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Part 17: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Ek baar try kar leta hu” Armaan murmured and touch calling button.

Riddhima smile looking towards her phone and feel as if she was dreaming looking towards Armaan’s number but when her phone vibrate in her hand then she came back to reality.

“OMG! Ye to sach me Armaan ka call hai” she look towards her phone.

She receive it before it might disconnect “He,,,Hello” she murmured.

“Hello, Hie” he said said with a smile.

“Hi” she said slowly.

“Umm,,Maine disturb to nhi kiya, I mean tum so to nhi gai thi” Armaan said.

“Nhi, mujhe neend nhi aa rahi thi” she said then slapped her forehead what she said.

“Kyu?” he asked suppressing his smile.

Riddhima smile and become nervous now what to say “Wo,,, a actually Dad ko ek file deni thi wahi khoj rahi thi” 

“Oh! To mili?” Armaan asked.

“Kya? She become confused.

“File” Armaan said.

“Oh! Ha mil gai.” She replied biting her tongue.

“Aap soye nhi abhi tak?” She asked.

“Nhi, wo kal ki meeting k liye file study kar raha tha” Armaan said.

“Oh! But kafi late ho gaya hai aap v so jaiye ab warna kal late ho jayenge” she said Armaan smile.

He feel different coz he was also getting someone in his life who seems to be worry for him, to look after him whether he slept on time whether he had food or not. Although his family do care for him but that particular person with whom he was going to spend his life make him feel special.

“Hmm, abhi so jaunga. Actually, I was ,,,,,,,,” he stop in middle looking towards moon and get lost and said in dreamy voice “Actually Riddhima I was missing you, don’t know why bas dil kar raha tha tumse baat karne ka”

Riddhima smile shyly on his words, she knew he was lost somewhere else.

“Armaan” she called his name to bring him back.

“Un,,,?” he get back to reality and check his phone the smile cutely “Wo Riddhima, mai,, I mean I don’t know why but I missed Mussoorrie and my special momets there.” He said and Riddhima smile.

“Hmm, mere liye v wo moments bahut special hain” she said and smile “Um, Armaan ab aap so jaiye, ok bye” she said immediately.

“Bye, good night” he said and she smile.

“good night”

And they cut the call, Riddhima lie on bed shyly covering her face. Armaan smile and lie down on bed and remember Riddhima.

“Mai baat kyu nhi kar pa raha tha us se” he murmured.

“Kya ho gaya hai mujhe, mai Armaan se baat kyu nhi kar pa rahi thi” Riddhima also wonders.

They slept remembering each other.

Next day, 

Armaan went to meet the clients alongwith Anurag while Rahul went to court. They begin their routine but Ananya talk to Riddhima and Padma saying how much they miss them.

Armaan meet with clients and finalise the deal, they were busy whole day and there Riddhima was busy in hospital alongwith few employees coz they need her help being a special authority of hospital as Shashank was out of station for the day.

Armaan look towards his phone and smile as Riddhima’s pic was adoring his phone screen. 

Riddhima was sitting in hospital and remember Armaan, she go through his pics on internet and smile looking towards his smile.

“Hi, Kaise hain aap? Apki meeting ho gai?” Riddhima text him.

Armaan was collecting his file and look towards his phone as it vibrate, he sign his employees to collect files and went towards his cabin.

He read her message and called her back. She receive his call and smile “Hi” she said.

“Hie, kaisi ho?” Armaan asked.

“Theek hu, apki meeting ho gai?” she asked.

“ha meeting v ho gai aur deal final v ho gai” he said.

“Good Mr.Mallik” she smile and he chuckle on her tone.

“Thanku, kaha ho tum?” they were much comfortable this time.

“Mai to hospital hu, Dad aaj bahar gaye hain so kuch official works the” she replied.

“Wow, that’s impressive.” He said and she smile.

“Thanku, apne lunch kiya?’ she asked.

“Nhi, just abhi aaya meeting se” he said and she smile.

“Okay, to ab aap lunch kar lijiye, mai phone rakhti hu” she said and they bid bye to each other.

One week went like that, Armaan Ridddhima use to talk with each other and now they share a special bonding. Muskaan also talk sometimes but use to be in touch with Nikki and Vansh daily.

Rahul was busy in his case and one day he was lying on bed after his dinner when he got a call.

“Hello” he receive the call.

“Hello Mr.Khadus Mallik, kya kar rahe ho?” Muskaan was on another side.

Rahul get surprised how she get his number.

“Ab itna shocking mode me mat jao, Nikki se liya tumhara number” she said and he smile.

