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part 20: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima had gone inside to change from her costume to her regular jeans and top. As she walked back she saw that Armaan was the only one standing there while the rest of the gang was already gone. Riddhima frowned and reaching Armaan she asked him, 'Armaan where are others?'

'They have left in Rahul's car. We are going in my car.' Armaan opened the passenger door of his car for Riddhima. She sat down and Armaan started the car. The drive was a silent one. They were feeling a little awkward, now that they were alone after last night's events. They both were remembering the moments they had spent at the beach and both of them was wondering what the other one was thinking.

'Riddhima'' Armaan finally broke the silence in the car and was about to say something when Riddhima's cell rang. Riddhima cursed the cell for the absolutely unwelcome interruption. She picked up her cell and as she heard the voice of the caller she rolled her eyes and spoke in an irritated tone 'Okay fine Mac but let me at least complete the assignment I am currently working on.' She paused and heard Mac say something and she replied 'Okay fine. Bye.'

She cut the call and placed the cell in her handbag and turning towards Armaan she smiled apologetically and spoke, 'Sorry about that. So you were saying something?'

'Ya but who was that person? I don't mean to pry but you looked pretty annoyed. Somebody bugging you?' Armaan asked, curious and concerned.

'It was Mac. He wants me to work for him.'

'Mac'who Mac?'

'McGuire Winston.'

'McGuire Winston, the singer?' Armaan asked impressed and excited and Riddhima realized that he was a fan of the singer she almost despised.

'Ya it was him.' She replied nonchalantly.

'What does he wants you to do?'

'He wants me to Starr in his upcoming music video along with him.'

'Hey that's cool. I am an absolute fan of his work. I'll come with you to your shootings if you don't mind.' They had reached Riddhima's place but she didn't notice that. As soon as she heard Armaan say that he wanted to be at her shoots she jumped in excitement. She gripped Armaan's arm tightly and spoke, 'You will really come to my shoots.'

'Ya I mean who wouldn't want to see the famous McGuire in action.' He smiled at her but was startled when Riddhima suddenly jumped and grabbing his face kissed him hard on his lips and than getting back to her seat she spoke excitedly 'Oh!! Wow!! It would be great and we'll have so much fun. I'll take you to all the fine places and'

Riddhima was telling him about what all they would do once they were there while Armaan was lost in the kiss that Riddhima just gave him and her glowing face'.he was filled with warmth as he realized how happy she felt just by the fact that he was going to be her on her shoots and this made Armaan fall even deeper for her.

He snapped out of his thoughts as he realized that Riddhima was telling something

''.and I'll take you to the church I have been going to since my childhood and than I'll also take you to my school. We'll have loads of fun.' She looked at Armaan and immediately lowered her eyes as she realized that she had been rambling for so long while Armaan had fixed his piercing gaze on her. She opened the door and stepped out and smiling at Armaan she walked to the house, suddenly all shy. Armaan shook his head, smiled to himself and followed her inside.


'Mom why are you standing here?' Riddhima entered and saw Mollie standing in the lobby and not entering the living room.

'Riddhima I don't know whether I should be here or not. I mean, Shashank and I broke all relations when we got divorced and I have no right to be here and anyways it would be too awkward.' Mollie looked at Riddhima, pleading her to le her leave.

'Mom there is still one thing that you and dad share and that's me. So you have to stay here with me and mom trust me when I say that dad still loves you and he would be happy to see you here.' Riddhima saw something flicker in Mollie's eyes but it died as soon as it appeared and Riddhima wondered if that was hope she saw, hope to get her husband and happiness back.

'Oh Riddhima I don't know.'

'Mom just forget everything and chill.' Riddhima grabbed her mom's hand and dragged her inside. But before entering the living room Riddhima turned around to see where Armaan was and she saw him walking inside talking to someone on phone. He signaled her to carry on. She smiled at him and walked ahead.

As soon as they both entered the living room, they saw Rahul, Muskaan, Andy and Shashank sitting around the table munching on snacks and laughing on something Rahul was telling them.

Riddhima walked angrily towards her dad and standing next to him with her hands on her hips spoke 'Dad this is really rude of you. Mom has been standing outside from so long and you are here having a gala time with these good for nothing idiots. You didn't even receive her in not that she needs any invitation but still'.

Riddhima was cut off by Mollie who had placed her hand on Riddhima's mouth to shut her up.

'RIDDHIMA!!! He didn't know I was here. I asked the kids to not tell him. I mean'.I thought I'll talk to you'and'' Mollie trailed off feeling embarrassed like never before.

'Oh!! Okay. Dad I am sorry for being rude. Mom is here because I called her. You have no problem if she stays here right?' Riddhima looked at her dad who was looking at her mom as if he had seen her for the first time. Finally, coming out of the shock of seeing her suddenly, he spoke 'Mollie you can stay here for as long as you want. Feel at home.' With that he walked out of the living room while Mollie looked at his retreating back and a tear fell out of her eye.

Armaan walked towards her and before anyone else could notice her expression he stood in front of her, covering her completely. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and spoke 'Cummon Mollie I'll take you to Riddhima's room.' he didn't wait for Mollie's reply and just took her away from all the people in the living room.

Riddhima looked at them leaving and than shrugging her shoulders she turned back to the trio creating a havoc on the dining table, fighting over food.


'Mollie I don't know if have the right to say this or not but Shashank uncle loves you a lot. I can see that in his eyes.' Armaan told Mollie as they sat down on Riddhima's bed. Mollie looked at Armaan, the tears still falling out of her eyes. She shook her head and gave Armaan a sad and painful smile.

