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Part 19 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan enter inside holding his office bag scratching his forehead smiling on the scene he was daydreaming. 

He went towards hall hoping his family over there but become surprised to see Shashank and Daljeet there. He took their blessings and sit beside Anurag keeping his bag on side table. 

Fortunately, Muskaan,Nikki,Rahul,Vansh and Riddhima were not there. 

“Dad achanak aaplog, pleasant surprise” he said smiling towards them.

“Ha beta wo hame,,,,,”Shashank was about to say something when Anurag cut in middle.

“Armaan, kal Shashankji ki meeting thi Delhi me to we thought to call them here only.” Anurag said while Billy, Shashank and Daljeet look towards him being surprised.

“Aap log akele aaye hain Dad, Uncle?” he look towards them.

“Nhi ham v aaye hain Armaan.” Padma said coming towards them.

“Mom, Aunty” he stood up being happiy and took their blessings.

Padma hugged him and he smile on her gesture while others watch their bonding with a smile on their face.

“Kaise ho?” she asked moving her hand over his head.

“Bilkul fit aur R,,,,” Armaan smile.

“Ammy, tu kuch puchna chahta hai kya?” Rahul said interrupting him while Anurag suppress his smile alongwith other family members.

“N,,,,nhi to, mai kya puchne laga” he said.

“Ok,Ok” Rhaul act to be serious. And Armaan tap his head making him groan.

“Don’t do that Armaan” that was the act which he doesn’t like.

“Ok, Mom mai fresh hoke aata hu” Armaan said getting up.

He move upstairs while Rahul look at his back suppressing his smile. Armaan went inside and change his clothes, took bath ang get ready. A permanent smile stick on his face. He was thinking about Riddhima “Sab log yaha hain agar Riddhima aur Muskaan v aa jate to kitna achha rahta”Armaan murmured combing his hairs.

He came out of room when Nikki shouted from downstairs “Bhaiya, mere room me sidetable pe notes padi hai please lete aaiye use, meri ek friend aa rahi hai lene k liye” 

Armaan glared her and she smile cheekily “I’m helping Mom here” she said and rush towards kitchen.

Since, Shashank Padma and all elders were present there Armaan was not able to scold her and move towards her room.

Muskaan was watching towards him from Rahul’s room and both smirk looking towards each other. 

“Ab bahar chal ke dekhte hain”Muskaan said moving towards door when Rahul hold her hand.

“nhi ruko” he hold her near wall and she look towards him in confusion.

“Arey pahle Armaan ko Nikki k room me jane to do” Rahul said and she smile.


“Vansh, sab log kaha gaye? Chalo ham v chalte hain neeche I’m getting bored here” Riddhima said and gets up.

“Bhabhi nhi, aap kahi nhi jayengi abhi” He said holding her hands and make her sit down again.

“But why?” she asked.

“Arey apko pata nhi hai, abhi neeche sab log apko tease karenge kyunki bhaiya aa gaye hain na” he said and Riddhima smile shyly on his comment.

Suddenly Nikki’s phone beeped which was in Vansh’s hand, he instantly gets up and said “Bhabhi mai Nikki di ka phone deke aata hu unhe aur dekh lunga sabka mood kaisa hai fir ham chalenge neeche, ok” he said and Riddhima smile kissing his cheeks.

“Ok baba, go” she said and he ran away.

Riddhima turn around towards balcony looking at the sun set which was creating beautiful view in sky, she smile automatically.

Armaan was near Nikki’s room when Vansh came out and said “mai Nikki di ko phone de k aata hu” and ran down.

“Ye Nikki v na” Armaan shake his head and enter in her room.

He move towards bed to get her notebook when his eyes fall on a moving figure in balcony.

Riddhima feels Armaan’s presence “Riddhima kya ho raha hai tujhe, tu Armaan k ghar me hai to uski presence to feel hogi hi na” she murmured and look at the sun set view again.

Armaan try to register who is she, may be Nikki ki koi friend but no his heart was not leaving any chance and beat faster indicate her presence, Riddhima? He murmured slowly and move towards it.

He left notebook on bed and move forward in disbelieve, he think may be he is dreaming again.

Riddhima turn around and look towards him, she become shy and look down as he was constantly gazing her without blinking his eyes. 

Armaan move towards her in a daze his heart was declaring that she is standing infront of him but he refuse to believe that, how suddenly she can appear here, he reached upto her and Riddhima slowly move her head up rubbing her hands nervously. 

Armaan’s reaction was making her nervous, although she might recated the same if anytime Armaan appear infront of her suddenly but what to do there now.

Riddhima was thinking when a cool breeze flew her hair strands over her face, he slowly move his hands up and remove her hairs from her face to get a clear view whereas Riddhima close her eyes by his touch.

