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part 18: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Kevin saw Riddhima going to the terrace and he knew that no one will be there'.no press nor any guest.

He saw Riddhima standing next to the railings. He walked towards her and was about to wrap his arms around her when she whipped around and shouted 'Don't you dare touch me. I can't believe I ever allowed you to come close to me. You are such a low life looser Kevin. What the hell are you tying to do? You really think that you can get me back by doing things like this'by forcefully getting physical with me? You don't know me at all do you? And there was a day when I actually thought that you are the one I can spend my whole life with but I was so wrong. I hate myself for ever giving you the right to hurt me but not anymore. Just leave Kevin and don't bother coming

home'.I'll send your luggage to the airport.'

With that Riddhima turned around but Kevin gripped her arm and turned her around and barked in her face 'You think its that easy. What wrong have I done Riddhima? Okay I admit I kissed Claire but it was the moment and I got carried away but I apologized for that didn't I? I love you Riddhima.' Kevin cupped Riddhima's face.

Riddhima hissed 'Get your hands off me Kevin.'

But Kevin didn't make a move instead he smiled and to Riddhima's utter disgust he pulled her close and slammed his lips onto hers. Riddhima was startled with the sudden movement but soon she recovered from the shock and tried pushing Kevin away but it didn't work. He was too strong for her. Her hands were on his chest trying to push him away. Kevin was confident that Riddhima would eventually give in to the kiss and he tried pushing his tongue into her mouth but got irritated when she didn't let him do that. Out of frustration he bit her lower lip and was about to push his tongue into her mouth when he was lifted off the ground and he was punched onto his mouth and thrown on the ground.

Riddhima opened her eyes when she felt the weight no more and she saw Kevin lying on the floor with a very angry Armaan towering over him.

'How dare you touch her?' Armaan growled. Kevin looked up and saw Armaan looking down at him as if he was ready to kill him. Blood was gushing out of Kevin's mouth.

Riddhima rushed to Armaan and grabbing his arm she spoke 'Cummon Armaan lets go.'

'But Riddhima I want this man to learn a lesson and never bother you again.'

'He won't bother me anyways but Armaan we should not forget that there's press here.'

Riddhima pleaded with Armaan but Armaan was so angry that he wanted to break at least 200 out of his 206 bones and leave the 6 so that he would be able to walk to the airport and catch the first flight back to his home. But when he looked back at Riddhima and saw the tears in her eyes he realized that Riddhima needed him more and he nodded his head and placing an arm around her he walked out of the terrace.

They were descending the stairs to go back to the hall when Armaan stopped and turned Riddhima around. He wiped the tears from her eyes and placing a kiss on her forehead he spoke 'Just remember I am here for you.'

Riddhima looked into Armaan's eyes and just as some more tears threatened to spill she turned around and was about to walk back into the hall when Armaan caught her wrist and pulled her away from the hall and dragging her along he walked towards his car in the parking lot.

'Armaan!!!' Riddhima called him but he didn't respond. He simply opened the passenger door of the car and lightly pushed Riddhima inside. He sat at the driver's seat and drove away.

Armaan noticed Riddhima had given up asking him where they were headed instead she was looking out of the window and Armaan knew she was crying. He cursed himself for leaving her alone and that too when he knew the scumbag Kevin was around. He reached out for her hand and held it firmly in his but Riddhima didn't seem to notice it for she was still gazing out the window.

After some time the car stopped at a beach. Riddhima looked around but didn't react, she simply got out of the car and walked towards the beach. She sat down on the sand and looked towards the waves of water. Her tears flowed silently and she sat still. Armaan sat down next to her and SMSed his dad that he and Riddhima are not at the party and he should handle everything there. He hoped his dad would get the message.

He suddenly heard Riddhima say, 'Armaan can I use your cell?'

'Sure. Go ahead.'

Armaan handed his cell to Riddhima. She dialed a number and placed it against her ear and wiped her tears and after a moment she spoke a hoarse hello into the phone.

Armaan could hear faintly the voice of the person on the other line and he heard the person speak something on the other line and than Riddhima spoke'

'Mom!!' And with that she burst into sobs.

'Riddhima what's wrong honey?' Mollie spoke worried as to why her daughter was crying. The last time she had seen Riddhima crying was when she and Shashank got divorced.

'Mom'..I'.. am'.. missing you.' Riddhima spoke in between her sobs.

'Oh baby!! Why didn't you tell me before. I'll catch the next flight to India and will be there with you. I promise. But please stop crying Riddhima. You are a strong girl aren't you?' Riddhima nodded her head without realizing that she was on phone and her mom couldn't see her but for her it was just like the day when she used to cry as a little girl due to some bad dream and when Mollie used to say that she is a strong girl and should not cry she used to wipe her tears and nod like an obedient child. Today again she was craving for the comfort that only her mother could give her.

