Kuch nhi” she just whisper and turn to leave.

Armaan hold her hand and she stop on her place still didn’t turn towards him and he hold her dupatta from behind which was flying due to breeze. 

“Pakka kuch nhi?” he asked.

She was controlling her heart beat which was running fast, she knew that this moment will come but it’s pretty soon for her. She smile and at the same time she was nervous too.

She slowly turn towards him, he smile looking at her face wondering what will be her next step. He was waiting for her to say something.

“Armaan” she called his name and he smile how she was trying to face him.

“Hmm” he hold her hand in between his palm.

She look towards him and said “Armaan, I don’t know mujhe ye kahna chahiye ya nhi but I was fighting with my feelings about you and I think, I mean I seriously don’t know what I want to,,,,,,,,” she was not getting words to express her feelings inspite of trying.

“Riddhima”Armaan called her and she look towards him being shut “Tumhe itna stress lene ki jarurat nhi hai, I know we like this relationship but jaruri nhi ki har feeling ko words diye jaye, jab tumhara dil kare ki tumhe mujhse baat karni hai tab bolna, I’ll wait. Aur jis feelings ko sirf words describe kare wo pyaar nhi hota mere liye to yahi kafi hai ki tum mere bare me sochti ho.”

“Armaan mai apke bare me sirf sochti nhi hu balki aap meri life me hain, mere mom dad aur Muski ki family k baad agar koi meri life me aaya hai to wo aap ho aur apki family jo ki ab hamari family hai.” She said with a smile.

“Thanku Riddhima, for accepting everything pretty soon.” He said and she smile looking towards him.

She knew her feeling but don’t know what to do, Armaan was about to turn when she hold his hand immediately. He look towards her being confused and she step forward, don’t know what came into her mind she move forward and slowly whisper into his ears “Thanks for coming into my life as my dream prince and making my life more beautiful,I’m loving my every moment with you just because of your presence in it.” She said shyly controlling her heart beat and rushed inside.

Armaan stood there being shocked, he didn’t react for few seconds then slowly his mind register what she just said and a broad smile form on his face, he got his every answer and look towards her retreating figure.

She enter from back door and came down from her room, Muskaan look towards her mischieviously and she smile looking towards Mallik’s, she met them happily.

Armaan came inside after few minutes.

“Arey Ammy, itna late kyu ho gaya?”Billy asked.

“Dad, wo ,,,, aa,,,, office se call aa gaya tha” he said and Riddhima smile looking down.

“kya baat hai Riddhima,,,,, office hmm?” Muskaan murmured in her ears and she glared her.

Armaan took blessings of them and smile looking towards Riddhima.

“Aaiye aaplog, breakfast ready hai” Padma said and they left for breakfast.

They sit down for breakfast, Armaan’s gaze was fixed on Riddhima and a cute smile was playing on his lips remembering her confession.

“Bhabhi, aap jaldi se ready ho jaiyega apko v to Delhi chalna hai kuch din baad” Vansh said looking towards Riddhima as he was sitting beside her.

“Hmm” Riddhima said alowly and make him have his breakfast.

Family members smile on his talk “Ha bhaisahab ab jaldi se koi muhurt nikalwaiye hame Riddhima apne ghar me bahut jaldi chahiye” Ananya said and Shashank smile.

“JI jarur”

After breakfast Mallik’s get raedy to leave. Vansh was playing with Muskaan and Nikki and Riddhima come towards them.

“Vansh” she called him and he ran towards her.

“Ha, kya hua?” he asked.

Armaan was looking towards them tapping his phone.

“Ye lo apke liye” she gave him chocolates.

“Mere liye, wowwww” he said and tear up wrapper of chocolate to eat.

“Vansh, ek bas ek ha” Armaan said coming towards him and he hide behind Riddhima.

“Armaan jane dijiye, bachha hai” she said moving her hand in his hairs and he smile cutely.

“Riddhima, you don’t know he,,,,,,” he tried to say something.