“R,,Riddhima tum,,,,,,,” Armaan just said that when he was interrupted by the gang of his family.

“SACH ME HAI” they shouted together entering inside making Armaan Riddhima startle.

He move slight away from her and she smile shyly.

He look towards them and blink his eyes to believe that it was happening for real.

“C’mon bhaiya itna time lagta hai apko yakeen karne me”Nikki pouted.

“Ek minute Armaan” Muskaan hold his hand and keep Riddhima’s hand in Armaan’s.

“Ab yakeen aaya” She asked looking towards them and Armaan smile.

“But Muskaan tumlog achanak” he asked as they settle around over bed in Nikki’s room.

“Jaldi kaha, kal call aaya uncle ka unhone bola Armaan Riddhima ko bahut miss kar raha hai tumlog aa jao to ham aa gaye” Muskaan said and they laugh while Armaan look towards other side controlling his smile.

“Muski, chup kar kuch v” Riddhima hits Muskaan playfully.

“Lo ji, inko badi problem ho rahi hai, kyu ham Armaan bhaiya ko bol rahe hain apko nhi” Nikki said.

“Aur mai kaha bol rahi hu ki din bhar tu bas Armaan k hi khayalo me khoi rahti hai, hamesha iski baatein ki mujhe lagta hai jaise kab chup hogi ye” Muskaan blabber and Riddhima glared her while other look towards her amusingly.

Armaan look towards Riddhima surprisingly and she look down suppressing her shy smile.

“Sabko tauji neeche bula rahe hain” Vansh said and left from the door.

“Arey yaar, koi nhi chalte hain warna Dad sabke samne hi class laga denge” Rahul said getting up.

“Haha, lets go” Muskaan and Nikki also get up to go while Riddhima too followed them.

Armaan was standing there, Nikki and Muskaan left the room while Riddhima pass through Armaan to go outside.

Armaan slowly catch her little finger with his little finger and Riddhima stop by the touch and tug.

She smile shyly and said “Armaan, neeche sab log bula rahe hain” she said slowly.

He press her finger controlling his heart beat and smile shyly looking upwards how he was badly attracted towards this girl.

“Thanks for coming Riddhima” he said slowly.

Riddhima smile blushing and said “Apne hi to bola tha aa jao Delhi to mai aa gai” and to control her blush she left his hand and ran down.

Armaan stood there registering her words then he remember their phone conversation when he said that he was coming Mussoorie to meet her but she said no then he asked her to come Delhi then. A broad smile form on his face deepening his dimples and he chuckle cutely scratching his head.

Armaan came down and sit beside elders while gang was looking towards him while teasing riddhima.

Since, they were sitting near dining area thus Billy ignored them.

“To Armaan mil liye SABSE” Anurag asked focusing on words sabse.

“Ji Chachu” he said suppressing his smile coz Anurag was also trying to tease him.

Then they talk about their business for sometimes when Ananya called him.

“Yes Mom” he stood near her in entrance of kitchen and pass a look towards others and smile.

“Ammy, ye samaan lana hai beta, ye Rahul to kisi kaam ka nhi hai, tu hi chala ja” Ananya said.

“Ok Mom, laiye” he took the slip and glared Rahul who mumbled a sorry to him and he smile shaking his head.

Armaan left for market and Padma Ananya were arranging for vrat next day and Prerna Shweta were in kitchen instructing cooks.

After some time Ananya called Prerna and Shweta to see the arrangements, Riddhima was passing by the room when she saw them decorating few thaals. She came inside being curious.

“Dekhiye sab theek hai na?” Prerna asked looking towards them.

“ha sab bahut achha hai” Padma said.

“Mom, ye kis liye?” Riddhima asked haapily.

“Beta kal karwachauth k fast k liye” Ananya said and Riddhima smile looking towards it.

Armaan’s face came into her mind and she smile shyly. Armaan came back till then and he was about to enter but stop behind door when he heard Riddhima’s voice.

“Mom, agar aaplog ko bura na lage to mai v ye vrat karu” she asked slowly looking towards them with hopeful eyes.

Padma and look Shweta look towards her happily as she was trying to be best with her in-laws while Prerna and Ananya look towards her in disbelieve.

“Kya hua Mom, I’m sorry of I ,,,,,,”Riddhima was saying when Ananya came forward and kissed her forehead.

“Dekha bhabhi, maine kaha tha na Ridhhima vrat rakhegi” Prerna said happily.

“Hmm” she look towards her then towards Riddhima “We are very happy to have you in our family Riddhima, you are gem bachha” she smile looking towards her and she bend her head down on the love she was getting.

