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part 17: Lamhe (AR ff)

Morning at Malik Mansion

Kirtti was in kitchen especially making the breakfast for Riddhima and Armaan as they come after long time and she want to make their favorite food Kirtti looked around for the stuff and also saw Muskaan coming toward the kitchen

Kirtti - thank God Muskaan beta ki tum agai ..acha chalo meri adad karo ..

Muskaan - arey wah Mumma ..appne to allo ke pranthe baneye hai

Kirtti - ha tum tu janti hai na ki Riddhima aur Armaan ko kitne pasand hai ...

Muskaan - ha chalo mumma ...

They both prepared the breakfast while other were getting ready and Armaan went to the jog. And Riddhima got up and went to the washroom as Armaan had taught her to brush her teeth...First thing in the morning so she was in bathroom ...and Armaan had come back from jog as like everyday ...he went to Ridhima's room

Armaan entered her room ...and heard the tap and realized she is in bathroom

Armaan - Riddhima

Riddhima- (still having the brush in her mouth) Alllmmaaann

Armaan - Ridhima brush kar liya

Riddhima - (now she was washing the brush) Armaan please aoo na

As from the experience Armaan knew it was good to go in when she invites  because last time is still fresh in his mind when she asked him to come inside her room but as he thought it wasn't the wise thing to do so he didn't go in she started crying and then it took him 2 hours to pacify her which he knew was bad experience so he went inside and saw her in cute condition which made him lost in her!!!!

He saw her putting the brush in the brush stand  and her hair flicks were on her face which were irritating her and she was making cute faces because of that hair was troubling her and Armaan moved toward her and bowled on the hair which was troubling and Riddhima closed her eyes she didn't knew what was happening to her all she want was to be with Armaan all the time. and Armaan came back to his sense he knew lately he had sure felt the change in her ...


Armaan ' Riddhima ajj hum donoo bahar jaye ge goomi karne

Riddhima ' pakka (she asked cutely)

Armaan ' ha chaloo jaldi se ready ho jayo

Riddhima ' OK

and they both went to get ready and now all were at the dinner table

Armaan ' morning

And Riddhima came running and jumped a little and whished morning

and she went to Armaan and sat on his lap

and Armaan looked around and made a nervous laugh which made Muskaan and Rahul giggle and Armaan glared at them and they suppressed their laugh and he held on to her possessively on his lap

Riddhima ' Armaan hum kaha ja rahe hai (she looked back at him while putting the bite in her mouth

Kirtti ' ajj tum dono na shopping ke liye chale jana and then u should think to start to visit hospital for some hours

Riddhima ' muje bhi hospital jana hai

Muskaan ' par tum waha kya karo gi

Riddhima ' main (started thinking) main haa Armaan hai na uske saath jaoo gi

Rahul ' par

Kirtti ' ok tum Armaan ke saath chali jana

Rahul ' par mom

Till then two tears made their way out of Ridhima's eyes and Armaan noticed it

Armaan ' (worried) kya huya ha mere bache ko huh ro kyu  rahe ho with that all looked toward Riddhima and Muskaan and Rahul felt guilty

Nobody wanted to hurt her they love her to much to make her cry

Riddhima ' mujhe bhi hospital jana hai (while rubbing her face on armaan's shirt on the front side

Armaan ' of course jaye ge

Rahul felt little guilty and was going to say sorry but Riddhima throw the table cloth on him

Riddhima -  mujhe tum se baat nahi karni

Rahul held his ear and said sorry

Riddhima ' last time ok

Rahul ' Ok

Riddhima ' muma app iss daatna nahi toh main isse ..hmmm .hmm isse marogi

Kirtti ' agar issne kuch kaha toh hum dono marege OK

and Riddhima smiled and all felt happy to have the life of the house back and and everybody was possessive about her but everybody knew that front of Armaan they knew were not possessive about her because Armaan is more possessive about her as she was his life

Riddhima got up and tugged on Armaan's shirt

Riddhima ' chalo

Armaan ' Ok

Kirtti ' hum sab hospital jaye ge

Armaan ' ok and Riddhima came and kissed on kirrti's cheek then subhankar's cheek and then Rahul's and the hugged Muskaan

and they both left while other went to the hospital

At the shopping mall they both were roaming around when Riddhima saw a teddy bear

Riddhima ' Armaan mujhe woh chayiea

Armaan ' kya

Riddhima ' chalo main dekhati hoon and with that Riddhima pulled Armaan toward the shop where the teddy bear was placed as they were about to enter the shop a little kid came toward them with the gun in his hand and riddhima got scared and slowly she started to get negative type picture that someone was forcing and her she heard the gun shot she felt dizzy and Armaan who suddenly irked in his mind he got scared he knew the shocks could create more problem and he hid her in his chest  while she kept getting the negative pictures and the passed out and as Armaan felt her swayed in his arms so he picked her up and took her home.

