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part 19: Lamhe (AR ff)

Where Armaan and Riddhima were walking through the corridor and while looking at hospital Armaan remembered some moments that he spend with Riddhima and Riddhima were just admiring the hospital and they came across the children's ward

Riddhima grabbed Armaan's arm and pulled him in the children's ward with her

Armaan and Riddhima came to the children's ward and as Riddhima stopped suddenly because all kids were sleeping she didn't wanted to

 Disturbed the children so she stopped suddenly in order to stop the noise but only to bumped hard into Armaan who was coming behind her at the little distance which made both of them to fall backwards where Armaan landed hard on the floor and Riddhima on Armaan with her back touching
his chest and Armaan in sudden movement wrapped his arms around her in order for her to have safe land on Armaan who has his arm around her waist was blocked to see anything because of Ridhima's hair which was on Armaan's face from both sides and Riddhima didn't knew what was happening she shivered as Armaan palm touched Ridhima's flat stomach which made her body felt different type of feeling which was unknown to her Riddhima stopped breathing when she felt Armaan's breath on her neck which was hot blow which made shiver run down her spine but Armaan who was lost in her beautiful treasure came to the world when he heard giggles and slowly he raised his hand which was on her stomach he move her hair to the side and saw all the kids where looking at them and giggling so slowly Armaan whispered "Riddhima" in her ear which made her lot she didn't knew why but she felt same thing happened before bumping and falling and saving she felt her mind roaming in circles and suddenly she went blank and fainted, where Armaan was trying to wake up felt her giving up something .

 Armaan didn't knew that he felt something going to happen he didn't knew whether it is good or bad but sure something was going to happen he moved his head to the side and saw Riddhima has her eyes closed he cupped her cheek and again whispered "Riddhima" but as she was un-conscious so she didn't responded and it irked Armaan so he quickly scooped her on his chest and got up in same position and he bended a down and picked her up in bridal style in his arms and took her to the OT where Sid was already there. As Armaan entered with Riddhima in his arms he looked confused and envy Armaan that has ridhima in his arms but his trance brooked as Armaan spoke

"Dr Sidhanat Please take this blood sample and ran through the test" said Armaan who had already take a blood sample out of Riddhima who was lay conscious on the hospital bed

Sid looked at Riddhima and then took the sample and went to the lab

Where Armaan brushed the hair away from Ridhima's face which has gone pale

 "Don't worry princess I will not let anything happen to you" said Armaan and kissed her forehead as it was cease with worry

Then he checked her temperature and blood pleasure and heartbeat all were normal.

"But then why did she fainted" Armaan asked himself

But before he could do or think Riddhima woke up with jerk and screamed

"ARMAAANNN" screamed Riddhima

Armaan who was lost in the thoughts that what had happened to Riddhima was shocked and ran toward Riddhima

"Riddhima …kya hoya hai ….Princess tell me kya hoya hai koi bura spna dekha hai kya " asked Armaan in worry while holding Ridhima's face in his hand

Where Riddhima was shocked to know that she remembered everything and also the fact she was living like a kid for three years and now she as she knew everything all her life and looked at Armaan who was in pain which is visible in his eyes she knew it was for her because she was in pain and looking at Armaan she let all her emotions out in tear which were flowing like a rain and she hugged Armaan crying hard where Armaan didn't knew what to do as he was so shocked looking at her like that but he knew it was better to console her first he wrapped his arms around her and brought her close to him and let her cry while he rubbed his hand on her back to sooth her pain out where Riddhima was felling complete she knew that's where she belonged

She knew Armaan love her so does she but Aryana she knew it was all her fault that she died ad she again felt her tear started to flowing but what about mom and dad don't they love her will she be able to brake their heart saying that she was the reason that Aryana was killed but she knew they never held her responsible because they knew what happened she knew she was kid then but now she knew all their talked make sense to her and she could never leave them and also they will never let her go she also knew that they wanted her to get married to Armaan and she moved back from his hug and looked at Armaan who had the most pain his eyes and hugged him back , where Armaan saw all emotion in her eyes when she looked at him "pain , sad , happy, gratitude, admired and most important he saw love was overpowering all the emotions . He didn't knew what to make out of it but again he hugged her back as she moved in to hug him

He patted her back for some time and felt her loosing herself but he held her in his arms for some time but then slowly he made her lie down on the bed he felt her breath was sharp and he knew she slept in his arms

"So typical of her "he chuckled in his thought

And then made her lay down more comfortable and pulled the sheet on her and she snuggled up in the sheet where Armaan smiled and fell in love with her more but now Armaan knew that she might remember something and her brain couldn't registered so she fainted un aware of the fact that she remembered everything