“Armaan, it’s okay” she said and make Vansh come forward “Vansh, aap meri baat manoge?” she asked and Vansh nodded in yess.

“See, aap to good boy ho but apke Armaan bhaiya nhi mante is baat ko shayad to lets prove it ok” she said.

“Ok Bhabhi, kya karna hai mujhe” Vansh said looking towards her.

“Apko ek chocolate khana hai in one day so that apko koi ye na bole ki aap bad boy ho , hmmm coz my Vansh is best kid of the world” she said holding his cheeks and he smile.

“Promise bhabhi, mai ek din me ek hi chocolate khaunga aur apni studies v achhe se karunga” Vansh said and kissed Riddhima’s cheek while Armaan smile on his antics.

“Armaan bhaiya I’m a good boy” he said and ran towards Nikki and Rahul to show what he got from Riddhima.

“Thanks Riddhima, tumne bahut achhe se handle kar liya Vansh ko warna hamari family me usko handle karna bahut mushkil hai” Armaan said looking towards her.

“Ab wo meri v to family hai” she said looking towards Armaan and he look towards her listening this and nodded.

“hmm” he smiled.

Nikki called Riddhima and she left while Armaan stood there observing her with a cute smile.

After sometime, Mallik’s left Gupta Mansion and Riddhima become sad coz she was missing them, although she just met them but it was feeling like a family.

On the other side, Mallik’s were also missing them.

“Kitna achha rahta na agar Riddhima bhabhi aur Muskaan v hamare sath me hote to” Vansh said and Nikki smile.

“Koi baat nhi Vansh, wo jaldi hi aa jayengi” she said and he smile.

“Dad Rahul bhaiya ki shadi kab hogi?” Vansh asked and Rahul who was drinking water gets cough on his words as he spit out the water.

“Oye kya hai tujhe? Tu mere peeche kyu pad gaya ja Ammy ko bol” he said and everyone laugh on Rahul’s expression.

“Kyu Rahul tujhe shadi nhi karni hai?” Prerna asked.

“Kisne kaha, arey karni hai mujhe shadi but abhi nhi, bataunga kab karni hai” Rahul said and Billy look towards him.

“Achha to ab aap hame batayenge ki apko kis se shadi karni hai?” Billy said and he become silent.

“Nhi Dad mai to bas aise hi,,,,” he tried to say something and Armaan look towards his face suppressing his smile.

“Koi baat nhi khoj lena but mujhe lagta hai ki tumhare liye tumhari hi taarh koi ladki khojni padegi” Billy said again.

“Dad, not you too” Rahul said and everyone laughed.

They reached Mallik Mansion and smile broadly.

Armaan went into his room, change into comfortable clothes and lie down flipping around the files which was important for meeting. He keep on working and didn’t get time to talk anyone.

“Armaan bhaiya aa jaiye dinner k liye” Nikki called him.

“Yes coming” he said and went downstairs.

“Kya baat hai Armaan, tum aaj dinner k liye nhi late ho gaye?” Billy asked.

“Sorry Dad wo kal ki meeting k liye file study kar raha tha” Armaan said sitting down.

They had their dinner and Rahul asked whether anyone informed Gupta’s after reaching.

“Ha unka call aaya tha jab ham pahuche the tabhi” Anurag said and Armaan’s mind reached Mussoorie.

They finish their dinner and get back to sleep coz it was important meeting following day.

Armaan was studying his files when he look towards moon and smile, he keep files back to table as it was almost done for the meeting. 

He took his phone and came in balcony looking towards the sky, smile feeling cold breeze and remember his moments with Riddhima. He was flipping his phone and see Riddhima’s pic a cute smile form on his lips automatically.

Riddhima was lying down on her bed but not able to sleep coz every time she close her eyes Armaan’s face came into her mind. She twist and turn in bed then look towards the moon frowning.

“Mai kya karu ab? Mujhe neend nhi aa rahi hai. Armaan ne v to call nhi kiya, mai kaise karu?” she said pouting and sit on her bed.

Armaan look towards her number and think whether to call her or not, may be she slept till now.

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