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part 18: Lamhe (AR ff)

In the morning we see a Armaan is sleeping on long seat chaise but that's not all because Ridhima is sleeping on him with her head on his chest and her arms held his waist, where Armaan who is holding Riddhima around her waist with one hand other hand is in her hair and his chin touching on her head and they both slept peacefully in each other's arm as if they are meant to be and Armaan stirred  a little as he felt sun rays which are peeking through the curtain's secretly, he slowly opened his eyes and as  his eyes roam around the room to look at his srounding's his eyes fell on the angel sleeping on him cutely he raised his arm which was on her waist and brushed her hair slowly and she nuzzled her nose on his chest well which was luckily covered because he was wearing T-shirt  and Armaan felt the heat rise on his body and i starts to get red in shade  and he knew in this position it is hard to control so he slowly tried to get up also taking her with him but Riddhima's sleep broke and she felt she was swaying in the air and she looked at Armaan who was walking slowly toward the bed with Riddhima being held protectively in his arms.

Riddhima kissed on his cheek and Armaan stopped and looked toward Riddhima who was snuggling on his chest

"hmmm toh mella bacha already uth gaya tha" said Armaan in cute manner which made Riddhima giggles

"haa" said Riddhima giggling and looked at Armaan who was admiring her

"well toh aaj hum hospital jaye ge" said Armaan while making Riddhima standing on her feet

"hmm aur fir hum khale ge bhi " asked Riddhima looking at Armaan.

"well only if you promise ki abb koi shatani nahi kare gi" asked Armaan "aur ap sab ko doctor keh kar bulaye gi"asked Armaan

"kyu"asked Riddhima back

"woh is liye Kyuki Doctors ko acha lagta hai jaise app ko lage ga when you will become Doctor"explained Armaan

"ok" nodded Riddhima

"well chalo ready ho jaye" said Armaan

With that Riddhima went to brush her teeth and where Armaan who was taking his clothes so he can go for jog his eyes fell on the calendar

"ohh" shoot " said Armaan

Armaan moved toward washroom door and knocked on the door and Riddhima who had brush in her mouth opened the door
Armaan chuckled and Riddhima pouted

"Riddhima aaj 10th hai toh tumhe pata hai na kya karna hai"asked Armaan

"Ha jo main every month karti hoon" said Riddhima while she made a face

Armaan nodded and started to leave when Riddhima asked him

"Armaan yeh mujhe bleed kyu hota hai" asked Riddhima innocently where Armaan was embarrassed

"maine kha than a ki jab meri princes badi hoye gi toh tumhe khud pata chal jaye ga" said Armaan while walking away from the washroom because he knew Riddhima would keep asking him question and he isn't really comfortable where she is just little and Armaan doesn't know how to answer her questions, sometime her question is beyond the limit but he knew how much he has to hide himself in order to...

"well leave it Armaan stop complaning when you know how much you love her near yourself  " he said to himself" oh shoot we are already late damn we have to reach hospital can't be late " he cursed "but i guess i have to skip jog for today "saying so Armaan went to get his clothes out of his closet
And they both started to get ready


Where downstairs Kirtti and Shubhankar already left as they have to make an announcement for Armaan as he was going to join the hospital and also new interns had joined last week and also some responsibility.
Where Muskaan and Rahul were having breakfast waiting for Armaan and Riddhima 

"oye khote kya kar raha hai jaldi kar nahi toh late ho jaye ge"said Muskaan irritatetly

"muskaan chu ho ja"said Rahul rooling his eyes but before they could make more noise they heard noice which made them looked toward Armaan and Riddhima was was on stairs looking perfect with each other
"oye hoyye kine soone lag rahe hai na "asked Muski slowlly to Rahul who was also admiriting them and nodded

Armaan and Riddhima came downstairs and Armaan sat on his chair where Riddhima again jumped on him and he made her sit in his lap perfect-ally and he knew it was better to ignore RM because they will do nothing but to tease him so he prefer to ignore them

"Morning kiddo "said Armaan and also wished Muskaan because they both were busy looking at Riddhima who was looking cute sitting in his lap 

"Morning bhai "said Rahul finding his voice where muskaan wished him back happily

"Good Morning" said Riddhima still looking at the breakfast as she was busy deciding for what to eat?

"chalo yeh French toast kha lo Riddhima" saiid Muskaan

"nahi yeh nahi mujhe Ice-cream khani hai" said Riddhima

"par itni subah" asked Muskaan

"Haa" said Riddhima again making her point clear

"main sooch ki main ajj princess ko dinner treat main ice-cream khilaao ga , but its okay toh treat cancel" said Armaan in mock

"nahi main French toast "before she could complete sentence she gulped her toast which made them chuckle

"see maine kha liya abb hum raat ko ice-cream khane chale gena please" she asked cutely

Which made Armaan want to kiss her sensuously but Armaan resisted as usual where Riddhima hugged him as she moved to hug him and Armaan felt him hardening.

So Armaan decided to change the topic but before he Rahul said "bhai humhe chalna chayiea "
"hmm kiddo tum log chalo main Riddhima ko le  ayoo ga " said Armaan

"ok "said Muskaan and they both left where Armaan and Riddhima went to the underground garage and Armaan got the " Bugatti Veyron"

which Riddhima chose as she loved the shape
So they both left to the hospital


Where at the hospital Anjali was at the nurse station she was the intern's co-in charge with Kirtti and Rahul and Muskaan are senior doctors along with Atul.