“Apko pata hai Padmaji, hamne socha ki Riddhima se ek baar puch le wo vrat rakhegi abhi ya shadi k baad but kahi na kahi mera dil kah raha the ki wo vrat rakhegi Armaan k liye isliye maine sari cheeje li iske liye but pucha nhi ye soch k ki abhi iske liye mushkil hoga lekin jab isne khud se kaha ki ise vrat rakhna hai to mujhe kitni khushi hui iska apko koi andaaza v nhi hai” Ananya said holding Padma’s hand and she smile.

“Scah kah rahi hain aap, hame v nhi pata chala ki hamari bachhi itni badi ho gai hai” she smile and hugged Riddhima from one side while Ananya from other side.

“Riddhima beta, apko kuch v khana peena nhi hoga chand nikalne k pahle, aap reday ho na? agar koi problem ho to next time se kar sakti ho” Prerna said in worrying tone.

“Don’t worry chachi I’ll be fine” she smile and Armaan too smile standing beside the door.

“Hello ladies” he enter inside breaking their moments and hand over packets to Ananya.

“Waise kis baat ka discussion chal raha tha” he asked looking towards them and Riddhima smile shyly looking down.

“Kal Riddhima ko tere liye fast rakhna hai Karwachauth ka usi k bare me” Ananya said.

“Achha,,,,” he was saying something when others also came inside.

“Fast rakhna hai” Rahul said.

“Riddhima ko” Muskaan said.

“Armaan bhaiya k liye” Nikki said and Vansh look towards them thinking what to say.

“Lekin sirf Riddhima bhabhi hi fast kyu rakhengi agar wo Armaan bhaiya k liye k fast rakh rahi hain to Armaan bhaiya v unke liye fast rakhenge na” Vansh and everyone look towards him.
He thought may be he said something wrong and look towards everyone.

“Actually Vansh, you are right” Armaan said sitting upto his level.

“Kyu ye kaam sirf ladkiya kare ham kyu nhi, so mai v fast rakhuga” he said looking towards them and Riddhima smile not able to raise her head up but Armaan’s respect raise upto heights in her heart.

He thinks about everyone.

“Armaan tum,,,,,” Ananya said.

“It’s okay Mom, ek hi din ki to baat hai” Armaan said and Ananya smile how much careful her son is.

“But Armaan, tumhara kaam v hoga office v bachhe weakness aa jayegi” Padma said being worried.

“Mom, listen aaplog achha achha khana banana fir raat me ham sab ek sath pet bhar k kahyenge ok” Armaan said and she smile keeping her hand on his head.

Billy alongwith others were coming towards ladies but Armaan’s words make them feel that the work which they were not able to do in years Armaan agreed for that and become happy. They left from there towards the hall again.

“Good, Armaan kuch nhi hoga aur jitna jaruri ye hai ki tum Riddhima ki life me raho utna hi jaruri hai ki Riddhima v tumhari life me rahe”Prerna said holding his hand and he smile.

“khush raho beta, I’m really happy ki Riddhima ko tumhare jaisa pati milne wala hai” Shweta blessed him and he smile.

“Kya baat hai bhai, fast kal ka pura din I mean really” Rahul start his nautanki.

“Rahul chal tu mere sath mujhe ek kaam hai” he dragged rahul alongwith him and others laugh on this.

They had dinner together in happy environment smiling, laughing and teasing one another. Billy asked about arrangements and get satisfied by the preparation.

Gents were planning to keep fast next day without letting them know about it. 

Next day ladies get up early and Ananya gave sargi to Riddhima blessing her and they had breakfast before sunrise. Gents were also having breakfast without being obvious to ladies.

Ananya took few things to Armaan and wake him up.

“Mom sone do na” he said while Riddhima smile standing near the door.

“Armaan, uth ja bachha kuch kha warna sunrise k baad kuch nhi kha sakta” she explained and he get up smiling to her then look towards Riddhima.

As he was sleeping shirtless Riddhima felt shy infront of him and left the room. Armaan fresh up and have breakfast.

Billy said that they had to go meet someone and will come in evening, ladies were surprised and ask them to have breakfast.

“Nhi hamne waha k liye bola hai, to they will prepare it aaplog sham ki taiyari karo” Anurag said and they left hurriedly.

Armaan was in office looking towards Riddhima’s pic, he smile feeling keeping fast for her, he want her for his whole life and this make him keep that fast.

Armaan was working but Riddhima kept messaging him “Are u fine?” every now and then.

“relax Riddhima I’m okay, take care ha” he replied and get busy in work.

He was hell indulged in work when get a phone call and become shocked “What? Where? Okay don’t worry I’m coming.” he gets up and left his office hurriedly.

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