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part 19: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

'Who gave you these?' Riddhima asked Priya looking at the photographs in her cell. Somebody had violated their privacy.

'That is not the question. The question is'

'Who gave you these Priya?' Riddhima asked Priya again cutting her off.


'Oh I should have known this. Trust that b****** do sick things like this. Clicking photographs like these.'

'Now do you mind telling me what the two of you were doing?' Riddhima could sense the anger in Priya's voice but surprisingly she didn't care. She wanted to slap Priya and get her to stop behaving as if she owned Armaan. But she knew that she too had broken her promise and had unknowingly come between her and Armaan so she decided she'll keep quite.

'Answer me Riddhima. How could you do this to me?' Priya gripped Riddhima's elbow and turned her around so that she was facing her.

'Priya stop it.' Riddhima shouted on her as she felt her nails piercing her skin.

'Riddhima remember you told me that Armaan was not a good guy and he will hurt me but now I know why you said all that'.just so that you can save him for yourself and this is why you were not ready to forgive Kevin. He apologized to you but you were so set on getting Armaan that you ignored his true love. You know what Riddhima you have changed'.the success and the fame has made a two faced cheat.'

'PRIYA!!!' They both heard Muskaan's voice and saw her walking towards them fuming in rage. She faced Priya and shouted on her angrily 'How dare you talk to Riddz like that and don't try to act as if you are completely innocent. IF you love Armaan so much than where the hell were you all this time huh? You were busy spending time with that Amar guy. I and Rahul both saw you with him. And what do you know about Riddhima and Kevin's relationship? How can you just trust Kevin over Riddhima who had done so much for you. Face the truth Priya. You don't love Armaan. Its just his wealth, fame and power'.you are just attracted towards him because of all this'..

'Oh shut up. You are the last person who can tell me whether I am in love or not. You thought Vivek loved you but no he didn't'.you went wrong in judging him and like a looser you tried to kill yourself or was it you who did something because of which the poor guy had to leave you.'


Riddhima slapped Priya and growled angrily 'Get out this instant.'

But when Priya didn't move and kept standing there with her hand on the cheek Riddhima had slapped on Riddhima pushed her out of her room and yelled loudly 'SECURITY!!! SECURITY!!!'

Two guards came rushing towards them.

'Throw her out of the house and don't ever let her enter the house.'

With that Riddhima walked back to her room and slammed the door shut.

'Riddhima you shouldn't have done that. She is our friend. We could have talked.' Muskaan tried to reason with Riddhima.

'FRIEND??? Friends don't call you a two faced cheat or a looser. They trust you and are not selfish the way she is. She has changed Muskaan. I don't know what I was thinking when I blamed Armaan for her. Armaan was always right she never loved him.'

'Do you love him?' Muskaan suddenly asked Riddhima and she saw the expressions change on Riddhima's face. Riddhima walked to her bed and sitting down on it she spoke 'I don't know Muskaan but it feels great around him and he is such a sensitive and caring person. He has built this whole Casanova image but he is nothing like that. He is always pampering me and taking care of me despite all that I did to him. But I guess somewhere inside I do feel guilty about coming in Priya's way though I know she isn't exactly honest about the whole thing and I just broke up with Kevin and'.oh I don't know. I guess I need time. I am not going to rush into a relationship again.'

'Relax okay. And you are right with time you'll be able to figure out everything. Anyways don't you have to go for your modeling work.'

'Oh shoot!!! I totally forgot.'

Riddhima jumped out of the bed and ran into her washroom leaving a giggling Muskaan behind.

'I and Rahul are going to visit you on the location.' Muskaan yelled.

'Okay.' Riddhima yelled back from the washroom.


Armaan checked himself in the mirror. He had no idea as to why he was so nervous. No other girl had ever made him feel so nervous and the place where they were shooting didn't help. They were shooting at the same beech where they had been last night and being there would bring back the memory and he knew he'll grow uncomfortable. He shook his head trying to get back his cool and calm demeanor and just when he thought he had succeeded his eyes fell on Riddhima who was standing on the rocks wearing a short green white summer dress hanging loosely around her body with the shoulders left bare and a strap around her neck.

She was standing posing for the camera with her right hand behind her hair and her hair flying behind her head and her other hand on her waist while her skirt was blowing in the air. Armaan was left stunned and mesmerized. He walked towards her in a daze and was close to her when he didn't pay attention and bumped into Andy who was bending down to click Riddhima's photograph. Andy fell forward on the floor and his camera crashed and his leg pulled Armaan down with him. Riddhima straightened and looked at the two on ground and rushed towards them.

'Oh my god!!! Guys you okay?' Riddhima helped them up.

Andy looked at his broken camera and than at Armaan and spoke very slowly but angrily 'You'..broke'.my''.you actually'..broke'.my'.camera.'

Armaan looked at a very angry Andy advancing towards him. He took a step back but Andy kept advancing and when Andy was getting closer Armaan started running with Andy chasing him closely waving his camera in the air and cursing him loudly.

