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part 16: Lamhe (AR ff)

 In London….Just a night before they head to India

   Only one day left before Armaan and Ridhima to return back. Well it was evening their...And after coming from the park Ridhima slept and Armaan finished some his paper it was dinner time and Armaan decided to wake up ridhima now ..he went to her room .and as he saw he was lost in her again …he remembered how he always admire her …when ever she is sleeping and he loved to admire her at that time because he see the innocence's …and beauty reflect on her face …and he know he do it when she is conscious ..As her mind is little she might be uncomfortable or it could affect her...Brain so he knows how hard he tries to control himself whenever she is near ….well now slowly he was walking toward her without even remembering that why he was here ..Just lost in her …

He sits down on the bed by her side ….facing her …slowly he raises his hands and caress her she moves and he comes back from the magic spell…

He makes himself gets up …harshly

Oh God what the hell was I thinking again …god …he cursed himself …but his thoughts were broke as he heard the magic voice which cast hundreds spells on him

Ridhima – Armaan (she stretched and yawing and got up from the bed)

Armaan – (came back in his sense) hello princess..chalo …dinner karte ai …aur phir hame kal jana htoh hai …

Ridhima – ok ..they both went to the kitchen and had simple salad as Riddhima loves it

Armaan – chalo ..we have to sleep

Riddhima – ha …muski se bhi toh milna hai …aur mumma se bhi

Armaan – hmm(felt his heartbeat faster seeing her excited)

As they have to be up early they both slept …

Next Morning

Armaan was in the kitchen making them breakfast he was wearing a apron with chef's hat

Ridhima came running to the kitchen …..And tugged on his arm ….Armaan looked down at her and broke into smile …

Armaan – hello princess …aaj app kya khayegi

Ridhima – Armaan ajj tum kya bana rahe ho please wohi banoo na jo uss din banayea tha

Armaan – Kya

Ridhima – Wohi

Armaan – (looking toward her) kya Riddhima

Riddhima – wohi chocolate wala

Armaan – Chocolate French silk pie

Ridhima – (putted her lips) ha wohi  toh …kab se keh rahi thi

 Armaan looked her face ….he longed to see her in his arms..But he knew he can't play with innocence mind ….it would be a sin to do that so ..they ate the breakfast and Armaan told her to get ready because they are leaving

Well now Armaan and Riddhima are at the airport ...they are sitting at the waiting area ...
and Riddhima is getting boring because Armaan is only reading the business magzine ..Riddhimaq tugged on Armaan's shirt and he turned his head from magazine to Riddhima
Armaan raises his eyebrow ..and Riddhima cutelly pouted .

Riddhima - main bore ho rahi hoon ..she pouted so cutelly that Armaan couldn't remove his eyes from her ...and even though Riddhima was only 9 year old ...but she felt good ..uneasy ...and nervous the way Armaan was looking at ...she fuzzed with her shirt ..Armaan sloowlly moved his hand forword to her face ...and Riddhima hesitatelly looked at his hand which has reached near her cheek ..and slowlly Armaan ...moved the hair bang ...near her ear but as they were little short it came down ..again and Armaan tried ..but remain unseccessfull so he blew the hot air ..which gave a nervous Riddhima gossebumps ...and before they could do ...the flight announcment was made and they both came to the reality ...a nervous Riddhima slowwly got up ...but Armaan was shocked to himself that what he was thinking ...What the hell !!!!!!!...OH My God ...what would she be thinking now Armaan was really ashamed of himself ..but didn't know why Riddhima felt happy and she tugged on Armaan's hand and they both boarded the flight


And here in India the Malik mansion was addored a little as Kirti and muskaan wanted to do and they both knew how much Riddhima like these decorations and Rahul and Shubankar was at the hospital Right now they will leave to the Airport straight from their while the malik ladies were running around the mansion

Muskaan - Mummyji sab ho gaya hai app bi aram kar lejjie

Kirtti - Actually ho to gaye hai ...aur thak bi gaye hai ...(while both sitting down)

