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part 17: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima paced her room to and fro for a really long time looking at the bed in between which had all her dresses spread on it. She was trying to find the suitable outfit for the launch party'she picked up a couple of dresses which she knew she won't be wearing and threw them on the floor and then she jumped onto the bed and sat in the middle of the whole mess.

Riddhima was looking down at one of her several dresses when her vision was blocked by some red stuff. She looked up and saw her father holding a red sari in front of her. She raised her eyebrows questioning him'

'I want you to wear this at the party today. You will look gorgeous in it just the way your mom did.'

Riddhima looked sharply at him. After their divorce her father had never even once talked about her mother and his wife.

'Mom?' riddhima probed him to continue.

Shashank smiled a painfully sad smile and spoke, 'Ya she was wearing this very sari when we met for the first time'and I instantly fell in love with her. When we got divorced I took this with me as a memento of our relationship. So I want you too to wear this and I am sure you'll steal every heart at the party. You'll be the most beautiful girl there.'

'Dad!! I am Riddhima gupta'.I will anyways be the most beautiful girl at the party even if I wear the shabbiest clothes of mine but I'll wear it for you.' She smiled up at him and taking the sari she left to change while Shashank wiped the tear that came the moment Riddhima was gone. He wiped it away'..remembering Mollie'.Riddhima was his only comfort and now even she would be gone soon'.. married to some guy.


Armaan sat on his armchair twisting the soft ball in his hand. The images of the day flashed in front of his eyes'.he remembered how he and Riddhima were so close today and remembering that he cursed Kevin the millionth time that day for that unwelcome intrusion of his'.the guy is such a pain.

Armaan cursed him under his breath. But the best part was the expression that he saw on Riddhima's face when he had stood close to her and had deliberately brushed his knuckles on her bare skin'he knew he was effecting her like a slow drug. Riddhima carter was finally falling for him. Armaan smiled and congratulated himself but now he had to make her trust him''but before anything else he had to get rid of the big time pain Kevin.

Armaan shook his head and fishing out one of his finest suit he went to change. He had to make an impression today.


Riddhima stepped out of her room and the three people waiting for her in the living room had a sharp intake of breath. She looked divine in that red sari with a black border with her hair slightly curled at the end and dropped on her shoulder. She wore no jewelry'.her graceful and beautiful skin didn't need any adornment anyways. She looked beautiful without even making an effort. She had done minimal make-up with a faint pink gloss on her lips and slight blush on her cheeks along with the kohl in her eyes enhancing her green beautiful eyes.

Shashank felt a surge of pride on seeing his beautiful daughter all grown up in a beautiful lady. And for the first time he wished that Mollie was here with him to see their daughter. She too would have been equally proud to see her looking like a dream in the sari she once wore.

Kevin looked at Riddhima and was mesmerized. He had never before seen her in an Indian outfit but today when she was wearing one'.to him she looked like the best thing that ever happened to him. He seriously regretted kissing Claire'.only if he hadn't done that one stupid mistake he would have placed his arm around her beautiful bare waist without her protesting against it but he wasn't the kind to give up.

Riddhima was looking so beautiful that he was determined, more than ever to have Riddhima back in his life.

Andy looked at Riddhima and instantly wanted to get his camera and click as many photographs of her as he possibly can but he knew he'll get a huge lecture from her for thinking of photography at that moment so he instead walked up to her and placing his arm around her he spoke 'Your intentions don't seem to be good babe. Who are you going to victimize today with your charms?'

While Riddhima rolled her eyes'Kevin and Shashank chuckled.

'Common kids time to leave and Riddhima beta you look amazing.' Shashank told her

'Do I look better than mom dad?' Riddhima knew she shouldn't have asked that question but she was really curious to know his answer.

Shashank smiled at her and spoke 'Don't try to be smart kiddo'.I love both of you and can't choose one over the other.'

'So you still love mom huh?'

'Riddhima we'll talk about this later.' Shashank spoke sternly and left the room.

Riddhima sighed and followed him out.


Armaan stood on the entrance of the hall welcoming all the guest there. He was wearing a black Armani suit with his usual signature cologne looking sexy as hell and a certain panache that only he could posses'.the way he carried himself was flawless and it all came naturally to him without any effort and his beautiful deep gray eyes were like icing on the cake. They could make any woman in the whole hall loose their senses in no time. Armaan was perfectly aware of the way the girls around him were gawking at him and were ready to kill for even the merest glance' acknowledgement from him.

Armaan behaved very politely with all of them and answered their flirtatious questions and compliment in a sweet way but without even a tinge of encouragement. He had changed'''.his love for Riddhima has changed him.

Armaan kept craning to see if Riddhima had arrived and finally she did. He saw their car and than he saw all of them get out of the car.

Armaan smiled but his smile faded when he saw Kevin get out of the car right after Riddhima. Shashank and Andy had already walked towards them and Riddhima too was about to but Kevin held her elbow and pulled her back. He whispered in her ear..'Riddhima sweetheart you look beautiful today.'

Riddhima glared at him and spoke 'Kevin for heavens sake don't you have any shame left in you. I have told you again and again that there is nothing between us anymore but you are still following me around like a puppy. I told you can stay here till Andy is here but behave yourself and remove your hand from my waist right now.'