'Riddhima are you listening child?' Mollie spoke when she got no response from Riddhima.

'Mumma why can't you come now?'

'Oh! Riddhima you know that is not possible. Now stop acting like a little kid and stop crying baby.' Mollie felt very helpless. She wished she could grow wings and fly to wherever Riddhima was. But she controlled herself and spoke 'Riddhima does your papa know that his little princess is crying?'

'No mom and please don't tell him.'

'I won't but only if you promise you won't cry anymore. You know how hurt your papa would be when he would know that you have been crying. And where are you? You told me you had the launch party today.'

'We did mom but am not there. I am at a beach.' Now Mollie was even more worried. She knew Riddhima was extremely dedicated to her work and she wouldn't leave a launch party just like that. There has to be some major reason. And she wondered if Riddhima was alone coz that won't be good and than she would have to inform Shashank so she asked Riddhima 'Riddhima are you alone at the beach?'

'No mom Armaan is with me.' Mollie knew who Armaan was. Riddhima had told her a lot about him.

'Can I talk to him?'

'Sure mom but please come soon.'

'I will Riddhima. Now let me talk to Armaan.'

Riddhima handed the cell to Armaan and without saying anything she stood up and started walking around trying to distract herself.

Armaan knew Riddhima was talking to her mom but he wondered what he was supposed to say. 'Hello!!'

'Hi!! Armaan. I am Mollie Carter, Riddhima's mom.'

'Good evening ma'am.'

Armaan hoped he sounded calm after all she was his would be mother-in-law and he had to leave a good impression.

Mollie smiled and spoke 'You don't have to be so formal Armaan. You can call me Mollie. Armaan could you please tell me why Riddhima is crying?'

'Actually Mollie she kinda had a fight with Kevin.'

'Oh that b******. He once again made my daughter cry. I will finish his career. That low life scum. He has some nerve to follow her to India after hurting her so much. Just let me come there and than I will make sure that he pays for all the tears my daughter has shed because of him.' Mollie had totally forgotten that she was on phone with someone and went on abusing Kevin. She knew everything about Riddhima and Kevin's relationship and hated the guy for cheating onto her daughter for her arch-rival.

Armaan had a huge grin on his face. He had been wanting to abuse Kevin from such a long time that hearing some body else do that too seemed like the best thing ever.

'You are right Mollie'Kevin is a very cheap guy and he doesn't deserve Riddhima one bit.'

As Mollie heard Armaan's voice she realized that she had been abusing Kevin for quite some time so she quickly spoke 'Oh! Forgive me Armaan. I think I got carried away. Anyways son you need to know that Riddhima is really sensitive towards this Kevin issue and can get really emotional. She had trusted Kevin a lot and his betrayal has really left her broken so please take care of her.'

'I will. You really don't have to worry.' Armaan spoke with great honesty and conviction as he felt his love for Riddhima surge through him.

Mollie felt that Armaan could be trusted. They both already had a bond between them built out of mutual concern for Riddhima'..their love for her.

'Thanks a lot Armaan. And tell Riddhima I'll be there tomorrow. Goodnight Armaan.'

'Goodnight Mollie.'

Armaan placed the cell in his pocket and getting up he rushed to where Riddhima was standing.

'Riddhima!!!' Armaan spoke softly. Riddhima didn't respond and kept crying.

Armaan turned her around and spoke 'Look Riddhima stop crying. I don't see why you are crying. The guy isn't worth it.'

'I am not crying because of him. I am crying because of another relationship that I have lost.' Riddhima told Armaan in a very low voice

'Riddhima why are you looking at the negative side. Don't you realize that this relationship wasn't worth keeping and its good that you saw his true colors before it was too late.' Riddhima nodded her head and Armaan's heart went out to her as he saw how vulnerable she is at the moment.

'Can I have a hug?' Riddhima asked Armaan in a tiny voice.

Armaan smiled at her kiddish demand and without saying anything he gathered her in his arms. Riddhima placed her head on his chest and her arms went around his waist. Armaan had his arms around Riddhima and his chin was on top of her head. He placed a kiss on her hair and moved his hand on her back trying to calm her down.

And when he knew that Riddhima was finally fine he spoke trying to lighten the moment 'At last I saw THE MISS INVICBLE RIDDHIMA CARTER CRYING.'

Riddhima got out of the hug and looked at him. She moved forward and placing a kiss on Armaan's cheek she spoke with honesty completely blended in her voice 'Thanks a lot Armaan for everything you did for me.'

Armaan smiled at her but didn't say anything. Riddhima turned towards the waves and with a sudden glow on her face she spoke 'Cummon Armaan lets go into the water.'

Armaan looked at Riddhima incredulously. One moment back she was so depressed and now she was smiling like she had the world.

