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Part 18 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Billy came in evening alongwith Rahul from court and met other members after freshing up where Nikki utter whole thing in excitement. Billy look towards Ananya in comfirmation and she smile passing a green signal to it.

“Fine, if you guys want to celebrate this function with Riddhima then I don’t have any objection. Let Anurag come I’ll ask him to prepare for the function then we will talk to Shashankji.” Billy said.

“Yessss, thanku Tauji” Nikki hugged him in excitement.

“Ok,Ok but jyada masti nhi honi chahiye, remember that.” He said.

“Ok” Rahul said and they look towards him.

“You too Rahul” Billy said coz he knew that Rahul and Nikki both wre uncontrollable when it comes to teasing and masti.

“Ji Dad” he said making innocent face.

Anurag came at night with Armaan and they sit together for dinner after sometime.

Armaan observe Nikki’s excitement and wonder what happen to her.

“Bhaiya apko nhi lagta Nikki di kuch jyada hi excited ho rahi hai” Vansh murmured in Armaan’s ear.

“Yup buddy and I wonder why” he look towards him and Vansh give him a “wait and watch look”.

“Nikki di, apki koi party hai kya kal?” Vansh asked casually.

“Nhi to kyu?” she asked being confused.

“Kyunki aap bahut excited dikh rahi ho aur mostly ye tab hota hai jab apki koi party hoti hai” Vansh said.

“Arey duffer, aisa kuch nhi hai, mai to khush ho rahi hu kyunki koi aane wala hai yaha pe aur jab wo aa jayeng,,,,,” Nikki stop in middle getting what he was trying to do.

“See” Vansh look towards Armaan with “I told you look” and Armaan gave him a weird impressed look “Ye to pata chal gaya ki koi aa raha hai”

“Nice try Vansh but I’m not going to tell you more than that” Nikki said and Vansh pout.

Others laugh on their useless fight.

They move to their respective room after dinner while Billy asked Anurag to wait. Armaan look towards them while moving towards the stairs but think may be his Dad want to talk him and went towards his room.

“Ji bhaisahab boliye” Anurag asked looking towards Billy.

He told him everything and they become happy, and decide what things to be done for preparation atonce and asked Billy to call Shashank.

Prerna and Ananya become happy alongwith Nikki, Rahul and Vansh.

“Woww, matlab Bhabhi aane wali hain?” Vansh said being excited.

“Shushhhh” Nikki kept her hand on his mouth to stop him.

“Let it be a secret Pagalu, Armaan bhaiya ko nhi pata hai” Nikki said.

“Aur hame use batana v nhi hai” Rhaul said with a smirk.

“Oh! Aisa” Vansh said with a cute smile.

“Ha aisa” Rahul and Nikki said then trio said “Shushhh” keeping finger on their lips and laugh.

Billy called Shashank.

“Ji Billyji, namashkar” Shashank said receiving the call.

“Namashkar Shashankji, kya haal hai?” he asked.

“Sab theek hai, aap bataiye?”

“Yaha v sab badhiya bas ham Riddhima beta ko bahut miss kar rahe hain to socha kyu na use yaha bulane ka bahana khoj le.” He said and Shashank smile.

“Ha kyu nhi” he said.

“To agar aaplog free ho to parso Karwachauth ki puja pe aaplog yaha aa jaiye, hame v mauka dijiye mehman nawazi ka” he said.

“Arey aap aise kyu bol rahe hain, ham jarur aayenge. Waise v karwachauth k dusre din hi meri ek meeting hai Delhi me, mai to yahi soch raha tha how will I manage coz that meeting is important and yaha v rahna hoga karwachauth me.” Shashank said.

“Fir to bahut achha hai, aap yaha aa jaiye we’ll perform puja together then you can attend your meeting next day. Aur Daljeet bhaisahab, Shwetaji aur Muskaan ko v aana hai” he said.

“Ji jarur, mai bol dunga, aap relax rahiye, ham kal hi nikal jayenge” he said and Padma look towards him in confusion passing from there.

“theek hai fir kal milte hain” Billy said they bid bye to each other.

“Chalo bhai, they are coming tomorrow” Billy said and everyone become happy.

“Fir is baar achhe se manega karwachauth” Ananya said.

“But hame ye to pata hi nhi hai ki Riddhima fast rakhegi ya nhi” Prerna said.

“Koi baat nhi kal aayegi to puch lenge” Anurag said.