Riddhima had raised her voice a little higher but Kevin kept smiling at her and slowly whispered 'Shhhh!! Darling don't yell. Have you forgotten your and mine position. We have press and media here and I am sure you don't to create a whole scene out here. They all know that we are dating each other so now you behave.'

Riddhima looked around and she realized that he was right. She forced a smile for the cameras flashing around her while Kevin took advantage of the situation and moved Riddhima closer to himself.

Armaan walked towards them and bent down to touch Shashank's feet. Shashank was pleasantly surprised'.Armaan had never done this before. He blessed Armaan with all his heart and when Armaan stood up and Shashank looked into his eyes he knew that Armaan did not greet him as a business partner'.he had greeted him as family. Shashanks's heart warmed and he hoped more than ever that Riddhima would accept that he is the guy for her.

Armaan shook hands with Andy who then left for the party. Armaan than saw Riddhima approaching the hall and his heart skipped a beat as he saw her in the red sari'..his heart was beating faster'..he could actually hear it beating but then the appreciative and amorous look on his face changed into a frown as he noticed Kevin and his hand around Riddhima's bare waist. Armaan flinched at the sight of Kevin's hand touching Riddhima's bare skin and he instantly turned around and walked away.

Riddhima had seen Armaan turn away and she really wanted to stop him but she knew that with Kevin along it was almost impossible.


Riddhima saw Armaan sitting at the bar but thankfully he wasn't drinking.

She walked towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder. Armaan knew that it was Riddhima'.he wiped off the hurt expression and turned around with a smile and spoke 'hey Riddhima'you look really fetching in this sari and you and Kevin make a pretty good pair.' Armaan spoke the last words with a little bit of bitterness which was noticed by Riddhima.

She didn't know why but she wanted Armaan to know that she and Kevin weren't together and it was just an act that she had put up in front of all the cameras out there.

'Armaan I want you to know that I and Kevin are not dating each other. Its just that the press doesn't know that we are not together anymore and I don't want to attract any negative publicity just before the launch.'

Armaan thought for a moment and looked back at Riddhima and his smile deepened and he spoke trying to sound sorry but couldn't keep the smile away 'Oh!!! that's bad but you know what that guy is anyways not meant for you.'

'Oh! Really than who is?' Riddhima asked him with a sly grin on her face and Armaan was about to say that it was him when he saw Kevin approaching them'.he quickly extended his hand forward and spoke 'Riddhima will you dance with me?'

Riddhima looked at him and wondered what was up with him'.but she agreed anyways.

Armaan took her to the dance floor while Kevin stood there frowning at the two of them and than his eyes fell on Claire standing with some media people. He walked towards her and signaling towards Armaan and Riddhima he asked her to dance with him. She got the message and excusing herself from the reporters she placed her hand in his.

They also walked towards where Riddhima and Armaan were dancing and took their position right next to them.

Riddhima and Armaan were too lost into each other to notice the couple next to them.

Armaan's hand went around Riddhima's waist. Riddhima placed one of her hands on Armaan's shoulder and her free hand rested in his. They both swayed to the music closing the distance between them slowly. Riddhima was feeling very light and giddy in Armaan's arms. His intoxicating cologne was getting to her senses. She loved the touch of his hand on her waist and everything felt very right. To steady herself she moved a little closer to him and her cheek touched that of Armaan's'.she slowly removed her hand from Armaan's hand and placed it also on his shoulder while Armaan placed his now free hand on the her waist. They were almost in a hugging position with no distance left between them. Armaan's hands were around her waist almost protectively while Riddhima was holding his shoulders trying to remain upright and not collapse into his arms completely.

They were really comfortable with each other but unfortunately the music picked up speed and the extremely soft melody was replaced by a slightly fast music. Noticing the change in the dance around her Riddhima too moved back and Armaan and Riddhima did the dance that suited the music in between of which Armaan rolled Riddhima around himself and was about to roll her back in his arms when Claire bumped into Riddhima who landed into Kevin's arms while Claire took Riddhima's position with Armaan.

Riddhima looked at Kevin who smiled at her while she gave him a dirty look and was about to walk away but Kevin's strong hands held her back.

'What was that about?' Armaan blurted as soon as he saw Claire in his arms.

'Sorry Armaan but Kevin wanted to dance with HIS girlfriend.' Claire emphasized the word his to tell Armaan loud and clear that Riddhima belonged to Kevin.

Armaan frowned at her and creating some distance between them he looked at Riddhima who had her back towards him and just by her body language Armaan could tell how uncomfortable she was.

Riddhima looked angrily at Kevin and struggled to get out of his grip but when she felt his grip tightening around her she stopped struggling not wanting to created a scene. As Kevin felt her give up her struggle he ceased the opportunity and pulled her close to himself while her anger increased towards him but he remained unaffected. He caressed Riddhima's waist with his thumb'moving his fingers a little low while Riddhima winced at his touch. And as if that was not it his hand moved down to her hips and Riddhima moved her head up with a jerk.

'Stop it Kevin.' she hissed at him.

'Stop what Riddhima?' He kept smiling like an idiot and Riddhima had a very strong urge to slap him right across his face.

'Oh common don't act as if you don't enjoy it. You have always enjoyed having me do all this haven't you?' Riddhima felt disgusted and with great force she removed his hand away from her waist and left the dance floor.

Kevin looked around and when he saw that Claire had conveniently busied Armaan in some conversation he slipped out of the hall and followed Riddhima.


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