And Armaan looked back and he remembered that he had sent the intern to test her blood he looked at his watch it has be 40 minutes he knew checking the sample of blood take on 30 minutes

"Isn't he taking a bit of longer" thought Armaan"whatever let him come"

"Well I am just glad that she is fine" said Armaan to himself

Dr Sid came to the OT and handed him the reports

"well thank you " said Armaan taking the report and started checking and read that her blood pressure only read some points which was normal in her case so, he breath in relief. Armaan turned toward Sid to say that he can leave but a he turned toward him she saw that Sid was looking at Riddhima not only face but all …and he knew it was the same type of felling which Vivek had it and his blood boiled at the thought of another Vivek and this type e was here for her and he will never let anybody hurt her No one can hurt her

"DR Sidhanat" said Armaan in a harsh voice which scared Sid and he looked and Armaan and he felt scared of his gaze he looked down to avoid his eyes

"You can leave "said Armaan

Sid left quickly

Where Armaan heard Riddhima is murmuring he bent down so he can hear her

He felt that his world stopped when he registered the word she said "Armaan ….i sorry …Aryana  ...meri wajae……..Vivek …goli …mujhe pyaar tumse …sorry I love you ….mujhe chod math…..muski …mom …mujhe sab jaad …..Armaan …..main pyaar….main tum …sab jaad …maaf  mujhese nafrat math karna ..main alaki ..bas tum sab family (breathing fast and hard) sorry "

Where Armaan was kept looking at her face he felt that his heart would pop out of his chest he didn't knew what to do so he bent down and kissed her forehead but still kept his lips o her head didn't removed them where Riddhima smiled in her sleep and stopped murmuring but Armaan held her hand and sat on the bed near her as he didn't wanted to leave her for a second

He felt tear on his cheek he knew he was going to cry because finally the wait is over he will never let her away from his side

He kept sitting near her minutes passed then he remembered his family he decided to page them but he thought he will tell them when Riddhima will be up so he decided to take a round and might Riddhima woke up because medication effect will get over in a hour so he will be back in a half-hour so he kissed Ridhima's hand which were in his hands and gently he putted her hand on the bed and left, where Riddhima had woken up when he held her hand he felt the warmth of his hand she didn't want to wake up so she kept pretending that she was sleeping as he left her hand kissing it she felt the heat on her body but she held the gasp back didn't knew why she felt shy to look at him because he remembered all these three years and even today incident when she asked him in the morning about the "Bleeding" damn she felt embarrassed to come in front of him she felt blushing. She covered herself in the sheet


Armaan happily took the rounds as his happiness was beyond to hide it well after taking the rounds if started walking to the OT where Riddhima was he couldn't wait to see her. " gosh too much excitement" finally he felt happiness but first he was not sure if Riddhima loved him but hearing her mummer he was sure she is as much in love with him as he is in love with her he reached the door of OT when his phone rang he picked up but still continue to walk toward Riddhima where Riddhima was still covered in the sheet but she was up but just shy to face Armaan

Armaan – Hello

What Armaan listened to the phone kind of shocked him?

He sat on the chair after cutting the call and he murmured"koi Angel ko marna chata tha , but why and they want to ruin Malik's why "

Where Riddhima who heard from Armaan's mouth was shocked and jerked up on the bed and looked at Armaan who was sitting on the stool which was near her bed and saw him clearly in worry and shocked

Riddhima reached Armaan on his arm which was the nearest part of his body to her where Armaan looked up to see Riddhima looking at him in worry he didn't knew what to feel whether happy or sad so he just pulled her in hug which made Riddhima to land in his lap and Armaan was worried for him but she knew this kind of Behavior was excepted because first suddenly she was alright and now who wanted to kill Aryana which probably made him restless so she adjust himself in his lap and put her on arm around his neck which made her hand to reach the back of his head which made him snuggled in her neck more which left Riddhima breathless because his breath was touching the sensitive part of neck/color bone .