“Achha ji, kis khushi me” Rahul said “Mujhe jyada miss kar rahi thi kya?” he asked.

“Miss aur tumhe, hunhh, bahut kaam hote hain mujhe samjhe itna faltu time nhi hai mere paas” she said.

“Ohoo, to itni raat me kya tare gin ne me help chahiye jo mujhe call kiya” he mocked her.

“Nhi help to chahiye but tare gin ne me nhi but kisi aur kaam me” she said and he smile on her.

“Bol kya kaam hai” he asked.

“Wo actually,,,,,” she narrated why she need his help.

They talk for few minutes, actually Muskaan needs some legal advice for her friend. After talking for sometime Rahul gets and idea to tease her again.

“Waise Muskaan, ab to tum rone dhone ki practice kar rahi hogi na?” he asked.

“Kyu? Mai kyu rone lagi?” she asked being confused.

“Arey matlab tumhari best friend ki shadi hai to uski vidaai k time tumhe rona to padega hi” he chuckle.

“Hahaha, bad joke Mr.Rahul” she said in sarcastic voice.

“Thanku” Rhaul said but she become silent and Rahul was surprised why she didn’t retort him “Kya hua?” he asked.

“Kuch nhi” she replied.

“Arey baba, I’m sorry ab bolo kya hua?” he asked being normal.

“Rona to aayeg hi kyunki Riddhima chali jayegi yaha se but us se jyada khushi hogi kyunki wo Armaan k sath jayegi infact tumhari puri family v bahut achhi hai and I’m sure she will be happy always” Muskaan said and Rahul smile “Ab tum kaun se silent mode pe chale gaye?” she asked.

“Kuch nhi, tum kuch different ho baki sab se, hamesha masti k mood me but still conscious about your loved ones” he said.

“Tabhi to mai Muskaan Chadhha hu” she smile saying that which make Rahul smile too.

Next day Mallik’s were having breakfast and Armaan was busy in his phone sending some data to his employee and eating from other hand.

“Armaan, theek se nashta karo” Ananya scold him.

He look towards her he was about to say soemthing when his eyes falls on Billy and he kept his phone in his pocket and eat properly.

“Armaan bhaiya aap v darte hain Tauji se” Vansh said and he smile innocently.

“Okay Mom Dad, ham nikalte hain, Chachu lets go”Armaan said getting up.

“Iska working mode chalu ho gaya hai Mom, aise mat dekho” Rahul said when Ananya glared Armaan coz he was in hurry.

“Chal Vansh, ham tujhe v drop kar denge” Armaan said and Vansh run happily coz he loves to go with Armaan.

“Mujhe aajtak samajh me nhi aaya ki Vansh itna excited kyu hota hai Armaan bhaiya k sath jane k liye” Nikki said looking towards Vansh being confuse.

“I wonder why” Armaan said and they left.

In car, Armaan look towards Vansh who was smiling in himself “Vansh, buddy you okay na?” he asked.

“Yes bhaiya” 

“To smile kyu kar raha hai?” 

“Kuch nhi”

“Achha Vansh tu Armaan k sath hi kyu jana chahta hai school” Anurag asked and his smile become deeper.

“Dad, jab v Armaan bhaiay mujhe drop karne jate hain to sab mujhse puchte hain inke bare me aur mere teachers v fir mujhe chocolates v milti hain but jab maine bola ki Armaan bhaiya ki shadi ho rahi hai to sabka muh ban gaya pata nhi kyu then I told them that my new bhabhi is very nice and you know what Dad they didn’t gave me chocolate, isliye aaj mai khud leke ja raha hu chaocolate jo Riddhima bhabhi ne mujhe diya tha aur un sabko bataunga v” Vansh said and Anurag chuckle looking towards him while Armaan smile suppressing his shy look.

“Buddy, its very bad ha you don’t need to take chocolates from anyone co,,,,,,” Armaan was saying when Vansh cut him in middle.

“Ha bhaiya, I know coz I promised Riddhima bhabhi and I’ll not take chocolates from anyone” he replied and Armaan smile.

He left Vansh in his school and move towards his office alonwith Anurag. Armaan was still smiling on his words and Anurag look towards him.

“Armaan” he called him.

“Ji Chachu” he look towards him.

