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Armaan noticed the amused expression on her face and he too remembered their encounter a few minutes back and he shifted uncomfortably but noticing her questioning look he spoke "I am Armaan Malik." but when Sheena didn't reply he continued in a nervous tone "I uh…….am really sorry about what happened in the corridor but it was actually…….I mean uh….am actually……." Armaan sighed and decided it would be best if he told her the truth "Actually I was passing by your room when I heard you singing and I have to tell you that you have an awesomely awesome voice and so I wanted to meet you." Sheena chuckled at the way he complimented her and spoke "Hi am She…I am Riddhima…….Riddhima gupta." Armaan clasped her soft and fragile hand into his huge and strong one and shook it firmly…….glad that they were finally over the awkwardness.

"Riddhima now that's a really nice name and you are here with?"

Riddhima shook her head at him and spoke "I am all alone…… alone on the cruise and alone in this world." Riddhima looked down and then looked sideways into the sea and Armaan sensing the change in her sighed and spoke "Well not anymore coz now am with you…….uh I mean on the cruise. We friends right?"

"Sure but are you also alone here?"

"Ya alone on the cruise and alone in the world." Riddhima smiled at him and shook her head chuckling and then they suddenly heard an announcement.


Light music was turned on and people who were done with their food were dancing….

Armaan extended his hand towards Riddhima but she shook her head at him and smiling she spoke "Sorry I just don't feel like dancing today."

Armaan gave her an understanding smile and turning towards her he asked her "So what profession are you in?"

Riddhima spoke in a low lost voice "I am a club singer." Armaan raised his eye brows at her and spoke "So…that's all you do….no I mean….." He stopped not knowing what to say as he just felt that a club singer would definitely not well off and this girl was on a cruise and secondly just by looking at her one can tell that she was a rich girl…..her style and the way she carried herself convinced one about her being a true lady.

Riddhima knew what he was thinking so she spoke…

"I sing because that's what I like to do but my income comes from my dad's chain of hotels. Anyways what do you do?"

Armaan smiled at the way she moved the conversation away from herself but he answered her nonetheless "I do everything that a young man ought to do."

"And that is?" Riddhima asked Armaan slightly amused at his answer.

"Eat, Enjoy and have fun." Armaan smiled at Riddhima's expression and spoke "Oh I know what you thinking. My income comes from my brother's business. We are quite similar don't you think." Riddhima was offended and she snapped back "No we are not alike because unlike you I run the chain of hotels on my own because my father's dead and I am going to Malaysia not just for a vacation but for a business deal as well." Armaan was surprised at sudden change in Riddhima. He was just joking. He saw her walking away and ran after her …

"Riddhima wait….I am sorry. I was just kidding and I know we are way different coz m a jerk and you on the other hand are perfect, a very nice singer, an independent girl and …"Armaan walked a little closer to Riddhima and moving a strand of her hair…he spoke "and you are breathtakingly beautiful." Riddhima smiled at him and moved her hand away and very sweetly she spoke "Mr.Malik I'll really appreciate if you keep your hands to yourself."

Armaan raised his eye brow in disbelief as he was used to women being all over him but then he smiled and spoke "As I told you am a total jerk so sorry again but seriously this won't happen again." Armaan raised his hand in air as if taking a pledge and Riddhima nodded her head but before she could move a guy walked past her and deliberately banged into her and Riddhima tripped and was about to hit the floor when Armaan's hands went around her and she opened their eyes met……she was about to say something when *THUD* she landed on the floor and she heard Armaan say

"I am so sorry….I know I had promised not to touch you but it was a reflex and I just….

But he was cut off by a really angry Riddhima who stood up and spoke "You really are a jerk in fact not just a jerk but a dumb jerk….because of you see my elbow's bruised now…."

Armaan smiled inwardly and then took Riddhima's hand in his and took her to the medical room which was right in front of them.

The doctor applied an ointment on Riddhima's elbows and band-aided it. Riddhima thanked her and moved in the direction of her suite but Armaan suddenly blocked her way and spoke "Where are you going?"

Riddhima narrowed her eyes at him and answered in a haughty voice "I am going to my room."

"But its too early."

"Let me decide that." Riddhima walked away but suddenly Armaan turned her around and spoke "Okay this jerk apologizes once again and promises that he won't spoil your mood now. Please am sorry." Armaan held his ears and made a puppy-dog sorry face seeing which Riddhima broke into a smile and removing his hands from her ear she spoke "Fine the jerk's forgiven but he better take care next time or else he will be in deep trouble….." Riddhima and Armaan chuckled and Riddhima was surprised at how comfortable she was with the stranger…..while Armaan was loving every moment of their time….

"Okay Armaan I am really tired so I'll see you tomorrow morning. Good night." Armaan didn't want Riddhima to leave but he had no other option so he agreed and said a low good night to her. He walked back to the deck and leaned towards the railing and closed his eyes feeling the cool air on his face….he heard someone giggling and turned around to see a little kid giggling at him….Armaan smiled at the little cute boy and moved towards him but to his shock and the boy's delight he landed on the floor head-on. The boy jumped up giggling and Armaan looked down and saw that the lace of one shoe was tied to the other shoe's lace….

Armaan smiled and dragging his feet forward he opened his shoe lace and stood up and walked towards the boy who stopped giggling immediately fearing a spanking from the huge uncle.

Armaan bent down on his knees and smiled at the boy who was relieved and raised his hand in the air and spoke "give me a five…" the boy smacked his hand against Armaan's and then he spoke "you not mad at me? My governess always shouts at me for playing pranks." Armaan pulled the boy's chubby cheeks and spoke "Nope….in fact I love pranks… I used to play loads of pranks with my friends and that too on everyone including….its so much fun." The boy jumped in joy and spoke delightedly "So will you play the pranks with me till we are here." Armaan agreed and both the boys sat down and told each other about the various pranks they have played so far.

Krati mehra 

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