“Aur agar wo comfortable ho fast rakhne me tab hi bolna warna koi jabarjasti nhi karega uske sath” Billy said and they shook their head in agreement.

“Ok then let’s go to sleep” Billy said getting up and they left wishing good night to each other.

Armaan Riddhima were unaware of the plan and they were lying in their bed thinking about each other.

Riddhima was wearing a white color soft satin night gown and her hairs were flying due to wind as she came near balcony looking towards the moon and a shy cute smile form on her lips coz her mind automatically move around Armaan.

Armaan was sitting on railing of balcony looking towards his phone which contain his and Riddhima’s pic, he sighed and look towards moon thinking how could she manage to take his every attention towards her.

Armaan was thinking about her and decide to call her coz now he was not able to control his emotions, he just want to listen her voice once.

He called her and she look towards her phone kept on center table in balcony, she get surprised how he always call her when she was literally thinking about him. it’s another matter that she most aften think about him only, she chuckle on her thought and receive his call.

“Hello” she received the call.

“Hie, ummm,,,, so to nahi rahi thi” he asked.

“Nhi” she replied.

“Hmm, to kya kar rahi thi” he asked suppressing his smile.

“K,,,,kuch nhi, bas aise hi” she utter slowly.

“Achha, mujhe to bahut yaad aa rahi thi tumhari to maine socha kyu na bata diya jaye” Armaan said in slow voice creating goosebumps in Riddhima’s hand.

“Kya” she asked instantly not getting what to say.

“That I miss you, do you?” he said.

“Hmm” she said looking towards moon.

“What hmm?” he asked.

“K,,kuch nhi I mean I miss you too” she said stammering.

“Achha ji” he asked and she smile shyly.

“Riddhima you know what, kabhi kabhi mera dil karta hai just to hold your hand and sit near any beach and look towards moon and water without talking anything, I just want to feel your presence beside me that you are with me. I don’t know what you think about it but sometimes I really want so.” He said looking towards moon and she smile.

“Armaan” she called him.


“Apko chand dikh raha hai?” she asked.

“Hmm, wahi dekh raha hu” he said.

“Look towards the slight updown structure in it, some light dark patch” she said and Armaan observe it.

“Dikha apko?” she asked.


“Aur uski roshni jab apke upar aati hai with fresh breeze, try to feel it with closed eyes” she said and Armaan closed his eyes.

“we both are living this moment together Armaan, to mai apke paas hi hu na kyunki wo chand hame ek sath dekh raha hai” she said and a cute smile form on Armaan’s lip.

He slowly open his eyes and look towards the moon while Riddhima too open her eyes and look towards it. They smile knowing how it make them feel special.

“Thanku Riddhima, for being with me” he said and she smile.

Suddenly strong wind start blowing and Riddhima shiver coz she was standing out in balcony and Mussoorie was cold as usual.

“You ok?” he asked.

“Hmm, just strong wind and at night time it seems to be cold here.” She replied.

“Arey then go inside why are you standing out” he said.

“Chand dekh k achha lag raha tha isliye” she said and he smile.

“Achha baba, dekh liya na chand now go inside and sleep, we’ll talk tomorrow” Armaan said and she smile. 

They cut the call biding bye to each other and lie on their beds. They remember about each other and a cute smile adore their face with closed eyes and they slept like that.

Next day Riddhima get to know that they have to leave in few hours for Delhi and she was surprised on their sudden plan.

“But Mom, achanak se kyu?” she asked.

“I don’t know beta, tumhare Dad hi plan bana lete hain, see aise kaise ja sakte hain ham waha, afterall tumhara hone wala sasural hai atleast kuch to prepare karna padega but gents log ko kya matlab in sab se inhe to bas random plans banane hote hain” Padma was angry coz she wants everything to be perfect for Mallik’s.

“Mom just relax, hmm. Dad ne decide kiya to kuch hoga important, koi nhi aap bataiye kya karna hai we’ll help you na” she said looking towards Muskaan.

“Ok, listen yaha ka mai aur shweta dekh le rahe hain, tum ek kaam karo Muskaan k sath jake ye sari cheeje leke aao aur jaldi karna kyunki hame nikalna v hai” she said.

Riddhima and Muskaan left for shopping, they bought everything somehow and rushed back to home, they get ready soon taking bath and reached down where everyone was ready. They kept their luggage and gifts in vehicle and left for Delhi. Riddhima was so busy that she forgot to inform Armaan about their arrival.