“Riddhima bahut achhi ladki hai, aur tum dono hi calm and composed type k ho but in a relation of marriage you will have to be supportive for one another and you will have to understand feelings. Wo ladki apna sab kuch chhod k yaha aayegi Armaan ham sabke liye, tumhare liye aur tumhe use khush rakhna hoga, ye tumhari responsibility hai. Tum apne tareeke se v use ehsas dila sakte ho apni feelings ka but shayad tumhe thoda aur free hona pade Riddhima k sath, apne rishte ko majbut banao Armaan taki koi v galafahmi na aaye uske beech me and I know you will make her feel special in every way.” Anurag said looking towards Armaan, he notice his changing expressions then he look outside as they reached their office.

He tapped Armaan’s shoulder and came out of car moving towards the office. Armaan sit there thinking about whatever Anurag explained him, indeed they have feeling for each other and they are in happy space but their talks were limited till good morning good night, khana khaya ya nhi and some work related issues. Anurag was right, he had to be more familiar with Riddhima so that she don’t feel awkward for anything.

He smile and was about to move outside the car when he get Riddhima’s msg. he instantly called her and she smile on other side looking towards her phone.

She was sitting in garden looking towards the beauty of nature when her eyes fall on swing where she spend few moments with Armaan, she sit there feeling his presence and text to Armaan.

“Hi” she receive the call.

“Hie, kaisi ho?” he asked.

“Theek hu aur aap?” she asked.

“Theek nhi hu” he said sitting on bonut of his car.

“Kyu kya hua? Kaha hain aap Armaan?” she asked getting tensed.

“Mai bahut pareshan hu Riddhima” he said suppressing his smile.

“Kyu?” she become worried.

“Kyunki mujhe tumhari bahut jyada yaad aa rahi hai aur mera dil kar raha hai ki mai abhi Mussoorie chala aau” he said.

“Achha, ye baat hai, mujh,,,,,,,” Riddhima said casually without noticing his words but when she register what he said she become shocked “Whattttt?” she stood up instantly “Armaan ye kya bol rahe hain aap, aap aise kaise Mussoorie aa jayenge just because you are mi,,,,,,” and she stopped there remembering what she was going to say.

“Yes, coz I’m missing you” he said in heavy tone making her smile shyly she looks down hiding her blush.

“Achha theek hai, mai nhi aata, tum hi aa jao” Armaan said.

“Mmmm,,,Mai kaise aa sakti hu” she said being tensed.

“Achha baba relax, koi baat nhi aana to hai hi, abhi nhi to kuch din baad hi sahi but ek baat to bata sakti ho na” he asked.

“Kya?” she asked.

“Do you really miss me?” he asked suppressing his shy smile looking towards sky.

She smile shyly and look towards sky and said “Hmm” .

Armaan smile cutely on her and was about to ask something when he heard Padma calling Riddhima.

“Thanku, ab jao Mom bula rahi hain, I’ll call you soon” he said and cut the call saying bye.

Riddhima stood there smiling cutely how he was asking her and she replied too, it means she was getting close to Armaan by heart coz she was not able to deny his question neither she can ignore it. She look towards her phone where Armaan’s pic was making it special with his cute dimpled smile, she download it and keep it as wallpaper but Armaan was unaware of it.

Mallik ladies were sitting in free time when Panditji came to inform them about Karwachauth puja.

“Kab hai karwachauth panditji?” Ananya asked.

“Parso aur aap log taiyari shuru kar dijiye” he said.

“Ji jarur” Prerna replied.

“Waise Panditji apse ek baat puchni thi” Prerna said then look towards Ananya “Bhabhi, agar ham Riddhima se v puche ki wo karwachauth ka vrat karna chahti hai ya nhi, fir ham un sabko v bula sakte hain” she said and Ananya smile.

“Ha ye to bahut achha rahega, ham ek baar unse puch lenge aur Riddhima abhi se vrat rakhe ya shadi k baad ham unhe function me to bula hi sakte hain na panditji?” she asked looking towards him.

“Ha kyu nhi, agar apki hone wali bahu vrat rakhti hai to ye bahut achhi baat hai aur us din bahut achha muhurt hai to bulane me koi dikkat nhi hai” he said and they become happy.

“Woww, matlab Riddhima bhabhi yaha aayengi, yess Taiji mai unhe pura delhi ghumaungi aur apne friends se v milwaungi sab unse milna chahte hain” Nikki become excited.

“Nikki, control yourself, pahle hame unse baat to karne do fir decide hoga aur Riddhima ko tumhari tarah itna jyada free hona pasand nhi to use parehsan mat karna agar wo aaye to, wahi karna jis me wo comfortable ho” Ananya said and she become silent.

“Ji taiji” she replied “But ham masti to karenge pakka, aap please unhe yaha bulaiye” she again become happy.

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