'You really are a kid aren't you?' He finally asked her.

'Oh! Cummon Armaan please. I want to feel the water against my legs. Cummon don't be a bore.'

She didn't wait for his response and walked into the water.

'Riddhima be careful'it can prove dangerous. And don't go too far.'

Armaan shouted behind her keeping a good eye on her to make sure that she didn't land up in trouble and just as he had finished speaking he saw Riddhima slip and fall.

Thankfully she wasn't too far and the water wasn't deep. He quickly rushed to her and burst out laughing when he saw her lying with the waves going over her and the sand on her hair and sari.

' 'I want to feel the water against my legs'' Armaan imitated Riddhima.

'See this is what happens when you try to walk into the water with a sari on.' He laughed harder while Riddhima gave him a dirty look and she suddenly had an idea. As Armaan was busy laughing she pulled his leg and he came tumbling down.

'hahahaha'..trying to be over smart with me? Serves you right.' Riddhima laughed at Armaan and stuck her tongue out at him. She tried getting up with her wet sari sticking to her body but Armaan caught her wrist and pulled her back and she fell on Armaan's chest. He wrapped his arms around her and they felt the waves rushing over them and they both looked at each other and laughed again but suddenly Riddhima stopped laughing as she felt Armaan's hand brush against her bare waist. Armaan saw the change of expressions. He looked at her beautiful face covered with water and her wet hair falling on his face. He moved a little and rolled onto her and they both rolled till they were out of the water and on the shore. Riddhima's wet pallu was sticking on Armaan's wet back. Armaan was over Riddhima. He looked down at her and his gaze fell on her lips. Riddhima knew what Armaan was thinking and surprisingly she wanted him to go ahead. She closed her eyes. Armaan bent down and placed his lips lightly over Riddhima's lips'.but when he did not feel any protest from her side. He deepened the kiss and Riddhima gripped his collar and pulling him closer she responded to his kiss.

They parted after a couple of minutes and Armaan caressed her lower lip swollen after the intense kiss. He kissed it lightly and just than his cell rang and they were brought back to reality. Armaan quickly got up but Riddhima's wet pallu which was sticking to his body slipped off her and Armaan instantly lowered his eyes out of respect. Riddhima stood up and wrapped the pallu around her. Armaan took off his coat and placed it on Riddhima's shoulder and giving her a smile he picked up his cell.

'Ya dad?'

Armaan heard his dad say something.

'Okay dad I am coming.'

He placed the wet phone back in his pocket and looked up at Riddhima who had her head lowered. He took her chin in both hands and lifted her face up towards his and moving closer he kissed her again for just a second.

A wave splashed fiercely and Riddhima was pushed into his arms. Her nose brushed his ears. Armaan moved his hand to her face moving away the wet strands of hair sticking to her cheek. Moving closer he kissed the side of her neck'.moving down to her shoulders. Riddhima tightened her grip on his shoulders. She moved her body closer to his. While Armaan kissed her behind her earlobe and heard Riddhima gasp. Riddhima spoke lightly 'Armaan!!!' She sounded breathless. Armaan looked at her and wrapping his one arm around her waist he walked along with her back to his car.

He drove to her home. They stopped outside the gate and Armaan turned towards her. Riddhima leaned forwards and placing a light kiss on his lips she spoke without moving back 'Goodnight Armaan'

She moved back and smiling shyly at him she moved out of the car and walked to her home without looking back at him.

Armaan smiled and drove back home. He was happy beyond limit today.

He reached home only to be welcomed by a furious Abhimanyu standing on the head of the stairs. Armaan ran to his dad and without noticing his furious expressions he gave his dad a sloppy kiss and hugging him tightly he spoke 'Oh dad I am really happy today.'

'I can see that but don't ever do this again.' Abhimanyu wiped off the wetness from his cheek and spoke firmly but Armaan simply shook his head and much to Abhimanyu's disgust he gave him another sloppy kiss and ran to his room.

'ARMAAN!!!!' Abhimanyu shouted back at Armaan irritatedly but than he smiled at his crazy son.


Riddhima woke up next morning with a huge smile on her face. She had taken off her sari and putting on her pajamas she had gone to sleep with Armaan's coat as her top. She wanted to feel Armaan's touch against her naked skin and his coat made her feel like his hands were touching her and the lingering smell of his cologne from his perfume made her feel his presence around her. Riddhima tightened the coat around her and as she was getting out of the bed a knock resounded on her door. She quickly stood up and taking the coat off she put on her cotton night suit shirt. She opened the door of her room only to see a furious Priya standing there.

Riddhima was about to say something when Priya lifted her cell phone in front of Riddhima's eyes and Riddhima saw hers and Armaan's photographs fron beach last night.



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