So Riddhima to make Armaan comfortable slowly let her finger on the back of his head in his hair which sooth him a lot and the other hand on his heart where Armaan had crushed her in his embrace because of insecurities which he suddenly felt remembering Aryana and the time just passed down when Armaan's pager rang it wad Muskaan asking him and Ridhima's whereabouts he came out of the hug and looked at Riddhima who was quickly worried as he is

"mai suna who Aryana " she felt her eyes started to get wet when she said that

"SHHH "said Armaan who knew that she is sensitive

Armaan looked at their position and smiled at Riddhima who blushed at the site and quickly hopped out of his arms and sat on the bed while she left her legs hanging out and their knees were touching and she whimpered an little while moving her legs back while Armaan held her hand in his hand

"mujhe nahi pata ki kaise kaho ki main kitna khush ho tumhe aise dekh kar " said Armaan expressing his feeling "dil karta hai ki bas tum main sama jaoo "  said Armaan. Where Riddhima was blushing to the core and pulled her hand back and covered her face in both hands where looking at the scene Armaan chuckled

"hayye kini soni lagdi ho meri jaan" said Armaan huskily close to her ear which made her shiver which didn't went un-noticed by Armaan who was about to held her in his arms but before he could make out what happened ridhima was at the door blushing "wait " said Armaan to Riddhima who was about to leave but she stooped just the way she was Armaan went close to her with her back toward him he crept his arm to her stomach which made his palm of his hand to face her stomach which made Riddhima lost the balance only to held back by Armaan who pulled her in his chest. He bended down to her ear she gasped as his lips touched her near the neck "Kya myjhe yeh khene ki jaroot hai main tumse kitna pyaar karta hoon "asked Armaan while nuzzling his nose to her ear

Where Riddhima held on his hand which were on stomach for support

"Armaan" she moaned which made think Armaan that he should stop now as it was hospital and they might do more than they intended to do

"fine abhi ke liye jane deta hoon par won't leave you at night promise" said Armaan who kissed hard on her shoulder and let her go where Riddhima took no time to fled away She stooped at the wall for support and to get her breath normal but Armaan who saw her breathing he went toward her and tapped on her shoulder which made her look at him and then bowed her head down as she know he figured out what had happened "breath in and out slowly shona" whispered Armaan slowly indicating that he know and before he could tease her Riddhima ran away from their

Where Armaan left their looking at her retired figure and which made him felt happy because slowly everything turning out to be fine but he was so shocked that it was so hard to control himself with her not that he minded but he didn't wanted to scare her if he couldn't get to handle his feeling but well she was fine he knew now they both crave for each other …he thought then suddenly something came to his mind "Aryana I guess I should talk to Karan" thought Armaan


Where Riddhima who was blushing ran to Muskaan who was coming out of the ward and they both collide with each other

"oye dekh ke chal" said Muskaan irritably but her face broke into smile seeing Riddhima

"Riddhima" whispered Muskaan looking at Riddhima who was in deep thought and where Riddhima was thinking how to tell Muski that I am fine now

"Muskaan" said Riddhima in which was different tone from the baby where Muskaan was shocked looking at her and voice Muskaan held Riddhima from her shoulder and slowly whispered like unsure of something "Riddhima" she didn't knew what to make out of her and slowly she raised her eyes to Ridhima's eye which were sparkling with tear and her nod of Approval made Muskaan of sure that what she thought was totally right

"Riddhima" saying that Muskaan pounced on her and grabbed her in rib crushing hug "I am so happy ki tujhe sab yaad aa gaye hai " said Muskaan in cracked voice

Where Riddhima also started crying holding Muskaan tightly in hug "teen saal Riddhima maine hum sabne tujhe bahot miss kiya" said Muskaan

"mujhe pata hai " said Riddhima

Now both come apart from the hug

"Armaan ko bhi pata hai "said Riddhima to Muskaan

"kya " yelled Muskaan

"Muski "whined Riddhima

Where Muskaan was in naughty mood

"aur" asked Muskaan nudging Riddhima

"Aur?? "said Riddhima in confuse mind but as it dawned to her that Muskaan already knew her face turned red which made Muskaan whistle and chuckled looking at Ridhima's red face

"did you guys …"asked Muskaan where Riddhima was still looking red but were waiting for Muskaan to complete

"kya muski" asked Riddhima

"did you guys kissed "asked Muskaan and where Ridhima's mouth hung open almost touching the ground her face expression changed from  shocked to embrassement then in blush but then suddenly it changed into Anger and before something can happen Muskaan ran away from their because she knew what was about to happen where Riddhima ran behind


Where Armaan went to rahul and told him what happen leaving the romance part untold and Aryana's part as he didn't wanted to tell anyone and Riddhima he made mental note to tell her not to share about someone wanting to kill us or other more to anyone

But as they were lost in talking they bumped into Muskaan and Riddhima who was coming toward them or rather than running and all four fell down on the floor and which was unfortunately right across from Kirtti's cabin where she took no time to come out and looked at all floor on the floor rubbing their forehead or their back

"what is happening " she asked in angry voice which made 4 of them to look at her


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