Armaan was unaware of their planning and he wonders why Riddhima didn’t text him but thought she might be busy.

He did his breakfast and left for office as Anurag said that he won’t come alongwith him giving some excuse.

Nikki and Vansh was helping in preparation and Rahul too move here and there shifting things. Armaan wonder how come they are trying to help others in preparation as they always ran away from all these but pushing his thoughts aside he left coz everyone was ignoring him acting to be busy in work.

The moment he left the Mansion, they gather together and laugh on his weird expressions.

“Poor Armaan, soch raha hoga ham kaise ye sab kar rahe hain” Rahul said laughing and they too smile.

They arrange everything for karwachauth and rest for sometime after lunch coz Gupta’s will be reaching after one hour.

Gupta’s and Chadhha’s reached near Mallik Mansion and Riddhima’s heart beat raised thinking about everyone, how will everyone react and what will be Armaan’s reaction, she smile and hide her blush remembering Armaan.

“Ham 15 minutes me pahuchne wale hain” Shashank said and she smile looking towards him.

Riddhima was indulged in her own thoughts and Muskaan teases her.

“Oye tu kya ye har time khoyi rahti hai, I know tu Armaan ko bahut miss kar rahi hai but control baby ham wahi to ja rahe hain” Muskaan said last part slowly so that only Riddhima listen this.

“Shut up Muski” she glared her.

They enter inside the Mallik Mansion and Riddhima feel aww looking towards the bungalow it was much more bigger than Mallik House in Mussoorie, she look around sitting inside and smile coz the garden was pretty beautiful and big in its own. Different swings and a center table with chairs around it, fountains and lots of flowers and trees were giving a royal look to the house. 

They came out of the car and meet Mallik’s happily, Riddhima step out and took blessings of elders. Ananya hugged her happily and she smile when she kissed her forehead.

“Wow,, bhabhi aap bahut pretty lag rahe ho” Vansh said coming towards her and hugged her.

“Thanku Vansh, aur aap to bahut cute lag rahe ho” she said correcting his cap and he smile.

She gave him a box full of chocolates and he smile broadly looking towards it.

“You know what bhabhi, mai sirf ek chocolate khata hu” he said and others smile.

“Vansh, ye sab baatein tu bhabhi k andar aane k baad v kar sakta hai na” Nikki said plastering a fake smile and glaring Vansh.

“Oh! Ha, bhabhi lets go” he said and she smile.

She was looking so gorgeous in pinkish red dress with little make up and lip gloss. Nikki mingle alonwith Muskaan as soon as they met and laugh how she teased Riddhima while travelling. Billy look towards them and they get silent.

Ananya and Prerna took aarti of Riddhima and she enter inside with her family. Everyone was happy on their arrival and Vansh was running here and there making Riddhima comfortable.

Soon they get freshen up and came back for tea and snacks. Riddhima was feeling much comfortable with them coz now she know much more about them.

After tea Nikki, Muskaan and Rahul took Riddhima upstairs in Nikki’s room and Vansh too came behind them.

“Aap log mujhe bhool kyu jate hain” he asked.

“Vansh, tujhe kaha bhoole hame pata tha tu hamara peecha to chhodega nhi” Rhaul said and he become confused.

“Leave it, bhabhi come mai apko ek bahut achhi jagah dikhata hu” Vansh said holding Riddhima’s hand.

“Vansh, bahbhi itna travel kar k aai hain, let her take rest first, you go Mumma is calling you” Nikki said and he left pouting.

They were sitting in balcony and no one noticed Armaan coming inside from the gate.

Armaan came out of car and his heart miss a beat “Riddhima” he whisper “Nhi nhi, Riddhima kaise aayegi yaha, mai v kya soch raha hu” he murmured and move towards the entrance.

Riddhima also feels his presence and turn around to see Armaan coming towards entrance, a blush creep on her face looking towards him as he was looking dashing and charming like ever.

Armaan look towards her as her dupatta was moving because of air and she was trying to hold it but her eyes were fixed on Armaan then bend own shyly.

“Armaan tu pakka pagal ho chuka hai, tujhe har taraf bas Riddhima hi dikh rahi hai, control yourself Armaan warna tujhe v nhi pata kya hoga. Riddhima yaha nhi hai ok, focus on your work.” He murmured and move forward ignoring her while Riddhima become confused “What happen to him, he ignored her as if he didn’t saw her, but aisa kyu” she wonder.

“Ridzi, idhar aa na” Muskaan said and she move towards them.

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