Riddhima laughed seeing the two behaving like little kids.

'RIDDHIMA!!!' Riddhima heard somebody calling her voice and instantly recognized who it was. She turned around knowing that Muskaan was there with Rahul but the moment she looked behind, her eyes widened in surprise as she saw her mom standing between Muskaan and Rahul. She immediately ran towards Mollie and hugged her tightly almost crushing her in her arms. Mollie hugged her back.

They both broke the hug at the same time and Mollie took a few step backwards and gripping Riddhima's shoulders she inspected her head to toe and than nodding in approval she spoke 'You look beautiful darling. I guess Armaan was able to manage you last night.'

'Oh mom I am so sorry about my stupid behavior last night. I know I must have scared you. I am so sorry mom.' Riddhima spoke in a sorry tone. Mollie kissed her on her forehead and clasping her face spoke 'You don't have to say sorry for sharing your feelings with your mom. And now I am here with you so forget everything okay?'

Riddhima nodded her head.

'And Riddhima I would like to meet Armaan. I must thank him for taking care of you last night.' Riddhima nodded and was about to say something when Armaan ran past them with Andy still chasing him.

Riddhima laughed and pointing in their direction spoke 'That was Armaan.'

Mollie's eyes widened and looking behind her at Armaan running around like an idiot she looked back at Riddhima and than again at Riddhima and finally spoke disbelievingly 'THAT was Armaan. Armaan Malik?'

Riddhima laughed at her mom's bewildered expression and nodded her head.

'Ya that was Armaan.'

'But why is he running around like this and is that Andy behind him? OH MY GOD now why is he too running like that?'

'He is chasing Armaan so that he can beat the hell out of him.'

'Why? Did Armaan break his camera or something?' Mollie asked casually still looking at the weirdoes Armaan and Andy running around but when she heard Riddhima say yes to her she whipped around and spoke loudly.

'OH!! No Armaan broke his camera. Go save him before Andy kills him.'

Riddhima giggled and nodding she was about to walk towards them when she saw Armaan running in her direction and before she could move away he bumped into her and they both fell down. Andy came running and yelled as he saw Armaan lying over Riddhima on the floor.

'See what you did now. You hurt my model and oh my god you spoiled her dress. Damn this guy'he is in a seriously destructive mood. Somebody throw him out of here.'

As Andy yelled Armaan stood up pulling Riddhima with him and yelled back 'Hey you can't throw ME. I am the boss.'

'You are Riddhima's boss not mine. And count your blessings that I haven't killed you for breaking my camera now get me a new one NOW.'

'Oh god Andy calm down.' Mollie intervened not able to put up with their yelling and feeling her head aching.

'No I won'.OH MY GOD MOLLIE'.WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? Its so good to see you.' Andy who had forgotten his anger the moment he saw Mollie walked forward and hugged her tightly while Armaan gaped at Mollie, the famous Hollywood actress. She looked beautiful. He looked at Riddhima and noticed the similarity. Riddhima was glowing with happiness. And than it struck him that Mollie was Riddhima's mom. He quickly moved forward and touched Mollie's feet. Mollie blessed him and as he stood up she looked at him closely and than spoke 'Thank you so much Armaan for taking care of Riddhima last night.'

Armaan smiled at her and spoke 'You don't have to thank me Mollie. I took care of her because I wanted to.' He spoke honestly while Mollie understanding the meaning behind the words smiled at him and than looking at Andy, who was eyeing Armaan angrily, spoke 'Now Andy stop sulking. I know you are really possessive about your cameras and I know this camera of yours must have been special and very advanced and expensive and all but you can't kill Armaan for that and I am sure Armaan is sorry about the damage. Right Armaan?'

'Yes of course. I am really sorry Andy and I promise I'll get you the same camera very soon. Really forgive me please.'

Andy finally mellowed down and spoke in a mild tone 'Ya'ya its fine but you do have to get me this camera and I am not going to resume my work till you get it.'

'But that would delay the work.' Armaan spoke scared that they won't be able to complete the assignment on time.

'We'll complete it Armaan don't worry.' Riddhima placed her hand on Armaan's shoulder and smiled at him. Armaan nodded.

'And now that you guys are not working how about we go to some restaurant.' Rahul who had been standing silently next to Muskaan spoke up.

Armaan looked at Rahul wondering who he was and Riddhima noticing the expression spoke 'Oh forgive me. I forgot to introduce you guys. Armaan meet Rahul and this is Muskaan.'

Muskaan moved forward and Armaan shook hands with both of them.

'Riddhima you go wherever you want but I am going to the hotel. I'll see you when you come back.' Mollie told Riddhima who looked at her angrily and pursing her lips spoke 'Mom don't even think about going to a hotel alright. You are coming home with me and we'll all just go home and sit and have fun.' All of them nodded in agreement while Mollie sighed knowing that it was no use arguing with Riddhima. She took a deep breath and prepared herself to face Shashank.


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