Rahul and Muskaan reached their and wished Anjali Morning and signed the resister at the nurse station

"so whats up" said rahul

" well i am good "said Anji "par as usual i am really tired"

 "what new yaar" said Muskaan "waise when are your interns are reporting" asked Rahul

"don't ask Rahul they are worsen then us " said Anjali making face

"well have to go patients waiting "said Rahul

"mine too and  Anji ajj koi wapas aane wala hai "said Muski and they both left before Anji could ask them

Where the interns were in the locker room
(Guys same interns only four . naina , yuvi , JP , Sid)

They fore walked toward the nurse station only to reach in time

"well good that you all are on time" said Anjali but before they could make noise "your duties are on notice board and report at your duties" said Anjali and left them

Where interns signed they are scared of her as they knew she gets angry to fast

"man she is a scary cat" said Sid

"app sahi kehte ho sid bahiya haina flower ji "asked Jp to naina

"haa bhi yeh to tune sahi kha JP" said naina

"well anyway guys lets report before any senior Doctor catches us
'said Yuvi

And they all left to their duties


Where Armaan and Riddhima entered the hospital and they both looked around and noticed some changes

"arey yeh locker room main dubara paint kyu kiya hai" asked Riddhima

Where Armaan was about to answer but stopped as he realize that

Riddhima remembered

"Riddhima bacha yeh sab tumhe kaise pata hai' asked  Armaan

"pata nahi mujhe laga" said Riddhima and she was thinking that how she and she felt pain and ARMAAN held  her

"its okay shona don't worry huh!!! Chalo chale andar "said Armaan

And they started walking toward his cabin where Armaan knew he did the right thing for bringing Riddhima here in hospital it will help to bring back her memory. So with the positive thought he went to his cabin with Riddhima who was busy admiring the hospital


"Please all doctors and interns report to the conference room immediately "  said the announcer through the PK system


Also Armaan and Riddhima went to the conference room as they were sitting in Armaan's  cabin


All Doctors and interns reached the conference room where Kirtti was sitting on the head chair and Armaan and Riddhima both to her side whereas the interns started coming in and rahul and Muskaan came in too and they smiled at Riddhima who slowly giggles and then Anjali and Atul came in who were shocked and surprised looking at dashing Armaan and they were more surprised looking at Riddhima at that too when she was not wearing Suit she was wearing Black dress
"Riddhima / Riddzi" exclaimed Anji and Atul

And she got up and said "Atul" where Armaan who knew this could happen but other three members were shocked and looked at Armaan and then to Riddhima who was standing thinking why she said Atul

As she didn't knew so slowly she sat down
And the meeting started

"Well Morning Doctors and as some of you know this Dr Armaan well he was out of the country since 2007 and now as he is back so i just wanted to introduce to the interns" said Kirtti

"well Doctors he is a senior Doctor here and if you have any question Please don't hesitate to ask him and he is neurologist do seek for advice" explained Kirtti

Where Yuvi nodded and Sid was busy eyeing Riddhima who was looking at Armaan then Kirtti and smiling to everyone and JP was also looking at Riddhima FLOWER (sorry haha ) And Naina was totally lost in Armaan

"well i think that will be all" said Kirtti "now back to your duties" said Kirtti and left where interns wants to say hello especially Sid and Naina well but to bad Ghabar ke hote hoye "i said back to your duties" Kirtti exclaimed who came back to get her pager as she forgot.

And the interns left where Anjali and Atul came
"Hello Dr Armaan" said Anjali and Atul

"chill guys and what's with Doctor and how are you champ kya haal chaal hai"asked Armaan making himself comfortable and Anjali went toward Riddhima "hello Riddhima kaise ho" asked Anjali
"hello arey main toh bilkul theek hoh mujhe kya hona hai"answered Riddhima back where Anjali was confused and Atul giggles and Anjali shot him a look but Riddhima burst out laughing looking at Atul scared face.

Anjali looked Muskaan "and muskaan explained her that due to some accident Riddhima lost her memory for 16 years and Armaan is her doctor

"oh" said Anjali quietly and where Atul looked at her

"don't worry sab theek ho jaye ga " said Rahul bring them out of sober mood

'kya theek ho jaye ga " asked Riddhima jumping in the conversation

"kuch nahi"said Rahul

Again Riddhima sat on Armaan's lap who was sitting comfortably on the chair which made Rahul and Muskaan chuckled and Anjali jaw dropped to the floor and where Atul's eye balls wants to pooped out of his Sclera (part of around the cornea) And Armaan held Riddhima and made her sit on his lap properly

"kya" Armaan raised his eyebrow questionably

They shakes their head

"Armaan " said Riddhima who was sitting on his lap sideways

"hmm" said Armaan who now looked toward Riddhima

"Armaan mujhe yeh hospital dekhna hai" said Riddhima keeping her hand on Armaan's cheek

"toh chale" asked Armaan

"haa" said excited Riddhima who took no sec to jump from his lap

"well see you around" said Armaan and they both left to explore the hospital

Where Anjali and Atul were still in trance

"yeh sab kya tha" asked Anjali

"well Armaan ko Riddhima se pyaar hai" said Rahul

"what" come out of Atul and Anjali's mouth

"well Rahul theek keh raha hai" said muskaan

"aur tum logo ko kaise pata hai " asked Anjali "but you know what i think aaj ke liye shock's bahot ho gaye hai baaki kisi aur din ke liye" said Anjali before they could Answer it

"Okay as you wish" said Rahul

And then slowly everybody got out of the conferences room and resumed their duties 


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