As soon as they got home Armaan picked her up from car and rushed home and placed her on the sofa

Riddhima was un-concisions and Armaan was worried first Armaan thought to call at hospital but as he about to dial when he thought everyone will come home and probably they will get tensed  so he picked her in his arms and went to her room and laid her down and ran down stair to get water

so as he sprinkled the water on her face she jerk up and screamed VIVEEKKK PLEEEAAASSSEEE

Armaan was shocked and happy or he didn't knew what to feel tensed so he grabbed Riddhima and hugged her

Armaan ' shhh shona don't worry everything will be alright

she started crying and grabbed Armaan hard and Armaan kept assuring her that everything would be fine but Armaan knew that today seeing that gun she probably got some mind open which would jave been closed from getting shot so he knew  this time he should take care of her and probably don't let family know yet or they would freaked out so he thought to handle Riddhima by himself and decided to keep secret from family. And he knew what is the exactly way to keep her out of the family way to take her hospital with him so he can keep an eye on him and probably mom and Dad would be busy and Rahul and Muskaan  will be easily handled and slowly Riddhima's sob subsided she slowly come out of the hug and looked at Armaan in different way but suddenly she felt hungry

Riddhima (pulling Armaan's hand)- muhje book lagi hai

Armaan knew if he will try to ask her anything it might be painfull for her so he decided to let the matter rest

Armaan ' ha chalo saath baj gaye hai

they both went downstairs to eat and Armaan messaged Kirtti that they will sleep early as they have to be at hospital early and she said ok after enquire about Riddhima's and Armaan's well being

and Riddhima was having hard time eating so she moved toward Armaan and sat on his lap sideway

Armaan ' Riddhima ...shona kya hoya hai

Riddhima ' (pouted) yeh spoon main fit nahi hote tum khiloo na please

 Armaan ' ok

Armaan slowly fed her and Armaan was lost looking at her the way she moved closer to get the bite Armaan could feel her breath near his heart his breath increased but he calmed down he knew not to behave like a love-sick-puppy because he did noticed a little reaction behaviour toward his feeling and after today's incident he should take things slowly so he kept thinking how much rice he would put in her spoon to distract his mind (lol stupid na i know) well she finished and Armaan also had little bit in between so they got up and washed their hand as Armaan taught her .

 After that dinner, they went inside. Armaan brought her to her room. as everyone was still at hospital and even now he knew Riddhima would only want Armaan with her all the time

"Good night.." he brushed the bangs on her forehead, and wanted kiss her forehead, but then he didn't wanted to.

Armaan was still reading in his room, when he heard screams in Riddhima's room. He quickly went there, Riddhima was panting and crying. Armaan approached her, Riddhima ...shhh kya hoya hai , what's wrong?"

"They.. were.. hi.. hitting me.." Riddhima  sobbed. "They.. uh.. said.. mean words.. to me.."

"Sshh.. Riddhima.. it's just a dream.." Armaan hugged her. he remember at dinner it might bought memories back

"I'm.. scared.." Riddhima sobbed.

"It's just a nightmare.. go back to sleep.." Armaan whispered to her. He laid her back and pulled up her blanket. He was going to leave when Riddhima pulled his shirt.

"Don't.. go.." Riddhima begged.

"Hm.. How about sleeping with me, in my room?" Armaan asked. he knew how stubborn she gets ..if he would leave her now ...she would get cranky so it was better to keep her with him and also he didn't wanted to leave her when she needed him the most and he is ARMAAN MALIK who doesn't run from his responsibilities.

"please ?" she slowly smiled and raised her both hands

Armaan nodded. He lifted her up bridal style, "Now, the princess is going to sleep well..

Riddhima  giggled, she had always felt this warmness. She held him tight as he brought her to his room

. He laid her there and maid himself sits beside her. "Now, go back to sleep, it's late..."

"Okay.."Riddhima was going to close her eyes but she opened it again. She pulled Armaan's shirt again. "Armaan main school kab jayoo gi ?"

"hmm well iske bare main kal sooche ge ..for now go to sleep.." he smiled.

She nodded and smiled. Then she fell asleep.

Never did she knew..

That Armaan was staring at her, longing and all the love store in his eyes just for her ...then when she slept Armaan made himself sat on the sofa...while still staring at her ...he didn't knew when he dodged off to sleep.


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