'Armaan he hates me. You don't know what all happened between us. We parted on such dirty terms with the media covering everything and making it uglier. He accused me of having an affair with my co-star'that's what he thinks about me. Oh!! Armaan the whole thing is so complicated. There is no place for love. The way he walked away, it was so evident that he wasn't happy seeing me there.'

'Do you love him?' Armaan asked Mollie.

'More than life.' Mollie replied with her voice thick with emotions.

'Than fight for your love Mollie and win him over. You believe it or not but I can guarantee that he loves you and if not for him or for yourself do it for Riddhima. She doesn't show it Mollie but the distance between the two of you is killing her. She loves you both a lot and can't tolerate the fact that you two hold nothing but grudges against each other.'

'I know Armaan. Our divorce effected her very badly. She was totally broken and she never allowed me or Shashank to even talk to her for a whole month. The only person she ever spoke to in that period was Muskaan. I feel very guilty for making her go through all that trauma. I will do anything to go back in time and do everything all over again'.I wish it was possible.'

'No Mollie you can't go back in time but you can defiantly make sure that the coming time is good for Riddhima by fighting for what you lost years back for a little misunderstanding. You have to give it a try Mollie. Won't you do it for Riddhima?'

Mollie had a distant look in her eyes. She turned back towards Armaan and than taking his hand in hers she smiled at him and nodded.

Armaan returned her smile and blinking his eyes at her he promised her his support and slowly got up from the bed and murmured a low bye and was about to walk out of the room when he heard Mollie say, 'Armaan there is another thing that Riddhima deserves but only you can give it to her.'

Armaan frowned and looked back at Mollie.

'Your love Armaan. When are you going to tell her that you are insanely in love with her? Its her right to know that Armaan.'

Armaan gaped at Mollie wondering if he was that obvious'every person who saw him instantly knew that he loves Riddhima Gupta'.

Mollie chuckled looking at his bewildered expression.

'Just the way you claim to have read Shashank's love for me in his eyes, I did the same with you. Every time you look at my daughter' I see a world of love and a sky of happiness in them'waiting to be claimed by her.'

'Oh!!' was all Armaan could say.

'Life is too short Armaan. Tell her before its too late.'

Armaan kept standing on the thresh hold of the bedroom with his hand holding the door open looking at Mollie as if she was an angel in disguise sent specially to show light to him.

He nodded his head slowly and looked towards the floor lost in his thoughts.

'Don't think too hard Armaan. Just leave the whole thing to your heart and I am sure it will handle it perfectly.'


'Hey what took you so long?' Riddhima asked Armaan as he took the seat next to her on the dining table.

'I was talking to Mollie about something.'

'Something huh?' Riddhima wiggled her eyebrow at Armaan who gave a small chuckle and spoke 'Relax. I was just taking some tips from her regarding the fashion show we have to organize.'

'But before the fashion show you have to complete the photo shoots and catalogue and for that you need me and to have me working you will have to get me my camera'.so before everything else you first get me my camera.' Andy all of a sudden interrupted Armaan and Riddhima's conversation and reminded Armaan of the damage he had done.

'Oh Andy stop behaving like a kid. Armaan said he'll get the camera for you so now will you please drop the issue.' Riddhima spoke reproaching.

'Nope. Not until he gets me my camera.' Riddhima rolled her eyes while Armaan wished he could hide himself somewhere, the way Andy was looking at him gave him a jittery feeling.

Riddhima ignored the two and turned towards Muskaan and Rahul who were discussing something. She joined their conversation and was soon engrossed in it.

Armaan looked around himself. He and Andy were the only ones sitting silently. Just to get himself busy he reached out for the snacks lying on the table but before he could pick it up Andy reached for it and placed it in his plate and started eating it. Armaan looked at another dish containing fish fingers, his favorite. He grinned and extended his hand to get it but once again Andy beat him to it. He picked up the two fish fingers left in it and munched on them one by one. He looked at the jar of orange juice and was about to pick it up when Andy picked the jar and poured the contents of the jar into his own glass.

'What the hell is your problem Andy?' Armaan yelled at him totally irritated.

'What? What did I do?' Andy asked him innocently.

'What happened Armaan?' Riddhima turned towards the two and asked Armaan.

'Look at Andy he left no food for me.'

'You yelled at him because there is no food left?' Riddhima asked incredulously.

'No'because he'..

Armaan tried to defend himself but before he could do so Andy cut him off and spoke in an upset tone 'See Riddhima'first he broke my camera and now he is fighting with me over food which we all ate and not me alone'greedy glutton.'

Armaan looked at Andy totally shocked. His jaw dropped to his knee looking at the drama queen or rather drama king in front of him.

'Armaan you could have told me that there is no food, I would have asked the servants to get it from kitchen. There is loads of food in the house and you don't have to fight with Andy for that.'

Armaan sighed in surrender and than he thought that now that Andy had managed to embarrass him conveniently in front of everyone he can perhaps ask for the fish fingers and so he did. Riddhima called the servants and made them to get the snacks on the table.

Armaan reached out for the fish finger and dipping it in the ketchup he was about to place it in his mouth when Rahul yelled 'Hey about we all go to a disco.' and that was enough to get the fish finger rolling out of his hand and on his shirt. He looked murderously at Rahul and banged his hand on the table while Andy and Riddhima burst out laughing.

Rahul mumbled an apology and spoke 'I just got excited with the plan since you see we all are getting bored.'

'Oh fine its okay. Seems like its my bad day today. Forget it you don't have to be sorry. And I like your idea of going to a disco.'


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