Muskaan - kitna achha lag raha hai Riddhima aur Armaan wapas aa rahe hai

Kirtti - ha Muskaan

Kirtti - rahul ko Phone laga na kab aa rehe hai

Muskaan dialed the no ...and rahul picked up

Muskaan - Rahul kab jana hai

Rahul- abhi ek Gantha bakki hai
Muskaan ..acha !!!!!!!!!!1

Rahul  - muskaan tu or mom...yaar call karna band karo abb this is the 10th time u have called

Muskaan - rakh rahi hoon ...chidna band karoo
Muskaan kept the phone down and Kirtti shaked her head

Muskaan - anyway Mummyji ab hame rest kar lena chayiea

Kirtti nodded and they both got up to rest


Rahul and Shubankar Reached the airport and now the moved inside the and they saw Armaan and riddhima walking out of the checking section and Riddhima saw them and ran toward them and yelled ..papa  at Shubankar hugge him ..and then Rahul and Armaan also came ...and they met ..they all had changed a bit in these years ...and Riddhima was the happiest ...and asked for Muma and Muski ...and they said they home and the left home ...and at the door before Riddhima and Armaan could enter Kirtti stopped them ...who was coming behind muskaan and they did Aarti and shed some tears and Riddhima was so haoppy kept hugginh Kirtti and Muskaan...and here Armaan and rahul and Shubhankar talked the progress on riddhima all went to rest and Muskaan went to the new room the made for riddhima ...

Ridhima's eyes widened when she saw her room,

"Do you like it?" Muskaan asked.

She smiled widely and nodded.

"Here.." Muskaan took her hand and brought her to the big closet. she opened it, and her eyes sparkled when she saw so many dresses, shoes, and stuffs.

"Today you came after long time, right?/ so this is for u .." Muskaan said..."

"wow yeh sab mere liye .." she smiled.

She still couldn't believe how lucky she was. "Riddhima. go take a bath and put some of this beautiful dresses on..."

"main dallo ?" Riddhima had never felt good it was like a family , because no one cared about her. at the orphanage except muski

Muskaan . nodded. "iss baar hum party rakhe ge ?"

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

It was the dinner time and they decide to have it outside the deck

After taking a while for picking her dress, she finally went downstairs. Armaan smiled satisfyingly, as what he predicted, she was beautiful. he knew how he controls himself when she is around

"You're beautiful.." Armaan thought to himself and he saw Riddhima looking toward him

Riddhima blushed as she looked at Armaan , even though she was just a kid, of course she would blush if someone like him staring at her ...she still didn't knew that what was in his eyes a minute ago. She had never seen a beautiful...eyes before ..she remember how she always tells him that she love his eyes and Dimples. And she still know that what is she thinking it is only known to her heart

Armaan was looking so handsome too, he's wearing:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


It was such a beautiful place with a clear night view.

They sat on the chairs, after muskaan and rahul kept all food, they remained silent. Riddhima i was busy with the beautiful view, and Armaan and everybody was glad that she liked it  was glad that she likes it.

'yeh toh kitni acchi jaga hai.." she said."

"hum toh phele bhi aiis jahag main hi jate hai nai Armaan Asked Ridhima

Hearing that made her smile when she remembered how much fun they had in London especially oon ice cream ...treat but as she remembered what  made her weak, and pale. No, she hates in orphange, where all her friends bullied her, where they kept insulting her. She hates it. only muskaan would steal the ice cream nahi toh sare bache use cheen lete the

Riddhima .???Asked kirti bacha kya hoya hai ...everybody looked around but only Muskaan and Armmaan know the reason.

"They.. were bullying me.." she answered, trembling as she remembered how they cut her long hair, how they beat her, how they hit her, how they made her suffer. thats when muskaan saved her and they became best friends after that

" it's nice,  hai na Riddhima and you won't get bullied anymore.." Armaan assured her. "You're still young and ..we are here na to take care of you .."

"Promise- Riddhima asked innocently everybody ...just love to see her this side.."

"Don't worry.. If you're still bullied, you can tell me, and i will beat them and then nobody will harm u ok ...Armaan smiled

She hesitatingly nodded.and with that they finished the dinner and they were all tired and the retired to their room quickly ...and slept


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